Teacher Resources

Leila Sujir

The Dreams of the Night Cleaners, 1995

Essential Questions

  • When people immigrate to Canada and then search for work, the first question they are often asked is, "What Canadian work experience do you have?"
  • The conundrum, of course, is that if the immigrant has no Canadian experience they can't get a job in which they are trained.
  • Many immigrants who were professionals in their native country come to Canada and work at jobs for which they are over qualified.
  • How has the history of women and their work shown in this video continued in Canada?
  • With the decreasing birthrate in Canada, how will immigration change in the next 25 years?


  • What are stereotypes?
  • Using the process in making her work that she does, when does Sujir know when to stop?
  • Who is Fredric Jameson?
  • Do artists have a responsibility to be socially and politically active?
  • Do we have a responsibility for what has happened in history?