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George T. Berry children
From left to right: A. Gladys; Hugh W.; and H. G. "Bert"
Pincher Creek, Alberta, [ca. 1900]

William Berry family fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 George T. Berry. -- 1904- 1937
Series 2Scanned Document Ada Gill Berry. -- n.d.,1892 and 1909-1949
Series 3G. Herbert Berry. -- 1903-1922 and n.d.
Series 4Scanned Document Hugh W. Berry. -- 1905-1968 and n.d.
Series 5Scanned Document A. Gladys Berry Morgan. -- 1910- 1959 and n.d.
Series 6P. Harold Morgan. -- n.d. and 1922-1928
Series 7 H. H. (Billie) Morgan. -- 1929-1933
Series 8Strathmore Hardware Company. -- 1911-1924 and n.d.
Series 9Organizations. -- 1934 and 1963
Series 10Greeting cards, calendars, programmes and other material. -- 1856-1962 and n.d.
Series 11Henry Guy Stranger Cole. - 1914
Series 12 Scanned Document Family photographs. -- [ca. 1900]-1929
Series 13 Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1910s-1950s]


Series 1

George T. Berry. - 1904-1937

M-5756-1Correspondence. -- 1909-1937. -- Consists of personal and business correspondence including cables regarding objection to settlement of will of brother Benjamin Francis Berry; letter of agreement naming George Berry as agent for Rochester Underwriters Agency; correspondence with Richard Garnett regarding sales of land in Spring Ridge, Alberta; notice from Calgary Power Company Limited regarding reduction in rural rates; and notes of sympathy regarding death of wife Ada Berry.
M-5756-2Financial records. -- 1913-1934. -- Consists of receipts and promissory notes.
M-5756-3Legal papers. -- 1910-1934. -- Includes papers regarding claim against Heppner Brothers (farmers, Fishburn, Alberta) for payment of services rendered while George Berry owned the firm I. X. L. Shop in Pincher Creek, Alberta; copies of wills; certificate of partnership with E. W. Pust as hardware merchants, Strathmore, Alberta; and an agreement with Rochester Underwriters regarding employment as agent.
M-5756-4Insurance policies. -- 1904-1937
M-5756-5Independent Order of Foresters. -- 1906-1934. - Includes certificate of membership and insurance policy.
M-5756-6Miscellaneous. -- 1919-1935. -- Includes copy of Calgary Daily Herald pioneer's certificate; copy of appointment as deputy returning officer for electoral district of Bow River; agreement signed by members of Strathmore Agricultural Society regarding loan of funds to Strathmore Baseball Club; calling cards; Alberta Motor Association membership card; and postcard showing ship named for brother B. F. Berry.
M-5756-7Notes and clippings regarding death of George Berry. - 1937
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Series 2

Ada Gill Berry. - n.d., 1892 and 1909-1949

M-5756-8Correspondence. -- n.d. -- Consists of personal correspondence from Isobel McNaughton at Bassano Dam; Arthur Dowse at Milk River and Lethbridge; Jack Waddy at Morley; and others.
M-5756-9Correspondence. -- 1892 and 1909-1913
M-5756-10Correspondence. -- 1911-1930. -- With brother-in-law Frank Berry and wife Marguerite. Some of correspondence is in French.
M-5756-11Correspondence. -- 1914. -- With Cecil Townshend of Pembina Coal Company, Entwistle, Alberta; Isobel McNaughton; Arthur Dowse; Jack Waddy; and others.
M-5756-12Correspondence. -- 1915
M-5756-13Correspondence. -- 1918-1925. -- Regarding death of son Bert and attempt to learn more information, site of grave. Includes copy of marriage certificate of George and Ada Berry and birth certificate of Bert Berry in application to Department of Militia and Defence for Mother's pension.
M-5756-14Correspondence. -- 1922-1929. -- Consists of personal correspondence and includes letter from Blackfoot Indian Agent, G. H. Gooderham giving Blackfoot name for "Dream House" (Pap-poy-ees).
M-5756-15Correspondence. -- 1923-1949. -- Regarding estate of brother-in-law Benjamin Francis (Frank) Berry. Includes copies of death announcements and will as well as correspondence between lawyers and Marguerite Berry and Ada Berry regarding settlement of will.
M-5756-16Correspondence. -- 1924 1933. -- With R. B. Bennett regarding legal advice regarding estate of B. F. Berry.
M-5756-17Correspondence. -- 1931-1936
M-5756-18Financial records. -- 1910-1929. -- Receipts including memberships dues for Pincher Creek Club.
M-5756-19Speeches and notes. -- n.d. -- Includes speeches given to Women's Auxiliary and Ladies Guild; Poetry and clippings.
M-5756-20Short stories. -- 1930 and n.d. -- Short stories submitted for publication in Maclean's magazine and as entries to writing contests.
M-5756-21House Plans. -- n.d. -- Hand drawn sketches of house floor plans.
M-5756-22Share certificates. -- 1913-1925. -- Regarding Central Coal Company and Mexico-Coeur D'Alene Mines Company.
M-5756-23Miscellaneous. -- 1909-1936. -- Includes recipes; cards; calling cards; blotters; I. O. D. E. invitation; notes; and postcards.

