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John C.F. Bown, City Solicitor, Edmonton, [ca. 1911]
John C.F. Bown, City Solicitor, Edmonton, [ca. 1911]

John C. F. Bown fonds

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Series 1 Client files. -- 1865-1930
Series 2 Appeal books. -- 1893-1932
Series 3 Personal and legal. -- 1880-1946
Series 4 Letterbooks, etc. -- 1886-1916
Series 5 Oversize items. -- 1880-1918
Series 6 Scanned Document Photographs. -- 1870-[ca. 1910s]


Series 1

Client files. -- 1865-1930

M-1923-1Client file. -- 1884-1891. -- Re dissolution of partnership of George P. Sanderson and Edward Looby; deed receipt of money for P. M. Barker; appointment of P. M. Barker as returning officer; mortgage, Pascal Marichall to John Alexander McDougall; lands of David Tate; land tax demand, W. H. Cushing, Calgary.
M-1923-2Client file. -- 1883-1901. -- Re property of Dr. William Newton.
M-1923-3Client file. -- 1891. -- Re overdue accounts, Edmund Brosseau vs Peter Willett (or Ouellette).
M-1923-4Client file. -- 1891-1904. -- Re discharge of mortgage, Carl Madu to Carl Huff; establishment of agency of British Canadian Loan and Investment Company; claim for payment of C. P. P. Kirkpatrick vs T. C. West.
M-1923-5Client file. -- 1897. -- Re sale of land, Reginald W. V. Vaudin, Joseph V. E. Carpenter and Henry B. Spratt to James Ross and Frederick Ross.
M-1923-6Client file. -- 1892. -- Re payment of promissory notes; James C. Squarebriggs and John Cameron vs James J. Gullion, P. Marechal, Joseph Page, Robert Bailey, C. Whalen, M. McLeod, William Taylor, Thomas Todd, John Fraser, Moise Lamoureux, Alphonse Lamoureux, J. B. Beaulieru, H. Orno, L. O. Lamoureux, W. Rolland, H. Bell, Periie L'Enseigne, Stephen Hill, Edward Courchene, Joseph Callilloux, James Norn, E. Legasse, John McGillivary, Noel Boissonneau, George Bellisle.
M-1923-7Client file. -- 1892-1894. -- Re suit against Mr. Gauvreau; collection for land purchase, hire of sleighs, collection of accounts, Alfred Lamoureax, Louis Lepage, and Victoria Lepage, notice of land sales application to Kenneth A. McLeod; letter to Fernand de Journel from W. C. Fowler re payment of legal fees; letter by N. W. M. P. officer W. B. Flynn.
M-1923-8Client file. -- 1892-1894. -- Re land sale, Francois Juneau vs Camille Verstraete, Edmund Juneau, L. H. Vervaeke, Gustave Vaneste.
M-1923-9Client file. -- 1892-1895. -- Re land scrip of Donald McLeod and Justine Plante; settlement duties of Israel Lamoureux; restrictions on land of A. D. Osborne; lien by Hugh McPhee, W. T. Livock, William Barker; claim, John Belcourt vs Albert Nelson; wage claim, Alexander Kennedy vs Robert Johnstone; partnership of Joseph Bellisle and Stanley D. McPhaden as livery stable keepers; account of John Cunningham to Gerrin and Langevin; protest for non-paymnet against C. Gallager; sale of land, John Longmore to Bown and Prince; land sale, Duncan McArthur to Ernest Charles Crabbe; mortgage, Joseph Beaulieu to LaRue & Picard; homestead patent of Thomas Bluff.
M-1923-10Client file. -- 1891-1894. -- Re seizure of goods, Medore Henri Boulais vs Peter Willoughby King.
M-1923-11Client file. -- 1890-1892. -- Re land sale, Henry Barrington Round to Myles O'Connell McDermott, creditor, James McNab; land sale, Donald McLeod to Hannah Matheson; marriage agreement between Arthur Henry Griffin and Carrie Louise Robertson.
M-1923-12Client file. -- 1894-1900. -- Re land transfers and sales between Daniel R. Wilkie, James J. Foy, Margaret Morris, Christina Morris, William Morris, St. George Jellett, Walter S. Robertson, Scottish, Ontario and Manitoba Land Company, R. W. Powell, J. Erratt.
M-1923-13Client file. -- 1897-1908. -- Re petition on the expansion of Edmonton city limits; surveyors making searches in land titles office; registration of land sales; mortgage A. McT. Campbell; debts of James Hackett.
M-1923-14Notes. -- 1899. -- Re foreclosure case. [written on the reverse of a Conservative poster and copies of the Alberta Plaindealer, November 3, 1898]
M-1923-15 Client file. -- 1896-1897. -- Re lease, Joseph Kelly to Jonah Ervin; memo re SE 1/4 � 14-53-26, W4; auditor's report for City of Edmonton, August, 1897; lease, William John Graham to Alexis Dandeneau; power of attorney, John McLeod to Walter Scott Robertson; claims of J. F. Mowat, William Matheson; fees, Fred G. Davidson vs W. D. Matheson; accounts of John Sharples; mortgage, Charles M. Woodworth and Charles A. Eaton.
M-1923-16Client file. -- 1895. -- Re claim, A. Schwerdfeger vs William Connor; marriage certificate of Peter Anderson and Mary Allan.
M-1923-17Client file. -- 1894-1901. -- Re estate of Edmonton Saw Mill Company, George Thomas Bragg, trustee for Jules Chave and Henri Hetu.
M-1923-18Client file. -- 1894-1896. -- Re claim, J. H. Caldwell and J. F. Caldwell vs Henri Hetu.
M-1923-19Client file. -- 1893-1896. -- Re dispute, George Thomas Bragg vs Henri Hetu, Jules Chave.
M-1923-20Client file. -- 1889-1911. -- Re property of Thomas Wellington Chalmers; insurance of John Wesely DeBond; insurance payments; statement of mortgage against Edmonton Saw Mill Company.
M-1923-21Client file. -- 1894-1904. -- Re mortgage, Fernand Gauweloos and Joseph Hostyn to Sidney S. Taylor; mortgage, Joseph Bellisle and Elizabeth Dupin Bellisle to Mary Maud Bellisle and Mary Maud Flora Macdonell.
M-1923-22Client file. -- 1895. -- Re mortgage, H. de Roux and H. Chevrier Reggio to John Norris.
M-1923-23Client file. -- 1895-1896. -- Re claim, William Macdonell and Company vs Leon Lalonde.
M-1923-24Client file. -- 1893-1897. -- Acting as agent for J. Bruce Smith; includes lands of William James O'Brien Bourchier; lands of Alexander Victor Anderson; claims, Leroux vs Cochrane, Kelly Lubbock vs Cochrane; Brown vs Cochrane, Edminston vs Cochrane, Real Estate Loan Company vs McNamara; Ross vs Cummings; Mathias vs Walker estate of Ebenezer Davidson.
M-1923-25Client file. -- 1895. -- Re mortgage, H. H. Robertson to Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Company; claim, George Hutton vs Louis Lagasse; claim, Dr. E. A. Braithwaite vs John Irvine; land transfer, George Robert Foster Kirkpatrick to George W. Gairdner; lien, John Kelly and Felix Jeaneau; lands of Duncan Kenney and F. M. Robertson; guaranty from Harry H. Robertson to Frederick M. Robertson; lease, F. M. Robertson to Raymond Fitzmaurice; declaration, Charles Vollrath vs Donald Macleod; transfer, W. S. Robertson to F. M. Robertson, lease, Luke Kelly to Henri de Roux.
M-1923-26Client file. -- 1895. -- Re claim, A. V. Caldwell vs Joseph Zoukes; fraud, John Boland vs John Walter and William Humberstone.
M-1923-27Client file. -- 1895. -- Re perjury, Henri de Roux and Helene Chevrier Reggio vs Joseph McCallum.
M-1923-28Client file. -- 1895. -- Re claim, Edmond Brosseau vs H. W. McKenney.
M-1923-29Client file. -- 1895. -- Re commission, W. J. G. Dickson vs E. N. Raymond.
M-1923-30Client file. -- 1895. -- Re credit matter, George Thomas Bragg vs S. R. Benoit, D. S. MacKay and Alexandre Mallette; mortgage, Catherine McDermott to John Sylvester McDermott; Cunningham and Hawkins to John Sylvester McDermott.
M-1923-31Client file. -- 1895. -- Re expenses; claim, Norman D. Jackson vs Jacob Hicks; writ of habeas corpus for L. Lalonde; estate of Edmonton Saw Mill Company, land of Joseph Cousineau; insurance policy and mortgage, John Shephard vs Murdock McLeod; wages, A. Schwerdfeger vs R. Connor.
M-1923-32Client file. -- 1894-1896. -- Re land transactions of the Edmonton and Saskatchewan Land Company.
M-1923-33Client file. -- 1895-1898. -- Re loan, legal charges.
M-1923-34Client file. -- 1899. -- Re John G. Oliver vs Alaska Mining and Trading Company; also John Kelly, Charles Cormier, Arthur Chinouard and William Elliott vs Alaska Mining and Trading Company.
M-1923-35Donald McLeod. -- 1889-1893. -- Including lease, McLeod to Milne and McDermott; lease, McLeod to Joseph Brunelle; transfers and agreements, McLeod to A. Macdonald; lease, McLeod to Frank Oliver; agreement, Fred Beslar, Louis Newman and Christopher Miller with McLeod re hay; mortgage, McLeod to Lafferty and Moore; mortgage with LeJeune, Smith and Company, transfer, McLeod to John White.
M-1923-36Client file. -- 1899. -- Re estate of Henry Frederick; bond, Clothilde Grant, James Grant and Charles Grant; freight charges, salaries, claim, John Walter vs M. Gerta; power of attorney, Ida Sherley Randall to Arthur G. Randall; claim by Stone and Wellington; loan to Emmanuel Raymer; summons to Joseph Bellisle; lands of Samuel Cunningham; mortgage, Andrew Jackson Halliday to John C. F. Bown.
M-1923-37Client file. -- 1892-1897. -- Re Maisonneuve case; Edward C. Dawson vs Stone and Wellington; land patents, T. Daly; lands of Alexander MacKenzie; payments, Carl Corneliuson; mortage, George Looby to H. C. Lisle; mortgage, Aggie Morris to William Thomson Hislop; agreement, Robert Vance and Charles Volrath; agreement for sale, Nancy James Bowen and Frederick Briggs; claim, Elzear Laboucane vs John Norris; mortgage, Charles You; transfer, Neil Galbraith to Thomas S. Burns; mortgage, James Johnstone; claim, P. Ross vs Porter.
M-1923-38Client file. -- 1894. -- Re certificates as Notary Public; collections, McLaughlin and McArthur; claim, Carroll vs Mallette; loan, Donald McLeod; lands W. J. Graham and Elizabeth Graham; permit to cut hay, Laurence Adamson; mortgage, Julien Robidoux to R. A. Begg; halfbreed claims from Jasper House; loan, George Mathews; mortgage forms; job for W. Beairsto; amendment of Land Title Act, 1894; sale of scrip, Lendrum McMeans, loan, R. W. Fletcher; judgeship for J. B. Smith; business position, Lindow and Grindley; membership in Knights of Pythias; suit of clothing; mining certificate; mortgage, Mrs. Walker; winding up of firm, Chace and Corriveau; collection, LeJeune, Smith and Company; notes, Lafferty and Moore; treatment for nervous diseases.
M-1923-39Client file. -- 1891-1900.- Re accounts, L. A. Velcey; claim, F. T. Griffin vs Thomas Phillips and William Phillips; also Lauchlan Alexander Hamilton, land entry, Docinthe Lamoureux; collection, Edmond Brosseau vs Prosper Gory; claim, Hudson's Bay Company vs Alcibade Lamoureux; land ownership, Hannah Matheson; mortgage, Felix Dumont to Ernest James Bangs; land transfer, Ernest James Bangs to Neil Galbraith; death of William Heohn.
M-1923-40Client file. -- 1893-1896. -- Re collection, John Camerson vs Pierre Gray and Samuel Cunningham; arbitration, Donald McLeod and William Humberstone; claim, John Wilson vs Frederick K. Gibson and W. B. Flynn; claim, Brown and Curry vs R. Vance and Company; claim, A. D. Foster; legal affairs of Ernest James Bangs; legal affairs of James N. Rankin; legal affairs of T. E. Shepard; collection, A. Macdonald vs Thomas Hockley; quit claim deed, Henry Miles Quebec to Harry H. Robertson.
M-1923-41Client file. -- 1894. -- Re Xavier St. Jean vs Theophile Mallette; collection, Knox and Howard vs R. R. McDonald, Matheson, Clemart Paul; mortgage, J. A. Mongin to LaRue and Picard; lease, Edmonton Real Estate and Investment Company to Sutter and Dunlop; mortgage, Hormidas Vezina to Bangs and McDermott.
M-1923-42Client file. -- 1895. -- Re disability of P. M. Barker; dealing between Mr. Goforth and Mr. Bray; wages of P. M. Barker; case referred by Frank Fraser Tims.
M-1923-43Client file. -- 1895-1896. -- Re claim, Ernest J. Bangs vs Thomas G. Hutchings, guardian of the estate of Thomas Anderson Tingley.
M-1923-44Client file. -- 1894-1895. -- Re claim, Hudson's Bay Company vs E. St. Jean; mortgage, William Wilkie and William John Gillespie Dickson to Frederick Sache.
