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D.E. Black's early jewelry store, Calgary, [ca. 1904-1906]
D.E. Black's early jewelry store, Calgary, [ca. 1904-1906]

D.E. Black fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Diaries and personal correspondence. - 1903-1971
Series 2 Legal and financial papers. - 1921-1971
Series 3 Sundry personal papers. - 1995-1972
Series 4 Business and personal correspondence. -1915-1971
Series 5 Sundry business papers. - 1904-1950
Series 6 Memberships in various organizations. - 1907-1970
Series 7 Scrapbooks and newspaper clippings. - 1908-1971
Series 8 Photographs. - 1896-1954


Series 1 Diaries and personal correspondence. - 1903-1971
M-98-1 Diaries. - 1937-1949. - Includes information on appointments.
M-98-2 Diaries. - 1950-1971
M-98-3 Diary of trip to New York, West Indies and Central America. - 1927
M-98-4 Letters to David Black from relatives. - 1903-1907. - Regarding family activities.
M-98-5 Letter to David Black. - 1908. - Regarding gifts from friends.
M-98-6 Letters to David Black from relatives. - 1908-1912. - Regarding family activities and the wedding of Mae and David Black.
M-98-7 Letters to David Black from daughters. - 1925. - Regarding vacations, etc.
M-98-8 Letter to David Black from R.B. Bennett. - 1927. - Regarding election to the House of Commons.
M-98-9 Letters to Mae Black from friends. - 1937. - Regarding her friends' activities.
M-98-10 Letters to David Black from relatives. - 1944-1956.- Regarding family activities.
M-98-11 Letters from "R.B.". - 1945-1947. - Regarding tea service, parcels, and friends' activities.
M-98-12 Correspondence regarding the estate of Elizabeth Doeben. - 1954-1961
M-98-13 Correspondence to and from David Black. - 1961-1966. - Regarding family activities.
M-98-14 Correspondence about Mrs. Black's Barraud watch. - 1966
M-98-15 Correspondence regarding an article on Birks store in Gem magaine. - 1967-1968.
M-98-16 Correspondence regarding family activities. - n.d.
M-98-17 Telegrams from family. - 1942
Series 2 Legal and financial papers. - 1921-1971
M-98-18 Legal papers, leases, etc.. - 1921-1929. - Consists of a lease from Black to Dr. Frank E. Sandercock; correspondence regarding a safe; records regarding stock in Vancouver National System of Baking; lists of victory bonds; his will; an agreement between William Gerald Watson and Henry Birks and Sons; notes on a tea set; and notes on the Western Credit Association.
M-98-19 Assessment notice from the Village of Westport. - 1941
M-98-20 Financial papers. - 1966-1971
Series 3 Sundry personal papers. - 1895-1972
M-98-21 School and church certificates. - 1895, 1901
M-98-22 Marriage certificate. - 1908
M-98-23 Dance program from D.E. Black and Company staff. - 1914
M-98-24 Booklet: "Personnel of the Pacific Northwest Excursion to Oregon and California". - 1913
M-98-25 Permit for D.E. Black to leave Canada. - 1917
M-98-26 Postcards sent to Black and family. - 1907-1961 and nd

View postcard of Deadhorse Gulch, White Pass & Yukon Railway.

