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Horse travois at Blood ration house, 1897

Blood Indian Agency series, Canada Department of Indian Affairs fonds

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M-1788-(1-5) Correspondence re supplies of flour, lumber, coal, equipment, food, etc. -- 1899-1904. -- Correspondents include: Adams Brothers Ltd., H.S. Allen and Company, Baker and Skelding, V.J. Beaupre, Beere and McDonald, Calgary Milling Company, Cardston Milling Company, Cowdry Brothers, Edmonton Milling Company, Fernie Lumber Company, A.F. Grady, Great West Saddlery Company, Hudson's Bay Company, Lake of the Woods Milling Company, Bishop Emile Legal, McLaren Lumber Company, Massey-Harris Company, Maunsell Brothers, Reverend Jacques Riou, Union Bank of Canada, Western Stock Growers' Association, and J.B. Winlaw.
M-1788-(6-10) Correspondence re livestock on reserve. -- 1899-1906. -- Correspondents include: Baker and Skelding, Browne Ranch Company, A.G. Burritt, Calgary Tent and Mattress Company, Robert J. Christie, Circle Ranche, Cowdry Brothers, Crimson Ranche, Crystal Lake Resort, St. Joseph's Industrial School (Dunbow), F.W. Godsal, Golden Valley Ranche, A.F. Grady, Thomas Harkness, John Herron, Hudson's Bay Company, Kemmis and Martin, C. Kettles and Company, George Lane, Maclachlan and Lambert, Mackie Ranche, Maunsell Brothers, Medicine Hat Agricultural Society, William Moffat and Sons, Northwest Jobbing and Commission Company, Robert Patterson, Frank Pedley, Range Stock Growers' Association, H.E. Sibbald, Territorial Livestock Association, Western Stock Growers' Association, James Wilson, and Wood and Campbell.
M-1788-(11-15) Correspondence re criminal cases involving Blood Indians. -- 1899-1906. -- Correspondents include: H.S. Allen and Company, William Blackmore, Emile Bull Shields, W.M. Campbell, Cardston Drug Company, Trenholme Dickson, St. Joseph's Industrial School (Dunbow), Charles Farley Harris, Haultain McKenzie and McNeill, Joseph Hicks, Malcolm McKenzie, McLaren Lumber Company, Frank Pedley, H.E. Sibbald, Clifford Sifton, W.C. Simmons, Stony Mountain Penitentiary, and G.H. Wheatley.
M-1788-(16-20) Correspondence re employment of Indians, land leases, coal, hay, timber berths, livestock, sawmill, buggy, Indian debts, brands. -- 1899-1907. -- Correspondents include: Alberta Railway and Coal Company, Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company, Baker and Skelding, Beere and McDonald, Bellfield Ranche, Browne Ranche Company, P. Burns and Company, Calgary Saddlery Company, Canadian North-West Irrigation Company, Cardston Drug Company, Cochrane Ranche, Charles F.P. Conybeare, Cowdry Brothers, James Gibbons, J.M. Gladwin, Golden Valley Ranche, A.F. Grady, Great West Saddlery Company, Thomas Harkness, Haultain Mckenzie and McNeill, George Houk and Company, Hunt and Watt Ltd., Knight Sugar Company, T. Lebel and Company, John Lineham, McLaren Lumber Company, Massey-Harris Company, New Oxley (Canada) Ranche, William Oliver, Frank Pedley, Reach and Company, Spring Valley Ranche, Territorial Horse Breeders Association, Union Bank of Canada, Union Stock Association, Western Stock Growers' Association, W.D. Whitney, and James Wilson.
M-1788-21 Correspondence re Indian problems, available land, Indian employment, Dominion Exhibition in Calgary, masonic fair, Catholic missins, Indian names for CPR, drugs, Joseph Villebrun, livestock, hail insurance, equipment. -- 1903-1909. -- Correspondents include: Cochrane Ranche, Charles F.P Conybeare, Exhibition, Charles Farley Harris, Haultain McKenzie and McNeill, Raymond Knight, Knight Sugar Company, John McDougall, Red Leggings, and H.W. Gibbon Stocken.
