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Methodist Mission, Morleyville, Bow River,1875

George and John McDougall
Family fonds

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Series 1 George McDougall. - 1852-1876
Series 2 Scanned Document John C. McDougall. - 1858-1928
Series 3 Eliza McDougall Hardisty. - 1888, 1909
Series 4Elizabeth Boyd McDougall. - 1841-1941
Series 5Augusta McDougall Mathieson. - 1890, 1892
Series 6George M. McDougall. - 1890-1944
Series 7John B. McDougall. - 1900-1917, 1943
Series 8Lillian E. McDougall Graham. - 1904-1969
Series 9David L. McDougall. - 1910-1917, 1956
Series 10Douglas J. McDougall. - 1901-1960
Series 11John E. Graham. - 1883-1942
Series 12William Graham. - 1890-1922
Series 13Other family members and not attributed. - 1885-1956
Series 14 Family photographs. - [1850s-1930s]


Series 1

George McDougall. - 1852-1876. - 42.5 cm of textual records

George Millward McDougall, 1821-1876, was born in Kingston, Upper Canada (later Ontario). He attended Victoria College in Cobourg and was ordained by the Methodist conference in 1854. In 1860 he was appointed to a mission near Norway House, Manitoba. In 1863 he and his family moved to a location 130 kilometres east of Edmonton, Alberta, where he established the Victoria Mission (also known as Pakan), the earliest Methodist mission in the prairie west. He was superintendent of Methodist missionary work in the Saskatchewan District. In 1871 he moved to Edmonton House to found a permanent mission. In 1873 he sent his son John to set up a mission among the Stoneys in southern Alberta. At the request of the government he helped prepare the First Nations for the signing of Treaty 6 and Treaty 7. He was a strong supporter of prohibition in the west. He died in a blizzard near Calgary while on a buffalo hunt.

In 1842 he married Elizabeth Chantler (a Quaker), 1818-1903, and they had nine children, John Chantler, 1842-1917, David, 1845-1927, Moses (died in childhood), Eliza (Hardisty), 1850-1929, Elizabeth "Libbie" (Young), 1852-?, Nellie (Wood), Georgiana, [ca. 1856]-1870, Flora, [ca. 1861]-1870, and George, [ca. 1862-1880]. They also had one adopted daughter, Anna Masterchild, ?-1870. Georgiana, Flora and Anna all died of smallpox.

The series consists of appointments and certificates; correspondence primarily regarding Methodist missionary work; mission administrative records including a baptism register; and a small amount of his writings and sermons.

Series 1-a

Appointments and certificates

M-729-1George McDougall's appointment as minister of the Wesleyan-Methodist Church in Canada, Kingston, Ontario. - June 6, 1852.
M-729-2aGovernment request. - August 9, 1875. - Consists of a formal request to George McDougall from Alexander Morris, the Lieutenant-Governor of the North West Territories, asking him to inform the Cree of forthcoming treaty negotiations. The request features a large wax seal.
M-729-2b Report to Lieutenant-Governor A. Morris re the above appointment. - October 23, 1975. - Consists of George McDougall's report on his visit to the Cree and Assiniboine to determine their "disposition towards the Government" and the proposed treaty (Treaty 6). Includes a warning re "troublesome" Big Bear, the exception among the mostly reasonable chiefs visited.

Series 1-b


M-729-3Correspondence. - 1853-1869. - Consists of letters to George McDougall from various correspondents, primarily pertaining to Methodist Church missionary work in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Includes letters from Enoch Wood, General Superintendent of Wesleyan Missions; Thomas Woolsey, another Wesleyan missionary; and W.J. Christie, HBC Chief Factor at Edmonton House. Includes a copy of a letter from Woolsey to Alexander Grant Dallas, the new HBC Governor, expressing the hope that the HBC would continue to financially support Wesleyan Missions in the west.
M-729-4Correspondence. - 1870-1874. - Consists of letters to George McDougall, primarily pertaining to Methodist Church missionary work. Includes letters from Enoch Wood, George Young, Lachlin Taylor, P. Campbell, W.J. Christie, and James Ferrier. Includes several incomplete letters.
M-729-5Letters to John C. McDougall. - 1869, 1871. -- Consists of two letters written by George McDougall to his son.
M-729-6Last letter to his family. - December 24, 1875. - Consists of the last letter written by George McDougall before his death in a blizzard in January 1876. It is addressed to his "Son & Daughter", Richard and Eliza Hardisty. Includes a transcript.

Series 1-c

Religious and missionary records

M-729-7Wesleyan Methodist Register of Baptisms. - 1855-1873. - Consists of a register kept by George McDougall, recording "Baptisms solemnized at the Wesleyan-Methodist Mission Stations, Saskatchewan in the Hudson's Bay Territory, British N. America" and "Baptisms solemnized on the Plains in the Vicinity of the Rocky Mountains". Includes baptisms at Red River, Fort a la Corne, Fort Carlton, Fort Pitt, Battle River, Blind River, Ghost River, Edmonton House, Victoria Mission, Mountain House, Stoney territory, and White Mud.
M-729-8Mission financial records. - 1860-1871. - Consists of Wesleyan Missionary Society and Hudson's Bay Company accounts for the supply and delivery of goods to George McDougall and his western Missions. Also includes a bill from John Macdonald & Co. or Toronto for the supply of linens.
M-729-9Wesleyan Conference records. - 1856-1872. - Consists of the printed minutes, financial statement, and missionary notices of the Wesleyan Conference; and blank forms for Sunday School, circuit and church property statistics.

Series 1-d


M-729-10Notebooks and notes. - 1856-1870 and n.d. - Consists of notebooks and loose pages containing notes, diary entries, sermons, teachings, and other writings.
M-729-11 "To Benton and Back Again". - 1873. - Consists of a description, in the form of a diary, of a journey from Edmonton to Fort Benton and return, which took place August 28 to October 15, 1873. He was accompanied on the trip by Dr. Lachlin Taylor, General Secretary of the Methodist Missionary Society. The party also includes Ira Snider and Mr. Whitford. The party travelled by horse and wagon and the diary entries describe the prairie landscape, stays in Cree and Blackfoot camps, buffalo herds, hunting and fishing, difficulties fording rivers, conflicts between First Nations and American whiskey traders, meeting with intoxicated "wolfers", and Fort Whoop-up. View now.
M-729-12"A little child shall lead them". - n.d. - Consists of an incomplete sermonette copied by George McDougall (pages 1, 4, and 5 only).