M-98-27 Greeting cards sent to Black. - 1943 and nd
M-98-28 Notes regarding John Carruthers and the Carruthers family. - 1909
M-98-29 Income tax forms (business and personal). - 1919-1942
M-98-30 Commencement prgram for the Manitoba Agricultural College. - 1930
M-98-31 Program for a public dinner for George W. Kerby. - 1942
M-98-32 Masonic certificate. - 1922
M-98-33 List of household furniture. - 1931
M-98-34 Christmas cards. - nd
M-98-35 Christmas card list. - 1969-1970
M-98-36 Medical reports about Francis Danby. - 1951, 1958
M-98-37 Poetry. - nd
M-98-38 Speech notes. - nd
M-98-39 Invoice for cemetery plot. - 1944
M-98-40 Church calendars for Diamond Jubilee services at Knox United Church. - 1943
M-98-41 Wedding announcements. - 1964-1972. - Consists of announcements for Mary Louise Danae Danby and John Butler Campbell; Nancy Margaret Parsons and Geoffrey James Dickie; Solveig Waltl and David Ernest Wells; and Lorrain Mary Hodson to Michael John David Burns.
M-98-42 Obituaries. - 1964-1972 and nd. - Consists of obituaries for David E. Black, Mrs. Martha Sellar, Mrs. Martha Cavanaugh, Judge William Sellar, Mrs. Christina Brown, William V. King, William W. Nettleton, Jack D. Davidson, Dorothy E. Wells, Mrs. Evelyn Pitman, and Stanley W. Black.
M-98-43 Menus from a trip on the Empress of Asia. - 1941
M-98-44 Birks Concert Troupe greeting card. - 1944
M-98-45 Pamphlet: "A sketchy account of my trips through Canada" by Mrs. W. S. MacQueen. - 1944
M-98-46 Membership cards for various clubs and organizations. - nd
M-98-47 Membership cards for various clubs and organizations. - nd
Series 4 Business and personal correspondence. - 1915-1971
M-98-48 Correspondence. - 1920-1931. - Regarding time switch, Canadian government annuities, salaries of Birks Staff, reducing expenses due to Depression, shareholders dinners, new Calgary sotre, takeover of Seafert and Sons in Quebec, price lists, audit, sales, trophy, stock, china booklet, window displays, watches, inspection by Mr. Cuff, renewal of Southam lease, advertising, competition from Dingwalls in Winnipeg, London office and the Steele building.
M-98-49 Correspondence. - 1921-1931. - Regarding dismissal of Black's staff by Birks, Bellevue Collieries, stock taking, catalogue, organization of the Calgary store, birthday gift for R.B. Bennett, transportation on CPR, diary of John Carruthers, Calgary Syndicate of Prehistoric Research, bid for clocks, Calgary Tennis Club, heating appliances for house, special buttons and cuff links for R.B. Deane, distribution of United Church literature in rural Alberta, information on G.B. Wallace, and diamond prices.
M-98-50 Correspondence. - 1920-1934. - Regarding Dier and Black, employees, store fixtures, Elks accounts and rules, ring price ilst, list of stones, agreements with Herbert Earle, Walter R. Melling, fire insureance, account of John Hurly, lease from Calgary Herald, and shares in Cardeau Mines Exploration Ltd.
M-98-51 Correspondence. - 1915-1930. - Regarding medals for Banff Winter Carnival, plans for Calgary store, termination of lease with Herald, Kirkland Jewellers in Edmonton, death of Lieutenant Fernand Le Bailly, school pins, badges, gifts to family, purchase of parcel of land form Howard W. McLean, optical stock, release of T. Ogegaard, binoculars, investment in Power Corporation, Okanagan fruit and salaries.
M-98-52 Correspondence, "A-C". - 1921-1971. - Regarding Christmas greetings, family activities, stock in Bowness Golf Club, Birks appointments, William Massey Birks, marriage of daughter Betty, Patrick Burns anniversary dinner, estate of Mary Lillian Black, city taxes, and special service award from Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
M-98-53 Correspondence. - 1936-1956. - Regarding family activities, daughter in Manila and Hong Kong, diabetes tests, Frontier College, death of Earle Lyle Gallagher, and land sales.
M-98-54 Correspondence. - 1935-1958. - Regarding Harry Hutchcroft, death of Frederick Welker Hess, Hawaiian trip, Royal Order of Jesters, Knee Hill Coal Company, Knox Church, family activities, accout of H. Manley of Brewster Transport, weddings and death of Arthur H. McGuire.
M-98-55 Correspondence. - 1930-1956. - Regarding Canadian Numismatic Asociation (Calgary chapter), evaluation of house, family activities, Rotary Club and Ranchmen's Club.
