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CGIT invitation, 1935
CGIT invitation, 1935

Jane Bentley fonds

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Table of Contents

Series 1 Work-related memorabilia. -- 1936-1985
Series 2 Central United Church. -- 1934-1986
Series 3 Clubs and organizations. -- 1933-1990
Series 4 Programs and reviews of concerts and cultural events. -- 1939-1987
Series 5 Personal memorabilia. -- 1925-1966


Series 1 Work-related memorabilia. -- 1936-1985. -- 14 cm of textual records. -- Over the years Jane Bentley worked for the Central Alberta Dairy Pool, the United Grain Growers, and American Fore Insurance Group (later Continental Insurance). Her husband Vern worked briefly for Royalite. -- The series consists of newspaper clippings about the companies for which Jane (and Vern) worked and about her fellow employees. Includes Christmas cards and correspondence from co-workers, and memorabilia such as progams, menus, paper placemats, and party hats for company social events which she attended.
M-9436-1 Central Alberta Dairy Pool (CADP), Alix, Alberta. -- 1940-1943. -- Consists of correspondence about her application for work, letters of recommendation for her work as stenographer and office worker, Christmas cards from co-workers, letters to "Dear Office Girls" from M.D. Clarke who was serving in the Second World War, lists of delegates for CADP annual meetings, song sheet for annual dinner, and program for field day and picnic.
M-9436-2 Newspaper clippings about the CADP. -- 1936-1967
M-9436-3 Newspaper clippings about Alpha, which took over CADP. -- 1968-1977
M-9436-4 United Grain Growers - Social events. -- 1939-1945, 1966, 1973. -- Consists of programs for annual staff banquets, reunions, etc.
M-9436-5 United Grain Growers - Company Christmas cards. -- 1942-1944 and n.d.
M-9436-6 United Grain Growers - Newspaper clippings. -- 1940-1985. -- Consists of articles about the company and its employees.
M-9436-7 United Grain Growers - Correspondence with co-workers. -- 1942-1952. -- Consists of letters and cards from Myrtle Callaway, Kathleen "Kay" McCutcheon and Dorothy "Dot" Inglis.
M-9436-8 United Grain Growers - Miscellany. -- 1942-1970. -- Consists of commemmorative booklet entitled "Across Fifty Years" (1956), Victory Loan appeal letter (1945), and various circulars and memos.
M-9436-9 Royalite Oil Company - Memorabilia. -- 1955-1956. -- Vern Bentley worked for the company in 1955 and 1956. -- Consists of Vern's application for employment, banquet and dance programs, Roco Club reviews, souvenir placemats, Royalited matchbook covers, and two copies of The Royaliter magazine with photographs of Vern and Jane.
M-9436-10 Royalite Oil Company - Newspaper clippings. -- 1956-1973. -- Consists of articles about the company and its employees.
M-9436-11 American Fore Insurance / Continental Insurance. -- 1953-1966. -- Consists of policies, memos, and lists of company agents in locations across Alberta.
M-9436-12 Insurance office memorabilia. -- 1950-1958. -- Consists of postcards from co-workers, business cards, American Fore key chain and blotters, company Christmas greeting, and parodies of "standard practice of this firm" and D.M. Gregory's will. Includes "A Manual of Tasty Cookery" put out by Great-West Life Assurance.
M-9436-13 Gwen Boxall. -- 1950-1975. -- Gwen Boxall worked with Jane at American Fore Insurance. -- Consists of letters and cards to Jane from Gwen and her husband, the Reverend Norman Boxall.
M-9436-14 Alice Sady (later Alice Kon). -- 1947-1960, 1970. -- Alice Sady worked with Jane at Continental Insurance. The Sadys were a Muslim family from Syria. Alice, a keen fastball player, married Danny Kon and later moved to Vancouver. -- Consists of letters and cards from Alice to Jane. Includes newspaper clippings about Alice's cousin Alya Saddy (Alia Saddi) of Edmonton who married Prime Minister Mohammed Ali of Pakistan in the early 1950s as his second "living" wife; and about her Uncle H.H. Zeer of Wardlow, Alberta.
