Teacher Resources

Jin-me Yoon

Welcome Stranger Welcome Home, 2002

Essential Questions

  • Does looking at a work of art in a literal way change our perceptions of what we see?
  • If Yoon had used Caucasian models in front of the paintings, would we have a different perception of the work?
  • How would your perceptions be altered?
  • What does this approach say about the original integrity of each piece of work?
  • What would the original artists say about what has been done here?


  • What is the relationship between the background and the subject placed in front of the painting?
  • What do these pieces say about us, the viewers?

Suggested Activity

  • Go through your family vacation photos. Pull out those of you or family members in front of a view. Take a closer look. Analyze what you see in the same way you looked at Yoon's work.