Series 1-e

Miscellaneous records

M-729-13Bible. - August 30, 1872. - Consists of a Bible presented to George McDougall by Harrison S. Young. It includes a family register for the John C. McDougall family, with the dates of his marriages and of the births of his children.
M-729-14Diagram. - 1876. - Consists of a small drawing of where George McDougall was last seen before his death.. The diagram, drawn on the reverse of what might have been part of a letter, shows a slough and the road to Calgary.
M-729-15Memorial of Rev. George McDougall, Indian Missionary of the Saskatchewan, with his last two letters. - Montreal : Witness Printing House, 1876. - The booklet includes copies of McDougall's final two letters to James Ferrier of Montreal.
M-729-16Poem about George McDougall's death. - 1876. - Consists of a handwritten poem and a covering letter from John Bunn, dated April 17, 1876.
M-729-17Radio play about George McDougall. - n.d. - Consists of a radio script for a play about the life of George McDougall.
NoteFor newspaper clippings about his life and activities, see the scrapbook in M-729-96 below.
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Series 2

John C. McDougall. - 1858-1928 and n.d. - 40 cm of textual records

John Chantler McDougall, 1842-1917, was born in Sydenham, Upper Canada and educated at Victoria College. He entered the ministry in 1866, was ordained as a Methodist minister in 1872, and was chosen to minister to the Stoney in southern Alberta. He served briefly at the Woodville Mission at Pigeon Lake, then in late 1873 established a mission at Morleyville. He was present at the signing of both Treaty 6 and Treaty 7, and readied the First Nations of southern Alberta for the arrival of the North-West Mounted Police in 1874. After his father's death in 1876 he succeeded him as superintendent of Methodist missionary work in the Saskatchewan District. During the 1885 Riel Rebellion he accompanied the Alberta Field Force. He retired in 1906, and subsequently served the federal government as commissioner of both Doukhobors and Indians. He wrote and lectured extensively about his early experiences in the west. Proficient in Cree, he also authored hymn books and primers in the Cree language. His publications include George Millward McDougall; Forest, Lake and Prairie (1895); Saddle, Sled and Snowshow (1896); Pathfinding on the Plain and Prairie (1898); Days of the Red River Rebellion (1903); On Western Trails (1911); and Opening the Great West (1970). He was buried in Union Cemetery.

In 1865 he married Abigail Steinhauer, ?-1871, and they had three daughters, Flora (Begg), 1866-1950, Ruth (Wheatley), 1868-[before 1956?], and Augusta Victoria "Gussie"(Mathieson), 1870-1960. After Abigail's death he married Elizabeth Boyd in 1872 and they had six children, George Millward, 1876-1948, John Boyd, 1878-1943, Morley Samuel, 1881-1956, Lillian (Graham), 1884-1973, David Livingstone, 1891-1972, and Douglas Judson, 1896-1965.

The series consists of appointments and certificates; letters written to his wife Lizzie primarily while attending Methodist conferences, and during the 1885 Riel Rebellion; official correspondence regarding his missionary work; mission administrative records including baptism and marriage registers; writings, sermons and talks; and a volume kept while serving as a commissioner for the Indian Department in British Columbia.

Series 2-a

Appointments and certificates

M-729-18Sunday School certificate of admission. - 1858
M-729-19Appointment as Methodist minister, Fort Garry. - July 28, 1872
M-729-20Certificate of marriage to Elizabeth Boyd. - September 21, 1872
M-729-21Certificate from the Department of Indian Affairs. - 1875. - Consists of a document authorizing Sandford Fleming or John C. McDougall to extend the government's good will to "any Indian Tribes" they meet.
M-729-22Appointment as Commissioner of Oaths. - December 22, 1906

Series 2-b

Family correspondence

NoteFor two letters from his father, see M-729-5 above.
M-729-23Letters from John C. McDougall to his family. - 1873-1879. - 4 letters. - Consists of letters written by John C. McDougall: letter to his "Bro and Sister" (1873) [possibly to Elizabeth and Harrison Young or to Nellie and Leslie Wood]; partial letter (pages 13-16) describing his father's death (1876?); letter to "Bro & sister" from Cobourg (1879); and letter to his wife Lizzie from Halifax (1879).
M-729-24Riel Rebellion correspondence. - 1885. - 13 letters. - Consists of letters from John McDougall to his wife Lizzie during his service in the Riel Rebellion. The letters were written from Calgary, Bear's Hill, Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, Saddle Lake, Frog Lake, and Pipe Stone Creek (near Fort Pitt). Includes description of murder scene at Frog Lake.
M-729-25Letters from John C. McDougall to his wife Lizzie. - June 20-July 2, 1888. - 6 letters. - 1888-1895. - Consists of letters written from Portage la Prairie and Winnipeg.
M-729-26Letters from John C. McDougall to his wife Lizzie. - May 9-October 18, 1889. - 11 letters. - Consists of letters written from Calgary, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Red Deer and Battle River.
M-729-27Letters from John C. McDougall to his wife Lizzie. - May 31-September 30, 1890. - 14 letters. - Consists of letters written from Brandon, Toronto and Montreal.
M-729-28Letters from John C. McDougall to his wife Lizzie. - 1891-1892. - 3 letters. - Consists of letters written from Brandon, Berens River and Toronto.
M-729-29Letters from John C. McDougall to his wife Lizzie. - April 23-June 14 1893. - 8 letters. - Consists of letters written from Brandon.
M-729-30Letters from John C. McDougall to his wife Lizzie. - June 18-October 19, 1894. -14 letters. - Consists of letters written from Winnipeg, Owen Sound, London, St. Thomas, Toronto and Saddle Lake.
M-729-31Letters from John C. McDougall to his wife Lizzie. - January 10-February 8, 1895. - 7 letters. - Consists of letters written from Toronto and Bridgewater.
M-729-32Partial and undated letters from John C. McDougall to his wife Lizzie. - n.d. - 2 letters. - Consists of a letter written from Blind River and one from near Maple Creek.
M-729-33Letter from John C. McDougall to his wife Lizzie. - February 25, 1901. - Consists of a letter written from London, England.

