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Florence Lassandro, criminal, 1922.
Florence Lassandro, criminal, 1922

Alberta Provincial Police fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Accused persons files. - 1920-1925
Series 2 Criminal identification forms. - 1918-1929
Series 3 Sergeant Symons police diaries. - 1917-1932
Series 4 Scanned Document Other records and photographs. - 1918-[ca. 1940]


Series 1

Accused persons files. - 1920-1925. - 25 cm of textual records. - The series consists of correspondence and reports related to various cases which involved Detective Alexander "Scotty" Lawrence of "D" Division of the Alberta Provincial Police. - Arranged alphabetically.

M-2115-1 "A". - 1922-1924. - Regarding these accused: G.S. Anderson, John Angeli, George Albert Trumper (alias George Albert), George Allis, R.D. Aston, and Robert Standing Alone (Blood). Includes warrant for arrest.
M-2115-2 "B". - 1923-1925. - Regarding these accused: A. Breau, Kalman Beresh, Lyal Bouck, Mr. Baxter, M.J. Bohmer, Harry Brooks, Joe Brown, William Barber, Grace Benett, Fred E. Brinkman, Jack Brown, Jim Worthington, Norman J. Stewart, Frank Brisco, Ebras Dubault and others. Includes information on several complainants.
M-2115-3 "C". - 1923-1925. - Regarding these accused: Bert Clark, John Casey, Nick Lewl and others. Also regarding these complainants: A.E. Cross, Mrs. Leo Crawford and others. Includes warrant for arrest.
M-2115-4 "D". - 1922-1925. - Regarding these accused: R.L. Bowers, Frank Daly, Otto Dortch, Roy H. Davis, Charles Doram and others. Also regarding this complainant: S.H. Davy. Warrant included.
M-2115-5 "E". - 1923. - Regarding the theft of a rifle; no details.
M-2115-6 "F". - 1922-1924. - Regarding this accused: Mike Flannery. Also regarding these complainants: John Flatebo and Paul Fetter. Includes material about a fire at Burdett.
M-2116-7 "G". - 1923-1925. - Regarding these accused: John D. Gregg, James Green, John Gingress, H.F. Green, and others. Includes two warrants.
M-2115-8 "H". - 1923-1924. - Regarding these accused: John Hryciuk, Jay Helmer and others. Also regarding various complainants. Warrants are includesd.
M-2115-9 "J". - 1923-1924. - Primarily regarding a case of seduction against J.G. Johnson.
M-2115-10 "K". - 1923-1924. - Regarding a horse stealing case involving Steve Kindrant, and short report regarding vagrancy cases.
M-2115-11 "L". - 1923-1925. - Regarding these accused: Horace A. Legge, Arthut J. Lessard, F.A. Lombard and others. Search warrant included.
M-2115-12 "Mc". - 1923-1924. - Regarding case of liquor stealing involving E.G. Harvey, Thomas McCrae and Louie Mahe, as well as numerous smal cases.
M-2115-13 "M", part 1. - 1923. - Regarding Swan Magnuson horse stealing case. Included is an extract of a police diary.
M-2115-14 "M", part 2. - 1923-1925. - Regarding these accused: Mrs. Mask (kidnapping), George Matson, A.R. Murchison and other, chiefly minor cases. Also regarding complainant M.D. Mills. Arrest warrant included.
M-2115-15 "N". - 1923-1925. - Regarding accused J.H. Norton, a missing person case, several complainants, and a robbery at the New Dayton post office.
M-2115-16 "O". - 1922-1924. - Regarding several cases with no details.
M-2115-17 "P". - 1923-1925. - Regarding minor cases with no details. Also regarding a robbery at the Monarch post office.
M-2115-18 "R". - 1923-1924. - Regarding several cases with no details, and the alleges suicide of Mark Rogers.
M-2115-19 "S". - 1923-1925. - Regarding several cases of burglary and safe blowing in Nemiscam and Lethbridge.
M-2115-20 "T". - 1923-1924. - Regarding an investigation into deceased persons and other cases with no details.
M-2115-21 "U". - 1922-1924. - Regarding a bank robbery at Foremost and theft of saddles in Lethbridge.
M-2115-22 "V". - 1923-1924. - Regarding complainant W. Vickers and others.
M-2115-23 "W", part 1. - 1923-1923. - Regarding case of horse stealing against David Walker.
M-2115-24 "W", part 2. - 1923-1925. - Regarding these accused: George Strangling Wolf (assault), Nelson Wilson (setting out poison), and others.
M-2115-25 "Y". - 1923-1925. - Regarding cases with no details.
M-2115-26 "Z", part 1. - 1923-1924. - Regarding murder case against James Zetto. Includes transcription of Detective Lawrence's evidence at the trial.
M-2115-27 "Z", part 2. - 1923-1924. - Regarding minor cases.

