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Peter Turner Bone, [ca. 1884]

Peter Turner Bone fonds

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Series 1Financial, business and personal papers. -- 1884-1974
Series 2 Photographs. -- [ca. 1881-1973]


Series 1

Financial, business and personal papers. - 1884-1974. - 13 cm of textual records. - Includes specifications for railway engineering projects Peter Turner Bone worked on (1884, 1887), prospectuses (1896-1904), cancelled cheques (1893-1896), receipts and bills from Calgary businesses (1891-1900), oil stock certificates (1914-1941), draft and proofs of Peter Turner Bone's book When the Steel Went Through (published 1947), and a reminiscence by Allen Turner Bone (1974).

M-109-1Canadian Pacific Railway : specifications and contract forms. - 1884
M-109-2Atlantic and Northwest Railway : general specifications. - 1887. - This railway was to run from the Bay of Fundy to the east side of Lake Superior.
M-109-3Stone and Co., meat packers, Calgary : prospectus. - 1896. - Directors included: D. W. Marsh, P. A. Prince, W. R. Hull, H. W. G. Mayer, H. H. McCulloch, R. J. Hutchings, Robert and Thomas Stone.
M-109-4Western Canada College. - [ca. 1904]. - Application for stock and examinations.
M-109-5Calgary Gas and Waterworks Co. Ltd. - 1893- 1900. - Quarterly utility bills of the company, and of the City of Calgary Water Works Department (1900).
M-109-6Calgary Irrigation Co. Ltd. - 1893-1896. - Cancelled cheques for the purchase of shares.
M-109-7Autographs on cancelled cheques. - 1894-1895. - Autographs of Calgary pioneers George Alexander, James Bannerman, W. L. Bernard, T. B. Braden, Magnus Brown, W. H. Cushing, F. M. Freeze, J. D. Geddes, A. Grant, James Hogg, J. E. Jacques, W. H. Lee, S. A. Ramsay, William Robertson, Amos Rowe, James Short, Thomas Underwood, W. E. Wing, J. A. Young, and J. J. Young.
M-109-8Prince Albert tax notices. - 1891- 1900.
M-109-9Calgary tax receipts. - 1891-1900.
M-109-10Receipts : general. - 1893-1899. - Billheads from Inter-Western Pacific Exhibition Co. Ltd., W. H. Lee, John K. Shirley, Richard & Co., D. McLean, William Bruce, A. Allen & Co., J. B. Kelly, J. H. Millward, Calgary Clothing Co., Muir & Jephson, Queen Insurance Co., Linton Bros., J. M. Lowndes, T. A. Clouston, Hutchings & Riley, Carson & Shore, Massey-Harris Co. Ltd., and CPR Townsite Trustees.
M-109-11Receipts : cartage. - 1893-1900. - Billheads from Calgary Cartage Co., Bain and Hamilton, and Alberta Transfer Co. Ltd.
M-109-12Receipts : coal dealers. - 1893-1903. - Billheads from Lamont Bros., A. B. Few, Stewart & Few, G. L. Peet, W. R. Hull, and Galt Coal Agency.
M-109-13Receipts : construction. - 1892-1899. - Billheads and certificates from Child & Wilson, J. G. McNeil, and T. Underwood.
M-109-14Receipts : druggists. - 1893-1898. - Billheads from A. W. Walton & Co., J. C. Templeton, and Wendell Maclean.
M-109-15Receipts : hardware. - 1893-1900. - Billheads from Calgary Hardware Co., and A. McBride & Co.
M-109-16Receipts : furniture. - 1893-1900. - Billheads from J. E. Jacques & Co., and Neilson Furniture Co. Ltd.
M-109-17Receipts : Hudson's Bay Co. - 1893- 1900.
M-109-18Receipts : Hull Bros. & Co. - 1893- 1898.
M-109-19Receipts : King, Leakey & Co. - 1893- 1894.
M-109-20Receipts : liquor dealers. - 1893-1898. - Billheads from Calgary Wine & Spirit Co., and James Bannerman.
M-109-21Receipts : lumber companies. - 1893-1900. - Billheads from Calgary Planing Mills, W. H. Cushing, and Eau Claire & Bow River Lumber Co.
M-109-22Receipts : medical. - 1893-1900. - Billheads from Calgary General Hospital, Dr. H. Goodsir Mackid, and Dr. R. D. Sanson.
M-109-23Receipts : newspapers. - 1892-1899. - Billheads from Calgary Herald, and the Alberta Tribune.
M-109-24Receipts : plumbers. - 1892-1900. - Billheads from W. Head, and Moran Bros.
M-109-25Receipts : Rosebud School. - 1895-1900. - Receipts from Melrose School District, Grieson, Alberta (later Rosebud).
M-109-26Receipts : R. C. Thomas. - 1896- 1900.
M-5845 Oil stock certificates. - 1914-1941. - Certificates issued by Albertan Federated Oils Limited, Alberta Pacific Consolidated Oils Ltd., Beaver Oils Ltd., Bragg Creek Oil and Gas Co. Ltd., Cherokee Oil and Refining Co. Ltd., Christy Oil Co. Ltd., Devenish Petroleum Ltd., Dome Oil Co., Eldon Mines Ltd., Graystone Consolidated Petroleum Ltd., Illinois-Alberta Oil Ltd., Lethbridge Petroleum and Refineries Ltd., McLeod Oil Co. Ltd., Mid-West Oil Co. Ltd., Moose Mountain Oil Co. Ltd., Regent Oil Co. Ltd., Richland Oils Ltd., Steveville Oil Co., Stokes-Stephens Oil Co. Ltd., York Oils Ltd.
M-3714 When the steel went through. - [ca. 1945]. - Original typescript of Peter Turner Bone's book. Includes chapters 2, 3, 4 and 14 not included in published version.
M-6725 When the steel went through. - [ca. 1945]. - Photo proofs for book.
M-110 Calgary 1900-1910 as seen by a child. - 1974. - Reminiscences of Allen Turner Bone, the son of Peter Turner Bone.
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Series 2

Photographs. - [ca. 1881-1973]. - 81 photographs. - Consists of images of the 1st Lanark Rifles, Scotland (ca. 1881), construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), the Bow and Elbow rivers in flood (ca. 1910-ca. 1915), the Turner Bone family and home, family vacations, public events and street scenes in Calgary, Alpine Club of Canada activities, construction of Calgary Water Power Company plant at Kananaskis, construction of CPR irrigation canals and Brooks Aqueduct.

Many of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-1481Bow and Elbow Rivers in flood. - [ca. 1910-ca. 1915]. - 10 photographs.
PA-15201st Lanark Rifles. - [ca. 1881]. - 2 photographs. - Group portrait of G Company; camp at Blairmore, Scotland.
NA-2622Family photos. - [Copied ca. 1961-ca. 1973 (originally created 1883-1915)]. - 69 photographs. - Consists of images of the construction of the CPR, the Turner Bone family and home, family vacations, public events and street scenes in Calgary, Alpine Club of Canada activities, construction of Calgary Water Power Company plant at Kananaskis, construction of CPR irrigation canals and Brooks Aqueduct.

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