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A colour photograph of inside West Edmonton Mall A snow globe with images  depicting the first Gulf War A man about to shoot himself in the foot; the artist watches A garment between metal hive covers. A pair of shoes sits  below; honeycomb and beeswax covers the items A painting of a group of objects against a landscape  backdrop A white ceramic vase with a Chinese poem, its English  translation and computer symbols and text A photo-tapestry with sepia-tone  photographs folded, arranged and hand sewn onto a canvas backing Don Mabie, Frontier Mail Art Project, 1998
A collection of mixed media works on 8  x 11 sheets of paper enclosed in plastic sleeves, along with envelopes, pinned onto a gallery wall. Upholstered sculpture made to look like a washing machine  on wheels A web-based work; the homepage is a grid  arrangement of "modern" on the left and "mother" on the right Bronze sculpture with two levels  and shapes that rotate, creating a shimmering movement reminiscent of puddles A photograph of a First Nations man who gestures with his hand to  mimic a ceremonial headdress A painting of an apple tree with Polaroid pictures of apples  attached to the surface of the painting A video work about women's labour history in the 1930s in British Columbia Two-part photograph that appears to be a landscape of a mountain  and lake A painting of a dinner setting with glasses, tableware and a  Chinese altar in the background  Two sets of paintings of various sizes arranged to look  like two pages from a comic book A commercial light sign with the lettering "Absolutely  Free" written across  A painting with a configuration of loops and lines on a black  ground An arrangement of colourful clay tiles in a wooden frame Abstract painting with a blue  field in the centre and white lines around the border of the painting A print with a void-like shape of a figure against an empty  landscape A white Serbian church in the middle of a field, surrounded  by trees A series of video vignettes of people and scenery shot during an  aid mission in Somalia Images of Vincent van Gogh, cloth with sunflowers and a metal hook  attached to a wooden surface This sculpture of a middle-aged woman's head is three  times larger than life An intricate mesh of hardened threads of red, yellow, and blue  pigment that resembles fabric; The painting features adults and children in the huge swimming  pool of a leisure centre A painting, a painted black window, plaster casts of  ordinary objects and a rake, plastic pail and coat hanger A video about the lives of seismic workers in the oil fields of Alberta in the 1950s and  60s This video portrays the immigrant experience in Canada through  the narrative of three women A charcoal drawing with a quasi-human form in the centre Photos of the Bow Valley in Banff  taken from a gondola arranged to create a globe-shaped view of the landscape An image of a Canadian dollar bill with "The God of Art" and a man  instead of Queen Elizabeth on it Three video projections, one of  the artist waving and two of the Calgary Stampede Parade

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