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Henry and Florence Adames
on their 50th wedding anniversary, 1942

Adames family fonds

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Series 1Scrapbooks, autograph books, letter book, guest books, and family Bible. - 1882-1973
Series 2Scanned Document Correspondence, newsclippings, postcards, etc. - 1884-1943
Series 3Scanned Document Photographs. - [ca. 1868-ca. 1959]


Series 1

Scrapbooks, autograph books, letter book, guest books, and family Bible. - 1882-1973. - 98 cm of textual records.

M-8346-1aScrapbook. - [ca. 1913-ca. 1932]. - Consists of scrapbook of newsclippings, including the snowstorm of April 1932, and life in Hanna. Includes some cartoons, greeting cards and photographs.
M-8346-1bScrapbook. - 1915-1916. - Consists of a scrapbook regarding Eric L. Adames and his service in the First World War.
M-8346-1cScrapbook. - [ca. 1928-1933]. - Contains greeting cards, newsclippings about events in Hanna, the Anglican church, household hints, etc.
M-8346-1dLoose newsclippings from the scrapbook in file 1c. - 1929-1931.
M-8346-1eLoose magazine clippings, cards, poems, menus, programs, etc. from the scrapbook in file 1c. - 1925-1935.
M-8346-2Scrapbook. - [ca. 1933-ca. 1943]. - Consists of a scrapbook including obituaries for W. Helen Adames.
M-8346-3Loose newsclippings from the scrapbook in file 2. - [ca. 1931-ca. 1941]. - Includes newsclippings from the 1939 Royal Visit to Canada and Banff.
M-8346-21Scrapbook. - 1934-1938, 1972. - Contains mostly greeting cards.
M-8346-22Scrapbook. - 1936-1938. - Contains mostly cartoons by Stewart Cameron and others commenting on the Aberhart government.
M-8346-23Scrapbook. - 1892, 1942-1952. - Contains mostly photos, newsclippings, and greetings on H. J. and Florence Adames's 50th wedding anniversary (1942); also newsclippings about the Cathedral Church of the Redeemer.
M-8346-24Loose newsclippings from the scrapbook in file 23. - [ca. 1942]-1956.
M-8346-25Loose correspondence, pamphlets, etc. from the scrapbook in file 23. - 1919-1956
M-8346-4Scrapbook. - 1937-1954. - Includes newsclippings on the coronation of George VI and mementoes of the Calgary celebration of the coronation of Elizabeth II.
M-8346-5Scrapbook. - [ca. 1942-ca. 1944]. - Consists of Eileen Adames' scrapbook, including newsclippings of her association with Pro-Cathedral Women's Auxiliary.
M-8346-6Autograph book. - 1882-1895. - Belonging to Florence Carpenter.
M-8346-7Autograph book. - 1925-1927. - Belonging to Eileen S. Adames.
M-8346-8Letter book. - 1901-1903. - Belonging to Henry J. Adames.
M-8346-9Guest book. - 1942. - Includes some photographs and pen and ink drawings.
M-8346-10Guest book. - 1942. - Used as a memento of Henry and Florence Adames' golden wedding anniversary.
M-8346-11Book of remembrance. - 1961. - From the funeral of Eric L. Adames.
M-8346-11aRecipe book. - [ca. 1892-ca. 1930]. - Contains handwritten recipes and clippings.
M-8346-27 Family Bible and Book of Common Prayer. - 1891-1973. - Both volumes contain genealogical information, and interleaved poems, letters, and memorabilia.
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Series 2

Correspondence, newsclippings, postcards, etc. - 1884-1943. - 20 cm of textual records.

M-8346-12Family certificates, etc. - 1884-1920. - Includes Henry J. Adames' NWMP discharge certificate (1889), confirmation certificate, and school report cards for Florence Carpenter and Helen Adames.
M-8346-12aFamily certificates, etc. - [Photocopied 1997]. - Photocopies of file 12, for research use.
M-8346-13Letter, postcards, etc. - [ca. 1915-ca.1917]. - Consists of postcards and Field Service postcards from Eric L. Adames during the First World War.
M-8346-13aLetter, postcards, etc. - [Photocopied 1997]. - Photocopies of file 13, for research use.
M-8346-13bDischarge certificate. - 1919. - Military record of Eric L. Adames. - Fragile condition.
M-8346-13cMedal, badges, and button. - 1919. - Found with Eric L. Adames's discharge certificate.
M-8346-13dPostcard album. - 1905-1914. - Eric L. Adames's postcard collection. Includes some messages from family and friends.
M-8346-13eLoose postcards from the album in file 13d. - 1904-1914.

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M-8346-14Newsclippings. - 1916-1918. - Includes "Invitation to Discuss Peace" from the Austro-Hungarian government (1916); and "Registration Card for Females" form (1916).
M-8346-15Newsclippings. - [Photocopied 1997, originally created ca. 1914-ca. 1918]. - Consists of copies of newsclippings pertaining to the First World War; and some copies of newsclippings from file 14.
M-8346-16Postcards. - 1908-1939. - Includes some personal messages to the Adames family, and pictures of Sarcee Army Camp (1914).

