Teacher Resources

Jane Ash Poitras

Living in the Storm Too Long, 1992
Video Interview

Essential Questions

  • Who discovered America?
  • If people were living here already, how does "discovery" apply?
  • Can people really "own" land?


  • Why did Poitras have problems with elders?
  • What is the significance of 1992?
  • What is the Law of the Seven Fires?
  • What is a stereotype?
  • What are popular culture stereotypes?
  • How would life be different if the "discoverers" had adopted the First Nations' way of life?

Suggested Activity

  • Consider some of the stereotypes you have either experienced or observed in your school, on television or in your personal life.
  • How would you visually interpret these experiences? Maybe you have written something about these experiences and could use these writings to get you started.
  • What medium would you use, paint, oil pastels, or collage? Would you incorporate found objects as Poitras has done?