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Third-party Materials

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ArtPad Privacy Policy

April 10, 2007

Glenbow is committed to managing and safeguarding personal information entrusted to us in accordance with Alberta's Personal Information Protection Act which came into effect January, 1, 2004.

ArtPad is designed to be a highly interactive website. The website allows users to contribute content and communicate to other users. ArtPad displays user generated content including comments, artworks, and questions.

While the entire website is viewable by users without a username (alias) and password, users can voluntarily register online to participate in certain activities of the website such as Talkback and Your Art Gallery.

Collection and Use of Personal Information>
Information collected by the website will be on the site for the period of the life of the website. This includes email addresses, aliases, artworks, questions and comments. Artworks and comments submitted by users will be identifiable only by their alias. Passwords and email addresses are never displayed.

ArtPad allows users to send E-cards to friends. This requires the user to enter email addresses on the website using Secure Socket Layers (SSL) technology. Glenbow will not use email addresses submitted on ArtPad for any other purpose, unless specifically requested by the user. For example, if you register on ArtPad, you will not receive Glenbow E-news as a result. Glenbow does not sell or share its mailing lists.

Use of Cookies

The ArtPad website does use cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on the hard drive of your computer by the website. Cookies contain a unique identification number that identifies your browser, but not you, to Glenbow servers each time you visit one of our websites. Cookies tell us which pages of our websites are visited and by how many people. Glenbow uses this information to compile website usage statistics but these do not contain any personal identifying information.

Glenbow Rights

ArtPad and Glenbow do not encourage users to submit any content that may personally identify them such as first and last names, home addresses, phone numbers and school names. Glenbow reserves the right to moderate and/or delete any content deemed offensive or defamatory. All content including aliases, artworks, comments and questions are moderated by Glenbow.

Questions and comments regarding this privacy policy can be sent to privacy@glenbow.org.

For more information about Glenbow’s privacy policy visit www.glenbow.org/privacy.cfm