Artist Interviews

Watch discussions between artists and students

  • Ryan Sluggett 

    Ryan Sluggett

    Leisure Center

  • Jane-Ash Poitras 

    Jane Ash Poitras

    Living in the Storm Too Long

  • Chris Cran 

    Chris Cran

    Self-Portrait Watching a Man About to Shoot Himself in the Foot

  • Katie Ohe 

    Katie Ohe

    Puddle 1

  • Greg Payce 

    Greg Payce



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Watch discussions between artists and students.

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+ Artist Interviews

Discover the influences, meaning and techniques used to create these works of contemporary art.

Grade 12 art students interviewed these artists about their work, the art world and other interesting topics. Choose an artist, select a question and then watch as the artist provides more insight into their work and creative process.