Series 2 Central United Church. -- 1934-1986. -- 38 cm of textual records. -- Jane Bentley was a member of Central United Church for most of her adult life. She sang in the choir, taught Sunday School and was active in the United Church Women, for which she ran the UCW morning coffee group. -- The series consists of church bulletins (church calendars) for weekly services; reports and programs re the Sunday School and United Church Women activities; choir concert programs and membership lists; records of the Society for the Preservation and Restoration of Central United Church; and newspaper clippings about church ministers and personalities.
M-9436-15 Church service bulletins. -- 1954-1959
M-9436-16 Church service bulletins. -- 1960-1962
M-9436-17 Church service bulletins. -- 1963-1965
M-9436-18 Church service bulletins. -- 1966
M-9436-19 Church service bulletins. -- 1967-1969
M-9436-20 Church service bulletins. -- 1970
M-9436-21 Church service bulletins. -- 1971
M-9436-22 Church service bulletins. -- 1973-1973
M-9436-23 Church service bulletins. -- 1974
M-9436-24 Church service bulletins. -- 1975
M-9436-25 Church service bulletins. -- 1976
M-9436-26 Church service bulletins. -- 1977
M-9436-27 Church service bulletins. -- 1978
M-9436-28 Church service bulletins. -- 1979
M-9436-29 Church service bulletins. -- 1980
M-9436-30 Church service bulletins. -- 1981
M-9436-31 Church service bulletins. -- 1982
M-9436-32 Church service bulletins. -- 1983
M-9436-33 Church service bulletins. -- 1984
M-9436-34 Central United Church - Newspaper clippings, newsletters, annual reports. -- 1943-1984
M-9436-35 United Church Women activities. -- 1947-1986. -- Consists of UCW annual reports, notices of meetings, lists of women who attended various meetings and social events, and Jane's notes about the programs.
M-9436-36 Central United Church School (Sunday School). -- 1938-1953, 1975. -- Consists of programs and newspaper clippings about anniversary services and picnics, and annual reports. Includes hymn sheet for the 1975 reunion of Sunday School teachers.
M-9436-37 UCW Morning Coffee Group. -- 1975-1982. -- Consists of membership lists, and Jane's summaries of where each meeting was held and who the guest speakers were.
M-9436-38 "This Picture Show" - Jane's church slide show. -- 1979-1981. -- Consists of a list and description of slides used in a show about the history of the United Church in Alberta and Central United Church in particular. Includes a poster advertising her illustrated talk.
M-9436-39 Society for the Preservation and Restoration of Central United Church. -- 1980-1986. -- Consists of membership lists, circulars to members of the church, and extensive newspaper clippings about the possible demolition of the church and the fight to save it.
M-9436-40 Church events. -- 1934-1971, 1979-1982. -- Consists of newspaper clippings and Jane's notes about events held by or at the church every year, such as choir concerts, speakers, and picnics.
M-9436-41 Central United Church choir. -- 1957-1981. -- Consists of membership lists, circulars and newsletters about choir activities, programs for concerts and choral evenings, and radio broadcast schedules. Other programs for choir concerts are in the church service bulletins listed above at M-9436-(15-33).
M-9436-42 List of Central United Church ministers from 1875 to 1962. -- [compiled ca. 1967]. -- Newspaper clippings about many of these ministers are in the following files.
M-9436-43 Melville Aitken - Newspaper clippings. -- 1939-1973
M-9436-44 Ross Bailey - Newspaper clippings. -- 1979-1983
M-9436-45 Lloyd Graham family - Newspaper clippings. -- 1949-1965. -- The Grahams were missionaries in Japan.
M-9436-46 Kazuo Iwassa - Newspaper clippings. -- 1977-1983
M-9436-47 C. Andrew Lawson - Newspaper clippings. -- 1946-1975
M-9436-48 Leonard Ling - Newspaper clippings. -- 1948-1976
M-9436-49 D.G. Littlejohns - Newspaper clippings. -- 1961-1980
M-9436-50 Jack Lowery - Newspaper clippings. -- 1959-1976
M-9436-51 Dr. R.H. MacKinnon - Newspaper clippings. -- 1968-1982. -- Plus one much earlier, but undated, article.
