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Immigration identifcation card, 1914
Immigration identification card, 1914

The Bashford purchase

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M-65-1 Russian death certificate of Joseph or Jan Vlalaitis and his wife, Anna Vlalaitis. -- 1891. -- Includes a 1913 translation.
M-65-2 Canadian government immigration identification card, Halifax. -- 1914. -- On back are instructions in various languages: Bohemian, Russian, Ruthenian, German, French, Dutch, Hungarian, Swedish, Polish and Italian.
M-65-3 Land titles and certificates. -- 1890-1912. -- Consists of the following:

Canadian Pacific Railway land sale contract with George Bremner, Pine Creek, Alberta, 1903

Duplicate certificate of title of Thomas B. Martin, Frank, Alberta, 1903

Interim homestead receipt of Silas M. Griffith, Stavely, Alberta, 1906

British Columbia land purchase, Kootenay district, of William F. Ogilvie, 1908

Land title in Fort George, British Columbia of A.A. Anderson, 1910

Notification of land patent of Silas M. Griffith, 1911

Duplicate certificate of title of Paul Jullien, Wetaskiwin and Bawlf, 1911

Land title, Kootenay district, of Edward Blake, 1912

Duplicate certificate of title of Francois M.J. de Torquat de la Coulerie, Calgary, Alberta, 1912

Duplicate certificate of title of Raymond de la Chaise, High River, Alberta, 1914
M-65-4 Fire insurance policies, Calgary and Medicine Hat, 1907-1913
M-65-5 Company incorporation certificates and papers. -- 1906-1919. -- Consists of the following:

Proposal of Jenckes Machine Company for machine tools, etc, 1906

Certificate of incorporation for H.F. Sandeman Company, 1909

Certificate of incorporation for Saskatchewan Savings Society, 1911

Licence for Alberta Loan and Investment Company for operation in British Columbia. 1912

Letters patent incorporating Western Agencies and Development Company, 1919
M-65-6 Coal company bonds. -- 1910-1928. -- Consists of the following:

Diamond Coal Company, Calgary, 1910

Consolidated Diamond Collieries, Lethbridge, Alberta, 1922

Drumheller Consolidated Collieries, 1928
Note: M-65-7 and M-65-8 not used.
M-65-9 Livestock certificates. -- 1904-1914. -- Consists of the following:

British American Live Stock Association insurance certificate for livestock, 1909

Certificate of pedigree for Percheron mare "Madam" from the Percheron Society of Ameria, 1914
M-65-10 Townsite plan of Kindersley, Saskatchewan. -- 1913
M-65-11 Petroleum-related newspaper clippings. -- 1926. -- Consists of the following:

Small map and sale of petroleum and natural gas rights in Turner Valley field, 1926

Ad for shares in Big Chief Oil Company, 1926
M-65-oversize Posters. -- 1913-1920. -- Consists of the following:

For sale, "Oudenarde", purebred Percheron stallion, Calgary, 1920

German-American Colonization Company poster, Calgary, 1914

Auction sale of horses, cattle, farm implements and household furniture, near Jackville post office, Alberta, n.d.

Administrator's auction sale of farm animals and equipment near Coaldale, Alberta, ca. 1917

Auction sale of farm horses and equipment, Milk River, Alberta, n.d.

Auction sale of farm stock, implements, etc., Chapman, Alberta, 1913

Auction sale of stock, machinery, horses, near Airdrie, Alberta, 1919
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