M-98-56 Correspondence. - 1940-1952. - Regarding William Massey Birks, Birks company history, conference of Retail Jewellers research group, and Calgary store operations.
M-98-57 Correspondence. - 1940-1964. - Regarding new Calgary store, gift to Mr. Birks, retirement of D.E. Black, travels of Henry Birks, Calgary staff, pension, trip of J. Boas, and regional jewelry conventions.
M-98-58 Correspondence. - 1919-1966 and nd. - Regarding advertising of D.E. Black and Birks jewellers.
M-98-59 Correspondence, "S". - 1934-1935. - Regarding family activities, card from staff, autobiography of Charles Robertson Sinclair, poetry, and estate of mother-in-law Eva Christie Sinclair.
M-98-60 Correspondence, "T-Z". - 1955-1956. - Regarding travel itinerary, magazine subscriptions, investment in Toronto General Trusts, article on Victoria, and meeting of Veteran Oddfellows Association.
Series 5 Sundry business papers. - 1904-1950
M-98-61 Circular for D.E. Black jeweller. - 1904
M-98-62 Lease from Arthur A. Steed to D.E. Black for jewelry premises. - 1904
M-98-63 Shares and receipts for investments of Mae L. Sinclair. - 1905-1906
M-98-64 Booklet on watch and clock repair distributed by D.E. Black. - nd
M-98-65 Share certificate for Franco Oils Ltd. - 1930
M-98-66 Speeches. - 1937-1950 and nd. - Regarding Savage and Company jewellers, sterling silver, watches, searching to gems, diamonds, and silver.
M-98-67 Booklet: "Your Birthstone and Birthday Book" issued by Birks Jewellers.
M-98-68 The Birks Bulletin. - 1922-1924
Series 6 Memberships in various organizations. - 1907-1970
M-98-69 Calgary Stampede annual reports and prize lists. - 1945-1970
M-98-70 Calgary Board of Trade annual reports. - 1920-1956
M-98-71 Board of Trade News. - 1930 (vol. 1, no. 12)
M-98-72 Booklets. - 1907-1955. - Consists of booklets for the Royal Order of Jesters, Al Azhar Temple, Masonic Lodge, and Ranchmen's Club.
M-98-73 Rotary Club of Calgary programs and newspaper clippings. - 1919-1964
M-98-74 Programs for Calgary Rotary minstrel shows. - 1919-1922
M-98-75 Rotary Club periodical, The Cog. - 1920-1931
M-98-76 Miscellaneous correspondence. - 1927-1928, 1962. - Regarding the activities of the Rotary Club of Calgary, R.B. Bennett, illness of D.E. Black, and shield of the Alberta Cattle Breeders Association.
M-98-77 Pamphlets. - 1916-1940. - Consists of Rotary Club of Calgary bylaws, "A Talking Knowledge of Rotary", "A Philosophy of Rotary", "25th Anniversary of Rotary International", and bylaws of the Al Azhar Temple Ladies Auxiliary.
M-98-78 Conference program for District 116, Rotary International. - 1938
M-98-79 Rotary Club rosters of members. - 1920s-1960s
M-98-80 Rotary Club roster of members. - 1970
M-98-81 Rotary Club newspaper clippings. - 1930-1964
M-98-oversize Program for the Calgary Rotary Minstrel Show. - 1921
M-98-82 Glencoe Club circulars. - 1937 and nd
Series 7 Scrapbooks and newspaper clippings. - 1908-1971
M-98-83 Scrapbook. - 1923-1948. - Consists of newspaper clippings about King Edward VIII, election of D.E. Black as president of Board of trade, F.E. Osborne, mrs. J.A. Smith, Harold S. Greene, Miss Margaret Smith, Mrs. Finday D. Sinclair, D. Cameron Sinclair, Mrs. W.W. Wilson, J.A. Smith, Miss A.J. Walters, Reverence H.D. Leitch, Mrs. Margaret E. Castle, F. Willard Sinclair, W.S. MacQueen, James W. Davidson, France Black Danby, Dorothy Black Wells, Joyce Wilson, Elizabeth Mackenzie, and Juanita McMartin.
M-98-84 Scrapbook. - [ca. 1931]. - Consists of newspaper clippings about various personalities, primarily Calgary businessmen.
M-98-85 Newspaper clippings. - 1936-1937. - Consists of articles about F. Willard Sinclair, John H. McDowell, Douglas C. Howland, George A. Walker, Leslie M. Baldwin, John H. Taylor, D.W. Dingwall, marriage of Frances Black, and Ronald Danby.
M-98-86 Newspaper clippings. - 1908-1950 and nd. - Consists of articles about D.E. Black's aldemanic activities, Mrs. Black's social and charity work, and a robbery.
M-98-87 Newspaper clippings. - 1912. - Includes advertisement for D.E. Black and Company.
M-98-88 Newspaper clippings. - 1920-1970. - Consists of articles about Birks history and staff, J.B. Ashbourne and Holland Cameron.