Series 2-c

Correspondence regarding missionary work and life in the west

M-729-34Correspondence about John McDougall. - 1864, 1869. - 2 letters. - Consists of a letter from Thomas Woolsey to Reverend E. Wood regarding the nomination of John McDougall for missionary work (1864); and a letter from Pall Caind (Cree) of Woodville (Pigeon Lake) requesting the return of John McDougall as missionary (1869).
M-729-35Partial, undated correspondence. - [ca. 1869-1879]. - Consists of four incomplete letters, probably written to John McDougall, but possibly written to George McDougall. Includes letters from James A. Youmans, Egerton R. Young, and John Young.
M-729-36Drafts of letters from John McDougall to Hon. James Ferrier. - [ca. 1874-1876]. - 2 letters. - Consists of descriptions of a winter camp in the Bow Valley near the Ghost River; a trip to Edmonton to bring back his brother's wife; an account of a blizzard during a buffalo hunt; hunting buffalo in winter; and the condition of Indians. Includes photocopies and transcripts.
M-729-37Letter book. - 1876-1877. - Consists of copies of letters written by John C. McDougall to Dr. Wood, Rev. Green and A. Sutherland, regarding missionary work.
M-729-38Letter regarding Miss Barrett's pay. - March 18, 1879. - Consists of a note to I.G. Baker company, asking them to pay the teacher from the school fund.
M-729-39T. Bland Strange letter. - June 18, 1885. - Consists of a printed letter by Strange to the President of the Manitoba conference of the Methodist Church, commending John McDougall's service during the Riel Rebellion.
M-729-40Correspondence re school at Morley. - April- August 1885. - 3 letters. - Consists of a letter from Commissioner of Indian Affairs approving new school; letter from Sutherland of Methodist Church regarding Rebellion and forthcoming visit to west; and letter from Sutherland of Methodist Church regarding teacher for school.
M-729-41Letter from Indian Affairs. - February 5, 1886. - Consists of a letter of reprimand from L. Vankoughnet of the Department of Indian Affairs, regarding an article by John C. McDougall which was published in the Toronto Mail.
M-729-42Correspondence. - April 10-December 4, 1886. - 9 letters. - Consists of letters primarily from the Methodist Church Missionary Department regarding mission activities. Includes a letter from the Lieutenant-Governor of NWT regarding the issuing of marriage licences, and a letter from a party in Trenton, Ontario who hoped to see the three Chiefs he took east for a visit.
M-729-43Letter from Indian Affairs. - December 27, 1886. - Consists of a letter from L. Vankoughnet of the Department of Indian Affairs, regarding a pamphlet written by John C. McDougall which criticized the Department and Vankoughnet.
M-729-44Correspondence. - January 4-December 21, 1887. - 27 letters. - Consists primarily of letters from A. Sutherland of the Missionary Department of the Methodist Church, regarding missionary activities in the west. Includes letters from Hayter Reed of the Department of Indian Affairs related to inaccuracies in the lists of children at the orphanage and school.
M-729-45Correspondence. - [ca. 1888-1889]. - 3 letters. - Consists of two letters from A. Sutherland of Methodist Church Missionary Department and an incomplete letter from R.B. Steinhauer regarding Saddle Lake work, and reason he will not be attending the Methodist conference. [Steinhauer mentions still being probationary, so the letter was written before 1890 when he was ordained.]
M-729-46Correspondence. - January 18-December 12, 1890. - 20 letters. - Consists of letters primarily from A. Sutherland of the Methodist Church Missionary Department regarding missionary activities at Morley.
M-729-47Correspondence. - January 2-December 11, 1891. - 9 letters. - Consists of letters primarily from A. Sutherland of the Methodist Church Missionary Department regarding missionary activities at Morley.
M-729-48Correspondence. - January 9-September 3, 1892. - 10 letters. - Consists of letters primarily from A. Sutherland of the Methodist Church Missionary Department regarding missionary activities at Morley. Includes a letter form C.W.H. Sanders (July 11, 1892) regarding his alleged inappropriate actions with Indian women.
M-729-49Letter to W.B. Sanson of Banff. - November 21, 1899. - Consists of a letter by John C. McDougall regarding First Nations and hot springs. Includes transcript.
M-729-50Postcard from B.M. Wright. - [ca. 1903-1910]. - Consists of a postcard written on his way to Ottawa.
M-729-51Letter regarding Doukhobors. - 1907. - Consists of a letter by John McDougall about land reserved for Doukhobors in Saskatchewan. Includes a township map.
M-729-52Letter from Father N. Coccola. - 1911. - Consists of letter regarding the Fort George Reserve.

Series 2-d

Religious and missionary records


Bible and hymn book:

Bible. - 1872. - Consists of a Bible with the annotation "Presented to Bro. John McDougall on occasion of his Ordination to the Ministry. Wm Morley Punshon, President of Conference. Enoch Wood, Sec. of Missions. Winnipeg, Manitoba, July 28th, 1872.

A Collection of Hymns, for the use of the People called Methodists / by the Rev. John Wesley, M.A. - London : Wesleyan Conference Office, n.d. - Consists of a hymnary inscribed inside the front cover: "John McDougall, Victoria Wesleyan Mission, Saskatchewan, Jany 7th, 1872" followed by "Praise God from Whom all blessings flow".

