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Boose family just before leaving Ohio, USA for Alberta,Canada, 1909

Boose Family fonds

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Series 1

Edith Boose. - 1916-1993 and n.d.

M-6571-1Poetry and prose of Mary Edith Boose. - 1928-1983 and nd
M-6571-2Correspondence from Jack Lobban. - 1916-1917, 1928. - Consists of letters and postcards from England and France describing living conditions and the attitude to war experienced by a young Canadian soldier, who died at Vimy Ridge in May 1917. Includes a poem by Edith reflecting on the loss of her young sweetheart, written in May 1928. - Fragile. Please use the research copies in file 2a. - See PA-3401-7 for photographs of Jack Lobban.
M-6571-2aPhotocopies of file 2, for research use.
M-6571-3Vulcan. - 1968, 1987, 1991. - Consists of booklet about Vulcan (1968); correspondence on the condition of sidewalks in Vulcan, between Edith and the Town Council, including photographs (1987); and news clipping about Edith's 1931 class at Vulcan School (1991).
M-6571-4Donations to museums. - 1984-1993. - Consists of correspondence relating to donations to the Sir Alexander Galt Museum in Lethbridge, the Olympic Hall of Fame in Calgary, and the USA Army Military History Institute.
M-6571-5Miscellaneous personal correspondence. - 1946-1990. - Includes congratulatory messages on Edith's 90th birthday (1990).
M-6571-6Certificates. - 1930-1959. - Consists of Edith's baptismal certificate (1930) and teaching certificates (1951-1959).
M-6571-7Turner Valley School. - 1949-1957. - Consists of salary schedules for teachers (1949-1957); letters from former pupils (1959-1960); and a copy of her retirement speech [1957]. - The original retirement speech is in PD 294, volume 2.
M-6571-8Memoirs of the early 20th century and the Depression. - nd
M-6571-9Donations of quilts to Glenbow. - 1967-1983. - Consists of correspondence with Glenbow; information on the history and construction of the quilts; and photographs.
M-6571-10Poetry and prose. - 1972-1983. - Consists of news clippings of poems and writings, including those of Fred J. North.

Series 2

Other Boose Family Members. - 1901-1983 and n.d.

M-6571-11Ruth Elizabeth (Boose) Hobbs. - 1901-1927. - Consists of poetry, photographs and obituary.
M-6571-12Mrs. Mary Esther (Rinehart) Boose. - 1944-1969 and nd. - Consists of poetry, prose and religious interpretations.
M-6571-12aMrs. Mary Esther (Rinehart) Boose. - 1964-1965. - Consists of reel-to-reel sound recordings of her 90th and 91st birthday parties.
M-6571-13Mrs. Mary Esther (Rinehart) Boose. - 1974. - Consists of 100th birthday congratulations, guest book, photographs and obituary.
M-6571-14Mr. Henry Franklin Boose. - 1977-1983 and nd. - Consists of memories and writings of Mr. Boose, as recorded by his daughter, Edith Boose.

Series 3

Boose, Rinehart and Early Family Histories and Correspondence. - 1867-1993 and n.d.

M-6571-15Family histories. - 1890, 1986 and nd. - Includes copies of Early and Rinehart histories.
M-6571-15aOriginals of Early and Rinehart histories in file 15. - 1890 and nd. - Fragile. Please use the research copies in file 15.
M-6571-16Boose family history. - 1993 and nd. - Includes information on the family from 1832 to the 1990s.
M-6571-17Family correspondence. - 1862-1969. - Includes a letter from Jacob Early from Nashville, Tennessee, November 1862, during the American Civil War. - Fragile. Please use the research copies in file 17a.
M-6571-17aPhotocopies of file 17, for research use.
M-6571-18Correspondence of Mary Early and J.B. Rinehart. - March - October 1867. - Consists of their courtship letters. - Fragile. Please use the research copies in file 18a.
M-6571-18aPhotocopies of file 18, for research use.
M-6571-19Land documents. - 1918-1962. - Includes transfers of land owned by the Boose family in the Vulcan area.