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M-5756-24Clippings and notes. -- 1934. -- Regarding death of Ada Berry. Includes letters of condolence; biographical information; copy of funeral service; cable from R. B. Bennett; and letter from Victor Sifton.
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Series 3

G. Herbert Berry. - 1903-1922 and n.d.

M-5756-25Correspondence. -- 1910-1915. -- Consists of letters written by Bert to his mother while at Upper Canada College and University of Toronto.
M-5756-26Correspondence. -- 1915-1917. -- Consists of letters to his mother while overseas with ambulance corps during World War I. Also includes letters written by Mrs. Berry to Bert.
M-5756-27Financial records. -- 1909-1910. -- Consists of receipts from envelope marked "Bert's Receipts". Many bills are from stores in Detroit and from period when Bert lived with his Uncle Frank and attended Detroit University School.
M-5756-28School workbooks. -- 1910 and n.d. -- Includes Geometry and Geography note books.
M-5756-29Class notes and exams. -- 1912. -- Consists of examination questions and notes from Upper Canada College.
M-5756-30Miscellaneous. -- 1903-1917. -- Includes brand certificates; bird game license; I. O. D. E. ball invitation; Detroit Free Press baseball schedule; Gamma Delta Psi songbook; photograph and record of Bert's grave; and clippings.
M-5756-31Military certificates. -- 1922. -- Regarding war service and victory medals.
M-5756-32Military miscellaneous. -- 1915-1917. -- Account book and note book.
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Series 4

Hugh W. Berry. - 1905-1968 and n.d.

M-5756-33Correspondence. -- 1910-1913. -- Includes letters written by Hugh to his mother while at Upper Canada College.
M-5756-34 Correspondence. -- 1914-1915. -- Includes letters written by Hugh to his mother while at Upper Canada College.
M-5756-35Correspondence. -- 1920-1945. -- Includes personal correspondence regarding farming, death of father and correspondence course.
M-5756-36Correspondence. -- 1952-1964. -- Consists of personal correspondence regarding farming. Includes copy of Co-operative Bulletin addressed to "Hugh Berry, Chairman, Strathmore Seed Cleaning Plant Ltd".
M-5756-37Correspondence. -- 1957-1958. -- From Victor Sifton regarding Bert and experiments with seances.
M-5756-38Financial records. -- 1931-1963. -- Consists of receipts.
M-5756-39Legal papers. -- 1934-1959. -- Consists of will; estate plan and estimate of estate tax.
M-5756-40School report. -- 1914. -- From Upper Canada College.
M-5756-41Correspondence course. -- 1924-1925. -- Consists of correspondence, lessons, and tests from two courses on marketing (American Institute of Agriculture and Market News Corp.).
M-5756-42Political material. -- 1935-1964. -- Regarding Young Conservative Association; Progressive Conservative association of Alberta; Provincial Gleichen Constituency of P. C. A.; Bow River Conservative Association; constitution of P. C. A. and programme of 1959 convention; poll results; voters list (Wheatland); and clippings. Also includes correspondence from R. B. Bennett and Eldon Woolliams.
M-5756-43Gleichen Conservative Constituency Association. - 1958-1962. -- Consists of minute book.
M-5756-44Oat Huller Co-operative. -- 1943-1945. -- Consists of agreement and receipts.
M-5756-45Chinook Yellowknife Gold Syndicate. -- 1946-1948. - Includes agreement, minutes, correspondence, reports and statements.
M-5756-46Boreas (Yellowknife) Gold Mines Ltd. -- 1950-1952. - Includes reports to shareholders and financial statements.
M-5756-47Wheatland Weather Modification Association. - 1962. -- Includes minutes; copy of agreement with Irving P. Krick Associates of Canada Limited; copy of letter from Alberta Hail Suppression Association to Premier Ernest Manning.
M-5756-48Permits. -- 1913-1955. -- Includes licenses and permits regarding hunting, liquor, motor vehicle registration, and Canadian Wheat Board. Also registration certificate, notice and copy of act regarding threshing machines.
M-5756-49Contests. -- 1926 and n.d. -- Consists of comparative judging exercise regarding oats; contest from Saskatchewan farmer.
M-5756-49aPostcard albums. -- 1905-1906. -- Consists of two albums.

