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Clovis point found in Lethbridge and used as logo of archaeological Society of Alberta
Clovis point found in Lethbridge
and used as logo of Archaeology Society of Alberta

Archaeological Society of Alberta fonds

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Table of Contents

Series 1 Establishment and incorporation. — 1973-1975
Series 2 Secretary-treasurer's files. — 1975-1990
Series 3 Annual general meetings. — 1976-1991
Series 4 Affiliates - Archaeological Society of Alberta, Calgary Centre. — 1961-1991
Series 5 Other affiliates. — 1963-1992
Series 6 Archaeology conferences. — 1971-1978
Series 7 Articles, speeches, etc. — 1960-1974



Series 1 Establishment and incorporation. - 1973-1975. - The Archaeological Society of Alberta (ASA) was incorporated as a society in February 1975. - The series consists of records of meetings held prior to the creation of the ASA, as well as the incorporation documents.
M-8340-1 Minutes of meetings to create a provincial archaeological oganization. - 1973-1974
M-8340-2 Certificate of incorporation and bylaws. - 1975
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Series 2 Secretary-treasurer's files. - 1975-1990. -- The series consists of administrative records kept by Jeanne Cody, the ASA's secretary-treasurer. The files include correspondence, reports, lists of executive members, notices of meetings, programs of events, etc.
M-8340-3 Secretary-treasurer's file. - 1975
M-8340-4 Secretary-treasurer's file. - 1976
M-8340-5 Secretary-treasurer's file. - 1977
M-8340-6 Secretary-treasurer's file. - 1978
M-8340-7 Secretary-treasurer's file. - 1979
M-8340-8 Secretary-treasurer's file. - 1980
M-8340-9 Secretary-treasurer's file. - 1981
M-8340-10 Secretary-treasurer's file. - 1982
M-8340-11 Secretary-treasurer's file. - 1983
M-8340-12 Secretary-treasurer's file. - 1984
M-8340-13 Secretary-treasurer's file. - 1985
M-8340-14 Secretary-treasurer's file. - 1986
M-8340-15 Secretary-treasurer's file. - 1987
M-8340-16 Secretary-treasurer's file. - 1988
M-8340-17 Secretary-treasurer's file. - 1989
M-8340-18 Secretary-treasurer's file. - 1990
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Series 3 Annual general meetings. - 1976-1991. - The series consists of programs and proceedings of annual general meetings of the ASA.
M-8340-19 Annual general meetings. - 1976-1985
M-8340-20 Annual general meetings. - 1986-1987
M-8340-21 Annual general meetings. - 191988-1991
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Series 4 Affiliates - Archaeological Societ of Alberta, Calgary Centre. - 1961-1991. - Several local archaeological societies were in existence in Alberta before the provincial ASA was created. The Calgary Centre was established in 1961, and incorporated in 1964. - The series consists of minutes of the organizational meeting, lists of members and executives, newsletters and circulars, and records of archaeological sites which society members recorded or mapped.
M-8340-22 Organization of the Calgary Archaeological Society. - 1961, 1964. - Consists of minutes of the organziational meeting (1961), and bylaws (1964).
M-8340-23 Lists of members and executives. - 1963-1992. - Includes a copy of an application form.
M-8340-24 Newsletters, circulars and notices of meetings. - 1963-1974
M-8340-25 Newsletters, circulars and notices of meetings. - 1975-1978
M-8340-26 Newsletters, circulars and notices of meetings. - 1980-1985
M-8340-27 Newsletters, circulars and notices of meetings. - 1986-1991
M-8340-28 Bearspaw Site. - 1966-1967. - Consists of grid sheets completed by Calgary Centre volunteers for a site on Benton MacKid's land.
M-8340-29 Fort Calgary investigations. - 1971. - Consists of a letter and photograph from Ron Getty regarding the work being done at Fort Calgary.
M-8340-30 Graumann Hill Site. - 1976. - Consists of sketches and notes about a site recorded by Jeanne Cody.
M-8340-31 "An Unusual Tipi Ring". - 1976. - Consists of an article co-written by Jeanne Cody and Richard G. "Dick" Forbis about a boulder outline on Harold Strandberg's land, which was originally recorded in 1970.
M-8340-32 Horsetrack Ranch Medicine Wheel. - 1978-1987. - Consists of a description of a site mapped by Calgary Centre members.
