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Calgary Italian Club, Calgary, Alberta, 1978

Calgary Italian Club Oral History Project collection

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  Interviews. -- 1985. -- 28 audio cassettes. -- Consists of sound recordings of interviews undertaken by Rosanne Audia and Kathy Savoia with members of the Italian community in Calgary, Alberta.
RCT-869-1Mr. and Mrs. Ambrogiano.
RCT-869-2Mr. and Mrs. Ambrogiano.
RCT-869-3Renato Antenucci.
RCT-869-4Anthony Audia.
RCT-869-5Adelena Carloni.
RCT-869-6Severno Coppola.
RCT-869-7Gino de Paoli.
RCT-869-8Joseph de Paoli.
RCT-869-8AAngelo de Paoli.
RCT-869-8BCamila Dileandro. Part 1.
RCT-869-8BCamila Dileandro, Part 2.
RCT-869-9Mrs. De Paoli.
RCT-869-10Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale Fornaro.
RCT-869-11R. Fornasero.
RCT-869-12Julia Galleli.
RCT-869-13Donato Giammarino.
RCT-869-14Mr. and Mrs. P. Giammarino.
RCT-869-15Mario Grassi.
RCT-869-16Elia Martina.
RCT-869-17Gabriel Medori.
RCT-869-18Mr. and Mrs. R. Pacione.
RCT-869-19Mr. and Mrs. Libero Pittana.
RCT-869-20Angelina Rebaudengo.
RCT-869-21Mario Rebaudengo.
RCT-869-22Alberto Romano.
RCT-869-23Flavia Santucci.
RCT-869-24Mrs. Savoia.
RCT-869-25Adelmo Stante.
RCT-869-26Gerardo Zaghetto.
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