M-1923-45Client file. -- 1895-1896. -- Re claim, estate of D. McLeod vs Joe Callio; Mill Creek road; claim, Fernand de Journel vs Robert C. Inglis; collections, Dr. H. V. Baldwin inspection of west Saskatchewan land titles office by P. M. Barker; price of lots in Edmonton; claim, Fernand de Journel vs John Johnson; estate of Marie Joseph Alphonse Raimond de Journel; business affairs of F. Mariaggi; constitution and bylaws of "Le Club de St. Albert"; claim, Joseph Kelly vs John Turnbull; mortgage, H. H. Robertson to L. M. Osborne; discharge of Leon Lalonde; creditors of Berube and Voyer.
M-1923-46Client file. -- 1894-1895. -- Re dissolution of partnership, Bown and Prince; Fernand de Journel; examination of H. H. Robertson, guarantee bond of P. M. Barker; claim, A. Schwerdferger vs William Connor; assignment, Rudolph Lindow to J. D. Clarke; agreement, John Cameron, James McCrie Douglas, Alexander. Taylor.
M-1923-47Client file. -- 1895. -- Re claim, Angus McLeod vs Leod McLeod, administrator of the estate of Donald McLeod.
M-1923-48Client file. -- 1894-1895. -- Re claim, Robert George Bull vs John Hall.
M-1923-49Client file. -- 1896. -- Re lands of Essie H. Kelly; lands of John A. Donovan; agreement, Frank Oliver and Harry Havelock Robertson, salary etc. of P. M. Barker; office of registrar of land titles; land transfer, Henry Miles Quebec to Harry Havelock Robertson; collection, Count de Cayes; estate of Francis Greenwood; collection, Louis Moran, E. J. Bangs, Carson Latimer.
M-1923-50Client file. -- 1896. -- Re piano, J. W. Clarke and Company; note, Mosie Courchane, salary, P. M. Barker, disability of P. M. Barker.
M-1923-51Client file. -- 1896. -- Re claim, Alphonse E. Foisey vs George Van.
M-1923-52Client file. -- 1896. -- Re goods of August Radtke and Lauchlin Alexander Hamilton; mortgage, O. H. Bush; quit claim deed, Walter Scott Robinson to William R. Watson.
M-1923-53Fee book. -- 1896-1897. -- Of H. H. Robertson.
M-1923-54Client file. -- 1896. -- Re expenses of P. M. Barker; mailing to land commissioners and registrars.
M-1923-55Client file. -- 1894-1897. -- Re typewriters; Mr. Cochrane; Matthew McCauiley vs Francis Lamoureau; accounts; inquiries about Narcisse Martiineau; transactions of William Ford Langworthy.
M-1923-56Client file. -- 1895-1896. -- Re claim, Alexis F. Degagne and Edouard Cassan vs Jules Chave and Henri Hetu.
M-1923-57Client file. -- 1895. -- Re claim, Peter Pruden vs James C. Squarebriggs and Emaline Deitz.
M-1923-58Client file. -- 1896. -- Re lands of Richard Guthrie; quit claim deeds and mortgages, Richard Guthrie to W. R. Brearton.
M-1923-59Client file. -- n.d. -- Re arbitration, Charles Vollrath and William J. Graham.
M-1923-60Client file. -- 1896. -- Re landlord problems, Frank Mariaggi vs Napoleon Mallette.
M-1923-61Client file. -- 1896-1897. -- Re financial affairs of Peter D. Campbell.
M-1923-62Client file. -- 1896. -- Re claim, Joseph Kelly vs Camille Verstraete and Joseph Hostyn.
M-1923-63Client file. -- 1894. -- Re claims, Brener Brothers vs E. and X. St. Jean.
M-1923-64Client file. -- 1896. -- Re supplies for Minstrel club; mortgage, George Wishart Gairdner to George Johnston Kinnaird; accounts; mortgage, John Northcote to Harry Havelock Robertson; goods of Charles Volrath; mortgage, Gus Doze to James Ross; agreement, Edward Corrigan, Emery and Harry Havelock Robertson; lease, La Banque Jacques Cartier to Fred M. Robertson; quit claim deed, David B. Wilson to Thomas Wilson.
M-1923-65Client file. -- 1894-1900. -- Re claim, Deering Harvester Company vs Potter P. Aursness.
M-1923-66Client file. -- 1896. -- Re fraud, Queen vs Andrew Coghlan.
M-1923-67Client file. -- 1896. -- Re selling liquor to an Indian, Queen vs James Goodridge.
M-1923-68Client file. -- 1896. -- Re claim, William Humberstone vs James Dinner, M. Maloney, A. D. Jackson, E. D. Grierson, Frank Mariaggi, Joseph Kelly, P. Daly, John Kelly, A. D. Osbourne, E. A. Braithwaite, Donald McLeod, W. Scott Robertson, James Kelly, Harry Goodridge, James Dale, W. H. Stephens, Thomas Cairns, Alexander Adamson, John S. McDermott, W. F. Studebaker, D. Collins, F. H. Armstrong, R. George Bull; claim, J. L. Bailor and Company vs A. P. Mestermann, August Mestermann and J. K. Schneider; claim Maloney vs Gerin; claim, Osmund, Skrine and Company vs Cann and Company; claim, Carson and Shore vs W. Halliday; claim, Albert Hall vs A. C. Watson.
M-1923-69Client file. -- 1894-1896. -- Re legal affairs of William D. Matheson; mortgage, Hamilton to F. S. Stimson; claim, J. C. Andrews vs F. H. Andrews; pension, Like Demo; claim, Fernand de Journel vs John Johnson; claim, Fernana Gouveloos and Joseph Hostyn vs. John J. McHugh; rape, Queen vs Haft.
M-1923-70Client file. -- 1895-1896. -- Re claim, E. J. Banks vs Alfred Bown.
M-1923-71Client file. -- 1896. -- Re theft, Queen vs Donald McDonald.
M-1923-72Client file. -- 1897. -- Re claim, Anthime Petneaude vs Pierre Petneaude.
M-1923-73Client file. -- 1893-1897. -- Re estate of Malcolm McLeod, insurance of Robert Bull, mortgage, Angus G. McLeod to Malcolm McLeod, mortgages, Harry Havelock Robertson to La Banque Jacques Cartier, mortgage, Theophile Lamoureux to Harry Havelock Robertson, mortgage, George Wishart Gairdner to James Ross.
M-1923-74Client file. -- 1896-1897. -- Re claim, George Thomas Bragg, assignee for Jules Chave and Henri Hetu vs Jules Chave; mortgage, Joseph Oliver to Frank J. Smith; mortgage, William Lange to John A. McPherson; mortgage Jonan Ervin to Joseph Kelly; accounts of John and Michael Malone, claim, William Hamilton vs Hugh McKay.
M-1923-75Client file. -- 1897-1899. -- Re claim, Noel Delorme vs D. R. Fraser.
M-1923-76Client file. -- 1894-1897. -- Re note of A. E. Brassard; lands of Edwin James Gilman and Felix Dumont; mortgage, Felix Dumont to Harry Havelock Robertson.
M-1923-77Client file. -- 1894-1897. -- Re accounts of Robert Holmes; claim, Thomas Byers vs John Hare; claim, John Campbell Ferrie Bown vs Joseph Zoucht.
M-1923-78Client file. -- 1896-1897. -- Re claim, William Henry Knibb vs Henry Fuller Davis; claims of Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Company; lease, E. J. Cann to W. D. Matheson; agreement, Noel Delorme and Alice Carey Hutton; articles of co-partnership, Carl Indermann and Gustave Weiland; quit claim deed, Philip Wagner to Carl Indermann and Gustave Weiland.
M-1923-79Edmonton Milling Company. -- 1897-1899.
M-1923-80Client file. -- 1897. -- Re pension of Matheson; hospital ball at Fort Saskatchewan; order by George W. Gairdner.
M-1923-81Client file. -- 1897-1898. -- Re taxes, P. Belcher; accounts of William Ford Langworthy; agreement, Pearcy Hugh Belcher and William Ford Langworthy; power of attornery, Joseph Kelly to John Lubbock; claim, Annie Larson vs James Goodridge; agreement, George McAllister and Louisa May McLeod Hawkins.
M-1923-82 Louis Pruden. -- 1897-1898. -- Land claim.
M-1923-83Client file. -- 1897. -- Re lease, James J. Foy, William Morris, Ralph Hulbert, Charles Blomgren and Theodore Pederson; lease, Ralph Hulbert to Charles Blumgren and Theodore Pederson.
M-1923-84Client file. -- 1896-1899. -- Re claim, Armour, Mickle and Williams vs James Dinner, Walter Scott Robertson, A. E. Jackson, E. D. Grierson, Frank Mariaggi, Joseph Kelly, E. A. Braithwaite, James Kelly, Harry Goodridge, D. Collins, Alexander Adamson, W. F. Studebaker, John Kelly, Thomas Cairns and John Campbell Ferrie Bown.
M-1923-85Client file. -- 1896-1898. -- Re claim, McCormick Harvesting Machine Company vs Johan Frederick.
M-1923-86Client file. -- 1897. -- Re sale, Charles M. Woodworth to Frank Oliver; claim, Johnston vs L. A. Guinette; agreement, Pearcy Hugh Blecher and William Ford Langworth; claim, William Inkster vs John Norris and Edward Francis Carey; Fort Saskatchewan North West Mounted Police band.
M-1923-87Client file. -- 1897. -- Re lands of Frederick Hawke Desjarlais, Malcolm McDermid; power of attorney, Napoleon Mallette to Harry Havelock Robertson; lease, Napoleon Mallette to Frank Mariaggi and Margaret Mariaggi; marriage agreement, G. and Louisa M. McAllister; claim, Israel Adam vs Theophile Lamoureux.
M-1923-88Client file. -- 1897. -- Re claim, Matthew McCauley vs Robert Holmes.
M-1923-89Client file. -- 1897. -- Re payment of wages, Daniel Brox; gratuity for Peter M. Barker, prospectus of Edmonton and Kootenay Packing and Storage Company; affairs of P. M. Barker.
M-1923-90Client file. -- 1896-1897. -- Re taxes of Napoleon Mallette; mortgage, Jonan Ervin to Joseph Kelly; claim, Finlay McIntosh vs Isaac Cowie and George W. Gairdner; power of attorney, Joseph Kelly to John Lubbock; pension of Peter M. Barker; claim, Thomas M. Sullivan vs John Ross.
M-1923-91Client file. -- 1896-1897. -- Re claim, William Inskster vs John Norris and Edward Francis Carey.
M-1923-92Client file. -- 1897. -- Re land transfer, William Phillips to J. Herbert Mason; land transfer, George W. Gairdner to Frederick ross and James Ross; land transfer, David B. Wilson to James Ross; claim. W. J. Walker vs L. O. Lamoureux; protest of promissory note, Harry Havelock Robertson, Frederick Ross, E. Brosseau, James Walsh, Jerome Leboucan and Peter Provost; claim, William R. Howey vs Robert H. Shaw.
M-1923-93Client file. -- 1894-1897. -- Re claim, James Johnston vs Malcolm McKinlay.
M-1923-94Client file. -- 1897. -- Re claim, J. Gainer vs Daniel Brox.
M-1923-95Client file. -- 1897. -- Re claim, Daniel McKinlay vs James Johnston.
M-1923-96Client file. -- 1896-1897. -- Re payment to Peter M. Barker; sale of land and lease, Harry Havelock Robertson to Henry M. Quebec; lands of Ole K. Froisnes; accounts of Joseph Kelly; lease Ralph Hulbert to Charles Blumgrain and Theodore Peterson; lease Napoleon Mallette.
M-1923-97S. Moran. -- 1897. -- Receipt books.
M-1923-98Client file. -- 1897. -- Re affairs of Peter M. Barker; claim, George E. Hanley vs George Roy; horse claimed from Kelly and Lubbock by Mr. De Roux; claim, Joseph H. Picard, administrator of estate of Joseph Potvin vs Julian L'Hyrondelle; claim, Fraser and Company, J. B. Graham, Richard Hayes, William Lockhart, Phileas Royer, John E. Lambert, Robert J. Manson, Dennis McCarthy, Luc Authier, Harry Bass and William Barker vs Frank N. Peters, Eliza Victoria Hardisty and Colin F. Strang; claim, Henri de Roux and Helene Chevrier Reggio vs Joseph McCallum; claim, John Graham vs Ernest G. Stevenson; claim, Julius G. Valpy vs David William Laclair; claim, Frank Allan Hardisty vs Henry De Roux.
M-1923-99Client file. -- 1889-1897. -- Re quit claim deed, Charles James George Griffin and Mary Annabella Griffin; appointment as deputy, George Purches and James Robert Turnbull; mortgage, Mary Maud Flora Macdonnell, James Edward Grahah and Robert Deyell to Frederick George Crisp.
M-1923-100Client file. -- 1897. -- Re claim, La Banque Jacques Cartier vs Octave Mageau.
M-1923-101Peter M. Barker. -- 1897. -- Letter of reference.
M-1923-102Client file. -- 1898. -- Re agreement, Minnie Lutz and Neville White; claims of Alex Robertson; power of attorney, Arsemous D. Osborne to Richard Secord; lands of David B. Wilson; claim S. Moran vs Robert Ochsner; claim, Samuel Moran vs Alies Ochsner.
