The Glenbow Museum gratefully acknowledges the financial investment by the Department of Canadian Heritage in the creation of this online presentation for the Virtual Museum of Canada.

Thank you to all the artists and artists' representatives who participated in the project.

  • Quyen Hoang, ArtPad Curator
  • Melanie Kjorlien, ArtPad Project Manager

Glenbow Museum

  • Wilf Allen
  • Kirstin Evenden
  • Chris Heazell
  • Owen Melenka
  • Johanna Plant
  • Cherry Sham
  • Amy Swenson
  • Monique Westra

Thanks to all the volunteers and interns who also contributed to this project, in particular: Rodney Muir, Laura Hunt, Susan McMahon, Shannon Fong and Sarah Zabrodski.

Calgary Board of Education Innovative Learning Services

  • Mark Anderson
  • Yolanda Campbell
  • Denise C. Clarke
  • Cathy Faber
  • Xiangpei Guo
  • Conny Jager
  • Joan Kollewym
  • Sherry Martens
  • Curtis Slater
  • Mel Wolski

A special thank you to the students and teachers who helped make this site useful in the classroom.

Alberta College of Art and Design

  • Rob Machida
  • Karja Obreiter
  • Karla Pecket
  • Larry Riedl
  • Kyle Rousell

Rare Method

  • Dawn Bayers
  • Filipe Biondi
  • Rich Castillo
  • Daniel Chow
  • Fraser Crosbie
  • Moon Einarson
  • Ken Gold
  • Robb Johnstone
  • Tara Kabatoff
  • Genevieve Kelly
  • January Kholi
  • Marian Legutky
  • Jaspreet Mehdwan
  • Evan Mounsey
  • Megan Munro
  • Keely Portsmouth
  • Heather Rabatich
  • Jason Smith
  • Chris Staley
  • Shaun Stepanowich
  • Ben Sy
  • Shawn Thompson
  • Fritz Tolentino
  • Theo Wilting
  • Jim Wright