M-1788-22 Correspondence re health care of Indians, Indian problems, livestock, hay, quarantine regulations, Indian employment, schools, coal, brands, bridge across St. Mary's River. -- 1902-1903. -- Correspondent include: Alberta Railway and Coal Company, Baker and Skelding, Calgary Saddlery Company, Canadian North-West Irrigation Company, Cowdry Brothers, Heavy Runner, Knight Sugar Company, Massey Harris Company, Dr. J.H. Rivers, and Union Bank of Canada.
M-1788-23 Correspondence re crops, Indian employment, books, hay, livestock, coal, rations, sun dance, schools, Anglican missions, road surveys, posts, fire damage, well drilling, lumber. -- 1902. -- Correspondents include: Fernie Lumber Company, A.F. Grady, Great West Saddlery, Bishop Cyprian Pinkham, Renfrew Ranche, and F.O. Sissons.
M-1788-24 Correspondence re livestock, roads, coal, scout's pay, posts, criminal cases, equipment, annual report, hay, smallpox, brands, land sales, passes, flour. -- 1901-1902. -- Correspondents include: Alberta Railway and Coal Company, H.S. Allen and Company, Canadian North-West Irrigation Company, A.F. Grady, Charles Farley Harris, Reverend L. Lebret (OMI), McLaren Lumber Company and Spring Valley Ranche.
M-1788-25 Correspondence re livestock, tenders for beef, weeds, smallpox, nuisance ground, Indian curios, clothing, scrip, Indian games, implements, fence along railway, Indian savings, supplies, Governor-General's visit, death of Red Crow, passes, halfbreed commission, custom duties, grass, mail. -- 1899-1901. -- Correspondents include: Alberta Railway and Coal Company, St. Joseph's Industrial School (Dunbow), A.F. Grady, Great West Saddlery, McLaren Lumber, Massey-Harris Company, Maunsell Brothers, New Oxley (Canada) Ranche, Reverend Jacques Riou (OMI), Spring Valley Ranche and H.W. Gibbon Stocken.
M-1788-(26-30) Vouchers re supplies. -- 1900-1903
M-1788-(31-35) Vouchers re supplies. -- 1903-1904
M-1788-(36-39) Correspondence re leases, livestock, grazing privileges, hay, Indian accounts, windmills, dipping, branding, posts, skinning of Mexican cattle, timber, bulls. -- 1903-1916. -- Correspondents include: Thomas Brown, Donald McEwen and Company, Maunsell Brothers and Alfred C. Nash.
M-1788-(40-44) Correspondence re horses on the reserve (purchases, brands, etc.). -- 1904-1912. -- Correspondents include: Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company, Big Rib, Duncan Campbell, John L. Fawcett, Homewood Stock Farm, George Lane, W. Levellie, Wilfred V. Poapst and Waterton Ranche.
M-1788-(45-49) Diaries, correspondence, etc. re farming operations on the reserve. -- 1904-1913
M-1788-50 Vouchers re supplies and salaries. -- 1904-1905
M-1788-(51-57) Vouchers re supplies. -- 1904-1905
M-1788-(58-60) Correspondence re legal cases involving Indians, depositions, boundaries of judicial districts, oaths of office, separation of married Indians, sun dance camp, employment of Indians, duties of Justices of the Peace. -- 1905-1910. -- Correspondents include: Alberta Penitentiary, Duncan Campbell, John L. Fawcett, T.S. Fetterly, Charles Farley Harris, Joseph Hicks, John D. Higinbotham, George Houk and Company, Benjamin Lawton, Little Shields, Malcolm McKenzie, Colin Macleod, Edward P. McNeill, McNeill and Martin, Shepherd Dunlop and Rice, W.C. Simmons, and Stony Mountain Penitentiary.