M-1923-103Client file. -- 1896-1898. -- Re lands of James Wesley Clement, James S. Robertson; theft, David Craig; theft, James Donovan; agreement, Pierre Gray and Louis Courteveille.
M-1923-104Client file. -- 1898. -- Re mortgage, James McDonald to Charles Ross; mortgage, James McDonald to D. R. Fraser and Malcolm McLeod.
M-1923-105Client file. -- 1898-1904. -- Re estate of Tate, involving John Whiteford; patent of Charles Houzel; land transfer, Heinrich Moller to Daniel Brox; liquor license meting, protests re house of ill fame; land deed, Louis Tourangeau to Charles Henry Macwatt; property of James Stove; claim, Thomas Byers vs John Hare.
M-1923-106Client file. -- 1897-1898. -- Re claim, Noel Delorme vs Pierre Grey.
M-1923-107Client file. -- 1898. -- Re death of Evan Gordon Macpherson.
M-1923-108Client file. -- 1898. -- Re liquor license, John B. Mercer, assignment of debts, Richard Harris and John Kelly.
M-1923-109Client file. -- 1898. -- Re claim, Herbert Bettis and James A. Stringfellow vs Winfield S. Stocking.
M-1923-110Client file. -- 1898. -- Re estate of Patrick O'Reilly; mortgage, Carson Latimer to Patrick O'Reilly; power of attorney, Patrick O'Reilly to William McKay.
M-1923-111Client file. -- 1898. -- Re taxes, J. T. Robarts; claim, Edward Nolan vs A. G. Randall; claim, J. T. Robarts vs A. G. Randall; claim, Edmonton Hardware Company vs L. Langevin and J. B. Langlais; lands of Joseph Cousineau; power of attorney, R. S. Gardner to Norman D. Jackson; power of attorney, Walter Durrant to Norman D. Jakcson; claim, La Banque Jacques Cartier vs Majeau; sale of land, Joseph D. Renault to Joseph Couture and Fleuri Perron.
M-1923-112Client file. -- 1898. -- Re insurance of Herbert T. T. Howard; accounts of Frank Hamilton; claim, Walter Durrant vs Albert Shendalier.
M-1923-113Client file. -- 1898. -- Re claim, Willaim T. Livock vs Walter Scott Robertson.
M-1923-114Client file. -- 1897-1898. -- Re estate of Thomas Todd; claim, A. McTavish Campbell vs E. A. Braithwaite.
M-1923-115Client file. -- 1898. -- Re claim, Alexander Talfourd vs Edward Herbert; claim, Henry Strouve vs Daniel Brox; claim, Thomas Byers vs John Hare.
M-1923-116Client file. -- 1898. -- Re theft, John Rowland; accounts of Napoleon Mallette; agreement, Joseph Kelly and E. A. Braithwaite.
M-1923-117Client file. -- 1898. -- Re claim, William Cust vs R. Vance and Company.
M-1923-118Client file. -- 1898. -- Re mortgage, Ole Mickelson to Joseph McCallum; accounts of Neville White, E. A. Braithwaite; estate of Charles de Cazes; receipt of gratuity, Peter M. Barker.
M-1923-119Client file. -- 1898. -- Re bond, Albert Geer to Albert Shendalier; insurance, Trustees of Sunnyvale School District no. 298; mortgage, Joseph Zoucht to Henry Goodridge; claim, Charles Whitford vs Cinnamon; lease, Alfred Brawn to John B. Lubbock and Benjamin Wilson.
M-1923-120Client file. -- 1898. -- Re claim, Gardner vs Canadian Pacific Railway; letter from D. L. Scott to Peter M. Barker; accounts, William Boyd, W. T. Livock; presence in Canada of Joseph Camus.
M-1923-121Client file. -- 1897-1898. -- Re claim, Canadian Mutual Loan and Investment Company vs Charles Grosvenor Ross.
M-1923-122Client file. -- 1898-1900. -- Re claim, Celina Provost vs J. B. Godard and Joseph Godard; claim, Frederick Peel vs W. J. Baldwin; claim, A. McDonald and Company vs Frank A. Walker; claim, Charles Ries vs Joseph Schell; mortgages of Canadian Mutual Loan and Investment Company; claim, Gust Ratka and Andrew Ratka vs Henry Horton; collections, Robert McMillan; claim, James Henry Tofiel vs Louisa Pierce; claim, McDougall and Secord vs W. J. Wright and Peter McCallum; claim, Thomas Byers vs John Hare; articles of copartnership, Neville White and Joseph E. Beliveau; transfer of mortgage, Neville White to Annie Calvert White.
M-1923-123Client file. -- 1895-1899. -- Re claim, Neville White and J. E. Beliveau vs Douglas Alison; claim, Xavier St. Jean vs Pierre Charbonneau; theft, Queen vs William Fitzpatrick; mortgage, Frederick M. Robertson and the Canadian Mutual Loan and Investment Company; claim, James Hermiston vs John McKinlay; claim, Poplar Lake School District vs Hermidas Vizinas; estate and guardian of James Mansfield; summons to William Stevens.
M-1923-124Client file. -- 1899. -- Re partnership of Robert Peters and Marsden McDermott; summons to John Groves; claim, Delbert C. Anderson vs Alaska Mining and Trading Company.
M-1923-125Client file. -- 1899. -- Re illegal sale of liquor, Lucien J. Vellat; claim, W. J. Graham vs A. Roy and R. Roy.
M-1923-126Client file. -- 1898-1899. -- Re claim, Frank E. Goode vs Stewart and Burton.
M-1923-127Client file. -- 1899. -- Re Bown vs De Roux and Robertson.
M-1923-128Client file. -- 1899-1900. -- Re claim, J. D. Harrison vs William Fitzpatrick; claim. J. D. Harrison vs Louis Roberge; mortgage, Adelard Ouimet to Joseph Bourgois; partnership, Thomas A. Gregg vs Frank Fraser Tims; theft, Queen vs Wilhelmine Litke and Queen vs Joseph Zouchat.
M-1923-129Client file. -- 1899. -- Re evidence of R. W. Lendrum; Toronto law residence; financial and business affairs of Peter M. Barker; encumbrance, Heinrich Felske to Pauline Quast, Ottilie Quast, Lydia Quast and Bertha Quast.
M-1923-130Client file. -- 1899. -- Re claim, John Kelly vs Thomas Cairns.
M-1923-131Client file. -- 1899. -- Re claim, James Lauder vs Herbert Bown; claim, Ross Brothers vs Herbert Bown; Marsden McDermott and Robert Peters vs Patrick McDermott and Walter Scott Robertson; claim, Albert E. Caraig vs D. Alison.
M-1923-132Client file. -- 1899. -- Re theft, Queen vs Benjamin Munro and James D. Clarke; claim, Neville White and Joseph Edward Beliveau vs George Voyer.
M-1923-133Client file. -- 1899-1900. -- Re claim, Joseph Cousineau vs Joseph Bourgeois; discharge of mortgage, D. A. Macdonald to James Hackett; mortgage, Bentley and Stokes to Herbert and Perron.
M-1923-134Client file. -- 1899. -- Re claim, Thomas E. Mahaffey and James Clinkskill vs Charles Bremner; claim, Alexander Macdonald vs Charles Bremner.
M-1923-135Henry Boisjoly. -- 1899. -- Insurance.
M-1923-136Client file. -- 1899. -- Re mortgage dispute, Roderigue Nadon vs George Gagnon.
M-1923-137Client file. -- 1895-1900. -- Re mortgage claim, Vital Thibaudeau vs Peter Labree; re account of R. M. Moffat; North West Mounted Police stopping game; estate, Elizabeth Lafortune vs Mary Letourneau; insurance policy, Ernest Berube.
M-1923-138Sarah Fortin. -- 1899. -- Estate.
M-1923-139Client file. -- 1898-1899. -- Re promissory note, John Coleman vs Gustav Weiland and Carl Intermann; estate of Charles de Cazes; creditors of Berube and Voyer; estate of Edmonton Saw Mill Company; application for hotel license by Edwin Herbert and Orrin Lawrence.
M-1923-140Client file. -- 1898-1900. -- Re mortgage, Karl Anders Norup Nielsen to Richard Stedman Cunliffe; lease, Robert John Peters to Marsdon McDermott.
M-1923-141Client file. -- 1893-1904. -- Re promissory note of Albert Norman; land transfer, Robert Peters to Richard Cunliffe; court order, William Humberstone vs James Dinner, M. Maloney, A. E. Jackson, E. D. Grierson, Frank Mariaggi, Joseph Kelly, P. Daly, John Kelly, A. D. Osborne, E. A. Braithwaite, Donald McLeod, W. Scott Robertson, James Kelly, Harry Goodridge, James Dale, W. H. Stephens, Thomas Cairns, Alexander Adamson, John S. McDermott, W. F. Studebaker, D. Collins; insurance policy of Ernest Meziere.
M-1923-142Client file. -- 1899. -- Re land transactions in Edmonton, Emanuel Raymer to A. H. Griesbach; agreements, Emanuel Raymer, Patrick Byrnes, Joseph Verling, Edward Carpenter, Henry Baldwin Spratt, Philip Heiminck, Charles C. Bremner, James Ross, Frederick Ross, Isabella Heiminck, Kenneth Wellington MacKenzie.
M-1923-143Client file. -- 1892-1900. -- Re land transfer, Joseph Enders to Karl Kornelinson; contract, Canadian Pacific Railway and William Gilbert Mitchell Innes; land transfer, Edmonton town treasurer, George Robert Foster Kirkpatrick to the town of Edmonton.
M-1923-144Client file. -- 1898-1899. -- Re land dispute, Walter Scott Robertson vs Sidney Stockton Taylor, Daniel R. Wilkie, James J. Foy, Margaret Morris, Christina Morris, William Morris, Scottish Ontario and Manitoba Land Company; R. W. Powell, J. Erratt, St. George Jellett.
M-1923-145Client file. -- 1889-1900. -- Re Edmonton property of W. H. Gillard; claim, J. D. Harrison vs James Whelan; account, John Leclerc vs estate of Joseph Adams.
M-1923-146Client file. -- 1892-1899. -- Re collections of A. E. Voyer; sale to William McPhadden by Joseph Kelly; loss of bicycle by Reverend James Atkinson; promissory note of E. P. Newell.
M-1923-147Client file. -- 1899-1901. -- Re claim, Moise Nadon vs Roderigue Nadon.
M-1923-148Client file. -- 1898-1899. -- Re court costs, etc Walter Scott Robertson vs Sidney Stockton Taylor, Daniel R. Wilkie, James J. Foy, Margaret Morris, Christina Morris, William Morris, Scottish, Ontario and Manitoba Land Company, R. W. Powell and J. Erratt.
M-1923-149Client file. -- 1904. -- Re fraud, The King vs Albert E. Potter.
M-1923-150Client file. -- 1891-1900. -- Re claim, John William Cookson vs Robert Morton Brown; examination of witness, Iron Mask Gold Mining Company vs Centre Star Mining and Smelting Company; assault summons, John Groves; claim, Alfred Brown vs H. T. T. Howard; claim, Charles Biery vs Lilian Reeves; seizure note, Daniel Brox; claim, August L'Hyrondelle vs William Fitzpatrick school assessment; sale of typewriter; Edmonton assessment of property of A. E. Snyder; agreement between Albert Edward Shackleton and Frank Weder, H. H. Robertson.
M-1923-151Alex Cameron. -- 1900. -- Taxes.
M-1923-152Client file. -- 1897-1900. -- Re claim, W. J. Graham vs A. Roy and R. Roy; claim, Amedee Roy vs Walter Scott Robertson.
M-1923-153Client file. -- 1900. -- Re evidence of John A. Stoffer, insurance of Frank Fraser Tims; dissolution of partnership, Stovel and Strang; claim, T. H. Smalley vs James Whiting.
M-1923-154Client file. -- 1900. -- Re Metis land scrip; horse transactions, Frank H. Bennett vs Carson; taxes of Alex Cameron; mortgage, Napoleon Dumas to Gustave Richard.
M-1923-155Client file. -- 1897-1900. -- Re affairs of Andrew Coghlan; mortgage, Andrew Coghlan to Alexander Hammil: mortgage, Andrew Coghlan to Montgomery Surplice; agreement, Andrew Coghlan and Clara Demo and Luke Demo.
M-1923-156Client file. -- 1899. -- Re claim, Thomas A. Stephen vs Arthur E. Hogue.
M-1923-157Client file. -- 1900. -- Re claim, Harold Gruner vs John Ball.
M-1923-158Client file. -- 1899. -- Re claim, W. J. Graham vs A. Roy and R. Roy.
M-1923-159Client file. -- 1900-1904. -- Re claim, Ellsworth Simons vs Daniel McIntyre; lands of Leon Leclerc; illegal sale of liquor, John J. Melon.
M-1923-160Client file. -- 1899-1900. -- Re collection, Thomas H. Davidson and Deering Harvester Company; purchase of scales by R. Vance; claim John B. Allan vs Vital White.
M-1923-161Client file. -- 1899. -- Re theft, Queen vs Round.
M-1923-162Canadian Mutual Loan and Investment Company. -- 1900-1901. -- Legal affairs.
M-1923-163Client file. -- 1897-1900. -- Re claim, Neville White vs Charles Sutter; agreement, Alexander Talfourd vs Hugh Cinnamon Jr.; claim, Edward Looby vs John Lubbock.