M-9436-52 Nelson R. Mercer - Newspaper clippings. -- 1962-1984
M-9436-53 Ed Mullen -- Newspaper clippings. -- 1958-1984
M-9436-54 Erskine Pow - Newspaper clippings. -- 1954-1962
M-9436-55 Thomas Powell - Newspaper clippings. -- 1936-1948 and n.d.
M-9436-56 Gerald B. Switzer - Newspaper clippings. -- 1952-1972
M-9436-57 Ross Williams - Newspaper clippings. -- 1964-1981
Series 3 Clubs and organizations. -- 1933-1990. -- 24 cm of textual records. -- Jane became a member of the CGIT as a young girl in Lousana. As an adult she was a member of the Choral Belles Choir. Both she and Vern were members of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and the Native Calgarian Society. -- The series consists of newspaper clippings and memorabilia related to her membership in these organizations.
M-9436-58 Canadian Girls in Training - Lousana branch. -- 1933-1937. -- The Lousana branch of the CGIT was founded in 1934 at the instigation of Jane's mother, Mrs. J.Y. Greenwood. Jane attended her first camp at Camp Kasota on Sylvan Lake in the summer of 1934. -- Consists of a notebook with summaries of CGIT meetings and camp activities; autographs and letters from fellow campers; and invitations to, and newspaper clippings about, Lousana CGIT activities.
M-9436-59 CGIT - Newspaper clipipngs. -- 1933-1980
M-9436-60 Jane's notes on the history of the Lousana CGIT. -- [written ca. 1980]
M-9436-61 Camp Kasota - Memorabilia. -- 1955-1979
M-9436-62 Choral Belles. -- 1961-1966. -- Consists of Jane's papers as business manager of the choir, including the constitution, lists of members, financial statements, a brief biography of Douglas Parnham, and records of Jane's efforts to arrange concerts for the choir.
M-9436-63 Choral Belles - Programs for concerts. -- 1953-1965. -- Consists primarily of handwritten lists of songs performed at various venues. Includes a poster for a 1955 concert in Didsbury.
M-9436-64 Choral Belles - Members. -- [ca. 1970s]. -- Consists of Jane's alphabetal lists of members of the choir over the years, with brief notes about their husbands and children and other relatives.
M-9436-65 Choral Belles - Memorabilia. -- 1955-1956. -- Consists of cards from former members, souvenir napkins and placemats from events, etc.
M=9436-66 Choral Belles - Photographs. -- 1954-1960. -- 5 photographs. -- Consists of formal portraits of the choir. The individual members are not identified.
M-9436-67 Birthday cards from the Choral Belles to Jane. -- 1954-1967
M-9436-68 Letters from Donna Mailing to Jane. -- 1965-1979. -- Donna was a former member of the Choral Belles who had moved to Winnipeg.
M-9436-69 Robert Dalton (Choral Belles conductor) - Newspaper clippings. -- 1954-1961. -- Includes articles about his struggle with polio.
M-9436-70 Mona Thornton (Choral Belles conductor) - Newspaper clippings. -- 1953-1981. -- Includes artcles about her family.
M-9436-71 Douglas Parnham (Choral Belles conductor) - Newspaper clippings. -- 1955-1985. -- Includes articles about his wife Betty.
M-9436-72 Marilyn Perkins (Choral Belles conductor) - Newspaper clippings. -- 1946-1983. -- Includes articles about her family.
M-9436-73 Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry - Vern's membership cards. -- 1973-1986. -- Includes letters regarding his status in the organization.