M-729-54Circuit returns. - 1873. - Consists of statistics related to baptisms, marriages, Sunday School attendance, and finances for Woodville Mission (Pigeon Lake) for the year ending March 31, 1873. (John C. McDougall and his wife were briefly posted here prior to setting up the Morley Mission.)
M-729-55Registers of marriages, birth and baptisms. - 1875-1916. - 4 volumes. -Consists of Methodist ritual notebooks containing registers of baptisms (1875-1879, 1885, 1888-1890, 1899-1916); brief diary of a trip from Edmonton to Swan River (November 11-21, 1902); and a register of marriages (1885-1899, 1904). Some of the entries are duplicated in M-729-56 below.
M-729-56N.W. Territories Marriage Register : Methodist Church Mission, Morleyville. - 1884-1896, 1906. - Consists of a register of marriages performed by John C. McDougall at Morley, Calgary and Canmore. Includes the marriages of James A Lougheed and Bella C. Hardisty (1884); Magnus Begg and Flora McDougall (1886); and G.H. Wheatley and Ruth McDougall (1890). See M-729-74 below for a wedding invitation to the Lougheed / Hardisty wedding.
M-729-57Marriage licence for Frank McCabe and Viola Sebring, January 22, 1885. Signed by Edgar Dewdney, Lieutenant-Governor. See marriage register above (M-729-56) for the record of the marriage performed by John C. McDougall on January 27.
M-729-58Manitoba Conference. The Methodist Church. Minutes of the Saskatchewan District. - 1886. - Consists of a volume which covers the proceedings of the conference.
M-729-59Missions account book. - 1895-1903. - Consists of accounts kept by John McDougall as superintendent of western missions, relating to these locations: Good Fish Lake, Blythefield, Behrens River, Fisher River, Fort Francis, Island Lake, Norway House, Poplar River, and Rosser.
M-729-60Hymns (and God Save the Queen) in Cree syllabics. - n.d.
M-729-61Methodist Church miscellany. - [1886-1888 and n.d.]. - Consists of discount coupon for Ferguson & Co. books in Winnipeg, for Methodist Conference attendees; Methodist Church Quarterly Ticket for Aug. 1888; account for moving expenses of J.F. Betts from Winnipeg to Calgary, July 1886; C.E. Somerset's certificate of exams passed (issued by Manitoba and North West Conference); and blank missionary schedule (1880s).

Series 2-e

Writings, sermons and talks

M-729-62"The Future of the Indians". - n.d. - Consists of a 21 page handwritten essay. Includes photocopy for research purposes.
M-729-63"Katrine, the Queen of the North and Donald the Brave". - n.d. - Consists of a fictionalized account of a Hudson's Bay Company employee, his wife, and fur trading operations ca. 1820. Possibly published in Onward magazine.
M-729-64 Miscellaneous sermons. - n.d. - Includes "The sword of the Lord and Gideon" Scanned Document View now; and "I am the Ressurrection" [sic]
M-729-65"The McDougall Orphanage". - February 17, 1885. - Consists of a printed tract, written by John McDougall to promote funding of the facility.
M-729-66"The Western Indians : What the Gospel and the Missionaries have done". - [ca. 1886]. - Consists of a newspaper article describing an address by John C. McDougall to the Methodist Sunday School (probably in Calgary).
M-729-67Indian Wigwams and Northern Camp-fires: A Criticism / John McDougall. - Toronto : William Briggs, 1895.
M-729-68"The Wonderful Contrast". - 1905. - Consists of a talk by John McDougall about changes from 1879 to 1905. He describes testifying before Sir John A. Macdonald and CPR officials on the proposed railway route, meeting Major Rogers at Fort Benton and advising surveyors on mountain passes, routes, etc. Includes transcript.
M-729-69"The Men's Own". - December 22, 1907. - Consists of notes for a talk by John McDougall on his experiences in the west. In McDougall's handwriting, but written in third person.
M-729-70"Graphic Story of the Development of Alberta". - 1908. - Consists of a brief account of coming to the west in 1862, and the changes since that time. Includes a later newspaper article about the predictions for the future in this article.
M-729-71Christmas verse by John C. McDougall. - 1909. - Handwritten.
M-729-72"Opening the Great West, 1875-1876". - [written ca. 1912-1917]. - Consists of the editorial proofs of his last book (which was published by Glenbow in 1970), in which he describes a buffalo hunt, the signing of Treaty 6, and the death of his father. The published version is held by the Glenbow Library (call number 971.2 G558a2 no. 1 Pam).

Series 2-f

Miscellaneous records

M-729-73Invoices. - 1878-1892. - Consists of bills from I.G. Baker, Missouri River Transportation Company, Canadian Pacific Railway, Ogilvie Milling Company, E.F. Hutchings saddlery, G.C. King General Merchandise, and R. McFarlane (blacksmith).
M-729-74Wedding invitation. - 1884. - Consists of invitation to marriage of James Lougheed and Bella Hardisty (ceremony was performed by John C. McDougall). See M-729-56 above for the Lougheed / Hardisty entry in the marriage register kept by McDougall.
M-729-75Address of welcome to chiefs Pakan, Samson and Jonas from the citizens of Orillia. - August 31, 1886. (See also the letter from the group wanting to see the chiefs.)
M-729-76Invitations, greeting cards, etc. - 1901-1908. - Consists of ticket for a lecture given in England by John McDougall entitled "Forty Years in the Far North-West" (1901); tickets for Rev. and Mrs. John McDougall to the Royal Garden, Buckingham Palace (1901); memorial to Queen Victoria (1901); Christmas greetings featuring a photograph of Rev. George W. Kerby (1907); and an invitation to the Calgary Old Timers' Association annual ball (1908).
M-729-77Timber permit for John McDougall. - 1904
M-729-78 British Columbia volume. - [ca. 1909-ca. 1910]. - John McDougall worked as a commissioner for the Department of Indian Affairs, and took part in negotiations for the sale of reserve land in the interior of British Columbia. - Consists of a volume in which he recorded statistics about the population, land and general conditions of these reserves: Lower Shuswap Lake, Musqueam, Langley, Semiahmoo, Coquitlam, Katzie, Squamish, Pitt Lake, Whonnock, Matsqui, Sumas, Skwem, Lakamaan, Timber, Holachten, Soowahlie, Tzeachten, Scowlitz, Chehalis, Seabird, Cheam, Squatits, Popkum, Yale, Union Bar, Hope, Chawathem, Shawalooks, Ohamil, Deodurans Creek, Ashcroft, Bonaparte, Oregon Jack, Cooks Ferry, Spence’s Bridge, Nicola, Spuzzum, Boston Bar, North Bend, Boothroyd, Kanaka Bar, Siska, Skuppel, Lytton, Nicomin, Thompson and Kootenai agencies, Lower Columbia Band (Windermere), Shuswap Band (Windermere), Tobacco Plains, Lower Kootanie Band (Creston), and Arrow Lake Band.
M-729-79Miscellany. - 1881-1915. - Consists of blotters; Mutual Life insurance booklet; literature regrding the Acme Pulverizing Harrow; literature on raising Aberdeen Angus cattle; list of garden seeds for the Stoneys; a 10% discount card for the Hudson's Bay Company; a McShane Bell Foundry envelope; and a letter from Scott & Walmsley insurance company to Mr. Arthur Moore (and sent care of John C. McDougall).
M-729-80Receipt. - 1917. - Consists of a receipt from the City of Calgary for John McDougall's cemetery plot.
M-729-81Handwritten speech about the life of John McDougall. - 1928. - Consists of an address by an unknown person.
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Series 3

Eliza McDougall. - 1888, 1909. - 0.5 cm of textual records

Eliza Victoria McDougall, 1850-1929, was the fourth child of George M. McDougall and Elizabeth McDougall. She was born in Cobourg, Ontario, and spent five years at schools in the east before rejoining her family at Victoria Mission in 1865. On September 20, 1866 she married Richard Hardisty, and they had three children, Richard, Percy and Clara (Graham), 1868-1933. They settled at Rocky Mountain House, then moved to Edmonton when Richard became Chief Factor of the Hudson's Bay Company.