M-1788-(61-64) Correspondence re leases, grazing on the reserve, brands, stray animals, leases, trail surveys, surveys of the reserve, coal mining, timber berths, petroleum exploration on the reserve, St. Mary's River power project, roads, bridges, weeds, Mormons. -- 1906-1917. -- Correspondents include: William Blackmore, John George "Kootenai" Brown, Cardston Agricultural Society, James T.c. Gwillam, Jensen Ranching Company, William Laurie, John McDougall, Massey-Harris Company, Staghorn Farm and Tom Three Persons.
M-1788-(65-68) Vouchers re supplies. -- 1907-1908
M-1788-(69-73) Correspondence re supplies. -- 1909-1912. -- Correspondents include Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company, Cardston Milling Company, Claresholm Lumber and Grain Company, Cranbrook Sash and Door Company, Cunningham Hardware, Ellison Milling and Elevator Company, J.Y. Griffin and Company, Hudson's Bay Company, International Coal and Coke Company, Malcolm McKenzie, Macleod Farmers' Elevator and Mill Ltd., Macleod Flouring Mills, Macleod Milling Company, Macleod Supply Company, Pincher Creek Mill and Elevator Company, William Renwick and Western School Supply Company.
M-1788-(74-78) Correspondence re supplies and accounts. -- 1909-1914. -- Correspondents include: Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company, R.H. Bender, Cardston Implement Company, Macleod Hardware Company and Stacey Lumber Company.
M-1788-(79-82) Vouchers re supplies. -- 1910
M-1788-(83-87) Correspondence re machinery and farming operations, Indian accounts, supplies, employment on the reserve. -- 1908-1912. -- Correspondents include: Alberta Farm and Livestock Company, William F. Bell, W. Carson and Company, J.I Case Threshing Machine Company, Chapin Company, Cockshutt Plow Company, Birdie Cousins, Cranbrook Sash and Door Company, John Deere Plow Company, Hudson's Bay Company, Leith Collieries Ltd., Lethbridge Collieries, Macleod Farmers' Elevator and Mill Ltd., Macleod Milling Company, Maple Leaf Coal Company, Massey-Harris Company, R.G. Mathews Agency, Nichols and Shepard Company, Randall Gee and Mitchell Ltd., Reeves and Company, William Renwick, James Richardson and Sons, M. Rumeley and Company, Saskatchewan Flour Mills, George Skelding, Stacy Lumber Company, Western Canada Lumber Company and H.E. Wright.
M-1788-(88-91) Vouchers re supplies and accounts. -- 1911-1922
M-1788-(92-96) Correspondence re Indian accounts. -- 1912-1915. -- Correspondents include: Alberta Saddlery, W.E. Andrews, Cahoon Brothers, A.D. Cairncross, W.M. Campbell, Canadian Credit Men's Trust Association, Canadian Oil Companies Ltd., Cardston Implement Company, Continental Oil Company, George R. Dixon, E.L. Drewry Ltd., Duce and Harris, John L. Fawcett, Foster Realty Company, Great West Saddlery, Hudson's Bay Company, Hyde and Saunders, International Harvester, William Smith Johnston, Knight Sugar Company, Lethbridge Iron Works, McDonald Martin and MacKenzie, George G. Farquhar, McKeoun Hardware, H.A. McKillop, McLaren Lumber Company, Macleod adn Gray, McMahon and Quinn, R.D. McNay, Massey-Harris Company, Middle West Lumber Company, Pioneer Furniture Store, Pioneer Lumber Company, Reach and Company, William Renwick, Riverside Lumber Company, E. Ruaux (OMI), Stacey Lumber Company, W.H. Stead and Company, Tudhope Anderson Company, Western Canada Lumber Company and Young Brothers.
