Charlie Russell and the First Calgary Stampede

by Brian W. Dippie
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Envisioned as a celebration of the West that was fast disappearing, the first Calgary Stampede included a daily parade, rodeo events and a special exhibition of 20 paintings by Charles M. Russell, the "Famous Cowboy Artist."

Eminent Russell scholar Brian W. Dippie examines the impact of this exhibition on Russell's career and describes why this single exhibition was an epochal moment in the history of Western American Art. In addition, Glenbow Museum curator Lorain Lounsberry illustrates the importance of fellow cowboy artist's Edward Borein's work in shaping people's perception of the Calgary Stampede, and offers readers a glimpse of Calgary back in 1912.

Filled with historical detail, iconic imagery and some of Russell's most beloved masterpieces, Charlie Russell and the First Calgary Stampede is a unique look at an exhibition that influenced two artists' careers and an event that shaped the identity of a city.

ISBN 978-1-895379-63-1
paperbound, 104 pages
colour illustrations with b/w photos

Audacious and Adamant: The Story of Maverick Alberta

By Aritha van Herk

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Beautiful, prosperous, and unpredictable, Alberta has always been the maverick province. Indeed, Albertans pride themselves on their difference. This book tells the story of how this fascinating part of Canada has come to possess the character it does. Through the stories of a host of individuals who together shaped southern Alberta's unruly history, Audacious and Adamant traces the profile of a place both beautiful and contrary.

This is the story of the immigrants and politicians who weathered dust storms and national policies to forge Alberta's unusual temperament. This is the story of the dancers and wrestlers and artists who depicted Alberta's beauty and demonstrated Alberta's talent. This is the story of the oil men and ranch hands who worked to ensure Alberta's prosperity. This is the story of the dreamers and ne'er-do-wells who refused to follow the rules. This is the story of the winners and losers, mavericks whose determination helped to ferment the astonishing place that Alberta has become.

ISBN 1-55263-854-5

softcover, 104 pages

black & white photos and colour photos

The Bow: Living With a River

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The Bow: Living with a River explores the past, present, and future of the Bow River. It is the story of the river as a sacred place for aboriginal cultures, an inspiration for artists, and a source of water for one third of Alberta's population. Over the past century, the Bow has become Canada's most intensely engineered river. Today, efforts are being made to ensure that the river remains a sustainable resource for generations to come.

The Bow Valley has attracted many artists, each of whom brought their own interpretation and personal meaning to the waterway. Works by artists such a Marmaduke Matthews, Marion Nicoll, A.Y. Jackson, and Ted Godwin illustrate the diversity of feelings the Bow River evokes. This art is complemented by more than 100 historical photographs documenting the natural history and economic development of the river.

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ISBN 1-55263-634-8

Jacketed hardcover, 158 pages

colour and black & white images

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