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Tin type of Robert Begg (sitting) and Alexander Begg, 1882
Tin type of Robert Begg (sitting) and Alexander Begg, 1882

Alexander Begg fonds

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Series 1 Textual records. - 1843-1914
Series 2 Scanned Document Photographs. - 1872-1928


Series 1 Textual records. - 1843-1914. - The series consists of biographical information, letters written by and to Alexander Begg, Dunbow Ranche records, letters from his son Magnus Begg, correspondence of his wife Emily, and miscellaneous personal papers.
M-74-1 Biographical articles about Alexander Begg. - 1905, 1937. - Consists of a newspaper clipping (May 9, 1905) from the Northern Ensign and Weekly Gazetter for the Counties of Caithness, Sutherland, Ross, Orkney and Zet, Scotland; and an article "Alexander Begg versus Alexander Begg" in British Columbia Historical Quarterly, vol. 1, no. 2 (April 1937).
M-74-2 Letters written by Alexander Begg. - undated
M-74-3 Letters written by Alexander Begg - Incomplete. - n.d.
M-74-4 Letters written by Alexander Begg. - 1854-1899
M-74-5 Letters written by Alexander Begg. - 1900-1905
M-74-6 Letters received. - undated
M-74-7 Letters received - Incomplete. - n.d.
M-74-8 Letters received. - 1843-1849
M-74-9 Letters received. - 1850-1859
M-74-10 Letters received. - 1860-1862
M-74-11 Letters received. - 1863-1865
M-74-12 Letters received. - 1866-1869
M-74-13 Letters received. - 1870-1879
M-74-14 Letters received. - 1880-1889
M-74-15 Letters received. - 1890-1899
M-74-16 Letters received. - 1900-1906
M-74-17 Correspondence regarding appointment as Customs Collector at Fort Garry, Manitoba. - 1869-1870
M-74-18 Letters from Alexander Begg at the Hudson's Bay Company post at Pembina to his wife. - 1869. - Regarding difficulties of travel, caused especialy by the political troubles [Riel Rebellion].
M-74-19 Letters to Alexander Begg. - 1870. - Consists of a letter from J.J. Hill of St. Paul, Minnesota referring to road and freight to Pembina, and a letter from James Wallace referring to Pembina and the North-West.
M-74-20 Correspondence regarding Alexander Begg's request for appointment as Customs Collector at Calgary, Alberta. - 1882-1996
M-74-21 Letters from Alexander Begg in Calgary to members of his family. - 1898-1904
M-74-22 Letters from Magnus Begg, Indian Agent and son of Alexander Begg, to his parents. - 1865-1872
M-74-23 Letters from Magnus Begg on the Blackfoot Indian Agency to his parents. - 1890-1893
M-74-24 Alberta Election. - 1887. - Consists of a letter from Alexander Begg to Messrs. D.W. Davis, Millward, Macmillan, etc. of the Liberal Conservative Association of Calgary, a Manifesto to the electors of Alberta in support of Richard Hardisty, and a newspaper clipping of a letter to the electors of Alberta by Richard Hardisty.
M-74-25 Legal papers. - 1852-1904. - Consists of agreements, indentures, affidavit, power of attorntey, assignment of letters patent, etc.
M-74-26 Certificates, appointments and commissions. - 1844-1883
M-74-27 Notes and memos. - n.d. - Consists of writing on these subjects: The two Forts George, the North-West, Captain George Vancouver's voyages (cover page only), Grand Trunk Pacific Railway extension, success of railways in Canada (discussed by Sir Thomas Shaughnessy and collated by Alexander Begg, and the slavery of Negroes [Blacks].
M-74-28 Temperance Colonization Society. - 1874-1882. - Consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings and scrip.
M-74-29 Crofters' Immigration Scheme. - 1886-1905. - Consists of correspondence regarding the settling of Scottish immigrants in British Columbia.
M-74-30 Alaska Boundary Question. - 1896-1903. - Consists of correspondence and papers regarding the disputed borders of Alaska.
M-74-31 Stickeen and Teslin Railway, Navigation and Colonization Company. - 1897-1903. - Consists of correspondence, prospectus, minutes of directors' meeting, agreements, a petition, and copy ot hte Canadian Yukon Railway Company Act.