Series 4

Vulcan Establishments Associated with the Boose Family. - 1975-1991 and n.d.

M-6571-20Vulcan's first hospital. - 1991 and nd. - Includes information on the establishment of the hospital by Miss Cora Rinehart (Mrs. Mary Boose's sister) in 1917.
M-6571-21Kirkcaldy Women's Institute. - 1975 and nd. - Consists of information and photographs of the establishment of the Institute by Mrs. Mary Boose and friends in 1921. Includes information on Lee Gosset, a Kirkcaldy-born artist.
M-6571-22Auburn School. - nd. - Consists of information on the history of the school, built in 1908, including copies of old photographs.

Series 5

News clippings, books and programmes. - 1965- 1990 and n.d.

M-6571-23Western Producer news clippings. - 1966-1969. - Includes articles on pioneers.
M-6571-24Ernest G. Hansell. - 1965 and nd
M-6571-25Miscellaneous. - 1966-1990 and nd. - Includes a short history of West Cairn (villlage); shorthand book; and programmes of funeral services [for family friends?].

Series 6

Albums / Scrapbooks. - 1832-1994 and n.d.

PD-294-1Scrapbook. - 1961-1994 and nd. - Consists of photographs of the Boose family and friends, and views of Vulcan and the prairies. Includes some poetry.
PD-294-2Scrapbook. - 1832-1991 and nd. - Consists of photographs of ancestors of the Boose family, family and friends, and Edith's school in Turner Valley. Includes poetry and news clippings.
PD-294-3Album. - 1918-1938. - Consists of photographs of family, friends, and a trip to Wolf Coulee.
PD-294-4Album. - 1924-1932. - Consists of photographs of family and friends, and an invitation to the 1931 commencement exercises of Sweet Grass High School.
PD-294-5Album. - [ca. 1960-1980s]. - Consists of photographs of family and friends. Very sparsely filled.

Series 7

Photographs. - [ca 1850s]-1991 and n.d.

Many of the photographs have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

NA-1416-(1-19) Views of Calgary and southern Alberta places and personalities, and of the Vulcan cyclone. - [ca. early 1900s]-1927. - 19 photographs
NA-1462-(1-2) Parlour in Boose house and Mary Boose drawing water. - 1910. - 2 photographs
PA-3401-1Boose, Early and Rinehart families. - [ca. 1850s-early 1900s]. - Consists of both originals and copies.
PA-3401-2Boose family. - 1899-1949
PA-3401-3Cora Rinehart. - 1888-1945. - Includes 1985 picture of Norma Rinehart.
PA-3401-4Edith Boose. - 1900-1991
PA-3401-5Ruth (Boose) Hobbs and Frank Hobbs. - 1901-1927 and nd
PA-3401-6Mrs. Mary (Rinehart) Boose. - 1948-1974. - Includes photos taken in her old age and death.
PA-3401-7Jack Lobban. - 1916-1917
PA-3401-8Campbell School and environs. - 1911-1917 and nd
PA-3401-9Girls at Champion School. - 1916. - Includes Edith and Ruth Boose.
PA-3401-10Normal School graduation, class and teachers. - 1919. - [Possibly McDougall School, Calgary]
PA-3401-11Auburn School classroom. - 1912. - Includes negative.
PA-3401-12Boose family home and Vulcan. - 1960-1973 and nd
PA-3401-13Friends of the Boose family. - 1916-1990. - Includes photographs of Mildred and Nettie Ware with Mr. and Mrs. Dick Boose (1959).
PA-3401-14Ernest G. Hansell. - nd
PA-3401-15Turner Valley. - 1914-1960. - Includes postcards as well as photographs.
PA-3401-16Negatives and slides. - 1958-1987 and nd
PA-3401-17Tintypes. - 1864-1895. - Consists of three tintypes of Jacob, Mary and Cora Rinehart.

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