A Conservator's View

Conservator Lee Churchill looks beyond the printed image to the inks, methods and papers, searching for telltale signs of damage.

A Matter of Interpretation

Curator Johanna Plant compares prints by artists who deal with the same subject matter, yet produce dramatically different views.

A Selection of Canadian Block Prints

Curator and author Patricia Ainslie presents a gallery of block prints by Canadian artists such as Walter Phillips, Edwin Holgate and Cecil Buller.

At Home in the World

The Society of Northern Alberta Printmakers considers our relationship to the world around us with an undertone of longing and nostalgia.

Constructed Geographies

Printmakers Marnie Blair and Heather Huston examine the relationship of the human experience to the constructed environment.

Fresh Unfold

The Alberta Printmakers Society considers the shifts that have occurred in printmaking due to the advancement of technology.

Prints that Poke Fun

Not all art is serious – or so argues curator Johanna Plant in this gallery showcasing the sometimes esoteric humour found in prints.

The Figure: Diverse, Poetic and Compelling

In this gallery, printmaker and instructor Sean Caulfield explores the theme of the figure through a variety of creative strategies, print media, cultural traditions and historic prints.

What Compels the Collector?

Collectors Peter and Shirley Savage discuss how and why they collected some of the prints in their remarkable collection.