M-1788-97 Correspondence re Lord's Day Act, USA Indian regulations, ex-pupils, new farm, Tom Three Persons, grazing leases, items given to the Duke of Connaught, cattle sales, farming operations, old people's home, liquor traffic, accounts, petroleum and gas on reserves, planting trees. -- 1912-1915
M-1788-98 Correspondence re Indian celebrations, construction activities, saddles, Macleod Agricultural Society, prizes, school on the reserve, sun dance, animal specimens, mine leases, employment on the reserve, coffins, accounts, bridges, service in First World War, supplies, strays, safe, tuberculosis, brands, maps, marriage of Indians, crops, teacher, machinery, travelling shows, passes, scrap iron. -- 1912-1915. -- Correspondents include Belly River Lumber Company, Lethbridge Iron Works, George G. McFarquhar, Macleod Agricultural Association, Macleod Flouring Mills, Pioneer Cycle and Repair Company, Sawyer-Massey Company, W. McD. Tait and O.D. Weeks.
M-1788-99 Correspondence re accounts, trapping on the reserve, supplies, dumping on the reserve, flag, medical attendant, Tom Three Persons, Winnipeg Stampede, livestock, Indian artifacts, Calgary Stampede, telephone lines, grain competitions, train rates, employment on the reserve, stolen necklace, land titles, employment of Indians, schooling on the reserve. -- 1912-1914. -- Correspondents include Alberta Government Telephones, W.M. Campbell, Cunningham Hardware, W.H. Fairfield, Great Northern Railway, Knight Sugar Company, Macleod Agricultural Association, McNeill and Martin, The Meadows Ranche and Guy Weadick.
M-1788-100 Correspondence re pass, drug list, cheque book, Indian service in First World War, telephone line, accounts, football match, theft of dog, big game licence, flag, boundaries, Indian attendance at fairs and exhibitions, employment on the reserve, book binding, farm operations, lumber, diaries, resignation of R.N. Wilson, agricultural exhibition. -- 1910-1914. -- Correspondents include: Clarence E. Dangerfield, Great West Saddlery, Lethbridge Agricultural Society, Lethbridge Saddlery, Macleod Flouring Mills. Pioneer Lumber Company and F.B. Rolfson.
M-1788-101 Correspondence re horse shoeing, accounts, employment on the reserve, lumber, train rates, farm work. -- 1908-1912. -- Correspondents include Alberta Lumber and Hardware Company, Great Northern Railway, Hudson's Bay Company, Pioneer Lumber Company and Running Crane.
M-1788-(102-106) Vouchers re supplies. -- 1914-1916
M-1788-(107-110) Correspondence re horses on the reserve. -- 1914-1918. -- Correspondents include Robert Cooper, R.F. Dygert, A.G. Edwards, John L. Fawcett, J.C. Hargraves. George Hoadley, George F. O'Halloran, Pioneer Importing Stables and Reverend John W. Tims.
M-1788-(111-113) Correspondence re accounts, supplies, employment, farm operations. -- 1918-1921. -- Correspondents include Cardston Implement Company and Imperial Oil Company.
M-1788-(114-115) Farm issue lists re livestock. -- 1914-1918
M-1788-(116-118) Correspondence re Indian accounts. -- 1915-1918. -- Correspondents include: Bow Park Ranche, Cambell Wilson and Horne, Cardston Implement Company, M.A. Coombe, John L. Fawcett, Great West Saddlery, F.O. Hyde and Company, Imperial Oil Company, International Harvester, McDonald Martin and MacKenzie, H.A. McKillip, McLaren Lumber Company, Macleod and Gray, Massey-Harris Company, Oxley and Low, E.A. Sharman Company, Shepherd Dunlop and Rice, W.H. Steed and Company, Strong and Dowler, Tudhope Anderson Company, Western Canada Agency Ltd. and Western Canada Lumber Comapny.
M-1788-119 Correspondence re Indian accounts, stationery, schools, livestock, hay, roads, insurance, hunting on the reserve, Indian artifacts, clerk's quarters, nursing staff, government property inventory, census, employment on the reserve, health conditions, pensions, investments, court case, grasshoppers, coal mines, and monument for Red Crow. -- 1920-1921.-- Correspondents include: Mrs. John George "Kootenai" Brown, Canadian Pacific Railway, S.S. Dunham, John L. Fawcett and wife of Red Crow.
