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Nurse Alice Forster, Calgary, Alberta, [ca. 1910-1929]
Nurse Alice Forster, Calgary, Alberta, [ca. 1910-1929]

Holy Cross School of Nursing fonds

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Series 1 Students and courses. -- 1917-1976
Series 2 Newsletters, newspaper clippings and scrapbooks. -- 1915-1974
Series 3 Alumnae Association. -- 1959-2009
Series 4 Textbooks. -- 1939-1945
Series 5 Photographs. -- 1910-1979


Series 1 Students and courses. -- 1917-1976
M-2049-1 Historical sketches. -- 1957 and n.d. -- Re Holy Cross Hospital, the School of Nursing, Grey Nuns, and Alberta Association of Registered Nurses. Includes transcript of speech by Florence Thorpe broadcast on CFAC radio at the opening of the nurses' residence (1957); list of 1910 graduates; and brief biography of Alma M. Martin.
M-2049-2 Correspondence and various documents. -- 1954-1971. -- Re new nurses' residence, courses offered by the school, list of 1931 graduates, and documents in Latin (possibly re the nurses' residence).

Application forms and admission requirements. -- 1917-1962. -- Consists of completed application forms, letters of recommendaton, doctors' certificates and entrance agreements signed by students applying to the School of Nursing. Includes information about the following:

Rose Bellingham
Audrey A. Bunn
Isabelle Harrington
Faith T. Henderson
Edythe Liversidge
Margaret Marshall
Mary M. Martin
Elizabeth J. McDougall
Jeanne McMillan
Maria Isabel Paredes
Olga K. Smedstad
Stacey Smith

M-2049-4 Application data. -- 1974-1976. -- Consists of form letters; applicant rating scales and questionnaires; information for guidance counsellors and students visitors; and results of St. John Ambulance course.
M-2049-5 Regulations, personnel policies, course outlines, etc. -- n.d.
M-2049-6 Valedictory addresses. -- 1922-1950. -- Consists of speeches made to graduating classes of various years by Dr. T.H. Crawford, Dr. W. Merritt, Dr. G.D. Stanley and others.
M-2049-7 Register of students in training. -- 1929-1976. -- Consists of a volume containing lists of nurses in training and dates of graduation. Lists prepared after 1944 alson include address, age and religion.
M-2049-8 Forms and letterhead. -- 1933-1970. -- Consists of examples of forms used by the School of Nursing to record students' curricula vitai, monthly record, health record, clinical teaching record, exam results, illness absences, etc.
M-2049-9 Operating room manuals. -- 1944-1967
M-2049-10 School of Nursing yearbook. -- June 1945. -- "Waterloo-Advocate" graduation issue.
M-2049-11 Class songs. -- 1955-1966. -- Consists of words to class and school songs. Includes a brief history of Florence Nightingale's lamp.
M-2049-12 Opening of the Nurses' Residence. -- 1956-1957. -- Consists of program for sod-turning ceremony; Calgary Herald article; contents of cornerstone; physical description of interior decoration; history of hospital and school.
M-2049-13 Student handbooks. -- 1959-1964. -- Consist of rules and regulations of the School of Nursing and residence.
M-2049-17 Diplomas. -- 1910-1930. -- For both the Holy Cross School of Nursing and Alberta Association of Registered Nurses.
M-2049-oversize Nellie Whalley's nrusing diploma. -- February 8, 1910. -- Issued by the Sisters of Charity in Calgary. She was one of the first five graduates from the Holy Cross School of Nursing.
M-2049-18 Calendars, programs, etc. -- 1929-1971. -- Consists of school calendars; souvenir booklets re opening of new hospital and golden anniversary; programs; invitations; menus; souvenir serviettes; student progress report booklet; Holy Cross Hospital publications: "The Family Diget" and "Prayers for the Sick"; student handbooks; and Alumnae Associaton constitution and bylaws.
M-2049-19 "Collection of Facts for History of Nursing, Alberta, 1864-1942", written by Kate Shaw Brighty. -- 1942. -- The author was convenor of the History of Nursing Committee of the Alberta Association of Registered Nurses.
M-2049-20 Reports. -- 1957-1958. -- Consists of report of visit to the Holy Cross School of Nursing as part of a survey of Catholic schools in Alberta; and Alberta Association of Registered Nurses report of conference of nursing school directors.
M-2049-21 Courses and career opportunities. -- 1957-1964. -- Consists of courses and positions in othter institutions; bursaries and awards; information about Alberta and Ontario nursing association; letter re Royal Commission on Health Services; and promotional pamphlets re Victorian Order of Nurses and Canadian Army.
M-2049-24 Alberta Government publications: "Within Our Borders". -- 1969. -- They include articles about health care in the province.
M-2049-25 Emergency health services. -- 1970. -- Consists of information sheets put out by Alberta Emergency Measures Organization and Emergency Health Services and Supplies.
Series 2 Newsletters, newspaper clippings and scrapbooks. -- 1915-1974
M-2049-14 Holy Cross Hospital newsletters. -- 1955-1969. -- Consists of one issue of "The Blues present Bibs and Bars"; and two issues of "The Holy Doodle".
M-2049-15 Student Nurses Association of Alberta newsletters. -- 1955-1969 [incomplete]
M-2049-26 Newspaper clilppings. -- 1940-1970. -- Re issues in nursing and medicine; Alberta Association of Registered Nurses, etc.
M-2049-27 Newspaper clippings. -- 1946-1974. -- Re Holy Cross Hospital and School of Nursing.
M-2049-28 Newspaper clippings. -- 1948-1972. -- Re St. Mary's Cathedral; education issues, historic moon walk (1969), etc.
M-2049-29 Newspaper clippings. -- 1956-1972. -- Re famous and local personalities including Francis P. Carroll, Christmas, Aileen Fish, Sir Alexander Fleming, Gertrude Hall, Gertrude Laing, Dr. John Knox Mulloy, Ruth Sandgathe, Dr. Earle P. Scarlett, Blodwen Thode, and Rose Wilkinson.
M-2049-30 Newspaper clippings. -- 1957-1966. -- Re Calgary General Hospital and Rockyview Hospital.
M-2049-31 Scrapbook. -- 1915-1957. -- Consists of newspaper clippings, photographs, programs, souvenir booklets, reminiscences (1913-1918), and biographical information about Dr. John B. McEachern.
M-2049-32 Scrapbook. -- 1934-1972.-- Consists of newspaper clippings about the Holy Cross Hospital and the School of Nursing.
M-2049-oversize Scrapbook. -- 1943-1974. -- Consists of newspaper clippings about the Holy Cross Hospital and nursing matters.
Series 3 Alumnae Association. -- 1959-2009
Note For Alumnae Association constitution and bylaws see file M-2049-18 in Series 1 above.
M-2049-22 Alumnae Association membership lists. -- 1967. -- Includes year of graduation from the Holy Cross School of Nursing.
M-2049-16 Alumnae Association newsletters. -- 1959-1969
M-2049-23 Alumnae Association Archives Committee. -- 1968-1971. -- Consists of notes about the creation of the School of Nursing archives; reports of the committee; and 1971 accession list.

