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Neil McQueen, 1922
Neil McQueen, 1922

Neil McQueen fonds

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Series 1 Scanned Document Personal and family papers. -- 1904-1977
Series 2 Early career - Imperial Oil. -- 1926
Series 3 Central Del Rio / PanCanadian Petroleum. -- 1950-1970s
Series 4 Photographs. -- [ca. 1910s]-1957


Series 1 Personal and family papers. -- 1904-1977
  Personal papers - Neil McQueen's university records
M-7484-1 University notes. -- 1921 and n.d.
M-7484-2 University of Pittsburgh yearbook. -- 1923
M-7484-3 Fraternity certificate. -- 1920
  Personal papers - Hugh Murray McQueen's First World War papers. -- 1915-1919. -- Murray was Neil McQueen's older brother. He enlisted in April 1916, was wounded at the Somme, later gassed, and was killed in action on September 30, 1918.

Murray McQueen's First World War correspondence. -- 1915-1916. -- Consists of letters written to his family. Includes a 1915 letter in which he indicates his intention to enlist.

Scanned Document View original letters, part 1.

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Murray McQueen's First World War correspondence. -- 1917

Scanned Document View transcripts.


Murray McQueen's First World War correspondence. -- 1918

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Murray McQueen's obituary; scroll from Buckingham Palace; and letters to family re his military estate. -- 1918-1919

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  Personal papers -Neil McQueen's horse racing activities
M-7484-7 Lions Gate Riding and Polo Club program, Vancouver. -- 1939. -- Neil McQueen was Vice-President and Chairman of the Executive and Mrs. McQueen was an Executive Member.
M-7484-8 Stable record book, Vancouver. -- [ca. 1933-1939]. -- Consists of records of bloodlines and racing performances of Neil McQueen's horses, newspaper clippings about various races, and accounts for the stable.
M-7484-9 Racing newspaper clippngs. -- [ca. 1937-1944]
M-7484-10 Canadian National Live Stock records re McQueen's horses. -- [ca. 1933-1937]
  Personal papers - Neil McQueen's miscellaneous personal correspondence
M-7484-11 Letters from Don G. Mclean (Royal Flying Corps) and Kitty Radcliffe (some re death of Murray ). -- 1917-1919
M-7484-12a Military correspondence. -- 1917-1918. -- Includes his registration under the Military Service Act, a letter of rejection because he was underage, and a permit to leave Canada during the First World War.
M-7484-12b Last letters written to Neil "Mac" Mcqueen from his mother Susan. -- 1926
M-7484-13 Brief letter from Victor Ross. -- n.d.
M-7484-14 Correspondence with Reg Payn re Weyburn field. -- 1955-1956
M-7484-15 Letter from Norman MacLeod re University of Pittsburgh. -- 1964
M-7484-16 Letters from Murray McKinnon and Frank McMahon. -- 1969-1970
  Personal papers - Family certificates, documents, etc.
M-7484-17 Letters of congratulations to Neil McQueen on his marriage. -- 1928
M-7484-18 1899 Almanac - Gift in 1956
M-7484-19 Notebooks. -- 1920-1927. -- 4 small volumes. -- Consists of addresses, reminders to himself, and jottings.
M-7484-20 Income tax records. -- 1954-1956. -- Includes information about Neil McQueen's assets.
M-7484-21 Three passports. -- 1952-1972. -- Includes miscellaneous material about his citizenship.
M-7484-22 Newspaper clipppings. -- 1929, 1948, 1956. -- 3 items. -- Re Montana oil field and Neil McQueen's activities.
M-7484-23 Family obituaries. -- 1966-1977. -- For Jean C. McKinnon (1966), Sydney Frank "Bob" Heard (1967), Margaret Catherine Heard (1967), Neil McQueen (1976), and Douglas David McKinnon (1977)
M-7484-24 Certificates. -- 1940, 1976. -- For Neil McQueen as member of the British Columbia Regiment (1940), and PanCanadian memoriam (1976). Note: photocopies only.
M-7484-25 Billfold and its contents. -- 1921, 1960s
M-7484-26 "Mack" McQueen's Bible. -- 1904. -- Annotated "Very precious".
M-7484-48 Family Bible with birth dates of the McQueen children in the centre. Also includes locks of hair of some family members.
Series 2 Early Career - Imperial Oil. -- 1926
M-7484-27 Speech re Imperial Oil: "Recent operations in Alberta". -- 1926. -- By Neil McQueen, Imperial Oil geologist.
Series 3 Central Del Rio / PanCanadian Petroleum. -- 1950-1970s
  Leduc discovery
M-7484-28 Newspaper clippings, telegrams, etc. re Leduc discovery. -- [ca. 1947]
  Central Del Rio directors' meetings
M-7484-29 Minutes of Central Del Rio directors' meetings. -- 1965-1966
M-7484-30 Minutes of Central Del Rio directors' meetings. -- 1966
M-7484-31 Minutes of Central Del Rio and Central Leduc Oils directors' meetings. -- 1967-1968
M-7484-32 Minutes of Central Del Rio and Central Leduc directors' meetings. -- 1968
M-7484-33 Minutes of Central Del Rio directors' meetings. -- 1969
M-7484-34 Minutes of Central Del Rio directors' meetings. -- 1969
  Annual reports
M-7484-35 Central Del Rio annual reports. -- 1959-1966
M-7484-36 Central Del Rio annual reports. -- 1967-1970
M-7484-37 PanCanadian annual reports. -- 1972-1974
M-7484-38 PanCanadian annual reports. -- 1974-1975, 1977-1978
M-7484-39 Central Del Rio interim reports. -- [1960s-1970s]
M-7484-40 Agreement: Frank E. Ruben and Inter-State Royal Corporation Ltd. and Neil McQueen and North Canadian Oils Ltd. -- 1948
M-7484-41 Central Del-Rio. -- 1950-1971
M-7484-42 Employment contracts. -- 1961-1970
M-7484-43 Rainbow Lake report. -- 1967
M-7484-44 Central Del-Rio shareholders circulars. -- [ca. 1971]
M-7484-45 Central Del-Rio corporate information. -- [1960s-1970s]
M-7484-46 Letterhead for Central Del Rio and Central Leduc Oils
M-7484-47 Stock purchase plan. -- 1965-1967
Series 4 Photographs. -- [ca. 1910s]-1957. -- 680 photographs

Some of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-2927 Views of Neil McQueen (oil man), family and petroleum industry. -- [ca. 1915-1950s]. -- 375 photographs
PB-711 Racing horses, ranches and visitors to Bralorne Mines. -- 1937-1957. -- 6 photographs
PC-246 McQueen family members, university class and racing activities. -- [ca. 1910s-1930s].-- 7 photographs
PD-235 views of Neil McQueen's travels, geological survey to Fort Norman, and Leduc oil field. -- 1920-[ca. 1940s]. -- 3 albums (260 photographs)
PE-131 Panoramas of Turner Valley oil field. -- 1929. -- 4 photographs
NA-5056 Family, oil industry work and horses. -- [ca. 1915]-1951. -- 30 photographs. -- Consists of views of Murray McQueen during war; Neil's parents Alexander and Susan McQueen and his siblings; Neil on geological surveys in the north and in his Calgary office; Fort Norman oil drilling and wells; Leduc #1, and race horses.
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