Teacher Resources

Katie Ohe

Video Interview
Puddle I, 1976

Traditionally, museums have been places where we are expected to "look but not touch." For the most part, this is still true today.

Katie Ohe encourages us to interact with her sculpture. We become part of the sculpture by our participating in its "life."

Ohe speaks about her process of creating a sculpture as a long one, gathering objects to begin the realization of her work in the third dimension. Consider the types of found objects you could use to create a 3-D sketch for your sculpture.

Essential Questions

  • What is the meaning of essence?
  • What is the essence that Ohe speaks of in the video?
  • What does it specifically refer to in this work?


  • Do you feel you could make your sculpture interactive?
  • How would you do that?
  • What is kinetic sculpture?

Suggested Activity

  • Consider the essence of something that you would like to explore in a sculptural form.
  • Would your sculpture be freestanding or kinetic?
  • What materials would you consider using that would reflect the essence of your idea?