Unprocessed records of the Alumnae Association. -- [ca. 1960s-1990s]. -- 1 m of textual records and other material. -- Consists of minutes, correspondenc, photographs and newsletters of the Alumni Association.

Note: This material has not been catalogued. Please consult with an Archivist before requesting. [accession 1995.058]


Unprocessed records of the Alumnae Association. -- [ca. 1931-2006]. -- 12.5 cm of textual records. -- Consists of minutes, newsletters, memories of the class of 1950, newspaper clippings.

Note: This material has not been catalogued. Please consult with an Archivist before requesting. [accession 2007.108]

M-9500 Alumnae Association, Edmonton Branch. -- 1965-2009. -- 2 cm of textual records. -- Consists of minutes, membership records, etc.
Series 4 Textbooks. -- 1939-1945. -- 9 volumes. -- Consists of textbooks used by Eleanor Billesberger Saville at the Holy Cross School of Nursing in the 1940s.

Carter, Charles F, Microbiology and Pathology. -- St. Louis : The C.B. Mosby Company, 1939

Cooper, Lenna F., Edith M. Barber and Helen S. Mitchell, Nutrition in Health and Disease. -- Philadelphia : J.B. Lippincott Company, 1941

Davis, M. Edward and Mabel C. Carmon, DeLee's Obstetrics for Nurses. -- Philadelphia : W.B. Saunders Company, 1944


Eliason, E.L., L. Kraeer Ferguson and Evelyn M. Farrand, Surgical Nursing. -- Philadelphia : J.B. Lippincott Company, 1940

Emerson, Charles Phillips, and Jane Elizabeth Taylor, Essentials of Medicine. -- Philadelphia : J.B. Lippincott Company, 1943

Faddis, Margene O. and Joseph M. Hayman, Textbook of Pharmacology for Nurses. -- Philadelphia : J.B. Lippincott Company, 1943

Harmer, Bertha, and Virginia Henderson, Textbook of the Principles and Practice of Nursing. -- New York : The Macmillan Company, 1941

Kimber, Diana Clifford, Carolyn E. Gray, and Caroline E. Stackpole, Textbook of Anatomy and Physiology. -- New York : the Macmillan Company, 1942

State Board Questions and Answers for Nurses, Essay and Objective Types, compiled from actual examination questions given throughout the country by state examining boards. -- Philadelphia : J.B. Lippincott Company, 1945

Series 5 Photographs. -- 1910-1979. -- 1735 photographs

Some of these photographs have been scanned. View now.
PA-2077 Sister Le Clerc, Mrs. Brand and graduate nurses. -- [1950s-1960s]. -- 3 photographs
PB-514 Graduate nurses. -- [1920s-1950s]. -- 3 photographs
PC-176 Graduate nurses. -- [ca. 1920s]. -- 1 photograph
PD-157 Photograph albums. -- 1910-1979. -- 4 albums (1715 photographs). -- Consists of views of nurses at work and recreation, the Holy Cross Hospital, graduating classes, etc.
PE-144 Panoramas of nurses in training. -- 1927 and 1929. -- 2 photographs
NA-4299 Graduating classes, views of nurses, etc. -- [ca. 1916]. -- 5 photographs
S-68 School of Nursing float in Calgary Stampede parade; scenes of a celebraton in the nurses' lounge. -- n.d. -- 6 slides
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