M-74-32 Dunbow Ranche correspondence. - 1882-1889
M-74-33 Dunbow Ranche correspondence. - 1890-1899
M-74-34 Dunbow Ranche correspondence. - 1900-1906
M-74-35 Dunbow Ranche legal papers. - 1883-1904. - Consists of assignment of lease, permission to make homestead entry (1886), agreements between Alexander Begg, Robert Begg and A.L.W. Bett, a proxy appointment and copy of the certificate of incorporation.
M-74-36 Dunbow Ranche memoranda. - n.d. - Consists of memos regarding ranch business. Includes a floor plan of the cottage at Dunbow.
M-74-37 Dunbow Ranche statements, receipts and inventories.- n.d.
M-74-38 Dunbow Ranche sectional maps. - n.d.
M-74-39 Dunbow Ranche invitation to the Dunbow Industrial School and envelope. - 1904
M-74-40 Prospectuses. - n.d. - Consists of prospectuses of Begg and Hicks, Calgary photographers; The Bow River Ranche Company; the Trenton Advocate; and Begg's History of British Columbia.
M-74-41 Emily Begg's correspondence. - 1853-1914. - Emily was Alexander Begg's wife.
M-74-42 Correspondence between Begg family members and others concerning Alexander Begg. - n.d. - Primaily letters of recommendation.
M-74-43 Newspaper clippings about the Begg family. - n.d.
M-74-44 Newspaper clippings about the Alaska Boundary dispute. - n.d.
M-74-45 Printed material, primarily written by Alexander Begg. - Consists of material about the Anglo-Russian Treaty of 1825;Review of the Alaska Boundary Question by A. Begg; "Sequel to an open letter to Members of the Honourable Legislative Assembly of British Columbia re colonization and deep sea fisheries" by A. Begg; and the cover of A Sketch of the Successful Missionary Work of William Duncan amongst the Indian Tribes in Northern British Columbia from 1858-1901 by A. begg.
M-74-46 Correspondence about the estates orf Alexander Begg and his sister.
M-74-47 Statements and receipts. - 1962-1914
M-74-48 Railway passes, tickets, calling cards, and card of Banff's King Edward Hotel. - n.d.
M-74-49 Land papers. - 1881-1895. - Consists of Dominion Land Regulations (1881) and Hudson's Bay Company land scrip (1895).
M-74-50 Greeting cards, invitations, and stamped and unstamped covers. - n.d.
M-74-51 Miscellany: Alexander Begg's funeral notice; bylaws of the Alexander Begg Ticket Corporation; song: "Britain and Yankee Doodle"; recipes for colds and other ailments; list of seizures (1860); advertisement for the illustrated lecture "Tour to the Golden North"; Masonic meeting notice; Mrs. Emily Begg's membership in the National Geographic Society; advertisement for Lewis and Clark Fair in Portland, Oregon; notice of new clothing store in Ottawa (1865); class list of Ontario Agricultural College exams (1880-1881); list of school lands offered for sale at High River; Mrs. Emily Begg's insurance policy (1864); A.L.W. Begg's insurance policty (1881); and other material
M-74-52 Diaries. - 1842-1904. - Consists of 25 small diaries
M-74-53 History of British Columbia by Alexander Begg.
M-5688 Miscellany. - 1864-1905. - 10 items. - Consists of funeral notice and obituary of Alexander Begg; highland bagpipes competition tickets; bagpipe price lists; Masonic certificates; Robert A. Begg's wedding invitation; and a map of Scotland.

Series 2

Photographs. - 1872-1928. - 40 photographs. - The series consists of views of the Alexander, Magnus, and Robert Begg families.

Some of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-702 Alexander Begg, Robert Begg, family groups, etc. - 1872-1928. - 35 photographs
PA-2040 Studio portrait of Magnus Begg smoking from a horse's head pipe and wearing a beaded jacket. - 1885. - 1 photograph
NA-867 Robert Begg, Magnus Begg and their families. - 1882-1907. - 5 photographs. - Includes a photo of a Temperance Colonization Society scrip (See M-74-28 above).
NA-3867 Magnus Begg. - 1885. - 1 photograph (copy of PA-2040 above).

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