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Imperial Oil - Vertical Files

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IM-20-(Box 1a-8c) Subjects: A-C
IM-20-(Box 9a-18b) Subjects: E-I
IM-20-(Box 19-29b) Subjects: P
IM-20-(Box 30-38) Subjects: R-V


IM-20 Vertical files. -- [ca. 1880s-2001]. -- 8 m of textual records. -- The series consists of subject files containing articles, brochures, clippings, and other sources of information relating to Imperial Oil and its affiliates, and the petroleum industry in Canada, the United States and in general. Arranged alphabetically by subject.
  Advertising and marketing
IM-20-Box 1a Advertising and marketing – General
Advertising agencies (MacLaren)
Advertising agencies (Other)
Atlas Sky Merchant
Credit cards
Gasoline retailing
Hockey broadcasts
IM-20-Box 1b Packaging and labeling
Tiger campaign
Trademarks and logos
Trademarks and logos (Origin of name)
  Art collection, films and motion pictures, photographs
IM-20-Box 2 Art collection and exhibitions
Films and motion pictures (Catalogues, etc.)
Films and motion pictures (Production)
Photgraph collection
IM-20-Box 3 56 Church Street
56 Church Street (Addition 1926)
111 St. Clair
111 St. Clair (Murals)
Don Mills
Other buildings
  Company history
IM-20-Box 4a Articles (nd-1947)
Articles (1948-1955)
Articles (1956-1982)
Facts, firsts, significant events (General, 1949-1960s)
Facts, firsts, significant events (General, 1970s-2001)
IM-20-Box 4b Air transport
Facts, firsts, significant events (Air transport)
Facts, firsts, significant events (Departments)
London, Ontario
Petrolia, Ontario
Oil Museum/Oil Heritage District, Ontario
  Continuous improvement
IM-20-Box 5 Continuous improvement – General
Continuous improvement – Esso Petroleum Canada
Continuous improvement – Esso Resources Canada
  Corporate policies
IM-20-Box 6 Corporate policies – Miscellaneous
Ethics booklets
Political contributions
  Corporate sponsorships and donations
IM-20-Box 7 Corporate sponsorships and donations – General
Amateur hockey
Arts, culture, charitable organizations
Plowing matches
Sports (Miscellaneous)
  Corporate structure
IM-20-Box 8a Imperial Oil Limited function and role (ca. 1949)
Presidents and Chairmen of the Board
Corporate Structure (1944)
Corporate Structure (1949)
Corporate Structure (1951)
Corporate Structure (1956)
IM-20-Box 8b Corporate Structure (1959-1965)
Corporate Structure (1964)
Corporate Structure (1980)
Corporate Structure (1987)
Corporate Structure (1989)
Corporate Structure (1990)
Corporate Structure (1991)
Corporate Structure (1993-1996)
IM-20-Box 8c Corporate Structure - Changes (1947-1960)
Corporate Structure - Changes (1962-1977
Corporate Structure - Changes (1978-1979)
Corporate Structure - Changes (1980-1987)
Corporate Structure - Changes (1988-1994)
Changes - Building administration (1946-1980s)
  Employee relations
IM-20-Box 9a Employee relations (General)
IM-20-Box 9b Benefits (continued)
Coin Your Ideas Program
Employee development, education and training
IM-20-Box 9c Employment equity and demographics
First Nations
Health and safety
Joint Industrial Councils (1919-1998)
Professional associations, social clubs and activities

IM-20-Box 9d Publications
Reinstatement of armed forces
Service awards (1972-1980)
Service awards (1984-1990s)
Studies and surveysTraining
Training (Audio-visual aids)
Training (Awards and certificates)
Travel policy
  Energy resources
IM-20-Box 10 Committee for an independent Canada – Clippings, 1971-1977 (Collected by Canadian Arctic Gas Study Limited)
Committee for an independent Canada – Policies, briefs, etc., 1971-1976 (Collected by Canadian Arctic Gas Study Limited)
Committee for an independent Canada – Mackenzie Valley Pipe Line package, 1973
Energy conservation
Energy crisis (1973)
Energy information - world energy outlook,1977
Energy question, 1981
Liberal Party on energy resources
National Energy Program
New Democratic Party on energy resources
IM-20-Box 11a Environment (1953-1979)
Environment (1980-1986)
Environment (1987)
Environment (1988-1989)
Environment (1990-1991)
Environment (1992-2000s)

Environment – Award (1993)
Northern Canada – Clippings, 1968-1976)
Northern Canada – Publications
Oil spills (Arrow)
Oil spills (Exxon Valdez)
Oil spills (Miscellaneous)
Petroleum associations

