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Joane Cardinal-Schubert

Self-Portrait as an Indian Warshirt, 1991
Cardinal-Schubert's war shirt is like a diary in itself.

Essential Questions

  • Artists speak of allowing the individual work to stand on its own, that the viewer accepts the work as they see it. Do you feel this is true in Joane Cardinal-Schubert's work here?
  • What prior knowledge do you feel is required to have a more complete understanding of this painting?
  • Why is there a war shirt and not a diary?
  • How can a war shirt be protection?


  • What elements of this painting invite further research?
  • What emotions come through this piece of art?
  • How would you interpret the symbols used here?

Suggested Activity

  • If you were to send a postcard/letter/email to Joane Cardinal-Schubert, what would it include?
  • Would it be a response to Cardinal-Schubert's work or a reflection of your life at the time of writing?
  • Draw an image for the front of your postcard.
  • Will this work of art you create stand on its own? Will the viewer require prior knowledge to understand your work?
  • What emotions, symbols and events would be included in your work?