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M-8346-16aPostcards and commemorative medal. - [ca. 1911-ca. 1945]. - Mostly unsent postcards, souvenirs of family travels. Includes medal commemorating coronation of King George V, 1911, presented by R. B. Bennett, K.C, M.L.A.
M-8346-17Correspondence and miscellaneous records. - [ca. 1919-ca. 1941]. - Includes memorabilia from the Second World War: Kinsman Club stamps showing Hitler and the motto "Help lick 'im" inside a card entitled "There'll always be an England".
M-8346-18Correspondence and newsclippings. - 1920- 1933. - Includes a copy of the Order in Council appointing H. J. Adames as Clerk of the Supreme and District Court, Hanna, Alberta.
M-8346-19Miscellaneous. - 1919-1948. - Includes personal cards and letters to members of Adames family; certificate of confirmation and school leaving certificate of Eileen Adames; "Pioneer's Certificate" for H. J. Adames from the City of Calgary; Eileen Adames's church Woman's Auxiliary life membership certificate.
M-8346-26Alberta Golden Jubilee Senior Citizen Award. - 1955. - Certificate presented to H. J. Adames.
M-8346-20Obituary and certificate of ill-health. - 1941- 1943. - Regarding Winifred Eileen Adames' return to Calgary, illness and death.
M-8346-20aCorrespondence and certificate. - 1992. - Regarding donation of H. J. Adames's medals to the RCMP Museum.
M-8346-20bGenealogy. - 1975. - Compilation of information on the McCallum and Carpenter families, compiled by a cousin of Eileen Adames.
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Series 3

Photographs. - [ca. 1868-ca. 1959]. - [ca. 1000 photographs and postcards]

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NA-2822-1Unidentified children, Calgary, Alberta. - [ca. early 1900s]



78 Photographs.

Tintypes. - [ca. 1868]. - Consists of Dr. Knight, and one which is unidentified.
E. G. Adames, S.A.M.P., Bulawaya, South Africa. - He died on December 4, 1899, during the South African (Boer) War.
Henry J. Adames and his wife, Florence Maude Carpenter. - 1871-1946. - Also shown are Madge Prince and Helen Carpenter (Florence's sister).
Eric L. Adames with wife and Winifred Helen Adames. - [ca. 1903-ca. 1942]
Eileen Adames. - [ca. 1926]
Adames family homes and cottages. - [ca. 1920-ca. 1933]
R.A.F. Squadron, Caron, Saskatchewan. - [ca. 1939-ca. 1945]
Miscellaneous family photos - [ca. 1900-ca. 1947]
Miscellaneous photos. - [ca. 1925-ca. 1927]
Miscellaneous photos. - [ca. 1919-ca. 1947]. - Some unidentified family members.


91 photographs and negatives.

Friends of H. J. Adames. - [ca. 1902]. - Willie Evans, J. K. Newcombe, Jas. Walter Elison (?).
Miscellaneous family snapshots. - [ca.1918-ca. 1945]
Souvenir photographs. - [ca. 1930-ca. 1950]. - Banff, Brisbane, Australia.
Miscellaneous family negatives. - [ca. 1918-ca. 1945]. - Some may be the same images as in file PA-3359-(3-66).



2 photographs.

No. 3 Platoon, Divisional Cyclists Depot, C.E.F. - 1915. - E. L. Adames is a member of the platoon.
Home in Kincardine, Bruce Co., Ontario, built 1877. - [ca. 1920]. - Etching of Florence (Carpenter) Adames's childhood home.


PD-293, vol. 1

PD-293, vol. 2

PD-293, vol. 3

PD-293, vol. 4

PD-293, vol. 5
PD-293, vol. 6
PD-293, vol. 7
PD-293, vol. 8
PD-293, vol. 9

PD-293, vol. 10
PD-293, vol. 11
PD-293, vol. 12
12 photograph albums relating to the Adames family and their travels in western Canada and the United States. - [ca. 750 photographs]

Family portraits. - [ca. 1885]. - Given to Henry J. Adames by his grandmother when he left Sussex, England in September 1885. Most are unidentified.
Family portraits from England, Ontario and Manitoba. - [ca. 1868-ca. 1899]. - Includes the Carpenter and Adames families in Canada, including homesteading views.
Eric and Eileen Adames as children. - [ca. 1909]. - Includes a small index and loose photographs.
A tramp abroad. - [ca. 1912]. - Includes photos of early Calgary Stampede parade, and the Hotel Alexandria.
Eric Adames, his family, and the first Calgary Stampede. - [ca. 1912]
Trip to British Columbia, empress of Canada, etc. - [ca. 1920s]
Trip to U.S.A. and Canada (Minnesota, Montana, Quebec and Ontario). - [ca. 1934-ca. 1935]
Trip to Colorado, Wyoming (Yellowstone), Montana and Alberta. [ca, 1938-ca. 1939]
Trip to Alberta, British Columbia, etc. - [ca. 1939-ca. 1946]. - Includes postcards, some loose photos and mementos.
Unidentified photos. - [ca. 1920-ca.1939]
Military personnel, Adames home, etc. - [ca. 1939-ca. 1945]. - Includes some loose photos.
Adames house and family. - [ca. 1940-ca. 1959]

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