The series consists of an account of her first Christmas in Alberta, and an envelope featuring her husband's senate postmark.

M-729-82"An Alberta Christmas 1865". - 1909. - Consists of an article written by Eliza Hardisty about her first Christmas in Alberta, spent at the Victoria Mission, at the age of fifteen. View now.
M-729-83Senate envelope. - 1888. - Consists of an empty envelope to addressed to Eliza from her husband, Senator Richard Hardisy, which bears a Senate postmark in lieu of a postage stamp.
NoteSee M-729-6 for the last letter written to Eliza by her father George McDougall before his death.
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Series 4

Elizabeth Boyd McDougall. - 1841-1941. - 61 cm of textual records

Elizabeth Ann "Lizzie" Boyd, 1853-1941, was born in Cape Rich, Grey County, Ontario, the daughter of Samuel C. Boyd. On September 21, 1872 she married her cousin , John C. McDougall, and they immediately departed Ontario for the west. They were initially posted at Pigeon Lake, but in November of 1873 established a mission among the Stoney at Morleyville. Mrs. David McDougall, her sister-in-law, arrived in early 1874, providing her with a much-welcomed woman companion who spoke English. She attended the signing of Treaty 7. The McDougalls had six children, George Millward, 1876-1948, John Boyd, 1878-1943, Morley Samuel, 1881-1956, Lillian (Graham), 1884-1973, David Livingstone, 1891-1972, and Douglas Judson, 1896-1965. In 1899 she and her husband moved from Morley to Calgary and built a house called Nekenon (Our Home) at 230 - 6th Avenue SE.

The series consists of her father's Bible and letters; miscellaneous correspondence; membership cards and certificates; extensive writings and speeches about her life; scrapbooks about the McDougall family; and address, autograph and guest books.

M-729-84Samuel Boyd's Bible. - Consists of the Bible of Elizabeth Boyd McDougall's father. Annotated inside the cover: "Grandpa Boyd's (Bible) who died on the seventeenth day of December 1894 in his eighty-second year. He was fully ready and prepared for His Saviour's call. Blessed is the man who waits on the Lord."
M-729-85Samuel C. Boyd's correspondence. - 1841, 1847. - Consists of handwritten copies of two letters written to his daughter Margret Boyd Beggs, Ballyvoy, Ireland.
M-729-86Letters from Lizzie McDougall to her husband John. - 1888. - 2 letters. - Consists of two letters written from Hamilton, in which she discusses her health and a visit to a doctor.
M-729-87Miscellaneous correspondence. - 1883-1940. - Consists of letter from James Turner of Calgary thanking her for a Christmas gift (1883); letter from provincial library asking about her memories (1930); birthday greetings from president of the Southern Alberta Pioneers' and Old Timers' Association (1933); letter from Chief Joe Samson, to accompany a beaded pouch (1934); letter from William McCondell, sharing memories of her husband John (1938); birthday greetings from the City of Calgary (1938); and a letter from the Calgary Herald, declining to publish a manuscript, probably written by John McDougall (1940).
M-729-88Postcards. - 1908-1933, predominant 1908-1911. - Consists of postcards from family and friends. Includes cards from her sister-in-law, Nellie Wood.
M-729-89Memberships. - 1909-1936. - Consists of membership cards and certificates for the Woman's Missionary Society of the Methodist Church (1909), Central Methodist Church Ladies Aid Society (1917), Women's Canadian Club of Calgary (1921), and the People's League of Alberta (1936). Includes a Calgary Herald Pioneer's Certificate (1930).
M-729-90Elizabeth B. McDougall's writings and speeches. - 1921-1946 and n.d. - Consists primarily of talks presented in which she described her early life at Morley as a missionary's wife. Includes photocopies for research purposes.
M-729-91Guest list. - 1927. - Consists of a list of "Guests at Reception, October 20th, in honour of Mrs. McDougall", held in Toronto.
M-729-92Speech by Premier King. - [ca. 1929]. - Consists of a speech made to the Southern Alberta Pioneers' and Old Timers' Association, in which he mentions both Annie McKenzie McDougall and Lizzie McDougall.
M-729-93Autograph book. - 1883-1892
M-729-94Guest book. - 1883-1892, 1901. - Consists of a book in which guests choose an appropriate saying by which to enter their names, then comment on events and adventures.
M-729-95Address books, notebooks, and birthday book. - 1883-1940. - 7 volumes. - Consists of The Birth-Day Textbook Illustrated, annotated "Mrs. Jno McDougall with much love from A.J., Port Hope, Feb 28, 1883"; notebook including Ladies Aid fees (primarily 1908-1909); diary-notebook-accounts including record of letters and parcels sent to son Douglas during war (1912-1918); two address books (ca. 1920s-1930s); and notebook including sign-in sheets for Southern Alberta Pioneers' and Old Timers' Association (1938-1940).
M-729-96Scrapbooks. - 1875-1889 and n.d. - 2 volumes. - Consists of two scrapbooks of newspaper clippings related primarily to the McDougall family and Alberta, which were possibly kept by the Boyd family in Ontario, or created by Lizzie with newspaper clippings sent to her from eastern Canada. Includes some articles about the Boyd family and Cobourg, as well as poems and recipes.
M-729-97Scrapbook. - 1912-1933. - Consists of a scrapbook, primarily of newspaper clippings related to the McDougall family, which was kept by Elizabeth B. McDougall. Includes a telegram about her son Douglas' injury during the war; articles about the unveiling of the memorial cairn at Morley; photos of John C. McDougall and the Duke of Connaught; and articles about many old timers including Cecil Denny, Andrew Sibbald, G.C. King, Emily Murphy, Arthur Currie, Frank Oliver, George Webster, Tom Wilson, Chief Hector Crawler, Mary Macleod, and Mrs. George Lane.
M-729-98Newspaper clippings about Elizabeth Boyd McDougall. - 1927-1941. - Consists of articles about the life and activities of Lizzie McDougall. Includes obituaries.
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Series 5