Series 2

Criminal identification forms. - 1918-1929. - 6 cm of textual records. - The series consists of completed forms for criminals which include this information: name, aliases, nationality, occupation, criminal occupation (such as con man, murderer, theif, prostitute), physical description, date and place of arrest, crime charged, sentence, marks and scars, and criminal history. Most of the forms have photographs of the criminals attached to them. - They have been artificially arranged in alphabetical order by the name of the criminal.

M-2116-1 "A-G" criminal identification forms. - 1918-1929. -- Consists of forms for William Wallace Anderson (also known as Andrew Wallace or A. Anderson), Ida Appleby, Albert Otto Frederick Arnold, Samuel Bruno, Stanley Chariwsky, Albert Cutter (Blackfoot), Albert Demaris (also spelled Demarie), Jasper Demaris (also known as Jesse Demery or Jasper Desmaris), Joseph Demers, Harry Ellis, Louise Emerson, Elma Fowler, and Maxime Good Eagle (Blackfoot).
M-2116-2 "H-L" criminal identification forms. - 1918-1929. - Consists of forms for Lawrence Half (Cree) (also known as Moses Bear), Dale Hetherington, Robert Johnston, Glen Kay, James Keg (Blackfoot), John Kirkman, Joseph Koratski, Alex La Frambeau (also known as Alex La Framboise), Rose Latham, Alvin A. Loveland, and Arnold Lupson, (also known as Eagle Tails).
M-2116-3 "M-R" criminal identification forms. - 1918-1929. - Consists of forms for John Mamuzich, William Marnock (also spelled Marnoch), Mrs. Mark Mayfield (Blackfoot), Helen McDonald (also known as Helen Casey, Helen Evans, Helen Lee, Helen Marino, and Peanuts), Margareth McPhail, Medicine Horn (Blackfoot)(also known as Eagle Ribs), Frank Medicine Shield (Blackfoot), Lawrence Night Chief (Blackfoot), James Only Chief (Blood), Helen Palmer (also known as Marie Rolland and Helen Simpson), Francis Pinchbeck (also spelled Pinchback), Laurie Plume (Blood), Gottlieb Reimer (also spelled Rheimer), James Ricks, Edith Rolland (alson known as Julia Rolland), Charles Royal (Blackfoot), Jim Running Wolf (Blackfoot)(also known as J.R. Woolfe), William Russell, and John James Ryan.
M-2116-4 "S-W" criminal identification forms. - 1918-1929. - Consists of forms for Mike Silenske (also known as Mike Slenske, Mike Sosomowich, and John Alenske), James Kelly Smith, George Stewart (also known as Nelson Dillon or Thomas Keely), David Sun Shoes (Blackfoot), Andrew Joseph Troy, George Albert Trumper, and Andrew Wolf Child.

Series 3

Sergeant Symons police diaries. - 1917-1932. - 25 cm of textual records. - The series consists primarily of the official work diaries of Sergeant Thomas W. Symons, who worked for the Alberta Provincial Police in Brooks and Calgary.

M-1205-1 Diaries. - 1917-1919
M-1205-2 Diaries. - 1920-1925
M-1205-3 Diaries. - 1926-1932
M-1205-4 Miscellany. - 1926-1932 and n.d. - Consists of a case evidence notebook (1931-1932), a letter of tribute when he left Brooks (1926), and a lesson book on police duties (n.d.).

Series 4

Other records and photographs. - 1918-[ca. 1940]. - 7 cm of textual records. - 8 photographs

Some of the photographs have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

M-2115-28 Detective A. Lawrence. - 1924-1932. - Consists of forms and returns submitted to the Alberta Provincial Police by Lawrence. Includes the 1932 agreement whereby the Royal Canadian Mounted Police take over from the APP.
M-2115-29 Reward poster. - 1930. - Consists of a poster offering a reward for information regarding "Billy" pictured. Includes an account of the subsequent apprehension of murderers Radko and Jones.
M-2115-30 Detective Lawrence's business records. - 1926-1928. - Consists of papers regarding the purchase of a car.
M-2117 Reports. - 1927, 1929. - Consists of APP reports on the murder of Elmer Neil Yager (1928); and on a Cree sun dance ( 1929).
M-4843-30 Chief Detective Nicholson's records of the trial of Emilio Picariello and Florence Lassandro. - 1918-[ca. 1940]. - Consists of an account (ca. 1940) of the investigation of the 1922 murder of Const. Steve Lawson by Picariello and Lassandro, bootleggers operating in the Crowsnest Pass; Alberta Provincial Police Constables' Manual (1918); judgments of the Supreme Court of Canada on the case; and newsclippings concerning the case.
NA-3282 Crowsnest Pass criminals. - [ca. 1920-1922]. - 3 photographs. - Consists of views of Emilio Picariello, Florence Lassandro, and Alex Auloff. Copied from PA-396.
PB-668 Views of Alberta Provincial Police and Royal Canadian Mounted Police. - [ca. 1920s-1930s]. - 4 photographs.
PC-230 Alberta Provincial Police. - 1922. - 1 photograph.

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