M-98-89 Newspaper clippings. - 1923-1950. - Consists of articles about D.E. Black on the Board of Trade, Duncan C. Campbell, John H. Woods, Bonn B. Smith, Nancy McArthur, D. Cameron Sinclair, William M. Birks, W.W. Wilson, Duncan S. McNab, Ruth Carlyle, Catherine C. Ross, Mrs. J.J. Hall, D.S. Harley, George C. Poyelle, Knox United Church and Finday D. Sinclair.
M-98-90 Newspaper clippings. - 1930-1941 and nd. - Consists of articles about George E. Hughes, George Harmon Lees, Edgar Ward Jones, wages at Birks, burglary of Birks store, Walter M. Ripley, Legh A. Walsh, Winfield Ripley, Ephraim Vanderhoof, George W. Castle, wedding of Betty Black and Mr. R.J. Burns, Mrs. D.R. B. McArthur, Toronton jewelry firms and the opening of Birks store.
M-98-91 Newspaper clippings. - 1930-1947. - Consists of articles about adjustment of Indian students in city, George W. Castle, Mrs. N.E. Carruthers, donation of Black's watches to Glenbow, opening of Birks, University of Calgary logo, Rotary Club, John S. Rose, Mrs. Maude Wade, Lloyd Hamilton, S.G. Porter, J. Howard Kelly, Manley Cummins, Gerald W. Birks, E.L Richardson, Motor Car Supply, J. Russell Clarke, Red E. Osborne, wedding of Myrtle Snowdon to Hugh Stutton, Wiliam S. Park, Wilbert Thomas, John Burns, Henry M. Jenkins, Charles E. Dawson, George T. Valentine, Arthur L. Smith, Alex Ferguson, George W. Kerby, Mark B. Peacock, Frederick E. Dawson, A.M. Shaver, marriage of Kathryn Carlyle and George F. Houseton, estate of William Aberhart, Ivan Smith, wedding of Ernest WElls and Dorothy, engagement of Mr. Spencer Clark and Georgina M. Snowdon, Miss E.J. Castle, Mayor P.W. Cope of Raymond, William H. Birks, George W. Cavey, Bonn C. Smith, Charles R. Mitchell, Nancy Smith, Lloyd E. Holland, Robert H. Weir, John I McFarland, Dr. William H. McFarlane, Dingwall Jewellers, marriage of Lois Brown and Bertram B. Ward, Alex J. MacMillan, engagement of Juanita Dempsey and D. Leabourne McMartin, Lois McQuire, engagement of Marjory Davidson to John C. Abramson, Joseph A. Arlidge, Andrew Halkett, Dr. Duncan Gow, editorials on Aberhart, wedding of W.A. Mostyn-Brown and Lois M.M. Ward, and Philip W. Ellis.
M-98-92 Newspaper clippings. - 1930-1955. - Consists of articles about D.E. Black, Rotary Club conference in Calgary (1930), and history of Calgary.
M-98-93 Newspaper clippings. - 1932-1933 and 1956. - Consists of articles about Norman Hindsley, William E. Hall, and a reception for R.B. Bennett.
M-98-94 Newspaper clippings. - 1936-1955. - Consists of articles about Nancy McArthur, Victory Loans, Birks, Jack G. West, Mrs. C.H. Ker Cooper, R.B. Bennett, Elizabeth Bailey Price, Jo-Ann E. Price, Thomas Swann, Donald M. Willianson, W.W. Wilson, Mrs. William Carson, naming of Calgary, John Burns, F. Willard Sinclair, ancient coins, Eaton's retirement plan, F.A. Elves, Samuel S. Savage and the Prince of Wales.
M-98-95 Newspaper clippings. - 1943-1945. - Consists of articles about Birks Concert Party.
M-98-96 Newspaper clippings. - 1947 and nd. - Consists of articles about David E. Black and Jabez Miller.
M-98-97 Newspaper clippings. - 1959-1967 and nd. - Consists of articles about Birks, D.E. Black trophy, and visit of the Governor General.
M-98-98 Newspaper clippings. - 1959-1971. - Consists of articles about D.E. Black trophy, Margaret Blair and Glenbow, testimonial for D.E. Black at Heritage Park, Stampede special service award, and opening of Birks in Market Mall shopping centre.
Series 8

Photographs. - 1896-1954. - 144 photographs. - The series consists of views of D.E. Black, his family and jewelry business, Calgary buildings and street scenes, and officers of several southern Alberta military units.

Many of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

NA-2575 Portraits, family, jewelry business, Calgary buildings, etc. - 1896-1954. - 50 photographs. - Primarily copy negatives from original prints in PA-1444 below.

D.E. Black's early watch and jewelry store. - [ca. 1904-1906]. - 2 photographs

PA-1444 D.E. Black, his jewelry business, family, street scenes, etc. - [ca. late 1800s-1950s]. - 136 photographs
PB-374 Military units. - 1915-1916. - 6 photographs. - Consists of views of the officers of the 31st Battalion, 50th Battalion, 137th Battalion, 89th Battalion, and 113th Battalion, C.E.F.; and 12th Overseas Mounted Rifles, Calgary and Lethbridge.

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