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Massey-Harris agency, Nanton, Alberta, 1912
Massey-Harris agency, Nanton, Alberta, 1912

Massey-Harris Company Ltd. (Calgary) fonds

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Table of Contents

Series 1 Alberta warehouses . -- 1903-1913.
Series 2 Circulars, stationery and photographs. -- 1912-1926


Series 1 Alberta warehouses . -- 1903-1913. -- 37.5 cm of textual records.
M-433-1 Warehouses. - 1906-1907. - Re construction costs of warehouses in Camrose, Bawlf and Stettler.
M-433-2 Calgary Office building. - 1903-1909. - Comments on plans for building, details of furnishings, price for construction, instructions from head office.
M-433-3 Calgary warehouse. - 1903-1905. - Quotations for lumber, specifications, tenders, legal agreement with contractor, and permit.
M-433-4 Calgary Office building. - 1903. - Detailed list for building to be erected on corenr of Atlantic (9th) Avenue and First Street West, according to drawings prepared by William Marshall Dodd, architect.
M-433-5 Camrose warehouse. - 1906. - Re construction costs, tenders, etc.
M-433-6 Cardston warehouse. - 1909-1910. - Construction costs, town lot, specifications, contract estimates, etc.
M-433-7 Edmonton warehouse. - 1905-1907. - Construction costs, tenderes, specifications, details of building.
M-443-8 Edmonton warehouse. - 1909-1910. - Cost of materials, delay in construction, sketch of site, specifications for labour and material.
M-443-9 Edmonton warehouse. - 1907. - Fence contract.
M-443-10 Fort Saskatchewan warehouse. - 1906-1910. Construction plans, costs and obtaining switch from Canadian Northern Railway to warehouse.
M-443-11 Granum warehouse. - no date. - Lot plan.
M-443-12 Innisfail warehouse. - 1905-1910. - Includes rough plans, scale drawings, cost, etc.
M-443-13 Lavoy warehouse. - 1909.
M-443-14 Leavings warehouse. - 1905-1907. - Construction, tenders and cost.
M-443-15 Leduc warehouse. - 1907. - Sketches of proposed building, construction costs.
M-443-16 Lethbridge warehouse. - 1905-1907. - Constuction, re-location for shipping warehouse.
M-443-17 Lethbridge warehouse. - 1907-1908. - Mostly specifications, plans, contract and agreement and blueprint.
M-443-18 Lethbridge warehouse spur line. - 1909-1913. - Obtaining permission for construction of private spur track from Canadian Pacific Railway, problems encountered, etc.
M-443-19 Magrath warehouse. - 1904-1906. - Cost of building and proposed sale.
M-443-20 Nanton warehouse. - 1908-1910. - Purchase of lot, construction cost.
M-443-21 Olds warehouse. - 1910. - Sketch of property showing dimensions, lot, etc.
M-443-22 Raymond warehouse. - 1910. - Includes sketch of lot with dimensions.
M-443-23 Red Deer warehouse. - 1906-1907. - Location of lot, authorization of construction, estimates for cost, etc.
M-443-24 Sedgwick warehouse. - 1907-1909. - General correspondence, trade of old building for new building and lot, and fire in warehouse.
M-443-25 Vegreville warehouse. - 1908-1910. - Sketch plan for lot, contract, assignment of lots and specifications.
M-443-26 Wainwright warehouse. - 1908-1910. - Construction cost, tenders and preparation of lot.
Series 2 Circulars, stationery and photographs. -- 1912-1926. -- 4.5 cm of textual records. -- 2 photographs
M-2416 Circular letters, price lists, etc from Calgary office to agents. - 1924-1926.
M-6818 Invoice stationery of A. Scoffield, Massey-Harris general agent, Wainwright. - [ca. 1920]
NA-2120-1 Views of the Massey-Harris agency in Nanton, Alberta. -- 1912. -- 1 photograph. Scanned Document View now.
PA-1167-1 View of Massey-Harris agency in Nanton, Alberta. -- 1912. -- 1 photograph. -- The image appears at the top of this inventory.
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