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Laut, Frank
Letter regarding Independents, 1940

Frank Laut fonds

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M-657-1Independent Movement. -- 1940-1948. -- Correspondence from Percy Page concerning political situation
M-657-2Independent Movement. -- 1940-1941. -- Minutes of meetings, briefs; includes report on negotiations between Independents and Premier Aberhart regarding sale of War Savings Certificates and Stamps; memorandum re Income Tax; also platform of Independent group
M-657-3Speeches. -- 1947-1948. -- By Frank Laut; consists of election campaign, radio addresses, Home and School meetings
M-657-4Howard B. Macdonald. -- 1948. -- Radio addresses of Independent candidate over CFAC and CFCN, Calgary
M-657-5Elections. -- 1944-1948. -- Election results and lists of Independent supporters in Banff-Cochrane constituency
M-657-6Alfred Speakman. -- no date. -- Report 'Farm Settlement and its Related Problems' which resulted from a study by Sub-Committee on Agriculture of Alberta Post-war Reconstruction Committee
M-657-7Biographical sketch. -- 1962. -- Of Frank Laut, written by brother Ian Laut, Crossfield, Alberta
M-657-8Dr. Percy Talbot. -- no date. -- Article 'The Trail to Strawberry Plain'; Strawberry Plain is near Lacombe, Alberta; a shorter version published in Alberta Historical Review summer, 1955
M-657-9Farm community survey. -- 1944. -- Questionnaires issued by Farmer's Magazine; purpose was to discover post-war opportunities for returned men
M-657-10Political clippings. -- 1942-1945. -- Includes several articles of a series on the Provincial post-war reconstruction committee's report, and several re Social Credit
M-657-11Water resources. -- 1943. -- Correspondence and reports re irrigation development, recommendations re irrigation projects as part of post-war reconstruction program, and UFA resolution re power project in Peace River area
M-657-12North Saskatchewan Irrigation Project. -- 1941-1943. -- Scheme also known as William Pearce Stock watering Scheme; includes resolution, reports and a proposal
M-657-13St. Mary and Milk River Development Committee. -- 1942
PA-483-(1-6)Crossfield photographs. -- 1904-1929. -- 6 photographs. -- Consists of views of haying and harvesting near Crossfield, the Crossfield baseball team, interior of general store, and Huser Farm.
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