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Linh Ly

Our Vietnamese Restaurants, 2005

Ly's conversations with the curator from the Glenbow reveal a great deal about cultural identity and the historical background of Vietnamese immigration to Canada. Both women immigrated to Canada from Vietnam at an early age.

Essential Questions

  • How does your family celebrate and document your culture?


  • What is culture?
  • What role does world history play in understanding cultures?
  • Can you really understand a culture through its food?
  • What would you discover about your culture through food?
  • How far back can you document your family's history?

Suggested Activity

  • Decide how you will document the cultural history of your family.
  • Do a search to find out what was happening in history when your family first came to Canada.
  • Did the events of this time period have any relevance on your family's immigration to Canada?
  • Collect photographs and artifacts of your family to use in your documentation.
  • Some options to consider when producing your documentation might be:
    • collage
    • shadow boxes
    • murals
    • Could you use the photos to create a collage or montage of your history?
    • Could you use the images to create a painting of your history in the style of a mural?