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M-5756-50Miscellaneous. -- 1907-1968. -- Includes yearbook; roster and graduation programme for Calgary dale Carnegie Leadership Course; menu and programme of banquet honouring R. B. Bennett; leaflets regarding Conservative Party of Alberta; real estate listing book; address and notebook; licences; credit cards; calling cards; post cards.
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Series 5

Gladys Berry Morgan. -- 1910-1959 and n.d.

M-5756-51Correspondence. -- 1910 and n.d. -- Includes letters written by Gladys to her mother while at school at Havergal College in Toronto.
M-5756-52Correspondence. -- 1911-1916. -- Includes letters written by Gladys to her mother while at school at Havergal College in Toronto and letters from friends.
M-5756-53Correspondence. -- 1920-1936
M-5756-54Correspondence. -- [ca. 1924-1927]. -- Includes letters (one handwritten, one typed) from R. B. Bennett.
M-5756-55Correspondence. -- 1937. -- Consists of letters of condolence regarding death of George T. Berry.
M-5756-56Correspondence. -- 1937-1963. -- Includes letter from friend Robb, Alberta noting gardens at Lakeside Collieries; circular and personal letters from W. R. Leslie, superintendent of Dominion Experimental Station at Morden, Manitoba; and letters from wartime England.
M-5756-57Correspondence. -- 1958. -- Consists of letters from Victor Sifton regarding Bert.
M-5756-58Financial records. -- 1914-1937. -- Consists of receipts.
M-5756-59Legal papers. -- 1927. -- Includes last will and testament.
M-5756-60Agreement. -- 1934. -- Regarding purchase of truck with government bonds held as security for cash payment.
M-5756-61Crowfoot High Spirits Club. -- 1959. -- Consists of notebook containing fanciful stories regarding members of social club.
M-5756-62Miscellaneous. -- 1912-1957. -- Includes dance cards; programmes; bankbook; address book; calling cards; postcards; sorority rules booklet; licences; notes; and marriage announcements (regarding marriage to P. Harold Morgon).

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Series 6

Philip Harold Morgan. -- n.d. and 1922-1928

M-5756-63Correspondence. -- n.d. -- Consists of letters to Mrs. Berry.
M-5756-64Insurance policies. -- 1922-1928
M-5756-65Notebooks. -- n.d. -- Includes motes regarding irrigation nd farm prices.
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Series 7

Harold Herbert (Billie) Morgan. -- 1929-1933

M-9618 Billie Morgan's First Prize card from Elks Carnival costume contest. -- February 22, 1929; a letter he wrote to a friend (1929); and other memorabilia. For photographs of Billie in his outfit, see PA-3987.
M-5756-66Contest entry. -- [ca. 1931]. -- Includes artwork which won fourth prize in school fair.
M-5756-67 Contest entry. -- 1933. -- Includes speech regarding electric powered ships given at public speaking contest at school fair. Also includes letters of congratulation regarding speech.
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Series 8

Strathmore Hardware Company. -- 1911-1924 and n.d.

M-5756-68Correspondence. -- 1913-1924. -- Regarding accounts and merchandise. Includes many letters from Frank E. Sugden of Cheadle, Alberta regarding payment of his accounts; post cards addressed to Wm. Berry & Sons Ltd. (Hardware); Pincher Creek; and calendar for Strathmore Hardware Company.
M-5756-69Financial records. -- 1911-1921. -- Includes receipts and cancelled cheques.
M-5756-70Blank Strathmore Trading Company sales receipt pad. -- [ca. teens]
M-5756-71Completed Strathmore Hardware Company sales receipt pad. -- 1917-1918
M-5756-72Promissory notes. -- 1918-1922 regarding Frank E. Sugden, H. Allison and A. W. Daman.
M-5756-73Account book. -- 1921
M-5756-74Agreement. -- 1921. -- Regarding sale of Strathmore Hardware Company to A. B. Foote.
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Series 9

Organizations. - 1934 and 1963

M-5756-75Strathmore Sorosis Society. -- 1934. -- Includes minutes of inaugural meeting; letter to Strathmore town council regarding use of town hall; and prayer composed by Ada Berry for use by society.
M-5756-76Western Irrigation District. -- 1963. -- Consists of minutes of Board of Trustees meeting.
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Series 10

Greeting cards, calendars, programmes and other material. -- 1856-1962 and n.d.