M-1788-120 Correspondence re accounts, employment, beaver trapping, Indian artifacts, pensions, stranded Indian livestock, hunting permit, soldier settlement, telephone, records of births, deaths and marriages, timber, shooting on the reserve, reception of the Prince of Wales, hay, hospital bills. -- 1919-1920. -- Correspondents include: Alberta Government Telephones, John L. Fawcett, Great War Veterans' Association, Benjamin Lawton, Lethbridge Stock Repository and McDonald Martin and MacKenzie.
M-1788-121 Correspondence re permit to cross reserve, pensions, ex-pupils, equipment, coal production, bones, accounts, soldier settlement, training of students, enlistments in First World War, lantern slides, nurses, hay, leave from jail, land deals, Indian property, meat for Macleod Fair, will, war registration, Blind Soldiers fund, Red Cross. -- 1918-1919. -- Correspondents include: Cardson Loan Company, John L. Fawcett, Lethbridge Hide, Pelt and Fur Company, C.S.M. Mills, Staghorn Farm and Malcolm Young.
M-1788-122 Correspondence re desertion of soldiers, Red Cross, photos of Indians, missing Indians, provision for soldiers' families, supplies, accounts, weeds, military service, pensions, sports day, brands, patriotic fund. -- 1917-1918
M-1788-123 Correspondence re Blind Soldiers and Sailors Funds, desertion of soldiers, military service, patriotic fund, accounts, fair, loans to ex-pupils, pensions. -- 1916-1917
M-1788-(124-126) Invoices re Indian orders. -- 1918-1921
M-1788-127 Correspondence re supplies. -- 1923
M-1788-128 Correspondence re supplies, accounts, nurse, cattle, machinery, Regina Exhibition, Indian artifacts, Calgary Exhibition. -- 1923-1924
M-1788-129 Correspondence re bulls, employees, inspections, audits, leases. -- 1922-1924. -- Correspondents include William Betts and Cardston Farming Company.
M-1788-(130-131) Correspondence re leases. -- 1922-1924. -- Correspondents include: Cardston Grazing Company and Cardston Wool Growers' Association
M-1788-(132-136) Vouchers re supplies. -- 1925-1927
M-1788-(137-141) Vouchers re supplies. -- 1927-1928
M-1788-(142-144) Royal Canadian Mounted Police reports - Legal matters related to the Blood Reserve. -- 1929-1930. -- Includes weekly lists of "Indians in Lethbridge" and the reasons for their visits; charges re supplying intoxicants to Indians and trespassing on the Reseve; and charges against Bloods including Tom Eagle Child, Dan Chief Moon, Walter Singer, Mark Wolf Child, George Davis, Johnny Fox, Joe Bull Shield, August Steele, Holy Singer, Joe Fly, Cecil Tallow, Alec Bull Shield, Jack Eagle Bear, Round Nose, Kikwan, Jim Knife, Chief Body, Johnny Healy, Joseph Crow Spreading His Wings, Julius Iron Horn, Albert Vielle, Sam Creighton, Susie Plaited Hair, Good Water Hen Woman, Bob Plaited Hair, Tom Eagle Speaker, Francis Red Crow, Emil Small Face, Brown Chief Calf, Lucy Under Mouse (from Montana), Johnny Spotted Eagle, Tom Three Persons, Black Sleeps, Jenny Hassen, Ronald Day Chief, Johnny Red Crane and George First Rider.
M-1788-145 Correspondence re oil leases on the reserve. -- 1930. -- Includes correspondence with Alexander G. McKinnon.
M-1788-(146-148) Oil leases re land on the reserve. -- 1930. -- Includes correspondece with Garnet W. Chambers.
M-1788-149 Correspondence re oil leases on the reserve. -- 1930. -- Includes correspondence with Garnet W. Chambers and Dorothy M. Kiley.