M-1923-164Client file. -- 1900. -- Re theft, Queen vs Paul Rudyk; incendiarism (arson), Queen vs Karl Bamberger; perjury, Queen vs James Kennedy Cornwall; notes re Queen vs Aubray; theft, Queen vs James Cummings; assault, Queen vs James Atkinson.
M-1923-165Client file. -- 1899-1900. -- Re land transfer, William Foyle to Mr. McLeod; claim, Andrew McNicol vs Stapley and Brewster; claim, Tolaf Knud Bakken vs Adolf Brager; claim, Stoveland Strang vs George West; claim, Peter Bolduc vs Joe Larose and Charles Stirret.
M-1923-166Client file. -- 1900. -- Re claim, Blackwoods Ltd. vs F. L. Hamilton; claim, Edward Looby vs B. Groat; halfbreed scrip of Jessie Florence Shields, transfer of Edmonton Post Printing Company from Frank Fraser Tims to Thomas A. Gregg; claim, Hudson's Bay Company vs Samuel Cunningham; claim, John Darley Harrison vs George Nofield; application by Abraham Cardinal to go before halfbreed scrip commission; contract, Karl Bamberg vs Jacob Schramm; claim, Susan Goodridge vs A. Coglan.
M-1923-167Client file. -- 1900-1901. -- Re claim, Coey Banking Company vs A. J. Riley and W. A. Asher; claim, John Looby vs James Huff, mortgage value; claim John Campbell Ferrie Bown vs Edward Haft.
M-1923-168Client file. -- 1897-1900. -- Re claim, Chatham Manufacturing Company vs John Kelly and Edward Looby; lease, Janet H. Edmiston and Herbert W. Edmiston to J. Albert Whaley; account of K. Bamberger; mortgage, Fannie Jame Croswell to William Ford Langworthy; assault, Queen vs John English.
M-1923-169Client file. -- 1898-1900. -- Re land transfer, Jacob Schlam to Philipine Schlam; dispute, Henry Brain vs Judith Jensen; claim, Frank M. Hamilton vs Delia Anderson.
M-1923-170Client file. -- 1900-1901. -- Re claim, Heinrich Geislinger vs Jakob Schmidt and Andreas Schmidt; mortgage, George Venne to Bown and Robertson; claim, James Anderson and George A. Lee vs Arthur Edward Hogue; claim, Amede Roy vs W. Robertson; land dispute, Leon Vandenhouten vs George Venne; appeal of Ira Shipman; claim, Sten M. Larsen vs Ole M. Mickelson.
M-1923-171Client file. -- 1900. -- Re claim, Frank H. Armstrong and Joseph Hostyn vs Pierre Grey; land of Joseph Kaendler; power of attorney of Alberta Gold Dredging Syndicate; declaration re Oscar Desantels; land dispute, Kenneth A. McLeod vs George Wishart Gairdner; medical evidence,Orrin B. Arnold; accounts, P. J. Wickenberg, Peter Lamoureux; mortgage, Adelbert Berry to F. W. Middleton.
M-1923-172Client file. -- 1901. -- Report of committee to investigate charges against Alfred Pattinson, Chief of Police.
M-1923-173Client file. -- 1899-1901. -- Re claim, Emma Phillips vs Mathew McCauley.
M-1923-174Client file. -- 1901. -- Re claim, Price and Engstrom vs James Pollard; claim, Philip Heiminck vs W. W. Miller; claim, Wasyil Robczan vs Louis Lepage.
M-1923-175Alberta Gold Dredging Syndicate Limited. -- 1898-1901. -- Re establishment of company.
M-1923-176Client file. -- 1901. -- Re perjury, Louise and Emma Kruger; claim, Cushing Brothers Company vs Robert B. Bisset; claim, Massey-Harris Company vs. H. A. Carruthers.
M-1923-177Client file. -- 1901. -- Re lands of Charles Volrath; claim, Massey-Harris Company Limited vs Jacob Schram; lease, Robert Vance to Samuel Calvert; claim, Stovel and Strang vs Jacob Mayer; summons to Alfred Brown.
M-1923-178Client file. -- 1900. -- Re claim, Godfri Corriveau and Jules Chave vs Dominion Permanent Loan Company.
M-1923-179Client file. -- 1901. -- Re power of attorney, Edmund Taylor Holmes to Charles W. Sutter; claim, Ludwig O. Olsted vs Axel Landgren and O. Brazelin; summons to William Stiff; lands of Janet McPhee; agreement, Henry Sigler vs J. H. Pickard.
M-1923-180Client file. -- 1901. -- Re claim, Roberet Bisset vs O. C. Pederson; claim, Arthur Davies vs O. C. Pederson; claim, McDonald Brothers vs O. C. Pederson; claim, Jan Slyvinckyz vs John Tolpach.
M-1923-181Client file. -- 1901. -- Re claim, George Geryszuk vs Jacob Schram; claim, Leonard Demerest vs Camile Verstraete; assault, King vs Edward Irvine.
M-1923-182Client file. -- 1901. -- Re fraud, King vs Philip Wagner.
M-1923-183Client file. -- 1901-1902. -- Re claim, Citizens State Bank vs Peter Druar.
M-1923-184Client file. -- 1901. -- Re claim, George P. Jones vs Moses Brunelle and J. H. Wood; claim, H. R. Chopin vs Frank Colt and John W. Shields; claim, Alberta Music Company vs Jones; claim, Martin Guse vs Gustave Lochstedt.
M-1923-185Client file. -- 1900-1902. -- Re lands of Charles William Pacholke; insurance of W. S. Edmiston; murder, King vs Nils Johnson.
M-1923-186Client file. -- 1901. -- Re Fernand de Journel; agreement, M. J. Connor and Ed Looby; claim, W. S. Edminston and H. D. Johnson vs Samuel Nankin; claim, Richard Pearce vs Thomas Stapley and J. W. Tingley; mortgage, Alfred Chivigney to A. C. Hebert and Fleuri Perron.
M-1923-187Client file. -- 1901. -- Re mortgage, James Pearce to W. Fletcher Bredin.
M-1923-188Client file. -- 1900-1906. -- Re land title, Philomene Bellisle; land dispute, John Fisher Risley vs J. B. Mercer; collection, Warren C. Ryckman and James Johnston; accounts, Frank McKitrick, Dr. H. G. Lake and Joseph J. Kelly; dispute, Alberta Music Company vs Mr. Jones; horse sale, property, J. A.Whaley and Janet H. Edmiston; wages, E. Cummings and Union Threshing Company; loan application, Jacob Muller; claim, N. B. Peck vs Jean Baptiste Langlais.
M-1923-189William Macdonell. -- 1901. -- Legal business.
M-1923-190Client file. -- 1900-1901. -- Re claim, Robert Hockley vs F. J. Mooney; claim, Dr. H. C. Wilson vs Baptiste Pepin; claim, Philip Singer vs Frank Seymour.
M-1923-191Client file. -- 1901. -- Re assault, John Sewell; claim, David R. Stewart vs Hugh McPhee, Peter McPhee; claim, Kenneth A. Blatchford vs A. Engstrom; claim, Canadian Birkbeck Investment and Savings Company vs Philip Wagner; notes on man who wished halfbreeds moved.
M-1923-192Client file. -- 1901-1902. -- Re theft case, King vs Gideon Bellisle; includes transcript of evidence.
M-1923-193Client file. -- 1901. -- Re claim, James H. Pike vs John E. Davis.
M-1923-194Client file. -- 1902. -- Re murder of Leon W. Stainton by Charles B. Bullock; includes transcript of evidence.
M-1923-195Client file. -- 1902. -- Re land dispute, Walter Scott Robertson vs Sidney Stockton Taylor, Daniel R. Wilkie, James J. Foy, Margaret Morris, Christina Morris, William Morris, Scottish Ontario and Manitoba Land Company; R. W. Powell, J. Erratt, St. George Jellett.
M-1923-196Client file. -- 1902-1903. -- Re estate of Caspar Nehr; equipment of R. Hilliard Bradley; writ, Christ Weber vs Philip Mohr; order, Augustin Leblanc vs Daniel Maloney; writ, J. B. Langlais vs L. Langevin; land agreement, Edward G. Whitford and Samuel W. Calvert; liquor licence problems of J. B. Mercer, Joseph Brunelle vs Henry Marcotte.
M-1923-197Client file. -- 1902-1903. -- Re costs, Henry Schwarz vs Jacob Schepp; timber agreement, Clarence S. Norman, James A. Powell, and Tobias B. Stapley; fraud, King vs Philip Wagner; theft, King vs Vance; mortgage notes of Joseph Stule; land transfer, William Taylor Stogsdill to Napoleon Dumas; land agreement, Alfred Brown and Edmund Lyons; land agreement, Remi Noel and Telephore Couturier; mortgage, William J. Crull to Frank Love; indenture, Frank Love and William John Johnston; land sales, Martin McLean.
M-1923-198Client file. -- 1902. -- Re theft, King vs Edouard Potvin; estate of Henry Oehlhorn; land transfer, La Compagnie de Moulin a esie de Morinville to Oscar Tessier; land transfer, Reverend Joseph Moise Jolicoeur to La Compagnie de Moulin a esie de Morinville; clipping re Fernand de Journel.
M-1923-199Client file. -- 1902-1903. -- Re dispute of grain dealers, Alfred E. Armstrong vs George Gilmer.
M-1923-200Client file. -- 1902. -- Re accounts, E. Davidson estate; Hugh McMillan; debts, George N. Hoover; estate of Henry Kruger; promissory note, Percival N. Doherty to H. Jennings; collection, Reliance Oil and Grease Company vs Deering Implement Company; sale of piano, A. E. Voyer and C. Kinniburgh and Company.
M-1923-201Client file. -- 1892-1902. -- Re loans for lands; land transfers, Joseph Kelly, Dominion Building and Loan Association, Eva Hostyn, James H. Kelly, James Omand, Reinholtz Matz, Joseph Hostyn, includes receipts for taxes from the town of Edmonton; claim, Thomas G. Ross vs William Duke; assignment of mortgage, David R. Stewart to Alice Carey Hutton; assignment of title, John Thomas Doolan to Archie MacDonald; shooting with intent, King vs Robert Thompson.
M-1923-202Client file. -- 1901-1902. -- Re sale of block, Robert Simpson to Bishop of St. Albert through Joseph Brunnelle; account of William West; naturalization papers of Heinrich Rosenthal and Charles Corber; assignment , Louis Lepage to Victoria Lepage and contract with Canadian Pacific Railway; claim against de Roux family; mortgage, John Clegg to Con Knapp; Strathcona lot of J. D. Clark; murder, King vs Nils Johnston; insurance policy of Louis Boissonneault.
M-1923-203Client file. -- 1900-1902. -- Re claim Philipina Schram vs Peter Schepp; claim, Stovel and Strang vs Karl Mayer; estate of William Stiff; agreement, John A. McDougall and Town of Edmonton re waterworks system, includes copy of bylaw 89 of Calgary.
M-1923-204Client file. -- Re selling liquor without a license, King vs Paul Ross; prospecting for building stone, F. Deggendorfer and J. C. F. Bown; claim, MacLaren and Company vs Alan Omand and Mary Omand; claim, James W. Fuller and William G. Allan vs Harriet Rebecca Robertson; guardianship of Herbert N. Smith; land description and caveat, John Cameron vs D. C. Cameron; estate of Henry Steidel.
M-1923-205Client file. -- 1902. -- Re claim, Anton Engar Lars Sunberg; insurance of William Ford Langworthy; claim, Bellamy Company vs Napoleon Lepage; indecent assault, Rosalie Nolin vs Henry Marcotte.
M-1923-206Client file. -- 1901-1902. -- Re lease, Mary J. Connor to John Looby; homestead patent of Christopher Utas; land transfer, Isobella Williams and James McDonald; agreement, Jules Chave and E. Brosseau; draft of Mutual Fire Insurance Ordinance; liquor permit for hotels at Spruce Grove and St. Albert; includes petition of local residents; account of Frank Juneau.
M-1923-207Client file. -- 1903. -- Re claim, Mary Jane Scamen vs Mathew Evanson O'Brien, Charles Peterson and J. G. Reid.
M-1923-208Client file. -- 1903. -- Re claim, McHugh Brothers vs Jacob Sonheim; homestead patent of Roderick A. McKenzie; will of Samuel Nankin; agreement between Henry Fraser McDonald and William Wright; bills of sale, George Lawrence Sullivan to John French Forbes; land transfer, Henry Brain to William Noble Trimble; John H. Trimble; power of attorney, Gustav Hein and Adolphe Adam; Canadian Pacific Railway claims of E. Leonard and sons vs G. Ratke and A. Ratke, A. L. Seely; land transfer, Emma Ferry to Joseph Zucht.
M-1923-209Client file. -- 1903-1905. -- Re coal lands in Crowsnest Pass involving E. A. Elton, Henry Barrington Round.
M-1923-210Client file. -- 1886-1904. -- Re collections on Canadian Pacific Railway farmlands, Joseph Kluthe, William Toole, P. O. Terrault; lands of Heinrich Baron; assault, Edward Ferry vs Sydney C. Pollard; agreement, Cornelius Gallagher and James L. Johnson and Katie Johnson; deed of land, Hugh J. Montgomery to James L. Johnson.
