Understand art in the context of when it was created.

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Artist Interviews

Watch discussions between artists and students.

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Expand your art vocabulary and understanding.

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Good Question!

These questions will help kick-start your discovery of the art on this website.

Where do artists get their ideas or inspiration?

Visit the Gallery and read insights from the artists, or hear what artists have to say in Artist Interviews.

What everyday objects can be used to create art?

Several artists in ArtPad use everyday objects in their art. Visit the Gallery to find them.

What steps are used to create contemporary art?

Hear five artists describe how they create their art in Artist Interviews. Each artwork in the Gallery also has a description of how the work was made.

What major world events have influenced artists?

Visit the Timeline to find out.

How do museums decide what art to collect?

Ask an art curator this, and any other questions you might have about art, in Ask the Curator.

What do other people think about the art on this website?

Visit the Gallery, choose an artwork and then go to Talkback. You can also comment on the art in the Your Art Gallery.

Should art make a statement or should it be beautiful to look at? Should it be both?

Express yourself in The Studio - an online art making activity, and critique work created by other artists in Your Art.

What does a conservator do?

Check out The Players to find out.