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Angus Anderson and his children, [ca. 1930s]

Angus Anderson fonds

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Series 1Textual records. - 1886-1980
Series 2 Photographs. - [ca. 1890-1940]


Series 1

Textual records. - 1886-1980. -- Consists of diaries, correspondence, certificates, legal papers, programmes, and newsclippings.

M-6100-1Diaries. - 1937-1951
M-6100-2Diaries. - 1952-1966
M-6100-3Diaries. - 1967-1980
M-6100-4Correspondence. - 1886. - From George Anderson to his sister Annie concerning advice on marriage.
M-6100-5Correspondence. - [ca. 1900-1910]. - From George H. Ward to his Aunt Annie, and from Shimon and Joseph Ganja concerning money sent to Persia.
M-6100-6Correspondence. - 1917-1918. - To Angus Anderson from his friends in military service.
M-6100-7Marriage certificate. - 1886. - George Anderson and Anne Bracken.
M-6100-8Certificates. - 1897-1948. - Includes birth certificates of James Angus Anderson, marriage certificate of Earl D. Martell and Sarah Ann Melissa Reid, birth certificate of Edythe Carolyne Towhey, St. John's Ambulance certificate of Angus Anderson.
M-6100-9Addresses. - [ca. 1909]. - To Mr. and Mrs. George Anderson on their leaving Hamilton and Fort William, from the Fergus Ave. Baptist Church and from the CPR moulding shop.
M-6100-10Military papers. - 1917-1918. - Of J. Angus Anderson concerning his medical exemption, etc.
M-6100-11Programme. - 1923. - Firemen's banquet for Fisher, Hardy, Penhale and Wilson.
M-6100-12Legal papers. - 1926-1927. - Concerning bankruptcy of George Arthur Buckley and James Angus Anderson.
M-6100-13CPR papers. - 1928-1942. - Includes notifications of merit and demerit marks, accident report.
M-6100-14Pamphlet. - 1926. - Commemorating 41st anniversary of First Baptist Church, Calgary.
M-6100-15Programmes. - [ca. 1929-1940]. - For Ladies' Society to the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen.
M-6100-16Invoice. - 1930. - To the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen from Palliser Hotel.
M-6100-17Legal papers. - 1931-1932. - Concerning the estate of George Anderson, etc.
M-6100-18Canadian Pacific Staff Bulletin. - 1935. - No. 5.
M-6100-19Programme. - 1935. - Canadian Pacific Male Voice Choir of Calgary at Central United Church.
M-6100-20Souvenir. - [ca. 1930] - Folder of views of Niagara Falls.
M-6100-21Newsclippings. - [ca. 1964-1976]. - Concerning inclined railways in Hamilton, Folsom Prison death of John McLennan.
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Series 2

Photographs. -- [ca. 1890-1940]

Some of the photographs have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

PA-2309Family photographs. - [ca. 1890-1940]. - 43 formal portraits and snapshots of family members in Hamilton, Fort William, Calgary, and on vacation.
PB-563Large group portraits. - [ca. 1910-1935]. - Unidentified group of 7 men; group of ladies (Ladies' Society to the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen?), family celebration, Canadian Pacific Male Voice Choir, Calgary (1935).

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