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Taylor sign for MacKay & Dippie, Calgary, [ca. 1913-1919]
Taylor sign for MacKay & Dippie, Calgary, [ca. 1913-1919]

Taylor Signs Ltd. fonds

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Table of Contents

indicates that the series includes scanned documents.

Series 1 Designs for signs. -- 1898-1940
Series 2 George Taylor and Ernest Taylor - Miscellaneous papers. -- 1901-1961
Series 3 Photographs. -- [ca. 1896-1940]


Series 1 Designs for signs. -- 1898-1940
M-1596-1 Clippings and samples. -- 1898-1904 and 1916. -- Consists of scrapbook pages of clippings and label samples showing various lettering and illustrating techniques.
M-1596-2 Designs and sketches. -- 1902-1906 and [ca. 1940]. -- Consists of sketches and samples advertising Taylor sings; design for City of Calgary crest (possibly for submission to Calgary Herald city crest contest of March 1902); sketch of view near Langevin Bridge; silkscreen of first issue of Second World War Victory Loan; and sketches of cowboys.
M-1596-3 Sketches of ethnic figures. -- 1908. -- Done by George Taylor the the Dominion Exhibitions, and used for an original painting by Mrs. Ernest Taylor.
M-1596-4 Signs of the Times. -- 1908-1931. -- Consists of issues of a journal of advertising "devoted to the interests of the advertiser, the agency and the purveyor of publicity. Includes issues from 1908, 1910, 1913, 1918, 1921 and 1931.
M-1596-5 Stationery. -- 1926-1928 and n.d. -- Consists of samples of letterhead, envelopes, work orders and contracts. Includes a postcard advertising Taylor Sign Works.
M-1596-6 Catalogues of lettering. -- 1930 and n.d. -- Consists of Spanjer Brothers catalogue of carved letters and symbols; and Opalite Corporation catalogue of letters for electric signs.
M-4776 Designs for signs, price book and letterheads. -- n.d.
M-1596-7 Price list. -- 1931-1932. -- Annotated and updated in ink.
M-1596-8 Cashbook. -- 1905-1906. -- Photocopy only. The original is held by Taylor Signs Ltd.

Sign sketches book. -- n.d. -- Consists of a volume of sketched and painted sign designs on cloth and paper, which advertise local businesses and products. Includes the following (page numbers indicated at right):

Alberta Optical Company, p. 23
Alexander News Stand, p. 11-12
Billiards, p. 6
Calgary Barber College, p. 35
Calgary Clothing Company, p. 21-22
Canadian Fairbanks Morse Company, p. 31-32
Capitol Theatre, p. 42
Carlton Cafe, p. 25-26,30
Chauncy Company, Jewellers, p. 19
Claresholm Motors Ltd., p. 44
Connor & Fairleigh, p. 45
Edison Whiet Mazda, p. 43
Eugene Restaurant, p. 15
Greenfield's Auction Mart, p. 9
Grunwald Hotel, p. 33-34
Home Del Cafe, p. 3-4
King George Cafe, p. 13-14
King George Hotel, p. 10
Lambert's Clothes Shop. p. 1
Lunch Room, p. 20
Matthew's Music House, p. 27-28
Newman, Lou, Pipes & Tobacco, p. 5
Nickle, p. 21-22
Parker's Ltd., p.39-40
Premier Winter Gasoline, p. 41
Princess Drug Company, p.18
Riley & McCormick Ltd., p. 17
Ruth Beautifiers, p. 2, 29
Spiller's Bake-Rite Flour, p. 23
Steve's Hotel, p. 16
Strand Cigar Store, p. 36-38
White House Ice Cream Parlour, p. 7-8
Zenith Cafe, p. 24

Series 2 George Taylor and Ernest Taylor - Miscellaneous papers. -- 1901-1961
M-1212 Ernest L. Taylor - Personal papers. -- 1901-1961. -- 1 cm of textual records. -- Consists of marksmen's award, account book, and newspaper clippings regarding sports activities and poetry.
M-3149 Ernest L. Taylor - Miscellaneous. -- 1902. -- 1 item. -- Consists of charter of the Calgary General Laborers' Union, formed as branch no. 305 of the American Labor Union.
M-1213 George L. Taylor - Miscellaneous. -- 1902-1936 and n.d. -- 1 cm of textual records. -- Consistsof business cards, letters from taxidermist Fred Dippie, and newspaper clippings about skater Ernie Taylor.
AR-8 Painting of the three Taylor children by Andrew Sheriff Scott of Montreal. -- [ca. 1919]
Series 3 Photographs. -- [ca. 1896-1940]. -- 54 photographs

Many of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-2009 Buildings on 8th Avenue and Taylor Sign Works. -- [ca. 1900-1919]. -- 4 photographs
PA-2019 Calgary buildings, signs and personalities. -- [ca. 1896-1919]. -- 8 photographs
PA-2086 Showroom, Diamond Motor Company; and billboard, Calgary. -- 2 photographs
PB-495 Advertisements for Indian [First Nations] curios and Robin Hood Flour Mills, Calgary. -- 1912 and [ca. 1912-1919]. -- 2 photographs
PB-512 Automobiles outside Chapin's Garage, Calgary. -- 1 photograph
PC-172 Signs on Calgary buildings. -- 4 photographs
NA-3795 Signs on Calgary buildings. -- [ca. 1890-1913] and n.d. -- 29 photographs. -- Includes one of the Taylor children, Elsie an Ernie. Ten of these are copies of the original photographs in PA-2009 and PA-2019 above.
NA-5573 Signs on Calgary buildings. -- [ca. 1915-1940]. -- 14 photographs. -- Includes one a truck carrying Taylor signs.
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