Policy statements

  Esso Chemical Canada
IM-20-Box 12 Esso Chemical Canada – General
Agricultural chemical
Responsible care
  Esso Minerals, Esso Petroleum Canada, Esso Resources Canada
IM-20-Box 13 Esso Minerals
Esso Petroleum Canad
Esso Resources Canada
  Exploration and production - Alberta and Northwest Territories
IM-20-Box 14a Exploration and production – Alberta (General)
Athabasca Oil Sands
Athabasca Oil Sands - Kearl
Athabasca Oil Sands - Mildred Lake, Syncrude (1960s)
IM-20-Box 14b Athabasca Oil Sands (Syncrude) 1970-2004
IM-20-Box 14c Battle River
Bonnie Glen
IM-20-Box 14d Cold Lake
IM-20-Box 14e Golden Spike oil field
Judy Creek
Leduc discovery well – Anniversary celebrations and photographs (1957, 1972, 1987, 1997)
Leduc discovery well – Brochures and pamphlets
Leduc discovery well – Newspaper headlines, February 13, 1947
Leduc discovery well – Imperial Oil Limited press releases, speeches, etc.
Leduc discovery well – Personal recollections
Leduc discovery well – Published articles
IM-20-Box 14f Leduc – Miscellaneous articles
Leduc – Natural gas conservation
Leduc, Town of
Leduc-Woodbend oil field
Devon, Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
Norman Wells
Oil sands (General)
Quirk Creek
Redwater (Fertilizer plant)
Redwater (Oil field)
Turner Valley
  Exploration and production - Canada
IM-20-Box 15a Exploration and production – Canada (General)
Arctic (Mackenzie Delta/Beaufort Sea)
Atlantic offshore
IM-20-Box 15b British Columbia (General)
Boundary Lake, British Columbia
Byron Creek Collieries, British Columbia
Eastern and Maritime provinces
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island
IM-20-Box 15c Saskatchewan
Exploration and production - General
IM-20-Box 16 Finance (1950s) 
Finance (1960s)
Finance (1970-1975
Finance (1976-1977)
Finance (1978)
Finance (1981-1985
Finance (1990)
Finance – Banking
  Government relations
IM-20-Box 17 Executive exchange program
Free trade
Standards of measurement
Taxation (1952-1960)
Taxation (1961-1976)
Taxation – Federal budget (Matters of interest to Imperial Oil, 1966-1984)
  Information management
IM-20-Box 18a Information management – General
Audio-visual resource centre report
Business Information Centre
Central Library
Filing systems
IM-20-Box 18b Computerization
  Petrochemical industry
IM-20-Box 19 Petrochemical industry – General
Petrochemical industry – Plastics
  Petroleum industry - Canada
IM-20-Box 20a Petroleum industry – Canada (1945-1955)
Petroleum industry – Canada (1956-1958)
Petroleum industry – Canada (1961-1996)
Facts and figures about oil in Canada (1946-1959)
IM-20-Box-20b Facts and figures about oil in Canada (1960-1972)
Petroleum industry – Canada (Alberta)
Facts and figures about oil in Alberta
Petroleum industry – Canada (British Columbia)
Petroleum industry – Canada (Manitoba)
Petroleum industry – Canada (Newfoundland)
Petroleum industry – Canada (Ontario)
Petroleum industry – Canada (Quebec)
Petroleum industry – Canada (Saskatchewan)
  Petroleum industry - Foreign and miscellaneous
IM-20-Box 21 Petroleum industry - Iran
Petroleum industry - Russia
Petroleum industry - Conservation
Petroleum industry - Economic aspects
Petroleum industry - Equipment
Petroleum industry - Geology
Petroleum industry - Laws and regulations
Petroleum industry - Political conflicts
Petroleum industry - Storage
Petroleum industry - War effort
Petroleum industry - Well drilling
  Petroleum industry - History
IM-20-Box 22a Petroleum industry – History (General)
Petroleum industry – History (Canada)
Petroleum industry – History (Alberta)
Petroleum industry – History (Ontario)
IM-20-Box 22b Petroleum industry – History (United States)
Petroleum industry – History (United States centennial 1959)
  Petroleum industry - Prices, profits, supply and demand
IM-20-Box 23 Petroleum industry - Prices (1912-1974)
Petroleum industry - Prices (1975)
Petroleum industry - Prices (1976-1989)
Petroleum industry - Prices (Clippings, 1965-1984)
Petroleum industry - Prices (Monopolies and restrictive trade practices)
Petroleum industry - Profits
Petroleum industry - Supply and demand (Natural gas, 1947-1989)
Petroleum industry - Supply and demand – (Oil)
  Petroleum industry - Prices, profits, supply and demand (Gasoline)
IM-20-Box 24 Petroleum industry – Prices (Gasoline)
Petroleum industry – Prices (Gasoline war, British Columbia, 1940)
  Petroleum products
IM-20-Box 25a Petroleum products – General
Petroleum products - Marketing (General)
Petroleum products – Uses (General)
Diesel fuel
Farm products
Fuel oil (Heating oil)
IM-20-Box 25b Gasoline (Octane rating)
Home products
Industrial fuels
Lubricating oils (General)