M-1788-(150-152) Royal Canadian Mounted Police reports - Legal matters related to the Blood Reserve. -- 1930-1931. -- Includes weekly lists of "Indian in Lethbridge" and the reasons for their visits; charges re supplying intoxicants to Indians (David Warren case in particular) and trespassing on the Reserve; dances on the Reserve; and charges against Bloods including: Joe Hunt, Nick Black Horse, Chic Hall and Jason Hall (from Montana), Cecil Tallow, Mike Mountain Horse, Herbert Bull Calf (re death of Mistaken Chief), Bill Scout, Jim L'Hirondelle, Dan Chief Moon, Herbert Bull Calf, Round Nose, Susie Bull Shields, Joe Young Pine, David Healy, George First Rider, George Strangling Wolf, Albert Vielle, Tom Three Persons, Joe Snake Person, Joe Crowfoot, Jim White Bull, Jim White Bull, Katie White Bull, Joe Healy, Charlie Wolf Plume, Dick Standing Alone, Frank Wolf Plume, Double Sacrifice and Joe Shade.
M-1788-(153-157) Correspondence re Blood Indian hospital (supplies, etc.). -- 1930-1931. -- Includes correspondence with Cardston Trading Company.
M-1788-(158-162) Royal Canadian Mounted Police reports - Legal matters related to the Blood Reserve. -- 1936-1939. -- Includes police reports of patrols of the Reserve and "Liquor Conditions Among Indians"; truant children reports; charges re supplying intoxicants to Indians and trespassing on the Reseve; and charges re Bloods including: Eva Prairie Hen, Edwin Calf Robe, Arthur Healy, Bob Big Sorrel Horse, Alice Wolf Child, Tom Yellow Feet, Emil Scout, Nick Striped Wolf, Tom Eagle Child, Charlie Coming Singing, Duncan Bottle, Eddie Soup, Charles Royal, George Striped Wolf, Round Nose, Eddie Red Crow, Billy Cross Child, Jim Prairie Chicken, Bob Standing Alone, Cecil Tallow, Edward Davis, Takes A Man, Jack Eagle Bear, Jim Many Feathers, Barney Day Rider, Francis Red Crow, Jim Knife, Frank Scout, Walter Singer, Paul Melting Tallow, Jack Hind Bull, Joe Aberdeen, Mike Devine, Frank Good Striker, Maurice Prairie Hen, Long Time Squirrel, Nick Black Horse, George Good Dagger, Frank Eagle Tail Feathers, George Bad Arm, Joe Crow Spreading His Wings, Dan Chief Moon, Black Sleeps, Tom Oka, Iron Shirt, Tom Three Persons, Joe Crow Chief, Joe Bull Shields, Emil Small Face, Horace Quesnelle, Joe Young Pine, Willie Eagle Plume, Jim White Man, Arthur Soup, Willie Mills, Frank Many Fingers, George First Rider, Pete Black Rabbit, Jack Bellows, Black White Man, Jim Shot In Both Sides, Joe Healy, Tony Crane Chief, Pat Weasel Head, Kenneth Tail Feathers, Louis Knife, Jamieson Hind Bull, Alex Hunt, Mark Old Shoe, Jim Plaited Hair, George Vielle, Albert Wolf Child, Willie Big Head, Charlie Blood, George Strangling Wolf, Walter Hind Man, Bob Riding, Mrs. Joe Snake Person, Chris Shade, Rough Hair, Arthur Wells, Tom Medicine Crane, Ada Red Crow, Mary Mountain Horse, George Blue Wing, Charlie Coming Singer, Henry Black Water, Little Man, Bob Black Plume, Eddie Little Shields, Joe Cross Guns and Rufus Wolf Child (death of).
M-1788-(163-167) Correspondence re Indian accounts. -- 1928-1934. -- Correspondents include: Advance Lumber Company, Bawden Motors Ltd., Beatty Washer Store, Beaver Lumber Ltd., Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Cardston Implement Company, Cardston Motors Ltd., E.M. Carson Saddlery and Leather Goods, John Deere Plow Company, John L. Fawcett, Imperial Motors Ltd., Industrial Acceptance Corporation, Laidlaws Ltd., Macleod Motors, Magrath Trading Company, Massey-Harris Company, Mutual Acceptance Corporation, Oliver Ltd., H. Ostlund, Reach and Company, Retail Merchants' Association of Canada, Robert Simpson Western Ltd., Smith and Pitcher Ltd., Texas Company of Canada and Traders Finance Corporation.