M-1923-211Client file. -- 1903-1910. -- Re landsales, land loan, lien, Cornelius John Soule and John Clegg; accounts, Mr. Matz, Dr. R. H. Till; agreement, Joseph Zucht and M. Schumacher; United States pay bounty of Xavier Juneau.
M-1923-212Client file. -- 1902. -- Re claim, Walter F. C. Gordon Cumming vs Daniel Earle Noyes; selling liquor without a licence, Frank Kramer and William Herring Cooper.
M-1923-213Client file. -- 1903. -- Re land sales, Augustus Doze and William Mason; claim, Herbert Flater vs L. Berthiaume; caveat, lands of Magloire Zephir Martin.
M-1923-214Client file. -- 1902-1903. -- Re claim, Annie L. Doolan vs Robert Ochsner.
M-1923-215Client file. -- 1903. -- Re claim, Duncan McDonald vs E. Brosseau; assignment of cup by Thomas A. Stephen to Henry Aldridge, William T. Henry, and John B. Mercer re Alberta Challenge Cup for Hockey Associations of Alberta.
M-1923-216Client file. -- 1903. -- Re land claim, William Ford Langworthy vs James Edward Grahame and N. D. Beck, administrators of the estate of Robert Deyell.
M-1923-217Client file. -- 1903. -- Re land owned, Sir Louis H. Davies; mortgage, Abe Lincoln Seely to Roderick McDonald and Murdock J. McDonald; land sales, Canadian Government agent in Great Falls, Montana; draft for case of Hovel vs Castellain; claim, Confederation Life Association vs W. A. Miller; claim, John Arthur Leonard vs August Schlender.
M-1923-218Client file. -- 1903-1904. -- Re judgment claim, A. D. Stephens, John Cromb, Albert Kaier, Lewis Lohn, D. A. Ray and S. S. Stadvold (Bank of Fosston) vs Even O. Olstad, Ludwig Olson; bills of sale, Richard Secord to Frederick P. Hobson, Robert Mays and Eli Buell, Charles L. Haggith to Hannah Young; claim, Paul Dulacka vs Wasyl Straszuk.
M-1923-219Client file. -- 1903-1904. -- Re claim, Henry Brain vs Holland Ross, agreement, Henry Brain and John A. Leonard; articles of partnership, James C. Crawford, John A. Leonard and Holland W. Ross as "Fergus Grain Separators"; insurance of William Vogel, agent H. F. Sandeman.
M-1923-220Client file. -- 1903. -- Re property application of Robert Crawford; agreements, Hannah Young and Canadian Pacific Railway, William Hawkins and Hannah Young; claim, John Cameron vs Daniel McKinlay; quit claim deed, Eliza Lake to Edmund Brosseau.
M-1923-221Client file. -- 1902-1904. -- Re mortgage, Joseph Marsh to Gordon Myers, involving Henry Patterson, Harvey J. Allis, Robert Wainwright, mortgages, C. N. Vanar Sdalen, Alfred Jefferson, money loaned by Bloss P. Corey; costs, Larose and Starrett vs Ludwig Grieve; assault, Joseph Brunelle vs Edmond Brosseau, an act to amend the National Transcontinental Railway Act; power of attorney, Pauline Deggendorfer to Franz Deggendorfer.
M-1923-222Client file. -- 1902-1904. -- Re lease agreement, Sarah Ann Ross and Thomas Lapslie: bill of sale, Robert McLean and Thomas W. Shipley and Sarah Ann Ross; agreement, Sarah Ann Ross and Sydney Maeron: transfer, Peter Skeffington to Sarah A. Ross; agreement, Charles Chable and Robert McLean and Thomas Shipley; agreement, Sarah Ann Ross and Edwin Lewis Dodge: transfer, Alice Waring to Sarah A. Ross; agreement, Peter Skeffington and Jefferson Lewis; agreement, Jefferson Lewis and Robert McLean and Thomas W. Shipley.
M-1923-223Client file. -- 1896-1903. -- Re accounts of Robert Bisset with International Harvester; life insurance of Frederic Alan Aylwin.
M-1923-224Client file. -- 1903-1904. -- Re claim, E. C. S. Hoover vs Caroline Hunt, Willo Hunt, Minnie Hunt and Grundy Music Company Ltd.
M-1923-225Client file. -- 1903-1904. -- Re collection of account, Kinniburgh and Company and R. M. Barker, Luke Lock, James Whalen, Emma Kenny; mortgage, Shera and Company to Richard Secord; payment of land fees, Henry Brain and transfer to Reverend Abraham Hager; transfer of lots, Alfred Brown to the town of Edmonton; agreement, Minnie Donovan and Gavin A. Brown; mortgage, John A. Brash to Charlotte Prince; claim, Nat Purcell, R. E. Foot and F. Pinkston vs Wood and Goldsmith; transfer of land, Daniel McKinley, administrator of the estate of Alexander McKinley, to Mary J. Connor.
M-1923-226Client file. -- 1903-1904. -- Re loan to Henry Brain and land transfers Ira J. Nichols to Charles Eugene Towner; account collection John Schoffield, Henry Edward Beeler; agreement, Edward Beeler and Finlay McDonnell and Miles Kennedy.
M-1923-227Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re business affairs of Edward Beeler; land claim, George P. McMillan vs William Hay and James Hay; payment of rent, G. L. Sullivan and Bergeron.
M-1923-228Client file. -- 1902-1906. -- Re guardianship of children, Marie Hectorine Gauvreau, Louis Valmore Gauvreau, George Lawrie Gauvreau, Pierre Richard Gauvreau and Marie Corinne Gauvreau; bond, Christian Weber and J. C. F. Bown; Canadian Government farm agency in Great Falls, Montana; claim, of A. E. Tucker; mortgage, John Philip Baron to John Giles.
M-1923-229Client file. -- 1904. -- Re death of Alec Reid King vs George Klumbies, includes portions of court evidence; mortgage of George Klumbies.
M-1923-230Client file. -- 1899-1905. -- Re leases, Alfred Brown to Joseph Perras and Fred Duchineau; writ, W. J. Graham vs A. Roy and R. Roy; estate of J. C. Grant; estate of Sarah Fortin.
M-1923-231Client file. -- 1903-1905. -- Re leases, Alfred Brown to Joseph Perras and Fred Duchineau, claim, James W. Fuller and William G. Allan vs Harriet Rebecca Robertson; mortgage, Elizabeth Larocque; accouints, James B. Twiss, and A. M. Botillion, Hall Scott and Company, claim, John H. Deans vs Ross and Perry.
M-1923-232Client file. -- 1904. -- Re partnership, Cilibert Joseph Robert and Lyman Lee Crockett; loans involving Edward H. O'Brien; claim, E. Leonard and Son vs Gustave Rotka and Andrew Rotka.
M-1923-233Client file. -- 1904. -- Re agreement to form Petrolia Ranch Company between Ernest Watts Davies and F. F. Pollard, John Hardie, A. J. Cuthbertson and Fotheringham.
M-1923-234Client file. -- 1904. -- Re "Synopsis of the Laws of the North West Territories" compiled by Bown and Robertson; accouint, Ah Quai vs Tong Yung [Chinese clients]; mortgage, John A. Brash to Charlotte Prince; sale of land, Charles W. Cross and Franz Deggerdorfer to Robert Caldwell; claims, Henry Brain and Graham V. Ross; mortgage, Wasyl Hudema and James Duncan Hyndman.
M-1923-235Client file. -- 1904. -- Re debts of Henry Brain; land agreement, Roderick W. McDonald and Murdock J. McDonald and Thomas Barry; agreement, Fedor Rudyk, Ivan Borys and Muleka Stelmach and John Bruchuchal.
M-1923-236Client file. -- 1898 and 1905. -- Re mortgages, John William Shera and William Glover Shera to Richard Secord; agreement between Mary Jane Grindley and Shera and Company; agreement, Murdoch McLeod and William H. McClelland.
M-1923-237Client file. -- 1903-1904. -- Re notices, Duncan McDonald vs E. Brosseau; loans involving Edward H. O'Brien.
M-1923-238Client file. -- 1898 and 1904. -- Re claim, Roger R. Cherrington vs Richard Wyld.
M-1923-239Client file. -- 1905. -- Re Edmonton Hoist Company, agreement, City of Edmonton and Frederick P. Hobson and Joseph Hostyn.
M-1923-240Client file. -- 1905. -- Re contractors undertaking of Ronald A. Chisholm and David R. Stewart; claim, Daniel Kohat vs Machal Jarenko; affidavit, Ross Brotheres vs Frederick Saegert.
M-1923-241Client file. -- 1905. -- Re agreement between Arthur Williamson Taylor, Francis E. Taylor and John C. F. Bown, Herbert James Dawson, John K. Kennedy and James D. Hyndman; collections; claims, J. B. Illerburn vs Jules Chave; W. H. Clarke and Company vs John Illerburn; land transfer, Samuel C. Moran to George R. Bell; financial affairs of Samuel C. Moran; claim, George Gilmer vs C. E. Boutwell.
M-1923-242Client file. -- 1904. -- Re claim, Lucien Boudreau vs Narcisse St. Jean; claim, Levasseur and Charlebois vs R. B. Cronn; claim, Bank of Nova Scotia vs W. S. Weeks and Strauss Piano Company; assignment of Canadian Pacific Railway contract, Philias Gaudette to Delphin Morin.
M-1923-243Edward H. O'Brien. -- 1905. -- Re land sales and loans.
M-1923-244Client file. -- 1904. -- Re land claim, Charles J. Lemire vs Louisa Berthiaume, includes portions of court evidence.
M-1923-245Client file. -- 1905. -- Re claim, Canada Drug and Book Company vs Alex Forin; claim, William Keck vs R. B. Cronn, also Joseph A. Combs vs R. B. Cronn; claim, J. H. Morris and Company vs B. C. Groat; account, Art League of New York vs McLean and Company; notes on case of King vs A. Huff.
M-1923-246Client file. -- 1905. -- Re proposed formation of Edmonton Linen Company; mortgages, John William Shera and William Glover Shera to Richard Secord; purchase of farm by D. H. Silas.
M-1923-247Client file. -- 1905. -- Re guardianship of Herbert N. Smith; mortgage Jacob Mayer to John J. Anderson; claim, Edmonton District Telephone Company vs A. E. Voyer; claim, Imperial Bank of Canada vs Ames-Holden Company and John W. Peck and Company; formation of Block X Land Company; claim, William Deering Company vs John O. Wilcox and C. E. Valentine and Robert P. Robson; U. S. Invalid Pension for Judson D. Smith; mortgage, James Grieve Harknewss and John Byron Mercer.
M-1923-248Client file. -- 1905-1906. -- Re agreement of partnership, Joseph E. Cooney and Jerry Chamberlain; letter about women separating from her husband; agreement, Dougald McKinnon and Nathaniel Purcell and Richard E. Foote re sale of Hudson's Bay Company lands; claim, Federal Life Assurance Company of Canada and Louis Garon; land sale, Canadian Northern Railway, Walter Eccles and Mackenzie Mann and Company; claim, Colonial Investment and Loan Company vs Richmond H. Davidson and Henry Strubuger.
M-1923-249Client file. -- 1906. -- Re damage claim, William S. Weeks vs Colin Fraser; encumbrances on the estate of Frederick Desjarlais; land sale agreement, J. N. Grieves to Michael Podgormy; power of attorney, Andrew Coghlin to J. C. F. Bown.
M-1923-250Client file. -- 1905-1906. -- Re claim, A. G. Cooke and S. E. Cooke vs R. B. Cronn; claim, George Loutit vs Colin Fraser; sale of lots, E. J. Nash, H. F. Sandeman; agreement, G. W. E. Hohme and August Lentz.
M-1923-251Client file. -- 1905-1907. -- Re mortgage, Renko Prockow and Bown, Dawson McDonald and Hyndman; collections for Federal Life Assurance Company; claim, Federal Life Assurance Company vs. Francis Como.
M-1923-252Client file. -- 1906-1907. -- Re perjury, Asa Darrah; agreement, John Stephens and Rebecca Hulett; assignment, Jakob E. Baronowski to Herbert Bowen; agreement, Jane Morris and Frederick J. Young.
M-1923-253Client file. -- 1905-1909. -- Re land sale, Adelbert B. Rowley to W. C. Henry; estate of F. Meyerhoffer; claim, George Loutit vs Colin Fraser.
M-1923-254Client file. -- 1891-1906. -- Re land transactions involving Henry A. Carruthers and Ellen M. Carruthers.
M-1923-255Client file. -- 1900-1907. -- Re claim, Fredercik S. Stimson vs Frank Hamilton; claim, Frank Hamilton vs Delia Anderson and the The Blackwoods Ltd. vs Frank Anderson.
M-1923-256Client file. -- 1903-1907. -- Re claim, Central Steam Laundry Company vs R. B. Cronn; estate of Percy Scott Henderson; estate of Heinrich Schellenberger; liquidation of Canadian Cooperative Investment Company; claim, Jaku Timbuk vs Foder Sancuk.
M-1923-257Client file. -- 1907. -- Re agreement between Decarie Manufacturing Company and the City of Edmonton for refuse incineration.
M-1923-258Client file. -- 1897-1910. -- Re claim, Charles W. Sutter vs Peter Campbell; order, William Wallace Curtis vs Thomas M. Ryan; notice, Cushing Brothers Company vs Robert B. Bissett; sale of lots of Gull Lake by H. B. Howell; accounts of Windsor livery owned by C. J. Robert; U. S. pension of Alfred Henson; writ, Fred Madin vs Frank Lannan; land transfer, John Walter to City of Strathcona; hiring of domestic workers.