IM-20-Box 25c Lubricating oils (Imperial Oil)
Marine fuels
Solvents (includes naphtha)
Turbo fuels (includes jet fuel and aviation kerosene)
Waxes (Candle-making)
  Petroleum transportation - Miscellaneous
IM-20-Box 26 Petroleum transportation (General)
Canadian North
Distribution terminals
Hazardous goods
Oil tanker ships
St. Lawrence Seaway/Great Lakes
Tank trucks and wagons
  Petroleum transportation - Pipe lines
IM-20-Box 27a Pipelines – Corrosion and corrosion control
Pipelines – Miscellaneous
Alaska Highway Gas Pipeline Project
Canadian Arctic Gas Pipe Line
Imperial Pipe Line Company
Interprovincial Pipe Line
Mackenzie Delta Pipeline
IM-20-Box 27b Montreal Pipeline
Norman Wells Pipeline
Portland-Montreal Pipe Line
Sarnia-Toronto Pipe Line
Trans Mountain Pipe Line
Valley Pipe Line Company
Winnipeg Pipe Line
  Public Relations
IM-20-Box 28 Public relations (General)
Conferences and meetings
Employees - Sports teams (Sarnia Imperials)
Exhibits and plant tours
Head office visits
  Pubilc Relations - Press tours
IM-20-Box 29a Press tour, October 14-17, 1953
Press tour, May 16-19, 1954
Press tour, June 13-16, 1955
Press tour, July 19-20, 1955
IM-20-Box 29b Press tour, October 1-4, 1956
Press tour, November 20-22, 1960
  Refineries - General
IM-20-Box 30 Refineries – General
Refineries – Canadian
Refineries - United States and International
Refineries – Equipment
Refineries – Maps
Refineries – Operation and control
Refineries – Waste disposal
  Refineries - Imperial Oil Limited
IM-20-Box 31a Calgary Refinery
Edmonton Refinery
Imperoyal Refinery (Dartmouth/Halifax)
IM-20-Box 31b Ioco Refinery (Vancouver)
Montreal East Refinery
Nanticoke Refinery (formerly owned by Texaco)
Port Credit Refinery (formerly owned by Texaco)
IM-20-Box 31c Regina Refinery
Sarnia Refinery
IM-20-Box 31d Strathcona Refinery (Edmonton)
Winnipeg Refinery
IM-20-Box 32 Research (1946-1980
Research (1982-1990)
Research – Arctic and sub-arctic
Research – Asphalt
Research – Electricity
Research – Nuclear energy
Research – Patents and inventions
Research facilities
  Service stations
IM-20-Box 33a Service stations – General
Dealer franchises
Dealer recruitment
Dealer relations
Dealers and uniforms
IM-20-Box 33b Design, construction, location
Gasoline pumps
IM-20-Box 33c Memorabilia publications
Retailing and service
Self serve
  Standard Oil / Exxon / Mobil / ExxonMobil
IM-20-Box 34a Accounting
Advertising and marketing (General)
Advertising and marketing (International)
Advertising and marketing (Institutional)
IM-20-Box 34b Annual reports (1936-1947)
Annual reports (1948-1953, 1978)
Art collection and exhibits
IM-20-Box 34c Employee relations
IM-20-Box 34d Employee relations
IM-20-Box 34e History
Motion pictures and films
Petroleum products
Petroleum transportation
Photograph collection
IM-20-Box 34f Public relations (General)
IM-20-Box 34g Public relations (Conferences)
Public relations (Corporate sponsorships and donations)
Public relations (Education)
Public relations (Issues)
Public relations (Public attitudes and opinions, 1943-1945)
Public relations (Public attitudes and opinions, 1946-1948)
IM-20-Box 34h Public relations (Public attitudes and opinions, 1949)
Public relations (Public attitudes and opinions, 1950-1952)
Public relations (Public attitudes and opinions, 1952-1957)
Public relations (War)
Subsidiaries (1950, 1952, 1959)
IM-20-Box 34i Exxon Chemical Company
Exxon Corporation – General
Exxon Corporation – Ethics
Exxon Corporation – History
Exxon Corporation – Name and trademark
Exxon Corporation – Newsletters
IM-20-Box 34j Mobil Oil - Miscellaneous
ExxonMobil - Annual Reports (2003, 2004)
  Subsidiaries, partners, affiliates, acquisitions and competitors
IM-20-Box 35a Acquisitions and mergers – Miscellaneous
Building Products of Canada
Champlain Oil Products Limited
Home Oil Company Limited
International Petroleum Company
IM-20-Box 35b Mr. Lube
Northwest Company
Ocelot Industries
Queen City Oil Company
Royalite Oil Company
Shell Oil
Syncrude (Annual Reports 1967-1973)
IM-20-Box 35c Texaco – Trademarks and logos
Texaco Canada – History
Texaco Canada - Refineries
Tropical Oil Company
  Teaching aids for classrooms
IM-20-Box 36a Catalogues
Portfolios of drawings by C.W. Jeffreys
Portfolio of drawings by Harold Town
IM-20-Box 36b Various publications and filmstrips
IM-20-Box 36c Various publications and filmstrips
  Travel and recreation
IM-20-Box 37 Travel and recreation – General
Air travel
Automobiles, trucks, recreational vehicles
  Village Lake Louise
IM-20-Box 38 Development plan (1971)
Background material (1972)
Government report (1974)

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