M-1788-(168-172) Correspondence re Blood Indian hospital (supplies, etc.). -- 1931-1933. -- Correspondents include: M.A. Coombs, Hygiene Products Ltd., Laidlaws Ltd. and Reach and Company.
M-1788-(173-177) Correspondence re legal cases involving Blood Indians. -- 1933-1934
M-1788-(178-182) Vouchers re supplies. -- 1932-1934
M-1788-(183-194) Correspondence re legal cases involving Blood Indians. -- 1934-1941
M-9527 Correspondence of the Indian Agent. -- [ca. 1937-1943]
M-1788-195 Return of employees on the Blood reserve. -- 1905-1923
M-1788-196 Correspondence re cattle. -- 1902
M-1788-197 Correspondence re Indian visit, visit of Duke of Connaught, museum material, illness, participation in fairs, death of Indian, rations for scouts, chief to succeed Red Crow. -- 1900-1908. -- Includes correspondence with David Laird and Reverend A. de B. Owen.
M-1788-198 Invoices re supplies. -- 1901-1904
M-1788-199 Correspondence re farm operations, crimes involving Blood Indians, coal, livestock, deputation of chiefs, employment on the reserve, accounts. -- 1906-1914. -- Includes correspondence with Nichols and Shepard Company.
M-1788-200 Invoices re supplies. -- 1904-1905
M-1788-201 Invoices re supplies. -- 1906-1909
M-1788-202 Correspondence re leases, supplies. -- 1908-1913
M-1788-203 Invoices re supplies, equipment. -- 1910-1911
M-1788-204 Correspondence re employment on the reserve, farming operations, machinery. -- 1910-1911. -- Correspondents include: Cockshutt Plow Company, W.H. Fairfield, Macleod Iron Works and Reeves and Company.
M-1788-205 Memo re work done by Indians. -- 1912
M-1788-206 Vouchers re supplies, wolf bounties. -- 1912-1914
M-1788-207 Correspondence re participation in shows, Tom Three Persons, machinery, flag. -- 1911-1915. -- Correspondents include: P. Burns and Company, Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Clarence E. Dangerfield and Guy Weadick.
M-1788-208 Vouchers, invoices re supplies. -- 1917-1923
M-1788-209 Correspondence re family history, Charcoal's widow, adopted Indian girl, museum artifacts, supplies, recipes, calendar picture, Montana Superintendent's Association of U.S. Indian Service, tipi rings. -- 1934-1944
M-1789 Three volumes of treaty paylists, including the band members, names, arrears, annuity, amount paid, remarks, deaths and births for these bands: Crop Ear Wolf, Wolf Bull, Running Crane, Many Dust, One Spot, Old Moon, Running Wolf, Eagle Rib, Heavy Shield, Bull Horn, Many White Horses, Running Antelope and Bull Shield. -- 1900, 1905, 1907
M-1813 One volume listing Blood people by bands. -- 1902
M-1826-(3-4) Two volumes of treaty paylists. -- 1919-1920
M-1829-1 Treaty paylist. -- 1887. -- Consists of a record of a treaty annuity payment on the Blood reserve in the Treaty 7 area of southern Alberta. The volume records the band; head of family; number of men, women and children in each family; births, deaths and marriages since the last payment; and amount paid. Includes payments to these bands: Strangle Wolf, Striped Dog, Eagle Rib, Button Chief (Calf Shirt), Bull Shield, Heavy Shield, White Calf, Stolen Persons, Eagle Shoe, and Bull Horn.

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M-2785 Poster for RNWMP hay tenders, posted on the Blood reserve, calling for specified quantities of hay for detachments in southern Alberta. -- 1905
M-4792 Journal of the Indian Agent clerk. -- 1885. -- Probably kept by Robert Whitney.

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