M-1923-259Client file. -- 1903-1908. -- Re land owned by A. C. Bondurant; statements; claim, David J. Collins vs Frank Hill.
M-1923-260Client file. -- 1901-1912. -- Re claim, John S. Fraser, Howard H. Crawford, John Delong, Joseph Tuck, John H. Sollett and James Jeffreys vs Nelson D. Mills, James C. Crawford, Joseph Zucht, Thomas Allen, John F. Smith, Albert Garbe, Frederick W. Carscadden, William James, Bert Cardinell, Daniel Alton, Alexander C. Rutherford and A. J. McPherson; agreement, Thomas Allen and James C. Crawford and Strathcona Grain Cleaner and Manufacturing Company; land titles of Celena Smyth, J. W. Shera and Company; mortgage, Fred Hawe to Joseph Hostyn; land transfer, Robert E. Patterson to Samuel J. Eccles and Henry Hendrickson; land transfer, City of Edmonton to John Holmer Lyons; land title of Hope Alanson.
M-1923-261Client file. -- 1903-1908. -- Re mortgage of Andrew Coghlan to Bown and McDonald; estate of Samuel Laws; lease, John S. Hulett to Charles Pennick; claim, Ogilvie Flour Mills Company vs James R. Teviotdale; agreement, Robert L. Hear and John T. Doolan and Fred R. Oakes, Mutual Fire Insurance Ordinance.
M-1923-262Client file. -- 1905-1908. -- Re claim, Bank of Hamilton vs A. McLim; claim, William Francis Fawcett vs W. D. Matheson; writs, Lamontagne Ltd. vs Robert Higgins and Ben A. Higgins; collections for Raymond R. Houghton.
M-1923-263Client file. -- 1902-1909. -- Re claim, Daniel Brox vs H. W. Moller; accouint of Archie Simpson; estate of Vaclav Matejka; order re agreement between City of Edmonton and Strathcona Radial Tramway Company, spur of Canadian Northern Railway to Clover Bar Coal Company property; land transfer, City of Edmonton to Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company; partnership declaration of Henry Sigler and J. H. Pickard.
M-1923-264Client file. -- 1901-1909. -- Re estate of Alfred Henry Barnard, includes agreement, Alfred H. Barnard and Adelaide Manley; claim, Fowler and Breen vs Alfred H. Barnard and Edward C. Roper.
M-1923-265Client file. -- 1903-1909. -- Re purchase of Percheron horse 'Dagoneau'.
M-1923-266Client file. -- 1897-1909. -- Re land agreement, J. N. Pomerleau, City of Edmonton; notice, John A. Stoffer to Joseph A. Larose, R. T. Telford and J. Grigat; claim, Daniel McKinlay vs James Johnston; claim against City of Edmonton by C. A. Lowe for damages; order, Colin B. Beals and Robert Hoar vs Manitoba Cream Separator Company.
M-1923-267Client file. -- 1900-1910. -- Re will of William Ford Langworthy; mortgage, James E. Wallbridge to Martin Mathiason; Edmonton bylaw "To License and Control Children engaged as boot-blacsk, vendors of newspapers and small wares or working on the streets"; land transfer, Donald Ross to City of Edmonton; draft land transfer; mortgage, the city hospital to the City of Edmonton; lease Paul Ross to Joseph Edwards.
M-1923-268Client file. -- 1904-1911. -- Re lease, Gotlieb Feurhstein to Daniel C. Norton and Robert Sproule; draft land agreement with city hospital; Edmonton bylaw to authorize transfer of lands to the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway; copy of agreement between Gould and Matejka; estate of Vaclav Matejka.
M-1923-269Client file. -- 1911-1912. -- Re will, Ralph Kendall Wickham; encumbrance, William James Hart and City of Edmonton; encumbrance, Frank Crook and City of Edmonton: agreement, Robert Tegler and City of Edmonton; encumbrance, William Sugarman and City of Edmonton.
M-1923-270Client file. -- 1912-1914. -- Re U. S. pension of William Matheson; land transfer, Alberta Agencies Ltd. to City of Edmonton and William Short to City of Edmonton; quit claim deed, Gallagher-Hull Meat and Packing Company and Charles E. Darby, Thomas G. Grady and Wallace G. Grady; advice on procedure for widening on Strathcona Street at Athabasca Landing; bond, Williams and Robinson Ltd., James Courthope Peache, Frederick Richard Davenport and City of Edmonton; property of Mrs. A. H. Middleton: encumbrance, George Pheasey and Charles C. Batson and City of Edmonton; survey of lot in St. Albert.
M-1923-271Client file. -- 1903. -- Re assignment of estate, Daniel McKinley to Connor: sale of lots at Leduc, George Klumbies, C. S. Lott: premises for Bank of Ottawa; defamatory remarks in Winnipeg Journal regarding Frederick Seagert; application of liquor license of C. E. Bevington, accompanied with petition; notice Fort Saskatchewan Milling Company vs David Sinclair.
M-1923-272Client file. -- 1903-1905. -- Re claim, Ross Brothers Ltd. vs Frederick Saegert.
M-1923-273Client file. -- 1903. -- Re statement of Thomas Williams; claim, Walter Hillman vs R. A. J. McDonald and Alexander McIntyre; claim, Gregor Szindruck vs Canadian Pacific Railway; claim, D. R. Stewart vs John Ervin.
M-1923-274Client file. -- 1903. -- Re land transfer, Emma Good Steckle to May Thompson Montgomery and Annie Cryderman.
M-1923-275Samuel Laws. -- 1865, 1903-1904. -- Estate.
M-1923-276Client file. -- 1903-1904. -- Re claim, Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Travers vs Mrs. Dumont and Mrs. Anderson vs Mrs. Travers; claim, J. Koch vs S. Nankin.
M-1923-277Client file. -- 1903-1905. -- Re claim, W. Brown vs Revillon Freres.
M-1923-278Client file. -- 1903-1907. -- Re claim, Edmonton Clothing Company vs William Parson; claim, F. C. Davidge and Company vs Farmers Exchange, Olds; land transfers, Frederick Desjarlais estate lands to Archibald Whitford; estate of Frederick Desjarlais.
M-1923-279Client file. -- 1903-1904. -- Re calim, Phillipina Schram vs Peter Kornberger, forgery case, King vs Theodore Cook.
M-1923-280Client file. -- 1903. -- Re claim, Clarence J. Keesee vs Robert H. Lanyon and Frederick J. Pischel.
M-1923-281Client file. -- 1903. -- Re claim, E. Carey vs John Graham; estate of Catherine Logan; land transfer, Edward Carey to Robert Hare.
M-1923-282Client file. -- 1903-1904. -- Re claim, Henry Schwartz vs Valentin Kulak.
M-1923-283Client file. -- 1903. -- Re claim, Edward Carey vs Magnus Cromarty; claim, William B. Barwis vs Lucien Boudreau.
M-1923-284Client file. -- 1903. -- Re claim, Joseph Brunelle vs Peter Anderson; claim, Jules Chave vs Lucien Boudreau; claim, Mrs. Lubbock vs Town of Edmonton; keeping a house of ill fame, King vs Maggie Carl.
M-1923-285Client file. -- 1903. -- Re claim, E. Leonard and sons vs Gustave Ratke and A. Ratke; Edmonton bylaw "To provide for licensing, controlling, regulating and governing certain businesses, callings, trades and occupations"; claim, Frank Fraser Tims vs Town of Edmonton.
M-1923-286Client file. -- 1901-1904. -- Re assault, King vs George Robinson; theft, King vs Ole Lovedal; theft, King vs Ann Zahayko.
M-1923-287Client file. -- 1901-1903. -- Re claim, H. G. Swaney vs George H. Sutherland and George Bowie in Montana.
M-1923-288Client file. -- 1903. -- Re selling liquor without a licence, King vs Nellie Brown; claim, Ambrose Eudore Voyer vs Louis-George Picard, partners in Edmonton Music Hall; estate of James Reid.
M-1923-289Client file. -- 1903. -- Re dispute, McDougall and Secord vs Edmonton Industrial Exhibition Association; loan, Colonial Investment and Loan to Archibald Cameron and transfer Archibald Cameron to Alexander Cameron; claim, Lewis A. Zimmerman vs H. Berke and Rosa Berke, in South Dakota; claim, Dr. W. A. Allan vs Revillon Freres.
M-1923-290Client file. -- 1903-1907. -- Re collection, H. Lamontagne and Company vs Ira A. Fetterley; estate of Andrew P. Gustafson; lands of George Henry Hendrick; selling liquor without a licence, King vs Walter Clark; account, Cote Brothers Vinegar Company vs Carl Interman; estate of Archibald Stewart.
M-1923-291Client file. -- 1903-1904. -- Re legal directory of Sharp and Alleman Company; land dispute, Nelson Gibson vs Sarah Ann Ross and Alice Waring; Franz Deggendorfer vs Alies Ochsner.
M-1923-292Client file. -- 1902. -- Re insolvency of Frederick M. Shoults; assignment, Frederick M. Shoults to James John Dunlop.
M-1923-293Client file. -- 1903. -- Re loaning operations of Toronto General Trusts Corporation in Edmonton area; claim, J. T. Smith vs L. H. Branson; lien, Fred E. Keil, Kenneth A. Blatchford and Charles Humphrey vs J. C. McDonald; claim, James A. Stovel vs James Whalen; siding on land of Andrew Coghlan.
M-1923-294Client file. -- 1903-1904. -- Re claim, W. H. Parsons vs A. J. Cuthbertson, John Harley and Frank Pollard.
M-1923-295Client file. -- 1903-1905. -- Re claim, Thomas S. Burns vs R. A. Johnston; land assessment, Philip Heiminck, agent for Hudson's Bay Company; loan, H. J. Dawson to Adolphus Norris; loan, H. J. Dawson to Tanasij Didyk; claim, D. McGibbon vs J. M. Cummings.
M-1923-296Client file. -- 1904. -- Re claim, Robert Ochsner and Alies Ochsner vs James Addis Powell, Oscar W. Bishopric, Edmond D. Grierson, John J. Mellon, William H. Stephens, Alberta Brewing and Malting Company and Nelson D. Mills.
M-1923-297Client file. -- 1905. -- Re claim, Rose Brothers Ltd. vs James B. Twiss.
M-1923-298Client file. -- 1902-1905. -- Re damage to Edmonton Municipal Dog Pound, King vs J. C. Bremner; accounts of Allan Omand; land sales Simon Fraser, Robert Fisher, Canadian Pacific Railway; land of Louis Schellenberger; account of Alexander Cameron.
M-1923-299Client file. -- 1904. -- Re land information supplied to W. B. Willoughby by Dr. W. A. Allan; account against J. M. Closson; land loan, H. J. Dawson to Andronaki Topolniski.
M-1923-300Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re claim, George Sherbrook vs W. H. Bull and R. A. Robertson.
M-1923-301Client file. -- 1904-1906. -- Re claim, Donald McGibbon vs C. S. Hoover; land assignment, Wasyl Pylypow, Iwan Pylypow and Canadian Pacific Railway.
M-1923-302Client file. -- 1904. -- Re incorporation of Edmonton Sand, Lime and Brick Company; claim, B. Hetu vs Mr. Cole; claim, Delia Anderson vs J. C. Wilson; claim, William Deering and Company vs Frederick P. Spenser; claim, Charles de Wolf MacDonald vs Jakob Broder; claim, Deering Harvester Company vs W. Schwahn; theft, Paul Therriault vs George Cole.
M-1923-303Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re account collections for Great West Saddlery Company.
M-1923-304Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re claim, James N. McLean vs C. Gowar McLean; insurance claim, Napoleon Genereux.
M-1923-305Client file. -- 1902-1904. -- Re claim, Alexander Cameron vs Joseph Devereaux; claim, R. B. Cronn vs Samuel Moran; brand transfer, Mary Pullshiy to Michael Pullshiy and Michael Pullshiy to Mary Pullshiy.
M-1923-306Client file. -- 1901-1905. -- Re agreement, John Enders, Ludwig Schopp, and Canadian Pacific Railway.
M-1923-307Client file. -- 1904. -- Re claim, Samuel Mayer vs John Monkman; loan for Alberta Hotel, Wetaskiwin, for V. Metejka; agreement between Dixon and Trethewey; payment, A. C. Fraser to Dr. A. Forin; collections, Thompson and Company, Strathcona.
M-1923-308Client file. -- 1904. -- Re lands in Alberta; mortgage, James Lathan and Ernest George Harper to Emily Mearon.
M-1923-309Client file. -- 1904-1906. -- Re claim, Atlantic Refiniing Company vs M. Stefflies; agency work of Isaac Cowie in Winnipeg.
M-1923-310Client file. -- 1904. -- Re bill of sale, Richard C. Arthur, Amos Desilets and Henry Daniel; support of wife, W. A. Dicson; claim, John B. Mercer vs Andrew Watson.
M-1923-311Client file. -- 1903-1905. -- Re claim, W. N. and J. N. Trimble vs Henry Bain.
M-1923-312Client file. -- 1904. -- Re order, W. Brown vs Revillon Freres; claim, A. D. McDonald vs Henry Brain, Eliza Jane Brain and Mary Elizabeth Nichols.
