Archives Photographs Ordering Information

You may purchase the images in the Archives Photographs Catalogue as high-resolution digital files (tiffs). First search the catalogue to find images and then use the Shopping Cart to select them for purchase. Then choose View Shopping Cart and follow the screens to complete your order. You will be asked for credit card payment at the end.

For additional information about ordering photographs, please see the following sections:

Price List

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

  1. High-resolution scan (per image)
    Regular Service of 10 business days - $20.00
  2. High-resolution scan (per image)
    RUSH service of 2 business days - $35.00
  3. Extra fees (per image):

    Usage Fee for Publication - $10.00

    Commercial Fee - $50.00

    Personal Use - no extra fee

    Exhibition Purposes - no extra fee

    Oversize Output Fee - $15.00

  4. Handling, delivery and taxes (per order):

    Handling fee - $5.00

    Pick up - no extra fee

    Electronic delivery - $5.00

    By post within Canada - $5.00

    By post to all other countries - $10.00

    By Xpress Post to USA - $17.00 (recommended for quicker postal delivery)

    Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) apply to Canadian orders


Quality of Scans

  • Standard scan size is 9 inches by 12 inches (22 cm by 30 cm) @ 300 dpi.
    The average file size is 8-12 MB for a grayscale scan.
  • Oversize output scan size is 40 inches (100 cm) on the long side of the image @ 300 dpi.
    This larger output size is available for exhibition purposes. Please note this is the maximum size we offer.

Explanation of Extra Fees

Usage Fee for Publication

A Usage Fee of $10.00 per image is charged for publication of Glenbow Archives photographs in either print or electronic format, including books, magazines, newspapers, films, websites, virtual exhibits, blogs, etc. Purchasing an image for Publication gives you a non-exclusive license for your specific product, in all global jurisdictions, all languages and all media.

Commercial Fee

A Commercial Fee of $50 per image is charged for the use of Glenbow Archives photographs in advertisements, or on items for re-sale such as coffee mugs, postcards, t-shirts, framed reproductions, etc. Purchasing an image for Commercial purposes gives you a non-exclusive license for your specific product, in all global jurisdictions, all languages and all media.

Personal Use

If you are using the images purely for personal purposes, such as for research, school projects, genealogies, or gifts, you do not need to ask for permission or pay a Usage Fee.

Exhibition Purposes

If you plan to exhibit the images publicly in a museum or interpretive centre, on an interpretive sign or plaque, or as decoration in a school, hotel, restaurant or other public area, you do not need to ask for permission or pay a Usage Fee. We require, however, that the Glenbow Archives be visibly credited as the source of the image, and that the credit line include the image number of the photograph.

Oversize Output Fee

An Oversize Output Fee is charged if you intend to print the images larger than 9 inches x 12 inches (22 cm x 30 cm). Oversize output scan size is 40 inches (100 cm) on the long side of the image @ 300 dpi. Please note this is the maximum size we offer.

Conditions of Use - Usage Agreement

Below is the wording of the Usage Agreement which will be sent to you if you pay a Usage Fee for Publication or a Commercial Fee with your Photograph Order. By paying these fees you agree to the following conditions of use:

Distribution Rights Granted

  • Non-exclusive, one-time use
  • World rights
  • All languages
  • All media

Credit Line

All use of images must include Glenbow’s name and the image number in a caption or credit, except for films, in which Glenbow’s name must appear in the credits, but image numbers are not required.

Example of a credit line: Glenbow Archives NA-1234-5

Credits should appear in close proximity to the image or in a special section devoted to credits.  However, reproductions distributed electronically must contain the credit or caption as part of the image.The payment of a Commercial Use Fee does not exempt the user from the credit line requirement.

Conditions of Use

1. Permission for publication is subject to your receipt of a copy of this agreement issued by an authorized agent of Glenbow.

Permission for publication is granted for the expressed purpose described in this agreement. This permission is non-exclusive. Glenbow reserves the right to reproduce the image and allow others to reproduce the image.

Permission granted terminates immediately upon publication or production of the Product.

A Product produced simultaneously in more than one medium, such as a magazine published in both paper and electronic versions, is considered a single use for the purposes of this Agreement.

Solely in connection with the marketing and distribution of the Product, the applicant may use the image on the packaging of the Product and in any advertisement, product catalogues, publicity or promotional use.

Any subsequent use for a different Product constitutes reuse and must be applied for separately from Glenbow and will be subject to a new Usage Fee.

2. For use of Glenbow material in electronic form (e-books) on licensed file sharing sites (such as Creative Commons) permission is granted subject to the conditions outlined below.
Images will not exceed a resolution of 72 dpi.

The publisher will use the following persistent url to link every Glenbow image in the e-book to the Glenbow Archives Photographs database. For the link to work, the unique call number of each photograph must be entered where the call number NA-4868-139 appears in the example below:

The electronic image will include the credit line adjacent to the image on the screen, in a user accessible credit window, or in a list of sources and credits.

3. Glenbow reserves the right to require a release from individuals whose privacy may be violated by the production of an image. Use of an image or voice of an identifiable individual in a manner which suggests association with or endorsement of any product, service, cause or institution is prohibited.

Glenbow extends the rights of privacy to include images of sacred and ceremonial objects and rites of the First Nations and requires permission from an authorized tribal member before releasing reproductions.

The applicant agrees to hold Glenbow and its agents harmless against any and all claims arising or resulting from the use of the material and shall indemnify the repository and its agents for any and all costs and damages arising or resulting from any such unauthorized use.

4. Images supplied by Glenbow may not be copied, scanned, exhibited, resold or used for any other purpose than that specified in this agreement. Copies shall not be deposited in another library, archives, or repository.

5. Unless approved in advance by Glenbow, images shall be reproduced in their entirety and shall not be retouched or altered in any way which could affect their historical or artistic integrity.

If only a portion or detail of the image is used, the publisher must include the word "detail" in the image caption.

6. Prepayment of all fees, including Usage Fees and Commercial Fees, is required before permission is granted.

7. If requested, the applicant agrees to send the repository one copy of the Product containing Glenbow image(s) at no charge. All expenses for shipping and handling are to be borne by the applicant.

8. Reproduction is permitted only from digital files supplied by Glenbow.

9. Additional conditions or exceptions to the above requirements:

10. The personal information Glenbow has collected for this Agreement is not used for any other purpose.

Ordering Photographs not in the online catalogue

Not all Glenbow Archives photographs are in the online catalogue. If you know the call number of an image you wish to order, you may order it online as follows. Search for NID (this is our abbreviation for Not In Database). Add one (or more) of the coloured placeholders to your Shopping Cart. Immediately after submitting your online order, contact us directly at to provide the call numbers of the images you want.

Paying Usage Fees for images previously ordered

Please contact us directly at or 403-268-4204. You will need to provide us with the call numbers of the images you wish to use, along with details of the publication or commercial use, and credit card details for payment.
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