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Teenagers at a Sat-Teen Dance, Western Canada High School, 1946.
Teenagers at a Sat-Teen Dance
Western Canada High School, 1946

Sat-Teen Club fonds

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Series 1 Minutes, newspapers, reunions, etc. -- 1944-1994
Series 2 Photographs. -- 1946-1948, 1994


Series 1 Minutes, newspapers, reunions, etc. -- 1944-1994
M-8290-90 Bylaws and minutes. -- 1946-1952
M-8877-1 The Sat-Teener newspaper. -- 1946. -- Consists of the May, June, September, October and December issues.
M-8877-2 The Sat-Teener newspaper. -- 1947. -- Consists of the January and February issues.
M-4796 The Sat-Teener newspaper. -- March 1947
M-8877-3 The Sat-Teener newspaper. -- 1948. -- Consists of a photocopy of the front page of the February 1948 issue, featuring an article about Rod Middleton's election as president.
M-8877-4 The Western Mirror newspaper. -- October 1946. -- Consists of an issue of the Western Canada High School newspaper with an article on a Sat-Teen dance at which Sonny Fry and his Orchestra played.
M-8877-5 Club memorabilia. -- 1946-1952. -- Consists of photocopies of the club newspaper, other newspaper articles, tickets, membership cards, conference programs, etc.
M-8877-6 Blank Sat-Teen stationery. -- [ca. 1944-1952]. -- Consists of stationery featuring the club logo of a couple jiving on top of a black record.
M-8877-o.s. Scrapbook pages. -- 1946-1948. -- Consists of loose scrapbook pages of programs, conference ribbons, membership cards, and newspaper clippings about the activities of the club.
M-8877-7 1978 reunion. -- 1978. -- Consists of a list of presidents and queens of the club, and a list of attendees at the reunion.
M-8877-8 First reunion. -- 1978. -- Consists of list of photocopies of newspaper clippings about the event. Includes a list of reunion committee members.
M-8877-9 First reunion. -- 1978. -- Consists of tickets to the reunion and dance held at the Calgary Convention Centre on October 28, 1978.
M-8877-10 40th anniversary reunion. -- 1984. -- Consists of minutes of the planning committee, agreements, financial records, and correspondence. Includes an agreement with Mart Kenney for music.
M-8877-11 40th anniversary reunion. -- 1984. -- Consists of programs, tickets, invitations, etc.
M-8877-12 40th anniversary reunion. -- 1984. -- Consists of newspaper clippings about the event.
M-8877-13 50th anniversary reunion. -- 1993-1994. -- Consists of list of planning committee members, minutes, , financial records, and correspondence.
M-8877-14 50th anniversary reunion. -- 1994. -- Consists of programs, invitations, poster, tickets, etc.
M-8877-15 50th anniversary reunion. -- 1994. -- Consists of newspaper clippings about the event.
M-8877-16 Rod Middleton's Sat-Teen movie. -- Copied 1994 (originally created 1948). -- 1 video cassette. -- Consists of a movie about the various activities of the Sat-Teen Club, which was directed by club member Rod Middleton. This VHS version is a copy made in 1994, with an introduction by an older Rod Middleton. See also M-8877-3 for an article about Rod Middleton.
M-8877-17 CBC radio feature on the Sat-Teen reunion. -- October 1, 1994. -- Consists of a radio feature about the club, which includes brief interviews with former members who attended the reunion. -- Glenbow does not hold copyright to this recording.
M-9472 Reunion posters. -- 1984 and 1994
Series 2 Photographs. -- 1946-1948, 1994
PA-3688 Photographs. -- 1946-1948, 1994. -- 16 photographs. -- Consists of 13 views of Sat-Teen Club members and activities (1946-1948), and 3 views of the decorations and band at the 1994 reunion.

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