Augusta McDougall Mathieson. - 1890, 1892. - 0.5 cm of textual records

Augusta Victoria "Gussie" McDougall, 1870-1960, was the third child of John C. McDougall and Abigail Steinhauer McDougall. She was born at Whitefish, north of Edmonton, and educated in Cobourg, Ontario. She taught school at Morley for many years, beginning in 1886. In 1904 she married Alex Mathieson, ?-1956, and they had two daughters, Agnes (Raynes) and Elizabeth (Simpson). She lived in Cremona until 1948 when she moved to Calgary to live with her daughter Agnes. She was an active member of the Southern Alberta Pioneers' and Old Timers' Association.

The series consists of two letters to written to her father as a young woman.

M-729-99Letters to John C. McDougall. - 1890, 1892. - Consists of two letters written to her father as a young woman.
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Series 6

George M. McDougall. - 1890-1944. - 5 cm of textual records

George Millward McDougall, 1876-1948, was the first child of John C. McDougall and Lizzie McDougall. He was born and educated at Morley, Alberta, and ranched the Elkhorn Ranch in the area for many years. In 1918 he moved into Calgary. In the 1940s he was a machinist assistant at the Albertan newspaper. He was a member of the Southern Alberta Pioneers' and Old Timers' Association.

The series consists of a Bible received as a boy; an account book and stationery for the Elkhorn Ranch; and miscellaneous documents.

M-729-100Bible. - 1890. - Consists of a Bible annotated "Presented to George McDougall, on the occasion of his 14th birthday, Morley, April 29th, 1890".
M-729-101Stationery of the Elkhorn Ranch. - [ca. 1910-1919]
M-729-102Account book. - 1917-1926.-Consists of accounts of the Elkhorn Ranch (1917-1921) and accounts of Calgary house rentals (1926).
M-729-103Postcard to his mother. - 1918. - Consists of a postcard sent during a trip to the Rockies.
M-729-104Dissolution of partnership agreement. - 1944. - Consists of an agreement between George M. McDougall and Herbert E. Elves, dissolving their real estate business partnership. Also consists of a five dollar War Savings Certificate in George's name.
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Series 7

John B. McDougall. - 1900-1917, 1943. - 1 cm of textual records

John Boyd McDougall, 1878-1943, was the second child of John C. McDougall and Lizzie McDougall. He was born at Morley and ranched in the area. He fought in both the South African War and the First World War. He died in Calgary of a heart attack.

The series consists of his Canadian Army pay book and military items; miscellaneous correspondence with friends and family; and his obituary.

M-729-105Cards and letter from John B. McDougall to his mother and grandmother. - June 26, 1900. - Consists of greeting cards featuring "everlasting silver leaves", and a letter written while fighting in the South African War.
M-729-106Postcards from friends and empty envelopes. - 1904, 1906 and n.d.
M-729-107Military items. - 1907 and n.d. - Consists of invitations to military association events (1907), practice target (shaped like a small soldier) with four bullet holes in it, and his Sergeants' Mess membership card (n.d).
M-729-108Canadian Pay Book for use on Active Service. - 1916-1917. - Consists of John B. McDougall's army pay book for his service during the First World War. Includes his 600 yards practice target (shaped like a tiny soldier), with four bullet holes in it.
M-729-109Memorial cards and obituary on his death. - 1943
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Series 8

Lillian McDougall Graham. - 1904-1969. - 4 cm of textual records

Lillian Elizabeth McDougall, 1884-1973, was the fourth and last surviving child of John C. McDougall and Lizzie McDougall. She was born in Morley. She married John E. Graham after the death of his first wife Clara V. Hardisty in 1933. She and Clara were first cousins. She lived in a house at 230 - 6th Avenue SE for 68 years, until it was expropriated by the City of Calgary in 1966 to build the School Board administration building.

The series consists of miscellaneous correspondence, speeches, address book, and programs for Southern Alberta Pioneers' and Old Timers' Association and Central United Church events.

M-729-110Miscellaneous correspondence. - 1941-1969
M-729-111Postcards to Lillian McDougall Graham. - 1907-1952, predominant 1907-1917. - Consists of postcards from friends and family.
M-729-112Speeches and writings. - 1946. - Consists of Lillian Graham's handwritten speech about the early years of the McDougalls in the west, and the story of the silk buffalo robe. Includes photocopies for research purposes.
M-729-113Address book. - [ca. 1940s-1950s]
M-729-114Southern Alberta Pioneers' and Old Timers' Association programs. - 1926-1966 [incomplete]
M-729-115Central Methodist / Central United Church programs. - 1904-1939
M-729-116Miscellaneous items. - 1940-1952. - Consists of phonograph licence (1940); shares for Arrow Oil Company, Trout Lake Mines, and Consolidated Discovery Yellowknife Mines (1945-1952); valuation of jewellery by Birks (1945); list of furniture and values; and safe combination.
M-729-117"The History of the Graham Family". - [1959]. - Consists of a brief history written by Irvine Henry Graham.
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Series 9

David L. McDougall. - 1910-1917, 1956. - 6 cm of textual records

David Livingstone McDougall, 1891-1972, was the fifth child of John C. McDougall and Lizzie McDougall. He was born at Morley and educated in Calgary at Western Canada College. He began a long career with the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1912, from which he retired as a conductor in 1956. He worked for the CPR in both Medicine Hat and Calgary. He served with the 50th Battalion during the First World War. He was a president of both the Southern Alberta Pioneers' and Oldtimers' Association, and of the CPR Pensioners' Association. He and his wife Lorna had five children, Marion (Moore), Evelyn (Irwin), John, Albert Haig, 1918-2002, and David.