M-1923-313Client file. -- 1903-1904. -- Re claim, Frank H. Armstrong vs Henry Brain; claim, Joseph Henager vs Archibald York and William D. Weeks.
M-1923-314Client file. -- 1904. -- Re claim, Robert Mays vs Lizzie Hamilton and J. W. Corcoran; loan, Alexander Roffey; agreement, Barbara Neher vs Frank Neher and Henry Neher.
M-1923-315Client file. -- 1904. -- Re collection, J. M. Cumines; claim, Cuthbertson and Company vs Phoenix Insurance Company.
M-1923-316North West Mortgage Company. -- 1904-1905. -- Incorporation.
M-1923-317Client file. -- 1903-1905. -- Re advice to Montana businessman about timber production; claim, W. Watson Keeler vs Alex Cameron and Albert Hall; company organization, Frederick P. Hobson, Manfred Hulder, Andrew Albertson and Richard Secord.
M-1923-318Client file. -- 1903-1905. -- Re claim, Augustus Fulton vs Judson D. Smith; claim, Sawyer Massey Company vs Jacob Schram, Christian Schram and Valentin Kulak; establishment of Henry Birks and Sons in Edmonton.
M-1923-319Client file. -- 1903-1904. -- Re estate of Lizzie Hamilton and John W. Corcoran vs John B. Mercer; estate of Xavier St. Jean; lease, Harriet Rebecca Robertson to W. J. Jackson.
M-1923-320Client file. -- 1904. -- Re account, J. R.Wright; establishment of St. Albert.
M-1923-321Client file. -- 1904. -- Re accounts of Oscar Babletz vs Hehsdoerfer; loans, E. H. O'Brien, Wetaskiwin; esate of Edwin James Gilman.
M-1923-322Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re claim, William S. Scott and J. O. Scott vs William Kuyath and Hudson's Bay Company.
M-1923-323William Duke. -- 1903-1906. -- Mortgage.
M-1923-324Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re claim, George J. Welbourn vs Arthur G. Bennett.
M-1923-325Client file. -- 1904. -- Re claim, William Picard vs Ernest Rowsome.
M-1923-326Client file. -- 1904. -- Re account, Philip Sanger and A. Green; land loans for Margaret H. Lehmann.
M-1923-327Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re injuries, Arthur Williamson Taylor and Frances E. Taylor vs Leonard Goodridge and George Trueman.
M-1923-328Client file. -- 1904-1907. -- Re mortgage, John William Shera and William Glover Shera to Richard Secord; claim, George H. Hees vs Arthur Davies; mortgage, John Alexander Brash to Charlotte Prince.
M-1923-329Client file. -- 1903-1904. -- Re land of Frank McKitrick; re shack on land; Edward Linesay vs J. Rigby; wrongful dismissal, John Downing vs Frank E. Goode.
M-1923-330Client file. -- 1903-1904. -- Re land transfer, Cornelius Gallagher to J. W. Hannon.
M-1923-331Eli Taylor. -- 1904-1906. -- Re claim, Henry Doyle and Company vs Eli Taylor; J. D. King and Company vs Eli Taylor.
M-1923-332Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re land sale, William Ibsen to John Henry Kelly; collection, John Milner and Henry Hulme; collection, Rugnhold Matz and Noah Zeigler, turning Robert Simpson house into a pest house by the Town of Edmonton; solicitorship of Canada Life Insurance Company.
M-1923-333Client file. -- 1903. -- Re claim, W. G.Ross vs Octave Derome and Joseph Chabot; claim, Conley Church Organ and Piano Company vs S. A. Ross.
M-1923-334Client file. -- 1903-1904. -- Re lease, John F. Risley to MacDonald and Griesbach; claim, Frank E. Goode vs A. Von Hammerstein.
M-1923-335Client file. -- 1904. -- Re claim, Alfred Von Hammerstein vs Canadian Pacific Railway; collection, F. W. Currie vs Dr. McGibbon, W. Brue vs Dr. McGibbon.
M-1923-336Client file. -- 1903-1905. -- Re coal oil claims, Alfred Von Hammerstein, Michael Wilgen, H. C. Webb, F. A. Barton and A. F. Clevill; accounts A. R. Creagh vs Ely Taylor; horse sale, E. O. Sween vs McLaughlin Brothers.
M-1923-337Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re claims, St. Laurent College vs J. McNamara; homestead of Joseph Wigle Fife.
M-1923-338Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re legal forms; hotel license application of R. B. Cronn.
M-1923-339Client file. -- 1904. -- Re claim, Alexander Cameron vs Wong Fook.
M-1923-340Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re claim, Elizabeth Dunlop vs Frances Forbes.
M-1923-341Client file. -- 1904. -- Re theft, lost trunk of William Morrow; land sale to George Lankin; loans to M. E. O'Brien.
M-1923-342Client file. -- 1901. -- Re arson, King vs John H. Montgomery.
M-1923-343Client file. -- 1901-1905. - Re order, Joseph W. Kelly vs Catherine Pagerie, Alice Pagerie and Florence Pagerie; claim, Mr. Peel vs Adolph Adam; loan, James Robertson to John Lloyd MacDonald; loan, Robertson to John Edwin Wilde; agreement, W. H. Hooper and Charles W. Sutter; rent guarantee, R. D. Tucker and Oscar Rivest; accounts, Nikolai Ziganlas and Alexander Cameron; land examination, W. C. B. Chamberlain; assignment of title, D. J. McNamara and Victor C. French; practicing law in North West Territories; fee, Martin and Williams; insurance, Cuthbertson Company; claim, Sydney Forbes vs Alex McCullough.
M-1923-344Client file. -- 1905. - Re claim, Charles J. Lemire vs Louisa Berthiaume, the British Columbia Loan and Savings Company and A. S. Emery.
M-1923-345Client file. -- 1904. -- Re agreement, Edward R. Wellsman and George McMillan, Herbert James Dawson and James Duncan Hyndman; land transactions, Gustave Hein and John H. Trimble; seizure, John Metcalf, A. J. Bennett, and G. C. Lait.
M-1923-346Client file. -- 1903-1906. -- Re land affairs in Edmonton area of John F. Risley, includes lease to Charles de Wolf Macdonald, William Antrobus Griesbach.
M-1923-347Client file. -- 1903-1904. -- Re solicitorship of Canada Life Assurance Company; mortgage of Edouard Courchene; Hudson's Bay Company agreements between John P. McMillan and James Duncan Hyndman, E. W. Davies, J. K. Kenney, George P. McMillan, and H. J. Dawson; agreement, Albert Cleland and John Primrose McMillan, Frederic Fitzgerald and Robert Vernon Heathcott.
M-1923-348Client file. -- 1904. -- Re mortgage, John Alexander Brash to Charlotte Prince; claim, Octave Derome vs Charles Vandry.
M-1923-349Client file. -- 1904-1906. -- Re mortgage, land transactions, James L. Miller.
M-1923-350Alexander McKinley. -- 1904. -- Estate.
M-1923-351Client file. -- 1903-1905. -- Re estate of P. C. Campbell; claim of John R. Umbach; collection, W. Ward and Alex Peden; claim, Warder, Bushell and Glessner Company vs estate of S. W. Splan; claim, Ross Brothers Ltd. vs Sarah Ann Ross.
M-1923-352Client file. -- 1904. -- Re sale, William Picard, Ernest Rowsome, Louisa Berthiaume and Clarence E. Abbott; claim, Edward Byers vs Hubbert and Lutitt.
M-1923-353Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re claim, Edgar Coristine and Company vs Arthur Davies.
M-1923-354Client file. -- 1904. -- Re claim, W. E. Ross vs John Carlett; claim, Morphy, Ewing and Bradford vs Mr. Grais; comments on mortgage capital in the Edmonton area; claim, Charles Goerz vs Philip Schultz; claim, A. Lapointe vs Joseph Blanchard; collection, H. F. Sandeman and Charles Flohr.
M-1923-355Client file. -- 1904. -- Re land transactions, Johns and Thompson Ltd.; agreement, Thomas Swift and H. W. Cann.
M-1923-356Client file. -- 1900-1904. -- Re commercial standing of Henry Liebing; application of William Davies for liquor license at Wostok; application of L'Abbe and Dumas for liquor licence at Riviere Qui Barre; application of W. Davies, R. B. Cronn and Omer Gouin for liquor licence.
M-1923-357Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re application for legal position; shipment of goods, Mrs. M. T. Montgomery; mortgage, Philomene Bellisle and Bown and Robertson; claim, J. W. Jameson vs Maggie Williams; certificate of naturalization; claim, Great West Saddlery vs John Schnider.
M-1923-358Client file. -- 1904. -- Re claim, Cuthbertson and Company vs Angus R. Chisholm.
M-1923-359Client file. -- 1904. -- Re mortgage, Frank Peletier; property of Adam Bartley; claim, J. MacPherson, A. E. Moore, and J. W. Cunningham and Strauss Piano Company.
M-1923-360Client file. -- 1904. -- Re promissory note, A. L. Tucker and James A. Powell; appointment of Frederick Dutton as commissioner; claim, Donald McGibbon vs James Johnston.
M-1923-361Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re lease, accounts, Sarah Ann Ross; collection, Harry S. Edwards, application of J. N. Pomerleau for hotel licence in Edmonton; claim, Charles Sally and Thomas Phillips; claim, Paul Ross; land sale, Donovan vs. Brown.
M-1923-362Client file. -- 1903-1905. -- Re claim, Alies Ochsner and Robert Ochsner vs Ernest Sterner.
M-1923-363Client file. -- 1904. -- Re land and legal business of John F. Risley; patent for binder blade, Charles Houzel, Gustave Le Breton.
M-1923-364Client file. -- 1904. -- Re legal and land business of William S. Scott; estate of William J. Hillier.
M-1923-365Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re collection, C. Kinniburgh and Company and Nelson Barnhart; business activities of H. A. Hall; claim, Harry R. F. Sandeman vs Alberta Mutual Fire Insurance Company; dissolution of Cuthbertson and Company; Frank Pollard, John Harley and Archibald Cuthbertson; damage claim, R. Day and D. McArthur and Company.
M-1923-366Client file. -- 1904. -- Re claim, Louisa Berthiaume vs Cuthbertson and Company, Archibald J. Cuthbertson, Frank F. Pollard and John A. Harley.
M-1923-367Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re loans, Joseph Perras and Ruby C. Code; mortgage, Jacob Lounhardt; claim, Gallagher-Hull Meat and Packing Company vs R. J. Robinson.
M-1923-368Client file. -- 1904-1906. -- Re claim, W. J. Ward vs Jerry Watson.
M-1923-369Client file. -- 1904. -- Re claim, Samuel Nankin and W. H. Parsons.
M-1923-370Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re claim, Heintzman Company vs Hugh A. W. Twyford.
M-1923-371Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re loan to Nels J. Johnson; loan, John N. Jeoning to W. A. D. Passmore; claim, Stuart Nichol and Frank Houghton.
M-1923-372Client file. -- 1905. -- Re claim, A. J. Cuthbertson, Frank Pollard and John Harley (Cuthbertson and Company) vs Canada Radiator Company.
M-1923-373Client file. -- 1904. -- Re claim, E. A. Holmes vs Alberta Mutual Fire Insurance Company.
M-1923-374Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re loan for land of Ole A. Olson; loans, Frost and Wood vs Dennis Gabrien.
M-1923-375Client file. -- 1905. -- Re loan to Olaf Berg; land transfer, Mary Jane Hover and Canadian Pacific Railway; estate of William Nevin.
M-1923-376Client file. -- 1905. -- Re land transactions, A. S. Elsom and Samuel T. Hellwig.
M-1923-377Client file. -- 1903-1905. -- Re collection, P. W. Johnson and Company and I. W. Jackson; baggage of W. Perdjicszuk; claim, Walter Hillman vs Town of Edmonton; collection, J. C. F. Bown vs Edmonton School Board; financial standing of Great West Implement Company; addition to Grand Central Hotel, R. Matz; account, S. Nankin and Mrs. Pagerie.
M-1923-378Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re claim, John Milner vs Herbert Hulme.
M-1923-379Client file. -- 1904-1906. -- Re land transfer, Robert Alexander Robertson to Edward W. McKenzie; land transfer, Mrs. E. Allen and Robert A. Robertson; claim, Elizabeth Allen vs Harry H. Robertson, Robert A. Robertson, and Edward McKenzie.
M-1923-380Client file. -- 1905. -- Re claim, Simon Fraser, James McGillis, Angus McGillis, Archie H. Cameron, Miles D. McMillan, P. Kinsella, Donald John McMillan and Angus McDonald vs Robert Hamilton and John Hawthorne.
M-1923-381Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re claim, Stratford Clothing Company vs Fred Wagner and Philip Miller; application of N. D. Steele for hotel licence at Lac St. Anne; collections, W. N. Trimble, Robert S. Nobbs, H. A. Twyford.
M-1923-382Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re theft, King vs R. C. Bauer; sale of lots, J. A. Burkholder and C. C. Burkholder to Charles Blackwood; loan, John Fraser, Charles Backolke; claim, John Kelly vs Alies Ochsner.
M-1923-383Client file. -- 1905. -- Re claim, John McPherson, Arthur E. Moore and John W. Cunningham (The Journal Company) vs Richard Secord.
M-1923-384Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re claim, James Robertson vs Victor C. French; claim, Union Bank of Canada vs G. Pempeit and Theodore Krause; collection, John Forbes and A. W. Taylor; loan for land, Peter Flink.