M-5756-77Greeting cards. -- 1909-1959. -- Includes Christmas, Valentine, Easter and Birthday cards.
M-5756-78Christmas cards. -- [ca. 1930-1932]. -- One card has photograph of family around fireplace (George, Ada, Hugh, Gladys and Billie); the other shows a sketch of the family home "Pap-poy-ees" (Dream Lodge).
M-5756-79Calendars. -- 1909-1936. -- Includes calendars from Upper Canada College; Havergal Ladies College; and Saint Michael's Anglican Church, Strathmore.
M-5756-os1Calendar pictures. -- 1909-1945. -- Includes several reproductions of paintings by Frederic Remington; pictures of waterfowl; and Harrison Fisher portraits of women.
M-5756-80Programmes and invitations. -- 1912-1962. -- Includes invitations regarding World war I memorial service at Upper Canada College and University of Toronto; programmes from Grand Theatre, Sherman Grand Theatre, Strathmore school concerts, Strathmore and District music and dramatic festival, Strathmore Opera House, Strathmore Great War Memorial Hall, Calgary Exhibition and Stampede and Strathmore Park Sports carnival; and souvenir with photo regarding farewell banquet honouring Mr. And Mrs. Joseph Van Tighem.
M-5756-81Pamphlets. -- 1913-1936. -- Includes travel brochures; information sheet regarding CPR Connaught Tunnel; pamphlet produced by Marine Oil Products Ltd. regarding Alberta Oil fields; prospectus for Alberta Associated Oil Fields Ltd; Ypres League and Overseas Ex-Service Men's Association circular letters; Canadian Radio (Alberta Section) weekly programme; and advertisements from the Twin City Separator Company (Winnipeg), the Free Press Prairie Farmer and Western Home Monthly.
M-5756-82Notebooks. -- 1912-1949
M-5756-83Copy books and Music dictation books. -- 1918 and n.d.
M-5756-os3Miscellaneous. -- 1911-1957. -- Includes photograph of war graves in Belgium showing Bert's grave; Bert's BA diploma; certificate from Royal Life Saving Society awarded to Hugh; copy of registration for farm "Pap-oy-ees"; blank pages from daily sales register of Strathmore Hardware Company; lists of electoral districts; and tissue wrappings from oranges, apples and Eiderdown Wool.
M-5756-84Miscellaneous. -- 1920-1937. -- Includes tickets for dance in Strathmore organized by Women's Conservative Club of Strathmore; Alberta Steam Laundry Company order pad; blotters advertising Hughes Motors (Strathmore), Templeton's Dry Cleaners (Calgary) and Progressive Conservative candidate Spence Hughes (Medicine Hat); calling cards; and advertising cards for Calgary firms Young & Kennedy (Stationary and Booksellers) and Harry Jacques (Jeweller).
M-5756-85Auction sale catalogues. -- 1927-1932. -- For cattle auctions held in Calgary.
M-5756-86Sheet music. -- n.d. -- Includes popular and classical songs and teaching manuals.
M-5756-87Sheet music. -- 1856-1900. -- Includes popular and classical songs and teaching manuals.
M-5756-88Sheet music. -- 1901-1910. -- Includes popular and classical songs and teaching manuals.
M-5756-89Sheet music. -- 1911-1920. -- Includes popular and classical songs and teaching manuals.
M-5756-90Sheet music. -- 1926-1938. -- Includes popular and classical songs, teaching manuals and Wilf Carter music.
M-5756-os4Artwork. -- [ca. teens]. -- Consists of watercolours and charcoal sketches, mostly done by Bert.
M-5756-91Clippings. -- 1922-1937. -- Includes poetry regarding World War I; article regarding Blood Indian Charcoal; copies of Strathmore Standard regarding death of Ada Berry and Festival of Music & Drama; and programme of vaudeville entertainment at CPR Irrigation convention at Strathmore.
M-5756-os2Blueprints and house plans. -- 1913-1952. - Includes house plans; blueprints regarding concrete frame and grain dump scale; and CPR Western Irrigation section farm census statistics.
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Series 11

Henry Guy Stranger Cole. -- 1914

M-5756-92Legal papers. -- 1914. -- Regarding estate of John Cole. Guy Cole possibly was an employee of George Berry, as the papers were addressed care of Strathmore Hardware Company.

Series 12

Family photographs. -- [ca. 1900]-1929

Some of the photographs have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

NA-4139-(1-4) Discovery Well, Turner Valley. -- 1913-1914. -- 4 photographs
NA-5196-(1-24) Berry family, farming, home, car, etc. -- [ca. 1900-1915]. -- 24 photographs
PA-2549-1 Portrait of Hugh Berry. -- n.d. -- 1 photograph
PA-3082-(1-13) Upper Canada College students; ambulance corps (likely Herbert's photos). -- 1911-1916. -- 13 photographs
PA-3987 Views of Billie Morgan in his cowboy outfit with chaps. -- 1929. -- 18 photographs. -- Includes negatives.
PA-4057 Canadian military hospital on Lemnos, Greece (likely Herbert's photos). -- [ca. 1914-1916]

Series 13

Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1910s-1950s]. -- This material has not been catalogued. Please consult with an Archivist before requesting.

M-9208 Unprocessed records. -- [ca. 1910s-1950s]. -- 10 cm of textual records and other material. -- Consists of letters, photographs, certificates, etc. of the Berry family of Strathmore.

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