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Iain Baxter

Apple Tree on a Hill, 1980

David P. Silcox, Managing Director of Sotheby's Canada, claims that Iain Baxter spurred his students to confront the nature of art and find their own forms of expression.

Baxter was a follower of Marshall McLuhan. If we focus on the obvious do we miss a bigger picture or a more important message over a period of time?

Essential Questions

  • Does Baxter suggest that if we keep on the road we are on environmentally, we will only have Polaroid apples in the future?


  • Who is Marshall McLuhan?
  • Why did Baxter choose to combine the Polaroid shots with the painted surface?
  • Why didn't he paint the apples on the tree?
  • Do artists have a responsibility to speak to political and social issues in their work? Explain.
  • What is conceptual art?
  • What is satire?
  • What visuals can you use to represent your concept of satire?

Suggested Activity

  • Create a multimedia work of art using satire that speaks to an aspect of our society and what we are doing to our environment.