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SWAC letterhead
SWAC letterhead

Calgary Status of Women Action Committee fonds

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Table of Contents

Series 1 Charter and bylaws. -- 1976-1978 and n.d.
Series 2 Minutes. -- 1976-1978
Series 3 Committees. -- [ca. 1976]-1978
Series 4 Personnel. -- 1976-1978
Series 5 Correspondence. -- 1972-1978
Series 6 Financial -- 1976-1978
Series 7 Programs and projects. -- 1976-1978
Series 8 Affiliates. -- 1975-1981
Series 9 Miscellaneous. -- 1974-1978
Series 10 Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1970s-2000s]


Series 1 Charter and bylaws. -- 1976-1978 and n.d.
M-5864-1 Charter. -- 1976-1978
M-5864-2 Bylaws. -- n.d.
Series 2 Minutes. -- 1976-1978
M-5864-3 Minutes. -- 1976. -- Includes material related to SWAC newspaper, Casino applications, Women's Place, scholarship funds, SWAC Advocate, etc. Includes copies of Calgary Women's Newspaper.
M-5864-4 Minutes. -- 1977. -- Includes material related to Women and Sports conference, development of volunteer program, sexual harrassment legislation, matrimonial property legislation, 1976-1977 review, and future policy suggestions. Includes copies of Calgary Women's Newspaper.
M-5864-5 Minutes. -- 1978. -- Includes material related to International Women's Day, annual committee reports, Nellie McClung's house, media monitoring, and relcocation of SWAC office to the new YWCA. Includes copies of Calgary Women's Newspaper.
Series 3 Committees. -- [ca. 1976]-1978
M-5864-6 Personnel committee. -- [ca. 1976]. -- Re personnel policy and structure of committee.
M-5864-7 Volunteer committee. -- 1977-1978. -- Consists of minutes, etc.
M-5864-8 Nominations committee. -- 1977-1978. -- Consists of nominations of board membership, Curriculum Policies Board of Alberta Education, honorary degrees at University of Calgary (Maria Erikson and Gwen Thorssen nominated), Jaycee Citizen of the Year (Gwen Thorssen nominated).
M-5864-9 Civic Advisory committee. -- 1977-1978. -- Consists of material related to establishment of Advisory Council. Includes report, "Employment Practices Review" prepared for the Calgary Board of Commissioners; report, "Mayor's Task Force on Status of Women" (Toronto, Ontario); and report, "Citizen's Committee, Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada" (Hamilton, Ontario. Includes material related to Brian Lee.
M-5864-10 Membership committee. -- 1978. -- Consists of memo re amendments to bylaws.
M-5864-11 Legislative committee. -- 1978. -- Consists of correspondence, reports, excerpts from City Council minutes, etc. re legislation of interest to SWAC. Includes material on the film "Pretty Baby" and sexual offences.
Series 4 Personnel. -- 1976-1978
M-5864-12 Job descriptions. -- 1976-1977
M-5864-13 Board members. -- 1976-1978
M-5864-14 Resumes for position of Calgary Women's Advocate. -- 1976
M-5864-15 Resumes for position of SWAC Office Coordinator. -- 1977
M-5864-16 Resignations. -- 1977-1978
Series 5 Correspondence. -- 1972-1978
M-5864-17 Correspondence. -- 1972-1974. -- Re Steering Committee for Status of Women Council (summer project of Local Council of Women).
M-5864-18 Correspondence. -- As above. Also re Alberta Salary and Wage Rate Survey.
M-5864-19 Correspondence. -- 1974. -- Consists of answers to surveys re male and female employees; mortgages; and credit.
M-5864-20 Correspondence. -- 1976-1978. -- Consists of memos, etc. directed to Board members.
M-5864-21 Correspondence. -- 1977-1978. -- Consists of requests for help, information and funds.
M-5864-22 Correspondence. -- 1977-1978. -- Includes correspondence re matrimonial property act; discriminatory form letters; etc.
Series 6 Financial. -- 1976-1978
M-5864-23 Financial. -- 1976-1977. -- Consists of financial report, budget and expense sheet.
M-5864-24 Funding. -- 1977-1978. -- Consists of applications for Secretary of State grants.
Series 7 Programs and projects. -- 1976-1978
M-5864-25 Casinos. -- 1976-1978. -- Consists of correspondence, financial material, reports re fundraising casinos sponsored by SWAC.
