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John Swinarton, Fort Macleod, [ca. mid 1930s]
John Swinarton, Fort Macleod, [ca. mid 1930s]

Swinarton Family fonds

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Table of Contents

indicates that the series includes scanned documents.

Series 1 Fort Macleod hotels and associations. -- 1907-1971
Series 2 Photographs. -- 1893-1950s


Series 1 Fort Macleod hotels and associations. -- 1907-1971
M-1204-vol.2 Queen's Hotel guest register. -- May-June 1907 and March -April, 1909. Includes alcoholic beverage accounts. -- 1908, 1911-1912
M-1204-vol.3 Queen's Hotel guest register. -- October 1908-April 1909
M-1204-vol.4 Queen's Hotel guest register. -- April-October 1909
M-1204-vol.5 Queen's Hotel guest register. -- October 1909-March 1910
M-1204-vol.6 Queen's Hotel guest register. -- April-September 1910
M-1204-vol.7 Queen's Hotel guest register. -- March-October 1911
M-1204-vol.8 Queen's Hotel guest register. -- October 1911-May 1912
M-1204-vol.9 Queen's Hotel guest register. -- May-October 1912
M-1204-vol.10 Queen's Hotel guest register. -- October 1912-June 1913
M-1204-vol.11 Queen's Hotel guest register. -- June 1913-May 1914
M-1204-vol.12 Queen's Hotel guest register. -- May 1914-Septebmer 1915
M-1204-1 Queen's Hotel cheque book. -- July 1924 -January 1925
M-1204-2 Queen's Hotel cheque book. -- July 1925-December 1925
M-1204-3 Macleod Stampede Association. -- 1941-1942. -- Consists of balance sheets, bank statements, programs, etc.
M-1204-4 Macleod Stampede Association. -- 1941-1942. -- Consists of invoices and receipts.
M-1204-5 Macleod and District Board of Trade. -- 1945-1947. -- Consists of correspondence and minutes re highways, taxes, tourism, airport, memberships, irrigation, industry, advertising, meetings, home construction and conferences.
M-1204-6 American Hotel disturbance reports. -- 1968-1969. -- Consists of reports about various "incidents" at this Fort Macleod Hotel.
M-1204-7 American Hotel disturbance reports. -- 1969-1971. -- Consists of reports about various "incidents" at this Fort Macleod Hotel.
M-1204-8 Dawson's Store soda fountain menu. -- [ca. 1920s-1930s]. -- Includes ice cream, sundaes, parfaits, ice cream sodas, cooling ades, cobblers, punches, egg dringks and fancy mixed drinks.
M-1204-9 Wine label for Seven Year Old Port from Ontario Grape Growing and Wine Manufacturing Company of St. Catharines, Ontario.

John Swinarton's appointments as Commissioner of Oaths in Alberta. -- 1937, 1939, 1941, 1943

Poster for Interior Breweries, featuring beer labels for Fernie Beer, Royal Export Bock Beer, Kootenay Lager Beer, Columbia Lager Beer, Kootenay Ale, Premier Lager, Kootenay Pale Ale, and Columbia Cream Stout. The beers were made in Trail, Nelson, Fernie and Cranbrook.

British flag poster featuring Tennyson poem

Fire escape sign

Notice re sterilized drinking glasses ("Using a solution approved by the University of Alberta the Alberta Liquor Control Board")

The Java Shop sign ("Meals and Lunches, Breakfasts a Specialty, Silex Brewed Coffee, 24 Hour Service")

Public Notice re Beer Service ("By order Alberta Liquor Control Board")

M-1204-vol.13 Register of names and addresses. -- n.d. -- Unknown purpose. Lists people primarily from Fort Macleod.
Series 2 Photographs. -- 1893-1950s. -- 19 photographs

Some of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-1796 Views of North-West Mounted Police (NWMP), royal visits, and Kainai Chieftain ship. -- 1893-1950s. -- 9 photographs. -- Includes Steele and Company photo of the NWMP at Fort Macleod (1894); visit of Edward, Prince of Wales (1923); visit of King George VI (1939); and Kainai Chieftainship ceremonies for C.D. Howe, Ernie R. McFarland, and Vincent Massey (1950s).
PC-126 Edward, Prince of Wales. -- September 1918. -- 1 photograph
NA-3263 Views of Fort Macleod and the Yukon. -- 1890s-[ca. mid 1930s]. -- 9 photographs
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