The series consists of his letters home while serving overseas during the First World War. Includes some postcards to his mother and a newspaper clipping about his life.

M-729-118Postcards to his mother Lizzie McDougall. - 1910-1915
M-729-119First World War letters. - 1915. - 4 letters. - 6 postcards. - Consists of letters and postcards from David L. McDougall to his parents while serving overseas. Includes postcards to his siblings Lillian and Douglas.
M-729-120First World War letters. - January-June 1916. - 21 letters. - 2 postcards. - Consists of letters from David L. McDougall to his parents while serving overseas. Includes one letter to his brother Douglas.
M-729-121First World War letters. - July-December 1916. - 22 letters. - 3 postcards. - Consists of letters from David L. McDougall to his parents while serving overseas.
M-729-122Christmas card. - 1916. - Consists of a card sent to his father John C. McDougall "From your loving son in the Trenches". His father may have died before receiving it.
M-729-123First World War letters. - January-July 1917. - 12 letters. - 1 postcard. - Consists of letters from David L. McDougall to his parents while serving overseas. Includes letters to his siblings Lillian and Douglas.
M-729-124Envelopes. - 1916-1917 and n.d.. - Consists the envelopes from his war correspondence. Many of the envelopes feature a censor stamp.
M-729-125Newspaper clipping. - 1956. - Consists of an article about David L. McDougall, written by Art Evans.
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Series 10

Douglas J. McDougall. - 1901-1960. - 1 cm of textual records

Douglas Judson "P.J." McDougall, 1896-1965, was the sixth and last child of John C. McDougall and Lizzie McDougall. He was born in Morley, and attended high school in Calgary. He fought during the First World War, and during the Second World War served overseas with the 1st Canadian Machine Guns. He reached the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel and was made a member of the Order of the British Empire in 1943. He worked for the City of Calgary Fire Department for 38 years. In 1925 he married Florence Brigden and they had three children, Leonard, Willa (Briggs) and Joyce (Clark).

The series consists primarily of First World War postcards to his mother and sister. Includes miscellaneous certificates, postcards, invitation, letter, program and newspaper clippings about his life.

M-729-126Church certificates. - 1901, 1907. - Consists of a certificate for "The Methodist Church Twentieth Century Thanksgiving Fund in Canada" (1901), and his church membership certificate (1907).
M-729-127Postcards from friends and family. - 1908-1909
M-729-128War postcards and Christmas card. - 1916-1918. - Consists of postcards sent to his mother Lizzie McDougall, and sister Lillian McDougall while serving overseas during the First World War. Includes a 49th Battalion Christmas card.
M-729-129Wedding invitation. - 1925. - Consists of invitation to his wedding to Florence Brigden.
M-729-130Letter written to sister Lillian. - 1941
M-729-131Track and field program - 1942. - Consists of program for "Canadian Reinforcement Units Dominion Day Track& Field Meet", for which Douglas J. McDougall acted as chief umpire.
M-729-132Newspaper clippings. - 1945-1960. - Consists of articles about Douglas J. McDougall.
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Series 11

John E. Graham. - 1883-1942. - 4 cm of textual records

John Edward Graham, 1866-1940, was born in Cobourg, Ontario, and came to western Canada in 1886. He worked for the Hudson's Bay Company, managed a trading post in Morley, then worked for the Land Titles Office in Calgary for 25 years, retiring in 1930. In 1894 he married Clara Victoria Hardisty, daughter of Richard Hardisty, former Chief Factor of the HBC. After her death in 1933 he married Lillian McDougall. His two wives were second cousins. He was buried in Union Cemetery.

The series consists primarily of a scrapbook of newspaper clippings about early residents of Morley and southern Alberta. Includes miscellaneous certificates, correspondence, and papers related to his estate after his death.

M-729-133Certificates. - 1923, 1930. - Consists of John E. Graham's membership certificate for Southern Alberta Pioneers' and Old Timers' Association (1923); and the Calgary Daily Herald Pioneer's Certificate for his first wife, Clara V. Graham (1930).
M-729-134Scrapbook. - 1883-1939. - Consists of a scrapbook of newspaper clippings collected and arranged alphabetically by John E. Graham. The clippings are primarily obituaries, reminiscences, and articles about southern Alberta old timers, and they relate to: Mrs. Thomas Anderson, Edith May Allison, Mary Northcote Belcher, Banff Springs, Margaret Blyth, Mrs. Henry S. Casey, Charles Wilson Cross, Hector Crawler, Walter Raleigh Gilbert, Dorothy Jean Graham, Clara Graham (John E. Graham's first wife), Thomas H. Graham, Jim Gibbons, John E. Graham, Richard Hardisty, Eliza Hardisty, George Hope Johnston, Harry W. Lunney, James Lougheed, Clarence Lougheed, John McDougall, Cecil McDougall, Southern Alberta Pioneers' and Old Timers' Association (under "O" for Old Timers), Marie Elizabeth Roy, John David Southam, Andrew Sibbald, Lord and Lady Strathcona (Donald Smith and Isabella Hardisty Smith), George Webster, J.N. Wallace, and Tom Wilson.
M-729-135Letter and postcards. - 1931-1933. - Consists of a letter regarding Chinese figurines, and postcards from friends.
M-729-136John E. Graham's estate papers. - 1938-1942. - His wife Lillian was the executrix of the estate.
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Series 12

William Graham. - 1890-1922. - 7 cm of textual records

William Graham (senior), 1838-1913, was born in Queen's County, Ireland. He came west from Ontario in 1886 and settled near Morley with his wife Martha Montgomery Graham, and sons, John E., William, Thomas H., and Fred M. (sheriff).

The series consists of a letter book related to sales to the Indian Agency (later used as a recipe book); account book for both Morley and Calgary activities; and the papers of his estate after his death.