M-5864-26 Conferences. -- 1976-1978. -- Consists of correspondence and financial statements for "Women, Health, Sports and Recreation" conference, organized by SWAC. Includes pamphlets and flyers for other conferences.
M-5864-27 Scholarships. -- 1976-1978. -- Consists of correspondence, application letters, resumes, etc. re scholarships sponsored by SWAC.
M-5864-28 Brief. -- 1977. -- Consists of a brief presented by SWAC to Alberta Human Rights Commission entitled "Legal Protection Against Sexual Harassment in Employment".
M-5864-29 Student Community Service Program. -- 1977. -- Consists of correspondence, financial material, etc. re summer student project directed by SWAC and funded by a Secretary of State grant. Purpose of project was to prepare a "Directory of Businesses and Services Sympathetic to Women's Needs".
M-5864-30 Calgary Women's Newspaper. -- 1977-1978. -- Consists of correspondence re subscriptions, etc.
M-5864-31 Matrimonial property act. -- 1977-1978. -- Consists of correspondence, letters to MLAs, outline of workshop, etc.
M-1719 Information kit on matrimonial property project.-- 1978
RAT-19 Introduction to matrimonial property information project, by Margaret Smith. -- 1978. -- 1 audio cassette
M-5864-32 Old YWCA. -- 1977-1978. -- Consists of memos and meetings re tenancy in olf YWCA and future of the building.
M-5864-33 McClung house. -- 1978. -- Re concern of SWAC and other groups to preserve the Nellie McClung house at 803 - 15th Avenue SW, Calgary.
M-5864-34 Student Community Service Program. -- 1978. -- Consists of correspondence, financial material, and reports re summer student project directed by SWAC and funded by a Secretary of State grant. Purpose of project was to prepare a "Directory of Professions Sympathetic to Women".
Series 8 Affiliates. -- 1975-1981
M-5864-35 Local Council of Women. -- 1975-1978 -- Consists of correspondence, newsletters and conference material.
M-5864-36 National Action Committee on the Status of Women in Canada. -- 1975-1978. -- Consists of newsletters and Index of Policy Recommendations.
M-5864-37 Alberta Status of Women Action Committee. -- 1975-1978. -- Consists of correspondence, membership, workshops, minutes of inaugural meeting, bylaws, etc.
M-5864-38 Alberta Status of Women Action Committee. -- 1976-1978. -- Consists of correspondence, membership, workshops, minutes, etc.
M-6218 Alberta Status of Women Action Committee information booklets and newsletter. -- 1981. -- 4 items
M-5864-39 SWAC affiliates and women's groups. -- 1976-1978. -- Consists of info sheets and lists of groups and affiliates in Calgary and out of town.
Series 9 Miscellaneous. -- 1974-1978
M-5864-40 SWAC letterhead. -- n.d.
M-5864-41 Women's studies. -- 1974-1978. -- Consists of proposals and outlines re seminars and courses in women's studies at the University of Calgary and Simon Fraser University.
M-5864-42 Government speeches. -- 1975-1978. -- Consists of correspondence and speeches of federal and provincial politicians relating to women's issues. Include material related to Hugh M. Horner.
M-5864-43 SWAC speeches. -- 1976-1978. -- Consists of notes re speeches and interviews.
M-5864-44 Media releases. -- 1977-1978. -- Re events, seminars, speakers, etc. sponsored by SWAC. Include list of recipients of releases.
Series 10 Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1970s-2000s]. -- This material has not been catalogued. Please consult with an Archivist before requesting.
M-8224 Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1970s-1980s]. -- 6 m of textual records. -- Consists of administrative records, publications and newsletters. [accessions 1991.108 and 1993.034]
M-8792 Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1980-2000]. -- 1 m of textual records. -- Consists of newsletters and other publications. [accession 2001.020]
M-9329 Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1980s-2000s]. -- 4 m of textual records. -- Consists of administrative records. [accession 2008.119]
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