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Frank and Monica Lynch-Staunton with their daughters, 1936
Frank and Monica Lynch-Staunton with their daughters, 1936

Lynch-Staunton, Adam family fonds

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  Richard and Mary Lynch-Staunton

60th wedding anniversary certifate. - 1961 and Mary's Common Prayer book. - 1895

  Frank and Monica Lynch-Staunton
M-8193-2 Frank's certicates of birth and baptism. - 1905
M-8193-3 Monica's certificates of birth and baptism. - 1905
M-8193-4 Frank's school certificate. - 1918
M-8193-5 Frank's military certificate. - 1935
M-8193-6 Financial notebook. - 1941-1969
M-8193-7 Income tax, includes some for Richard Lynch-Staunton. - 1942-1957
M-8193-8 Financial statements. - 1948-1952
M-8193-9 Investment ledger. - 1953-1976
M-8193-10 Stock certificates
M-8193-11 Antelope Butte Ranch account book. - 1932-1967
M-8193-12 Antelope Butte Ranch account book. - 1956-1970
M-8193-13 Antelope Butte Ranch financial statement. - 1988
M-8193-14 Trespass legal case. - 1947
M-8193-15 Legal invoice. - 1961
M-8193-16 International Agricultural Exchange Association. - 1968-1974
M-8193-17 Pincher Creek and district brand book. - n.d.
M-8193-18 Progressive Conservative Association. - 1973-1977
M-8193-19 Correspondence. - 1975
M-8193-20 Corresponence. - 1977
M-8193-21 Antelope Butte Ranch receipt. - 1984
M-8193-22 Memoirs - Handwritten draft. - 1970s
M-8193-23 Memoirs - Typewritten draft. - 1970s
M-8193-40 Estate of Beatrice Monica Lynch-Staunton. - 1976
M-8193-24 Progressive Conservative Canada Fund certificate. - 1988
M-8193-25 Poems
M-8193-26 Letters from Joe Clark and Peter Lougheed on the family's 100th anniversary in Alberta. - 1977
M-8193-27 Sir Ernest Macmillan Memorial Foundation. - 1989
M-8193-28 Correspondence. - n.d.
M-8193-29 Appointment as Lieutenant-Governor. - 1979
M-8193-30 Correspondence as Lieutenant-Governor. - 1981-1984
M-8193-31 Speeches as Lieutenant-Governor. - 1979-1985
M-8193-32 Lord Strathcona's Horse Ceremonial Mounted Troop Foundation. - 1985
M-8193-33 Correspondence. - 1988-1990
M-8193-34 Old Time Rangemen's Dinner
M-8193-35 Newspaper clippings
  Other members of the Lynch-Staunton family
M-8193-36 Hugh Lynch-Staunton's speech about the history of the cattle industry. - 1978
M-8193-37 Corbett Lynch-Stauntons' memoirs. - 1960s
M-8193-38 Extract from Victor Lynch-Staunton's diary. - 1917
M-8193-39 Estate of Sarah and Charlotte Lynch-Staunton. - 1942-1944
  James Graham Adam
M-8193-41 Burma journal with sketches. - 1892-1893
M-8193-42 Plays written by J.G. Adam. - 1909 and n.d. - Including "The Subaltern's Dodge", "Cinderella Up to Date", "The Suffragette" (1909), and "Real Estate".
M-8193-43 Memoirs - Original typewritten draft with photographs. - 1937
M-8193-44 Memoirs - Typewritten draft. - 1937
M-8193-45 Sketches and notes
M-8193-46 Memoirs - Reference copy. - 1937
  Graham E. Adam
M-8193-47 Letter to his family from Western Canada College in Calgary, and from overseas during the First World War. - 1910-1917
  Family scrapbooks
M-8193-48 Monica Lynch-Staunton's scrapbook. - 1915-1983. - Consists of her early school records, high school diploma, programs of events attended, photographs, newspaper clippings about her family and children, and memorabilia.
M-8193-49 Canada Council scrapbook. - 1959-1961. - Frank Lynch-Staunton was appointed to the Canada Council in 1959 for a three-year term, replacing Eric Harvie whose term had expired. - Consists of invitations to Council events across Canada, photographs, newspaper clippings and programs of events attended.
M-8193-50 Canada Council scrapbook. - 1961-1963. - Frank Lynch-Staunton was re-appointed to the Canada Council after his first three-year term expired. - Consists of invitations to Council events across Canada, photographs, newspaper clippings and programs of events attended.
M-8193-51 Canada Council scrapbook. - 1963-1964 . - Consists of invitations to Council events across Canada, photographs, newspaper clippings and programs of events attended.
M-8193-52 Family tree. - [compiled 1923]
  Photographs. - 1889-1960s. - 618 photographs. - The series consists of loose photographs of the Adam family, and three photograph albums of the Lynch-Staunton family and their activities. Marina's album has some identification, but other two albums contain unidentified views.
PA-841-(1-52) Family photographs. - 1893-1950s, 1979. - 52 photographs. - Consists of loose photographs of the Adam family, the Lynch-Staunton family, children, friends, boating, weddings, swimming, and the 1979 reunion of Western Canada College old boys.
PD-283-1 Family photograph album. - [ca. 1920s-1940s]. - 175 photographs. - Consists of unidentified views of family groups, children and babies, trips to mountains, visits to Victoria, England and Ireland, etc.
PD-283-2 Family photograph album. - [ca. 1920s-1940s]. - 162 photographs. - Consists of unidentified views of ranching and farming scenes, children, dogs, horses, mountains, a bi-plane, the University of Alberta, women graduates, weddings, etc.
PD-283-3 Marina Field's photograph album. - 1889-1960s. - 229 photographs. - Consists of views of Marina Lynch-Staunton (Marina Field after her marriage) as a child and adult, her activities, friends, trips, the University of British Columbia, her twins, etc. Includes many historic Lynch-Staunton family photographs which had been removed from other albums and included here.
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