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Eleanor Bond

Off-Road Cyclists and Road Racers Share Park Facilities with Time Historians, 1990

A large part of Bond's work positions the viewer in a bird's-eye perspective. We are held inside the frame to circle throughout the content. She compels us to see by not allowing us out.

Essential Questions

  • Sometimes we just ride through life and don't see or appreciate where we have been.
  • We live within our own worlds. We see the world out there, through the TV, but we are often desensitized by the amount of information that is shown. We can't fully appreciate what we are really exposed to.
  • Can you parallel viewing Bond's work (controlled within the frame) and the control that TV has on us, within its frame?


  • What does Bond want us to see?
  • There is a feeling of claustrophobia in that we can't escape from within the frame. What contributes to the feeling of claustrophobia?
  • What is the significance of the colour palette, the shapes?
  • What are we meant to see inside this frame?
  • What is a metaphor? What is a visual metaphor?

Suggested Activities

  • Analyze the painting and transfer the information around process and intent to create a work of art that shows an understanding of Bond's process in this painting.
  • Consider the colour palette, the shapes and the composition.