M-729-137Letter book and recipe book. - 1890-1891 and after 1896. - Consists of copies of letters written by William Graham to A.E. Forget and Hayter Reed regarding supplies for the Indian Agency (1890-1891). The volume was subsequently used as a recipe book, probably by his wife Martha M. Graham, and several letters have recipes glued over top. Includes recipes for hop bitters, a dandruff cure, French candy, and Waldorf salad (invented at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in 1896).
M-729-138Account book. - 1902-1913. - Consists of accounts related to the ranch (primarily sales to the McDougall Orphanage and the Indian Department); his personal expenses; funds for his wife M.M.Graham; a horse round-up at Bow View Ranch; house rentals in Calgary; and the estate of John Graham of Toronto.
M-729-139William Graham estate papers. - 1911-1922. - Consist of papers related to the estate of William Graham. Includes a copy of his will. His sons, John Thomas and Fred, were his executors.
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Series 13

Other family members and not attributed. - 1885-1956. - 12 cm of textual records

The series consists of miscellaneous items of these relatives: Georgina McDougall Luxton, Jennie McDougall Graham, K. Ross Boyd, David Livingstone Irwin and David H. McDougall. Also consists of records related to various McDougall memorial projects; poems by A.L. Fairbairn; articles by Reverend J.W. Niddrie; and miscellaneous invitations, programs and newspaper clippings.

Series 13-a

Other family members

M-729-140Georgina McDougall. - December 25, 1885. - Georgina Elizabeth "Georgie" McDougall, 1870-1965, was the daughter of David McDougall and Annie McKenzie McDougall. She married Norman Luxton, and they had one daughter, Eleanor. - Consists of The Old Lieutenant and his Son by Norman Macleod, presented to her by Elizabeth Chantler McDougall. Annotated: "Georgiana E. McDougall. Wishing her a Merry Xmas from Grandma. E. McDougall. Dec.25/1885".
M-729-141Jennie McDougall. - [ca. 1885-1890]. - Jean "Jennie" McDougall, 1875-1959, was the daughter of David McDougall and Annie McKenzie McDougall. IN 1903 she married Fred M. Graham and they had one daughter, Dorothy Ingraham, ?-1958. - Consists of a brief, handwritten play entitled "The Morning Call", featuring Mrs. Bickford and Mrs. Tattleton. Seems to have only Mrs. Bickerton's speeches.
M-729-142K. Ross Boyd. - 1943. - Consists of an autograph book kept while at the Elementary Flight Training School at Bowden, Alberta during the Second World War.
M-729-143Birth announcement for David Livingstone Irwin. - August 26, 1946. - He was the son of Evelyn McDougall Irwin, and the grandson of David L. McDougall.
M-9610 David H. McDougall. - 1905-1908. -- David H. McDougall, 1845-1927, the son of George M. McDougall, settled at Morley in 1873 and established a trading post. He was involved in a series of business ventures at Calgary and Banff. He later established a ranch in the Grand Valley northwest of Cochrane, Alberta. - Consists of letters dealing with various businesss activities but primarily correspondence with architect Francis James Lawson regarding the design of the McDougall Block in Calgary (later torn down to build the Glenbow Museum).

Series 13-b

Memorial projects

M-729-144Old Timers' reunion souvenir. - 1923. - Consists of a photographic souvenir of Calgary's pioneers, printed by the Calgary Daily Herald on the occasion of the second annual reunion of the Southern Alberta Pioneers' and Old Timers' Association.
M-729-145Poster regarding McDougall memorial projects. - 1927. - Consists of a poster urging people to contribute towards the publication of McDougall of Alberta by John Maclean. Features photos of the unveiling of the McDougall memorial cairn, the memorial painting of John C. McDougall, and of Mrs. John C. McDougall (Lizzie).
M-729-146McDougall Memorial Service. - October 5, 1952. - Consists of a program for a service held at Morley, in aid of the Morley Church Restoration Fund. Features a photograph of John C. McDougall on the cover.
M-729-147McDougall Memorial Church report. - 1956. - Consists of a report written by L.L. Gaetz about the restoration of the Church.

Series 13-c

Invitations, programs, and newspaper clippings

M-729-148Invitations, greeting cards, programs and brochures. - 1905-1946. - Consists of miscellaneous items, not attributable to any particular McDougall family member. Includes Province of Alberta inauguration program (1905), first Calgary Stampede program (1912), and Peace Day Celebration program (1919).
M-729-149Newspaper clippings about friends and issues of interest. - 1925-1956 and n.d. - Consists of articles about Andrew Sibbald, Marchmont Ing, James Turner, David Bearspaw, Jean McDougall Sinclair, George Lane, Nellie Wood, and the Dominion Land Act.

Series 13-d

Miscellaneous records

M-729-150Attendance sheets. - n.d. - Consists of attendance sheets for Amos Beaver and George Twoyoungman, written in syllabics.
M-729-151Morleyville land transfer. - 1913. - Consists of transfer of land from Henry Tomkins to Harold Calcutt and Joaquin Martinez.
M-729-152Poems by A.L. Fairbairn. -1934 and n.d. - Consists of poems about western life, written by A.L. Fairbairn of Pincher Creek.
M-729-153Writings by Reverend J.W. Niddrie. - n.d. - Consists of a typescript of "Do Our Indian Die Happy", and loose pages of a published article called "Study Story: The McDougall Heroes".
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Series 14

Family photographs. - [1850s-1930s]. - 490 photographs. - The series consists of photographs of the McDougall family; Methodist clergy; picture postcards; Edmonton and Fort Smith; Hardisty and Graham families; and the Stoney.

NA-28 et alVarious photographs. - [1850s-1913]. - 76 photographs. - Consists of views of the McDougall family, Methodist clergy, Hardisty family, Morley, Alberta's inauguration as a province, and the Stoney. (Includes call numbers NA-28, NA-1030, NA-1297, NA-1485, NA 1677, NA-1847, NA-1892, NA-2456.) These images have been scanned and are available in the Archives Photographs database. View now.
PA-721 et alVarious photographs. - [1880s-1913]. - 70 photographs. - Consists of views of the McDougall family; Methodist missionaries; Hudson's Bay Company personnel; Graham family, and the Stoney. (Includes call numbers PA-721, PA-964, PA-1180, PB-210, PB-268, PB-312, PB-707, PC-85, PC-242.)
PD-95Album of Mathers Studio photographs. - [early 1900s]. - 46 photographs. - Consists of views of Edmonton, Fort Smith, Slave and Peel Rivers, Inuit, and First Nations.
PD-107 McDougall family album. - [1920s-1930s]. - 91 photographs. - Consists of views of the McDougall family.
PD-233Picture postcards albums. - [early 1900s]. - 207 items. - Consists of two albums of picture postcards collected by the John McDougall family.
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