Teacher Resources

Sandra Semchuk

Mute/Voice, Saskatoon - Vancouver, 1976-1991

Essential Questions

  • How can you explore what could constitute an autobiography using visual images?
  • How can your friends and family help you in creating your autobiography?


  • What is a personal metaphor?
  • What would be the theme of your life?
  • What one word would describe you?
  • What events in your life have had a profound effect on you?

Suggested Activity

Collect photos of yourself, beginning from the time you were born. Create an autobiography using a PowerPoint presentation or video.
  • What kind of sound track will you use to reflect who you think you are?
  • Could you use clips of music from different times in your life? Maybe you have a photo of you at Christmas and you could use a Christmas carol clip. Maybe a photo of you sitting on Santa's knee!
  • What kind of transitions would you include to move from photo/era to era?
  • What if you were to include some of your favorite objects in your presentation? Teddy bears, a cherished poster or your first point shoes. Pick one object that would be a metaphor for you.