M-9436-74 Southalta Consistory of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry - Fall Assembly programs. -- 1974-1987
M-9436-75 Scottish Rite - Delta Chapter of Rose Croix - Easter ceremonies. -- 1975-1988
M-9436-76 Scottish Rite - Calgary Lodge of Perfection - Annual reunions. -- 1974-1987
M-9436-77 Scottish Rite newsletter - Valley of Calgary Communication. -- 1972-1975
M-9436-78 Scottish Rite newsletter - Valley of Calgary Communication. -- 1976-1980
M-9436-79 Scottish Rite newsletter - Valley of Calgary Communication. -- 1981-1985
M-9436-80 Scottish Rite newsletter - Valley of Calgary Communication. -- 1986-1988
M-9436-81 Scottish Rite - Bow River Lodge newsletters. -- 1989-1990
M-9436-82 Scottish Rite - Programs from various lodges. -- 1941, 1968-1981. -- Consists of programs, which list meeting dates, officers, past masters, etc., for Apollo Lodge (Stettler), Ashlar Lodge, Bowmont Lodge, Calgary Lodge, Canada Lodge, Cavell Lodge (Delburne), Concord Lodge and Corinthian Lodge.
M-9436-83 Scottish Rite - Programs from various lodges. -- 1968-1981. -- Consists of programs for Crescent Lodge, Elbow River Lodge, Foothills Lodge, Gateway Lodge, Glenbow Lodge, Jordan Lodge, Kelvingrove Lodge, King George Lodge, Mosaic Lodge and Mount Lebanon Lodge.
M-9436-84 Scottish Rite - Programs from various lodges. -- 1968-1981. -- Consists of programs for Nobleford Lodge, Northmount Lodge, Perfection Lodge, Renfrew Lodge, St. Mark's Lodge, and Zetland Lodge.
M-9436-85 Scottish Rite - Miscellany. -- 1965-1989
M-9436-86 Native Calgarian Society. -- 1975-1981. -- Consists of Vern's and Jane's membership cards, lists of members, and circulars sent to members.
Series 4 Programs and reviews of concerts and cultural events. -- 1939-1987. -- 36.5 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of programs for, and newspaper articles about, a wide variety of musical, cultural and entertainment events which Jane attended. The files often begin with a Jane's list of the events she attended that year.
M-9436-87 Programs and reviews. -- 1939-1940, 1944
M-9436-88 Programs and reviews. -- 1945
M-9436-89 Programs and reviews. -- 1946
M-9436-90 Programs and reviews. -- 1947
M-9436-91 Programs and reviews. -- 1948-1950
M-9436-92 Programs and reviews. -- 1951
M-9436-93 Programs and reviews. -- 1952
M-9436-94 Programs and reviews. -- 1953
M-9436-95 Programs and reviews. -- 1954
M-9436-96 Programs and reviews. -- 1955
M-9436-97 Programs and reviews. -- 1956
M-9436-98 Programs and reviews. -- 1957
M-9436-99 Programs and reviews. -- 1958
M-9436-100 Programs and reviews. -- 1959
M-9436-101 Programs and reviews. -- 1960
M-9436-102 Programs and reviews. -- 1961
M-9436-103 Programs and reviews. -- 1962-1969
M-9436-104 Programs and reviews. -- 1971-1979
M-9436-105 Programs and reviews. -- 1980-1987
Series 5 Personal memorabilia. -- 1925-1966. -- 12.5 cm of textual records. -- The series consists of cards and gift tags, newspaper clippings about the Greenwood family, and Jane's miscellany. Includes Vern Bentley's high school and war service documents.
M-9436-106 Jane's miscellany and memorabilia. -- 1931-1964. -- Consists of ration books, meat ration tokens and national registration card from the Second World War; newspaper clippings about Jane and the Greenwood family in Lousana; admission tickets and fair entry tags; a handwritten play called "Miss Molly", performed in the Lousana Community Hall in 1935; Calgary Stampede memorabilia; and various souvenir paper napkins, etc.
M-9436-107 Cards and gift tags. -- 1948-1963. -- Consists of gift tags saved by Jane from gifts given to her by Vern, and gifts to Vern from her. Includes a few birthday cards and receipts for gift purchases.
M-9436-108 Vern Bentley's certificates and personal documents. -- 1925, 1941-1966. -- Consists of Vern's baby contest booklet (1925); high school marks and graduation program ((1941-1943); Department of National Defence war service documents (1943-1945); business cards; and McDaniel Well Maps letterhead and report (1959) [Vern was the company's manager].
M-9436-109 Obituaries of Jane Bentley and Vern Bentley. -- 1997 and 2006

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