M-8340-33 Miscellaneous. - 1978, 1980. - Consists of notes about a survey undertaken for C.I.L. Ltd about the history of their land (1978); and a thank you letter from Heritage Park about tipi ring relocations undertaken by Calgary Centre members (1980).
M-8340-34 ArthurG. Randall's articles. - 1965, 1972. - Consists of two articles written by a past president of Calgary Centre: "Geologic Dating of Selected Archaeological Sites in the Rocky Mountain Region" in The Mountain Geologist, vol. 2, no. 1 (1965); and "The Biblical Flood : Geological and Archaeological Evidence" in The Wyoming Archaeologist, vol. 15, no. 3 (September 1972).
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Series 5 Other affiliates. - 1963-1992. - The Archaeological Society of Alberta has several local affiliates, some of which were established before the ASA itself. Affiliates include Edmonton Centre (incorporated 1966), Lethbridge Centre (incorporated 1968), Peace Centre, and South Eastern Alberta Archaeological Society [Medicine Hat]. - Consists of lists of members and executives of local affiliates, and miscellaneous records of the Tri-Group and Saskatchewan Archaeological Society.
M-8340-35 Archaeological Society of Alberta, Edmonton Centre. - 1981-1991. - Consists of lists of members and executives.
M-8340-36 Archeological Society of Alberta, Lethbridge Centre. - 1975-1991. - Consists of lists of members and executives.
M-8340-37 Archaeological Society of Alberta, Lethbride Centre. - 1971-1980. - Consists of two pubilcations: Blood Indian Chief Tipi Circle : Project no. 9 and The Stevens Rock at Foremost, Alberta : Project No. 10 (1971); and Story on Stone (1980).
M-8340-38 Archaeological Society of Alberta, Peace River Centre. - 1991-1992. - Consists of membership lists.
M-8340-39 Archaeological Society of Alberta, South Eastern Alberta Archaeological Society [Medicine Hat]. - 1976-1992. - Consists of lists of members and executives.
M-8340-40 Tri-Group. - 1989-1990. - Consists of minutes and circulars of a group consisting of the Archaeological Society of Alberta, Alberta Genealogical Society, and the Historical Society of Alberta.
M-8340-41 Saskatchewan Archaeological Society. - 1963-1974. - Consists of constitution, membership application, provincial legislation, and president's message.
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Series 6 Archaeology conferences. - 1971-1978. - Consists of programs and abstracts of papers for archaeology conferences held in Calgary, some of which were co-sponsored by the Archaeological Society of Alberta.
M-8340-42 Canadian Archaeological Association conference, University of Calgary. - February 26-28, 1971
M-8340-43 A Symposium of Canadian Archaeology Abroad, University of Calgary. - November 23-25, 1973.
M-8340-44 Conference on the Archaeology of Western Canada, University of Calgary. - November 28-29, 1975
M-8340-45 Megaliths to Medicine Wheels : Boulder Structures in Archaeology, University of Calgary. - October 19-22, 1978
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Series 7 Articles, speeches, etc. - 1960-1974. - Consists of miscellaneous written material about archaeology in western Canada.
M-8340-46 Speeches and articles. - 1961-1974. - Consists of Richard G. "Dick" Forbis' article: "Early Point Types from Acasta Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada" from American Antiquity, vol. 27, no. 1 (1961); Thomas F. Kehoe's article: "The Distribution and Implications of Fluted Points in Saskatchewan" from American Antiquity, vol. 31, no. 4 (April 1966); J.V Wright's presidential banquet speech at 1979 Canadian Archaeological Association meeting in Toronto: "The Destruction of Canada's Prehistory"; and "Petroglyphs and Pictographs in Alberta", produced at Writing-on-Stone (1974).
M-8340-47 Articles pertaining to the roots of the Archaeological Society of Alberta. - 1961-1968
M-8340-48 Glenbow Museum material. - 1960-1973. - Consists of "The Present State of Archaeology in Western Canada" (1960); and "Guide Notes for Archaeology Program" (1973).
M-8340-49 Provincial legislation regarding archaeology in Alberta and British Columbia. - 1961, 1973-1974
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