Teacher Resources

Sin-ying Ho

Gibberish 3, cast 2005

Essential Questions

  • What does it mean when a Canadian born in another country declares that they are no longer part of the country they were born in, nor are they a part of Canada?
  • Can a person from one culture or race make a piece of art about another person from another culture or race?


  • What does gibberish mean?
  • Do you speak/write a different language than English?
  • What is cultural identity?
  • What is cultural alienation?

Suggested Activity

  • Sin-ying Ho uses a poem from her childhood that she did not understand and computer symbols that she does not understand. The first language symbolizes her past as well as an ancient history; the second represents the here and now and possibly the future.
  • How could you interpret cultural identity or cultural alienation in a painting, sculpture or another medium?