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Nowadluk and her sister by a cache
Cape Prince of Wales

Lomen Brothers Alaska Photographs

The Lomen Brothers' photographs, which date primarily from 1900 to 1934, are rich in views of Alaska, including Inuit peoples and activities, the city of Nome, reindeer herding, seal and walrus hunting, dogsled races, Siberia and the Yuit people, and goldmining. A brief biography of the Lomen family and history of the studio is in the Archives Main Catalogue.

How to view the photographs

You may view all the currently digitized Lomen photographs (about 2400) in date order.

You may search the Lomen photographs by subjects places, people or dates by using the Archives Photographs search screen. Always enter Lomen in the 'Photographer/Illustrator' box to limit your findings to this photographic studio, then refine your search by entering search terms in the other boxes on the screen. Several examples are given below:

  • Enter Lomen in the 'Photographer/Illustrator' box AND hunting in the 'Keywords/Phrase' box to find photographs related to seal or walrus hunting.
  • Enter Lomen in the 'Photographer/Illustrator' box AND reindeer in the 'Keywords/Phrase' box to find photographs related to reindeer herding.
  • Enter Lomen in the 'Photographer/Illustrator' box AND Siberia in the 'Keywords/Phrase' box to find photographs of Yuit people taken in Siberia.
  • Enter Lomen in the 'Photographer/Illustrator' box AND 1921 in the 'Year(s)' box to find photographs taken in this year.
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