M-1923-385Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re collection, Peter J. Wolden; loan, J. D. Hyndman to Joseph Marsh; lien, Antoine Brun vs S. Perrin and Robert Horan; land transfer, Xavier Bellisle to Lucien Boudreau and John Graham; loans, A. H. Liversidge; loans, William Henry Peppler, S. Mullett.
M-1923-386Client file. -- 1904-1906. -- Re land sale, Thomas H. Jones and Hugh McLean; claim, Christian Weber vs John Wettlaufer; claim, N. Hyhoret; mortgage loan, C. A. Lapoint, Alex Taylor; loan, Duncan McPhail; loans dealt with through E. H. O'Brien, Wetaskiwin.
M-1923-387Client file. -1904. -- Re collections for George Lane and Company; declaration, Thomas Nicholson Bowden; claim, John H. Williams and Mr. McLennan.
M-1923-388John Jacob Diercks. -- 1904. -- Estate.
M-1923-389Client file. -- 1905. -- Re mortgage loan, Gustave Carlson, Margaret J. Hoskin; mortgage, J. A. Pattullo; inquiries about Athabasca and Northern Railway; land patent of T. R. McDonald.
M-1923-390Client file. -- 1905-1907. -- Re collection, Edward Beeler, Fanny Hall; claim, Saul Melkman, J. K. Kennedy; collection, Matthew Moody and sons, Dr. C. A. Gouin; land patent, C. W. Pacholke.
M-1923-391Client file. -- 1905. -- Re loan, Paul Pallaczuk; purchase of school district debentures by Wood, Gundy and Company; mortgage loan, Mikota Batink; claims, Arthur St. Cyr, Alvin Rollinger, James Sommerville.
M-1923-392Client file. -- 1904-1906. -- Re claim, Adolph Fischer and Joseph Hostyn; claim, A. H. Bernard vs Adolphus Norris and Myles Norris; loan, Samuel Cook and Reliance Loan Company.
M-1923-393Client file. -- 1905. -- Re loan Mytro Guglick; claim, David S. Macfarlane vs Thomas Coghlan; claim, Robert D. Stokes and Alberta Brewing and Malting Company.
M-1923-394Client file. -- 1903-1904. -- Re claim, Canada Radiator Company vs A. J. Cuthbertson, Frank Pollard and John Harley (Cuthbertson and Company).
M-1923-395Martin Andrew Berg. -- 1905-1906. -- Loan.
M-1923-396Client file. -- 1905. -- Re claim, Mitchell Hanlin vs John Brown; mortgages of Hugh Campbell, Mark P. Philmore; mortgage, Marie Albuschies; claim, Pollar Brothers vs William S. Scott.
M-1923-397Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re lands of Wasyl Hudema; land dispute, J. W. Turner and Riley and McCormick; costs, Bank of Nova Scotia vs W. S. Weeks and the Strauss Piano Company; claim, Art League of New York vs R. Hockley.
M-1923-398Client file. -- 1905. -- Re collection, Mays Coal Company and Mrs. Twyford; collection, John J. Brown, T. A. Mulligan, Hugh Brown, Mr. Lepage; collection, Mays Coal Company and C. H. Stewart Wade; collection, Mays Coal Company and J. McLennan; collection, J. B. Lubbock and L. O. Hooper; opinion re agreement made by N. W. Gould; collection, John A. Whitson, James A. Whitson and Louis LePage; collection, Mr. McLaughlin and Victoria LePage; collections for Federal Life Assurance Company.
M-1923-399Client file. -- 1905. -- Re application for licence renewal, Joseph Perras, Morinville; protest of road opening, Frank Sieh; land transactions, Victoria LePage, W. P. Perry; collection, Mays Coal Company and Mrs. Berthiaume; claim, Mah Ming vs proprietors of Victoria Hotel; collection, Mays Coal Company and Mr. Griffith; claim, John P. Clinton vs J. J. Stewart; claim, Peter Lamoureux vs Richard Secord.
M-1923-400Client file. -- 1905. -- Re claim, Louis Barth vs Robert Wylie; salary, Victoria LePage; claim, Gayland vs Noyes; claim, W. D. Scott vs City of Edmonton; loan, John P. McMillan to Leon Leclerc; mortgage, Alf Lamoureaux to Thomas H. Jones; claim, Havana Cigar Company vs Wilson Pyper; loans, Mike Gorski and D. Ctarczecki; claim, Franz Deggendorfer vs Thomas H. Jones.
M-1923-401Client file. -- 1900-1905. -- Re mortgage, A. W. and F. E. Taylor to Richard Secord; mortgage, Frederick P. Hobson, Manfred Holder and Andrew Albertson to Richard Secord; land of Arthur Joseph Rocque; receipts, John A. McDougall; taxes, T. Hourston; agreement, Anthony H. Martin and John A. McDougall, Richard Secord and Thomas Hourston; mortgage, Louis Legasse to John A. McDougall and Richard Secord.
M-1923-402Client file. -- 1905-1906. -- Re mortgage to George Bingham; loan, E. T. Buckell and D. Dewar; claim, Louis George Bundock vs Thomas H. Jones; lands of Halvor J. Bergsland; loan, George Harvey to Jessie H. Logan; claim, John Giles; claim, Watson Manufacturing Company vs Joseph Lapierre; sale, Alfred E. Jackson, Alfred Brown and Kenneth A. McLeod to John Bott.
M-1923-403Client file. -- 1905. -- Re injury, Ajam Pauly vs Edmonton, Yukon and Pacific Railway; affairs of G. Lucas; claim, L. E. Standofer vs George Gouin; lands of Frances Mary Elizabeth McLeod, Blanche Closson.
M-1923-404Client file. -- 1905. -- Re claim, J. C. C. Bremner vs Harry Walker.
M-1923-405Client file. -- 1905. -- Re loan, E. H. Groos to George Harvey; dog poisoning, John Horne vs George Raume; incorporation of Great West Annuity Association; murder, King vs Ole Brobeck.
M-1923-406Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re account, Charles Pelletier and Frank Pelletier; Lord's Day Act interpretation; appointment of James Bruce Butchart as Justice of the Peace; collections, John Hagmann; receiving stolen goods, Maxym Suchatski; agreement, Iwan Scraba, Demytyr Balan, Domitusz Melynka, Elia Mylynka and Charles Bonnar; dispute, Margaret Scott and Robert Scott; claim, Union Bank of Canada vs Telesphore Mennier and Homear Mennier.
M-1923-407Client file. -- 1905-1906. -- Re claim, Dr. J. W. Ford vs W. H. Moffatt; cliam, C. Dobell vs City of Edmonton; buying property for A. W. Reddin; claim, DeVillers vs Reverend Corbeil; loan, J. R. Richey and W. B. Stennett; land payments to Great West Life Assurance Company; land sale, H. H. Drayton and Carsley; agreement, H. H. Drayton and J. H. McDonald.
M-1923-408Client file. -- 1905. -- Re claim, Leon Omar Hooper vs Samuel Hardman Smith and John R. Hamilton.
M-1923-409Client file. -- 1905-1906. -- Re mortgage, Joseph Perras, Mrs. Code; loan, C. A. Seaquist, R. W. Cowan; claim, Cuthbertson and Company vs Canadian Pacific Railway; claim, Charles May and John E. Copp vs L. T. Clawson and J. J. Anderson; claim, Arthur C. Smith vs Canadian Pacific Railway.
M-1923-410Client file. -- 1902-1905. -- Re claim, W. C. Dunn vs Mr. Johnson; mortgage, Gustave W. Hohme; notes and evidence, murder, King vs Gustave W. Hohme.
M-1923-411Client file. -- 1905. -- Re mortgage, Angus Cuthbert; loan, Leonard Joshua Breed; loan, Sylvio Chouinard; loan, Florence Pierce, John Rae; land transfer, Alfred Brown to Florence Pierce.
M-1923-412Client file. -- 1905. -- Re mortgage, Jacob Mohr to A. A. McIntyre; application of Ulderic L'Abbe for licence at Riviere Qui Barre; loan, Matwij Maruszecka; claim, John Norris vs Joseph Lamoureux.
M-1923-413Client file. -- 1905-1907. -- Re summons to Mrs. O. H. Bush; collection, James L. Allen, A. J. Tucker; collection, S. J. Simmonds, Richardson and Ferriss; licence renewal for E. L. Dodge, Half Way House at Horse Hills; and payment, E. Lemire; claim, William Short and Charles W. Cross vs Malinda O. Swartz, Sylvester Swartz, W. T. Livock, John Walters, J. T. Littster; agreement, Mary A. Taylor and Mary Elizabeth Clark; collection, C. A. Gouin and Matthew Moody and Sons Company.
M-1923-414Client file. -- 1900-1906. -- Re caveat, Richard Secord vs Antonie Blandion; claim, Robert McLean vs Richard Secord; loan to John Bannock; mortgage, Henry Marcotte and O. Huot.
M-1923-415Client file. -- 1903-1905. -- Re claim, Art League vs Clinton, Smith and Company and Alywin and Williams; claim, McNamara vs Corbet L. Durie; King vs Oscar Rochon; claim, North of Scotland Canadian Mortgage Company vs Charles Keith, Western Hardware Company; H. R. Foulger and Company and D. M. Horn and Company; King vs Bush; Maxfield vs A. F. Inskip and Alfred In. Inskip; claim, Alexander McCauley.
M-1923-416Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re mortgage, James L. Allen; land sale, Mrs. Robert Connor; selling liquor without a licence; gambling, King vs R. B. Cronn; land transactions, John Wesley de Bond and Cleave Hubert de Bond; estate of W. H. Hooper; claim, Flynn Brothers vs John Bear; mortgages, McDougall and Secord, Alexander Cameron, John F. Risley and Charlotte Prince.
M-1923-417Client file. -- 1905-1906. -- Re loan, Alex Ehnes to James McKernan; collection, Great West Implement Company Company and Ocksenti Gorgiczuk; land at White Lake, H. A. Carrothers; claim, J. G. Adson vs A. J. Nyberg.
M-1923-418Client file. -- 1905. -- Re loans to Joseph Hostyn, E. A. Bellamy, N. Dumas, George Gilmer from Federal Life Assurance Company; claim, McElroy Manufacturing Company vs S. J. Knapp.
M-1923-419Client file. -- 1903-1905. -- Re lonas, Bloss P. Corey; land sale, John Wonsch to W. H. Gilmore; land sale, John Hager to John Wonsch; liens, Albert Mathews and George A. Long vs John Wonsch, James H. Raymond, Cushing Brothers Limited, D. R. Fraser Company; mortgage, John Wonsch to Hamilton and Corey, insurance of John Wonsch.
M-1923-420Client file. -- 1905-1906. -- Re collections for George Gilmer; claim, Dr. McGibbon vs Nelson; mortgage, J. A. Pattulo.
M-1923-421Client file. -- 1905. -- Re loan, P. D. Crerar and William Mason; fishing permit, Charles H. Dunn; loan, Jessie Barker vs Andrew J. Dilley; loan, Jorgen Kvan.
M-1923-422Client file. -- 1905-1906. -- Re loans made by John P. McMillan; mortgage to Helena Beck; investments by Ely Buell; land sale, E. W. Davies.
M-1923-423Client file. -- 1904-1905. -- Re land transfer to S. H. Somersall; sale, Kruser and Landsmann; claim, R. E. Foot vs Wood and Goldsmith; collection, Joan St. Clair and H. W. B. Douglas; claim, Albert Hallett vs A. Roy; collection, J. B. Ross and W. A. Allan; claim, Charles Wittman vs H. R. Gutheil; valuation of lands owned by George Gilmer.
M-1923-424Client file. -- 1904-1906. -- Re claim, Alexander Forin vs J. C. Gardiner; loan, Hugh Campbell; claim, John Koch vs W. Pepin; Canadian Pacific Railway land sales, Ole Larsen, Charles H. Dunn, Henry Atkinson Carruthers, Dr. John D. Harrison.
M-1923-425Client file. -- 1903-1905. -- Re mortgage, Lawrence Anderson; loan, John W. McQuarrie; claim, Revillon Freres vs Frances E. Taylor; collection, claims handled by C. E. A. Simonds; collection, O. J. Arnold and M. Chevigny; keeping house of ill fame, King vs Helen Clark, Bernice Palmer, Grace Ames; claim, Jules Chave, Delphis Bechard, De Laval Separator Company; claim, Jefferson Louis vs Robert Hurry.
M-1923-426Client file. -- 1905. -- Re claim, Mays Coal Company vs O. Bishopric; claim, Federal Life Assurance Company of Canada vs J. Lessard; fishing licences for White Whale Lake, Charles H. Dunn; sale of lot, C. A. Piche; claim, Paul Ross vs Government of North West Territories; recovery of gun, C. F. Hellwig and W. J. Price; claim, Desire Rivest vs Alberta Mutual Fire Insurance Company; damage claim, G. L. Simpkins and William Alexander.
M-1923-427Client file. -- 1900-1905. -- Re claim, Mays Coal Company vs W. H. Stephens and J. J. Mellon; mortgage, P. O. Moline; dispute, McLeod and Gowda vs Canadian Northern Railway; claim, Rolfe and Kenwood vs Robert George Bull; land transactions and insurance, Frank Fraser Tims and William Ford Langworthy.
M-1923-428Client file. -- 1904-1906. -- Re mortgage, H. H. Drayton; investments by Canadian West Land Company; claim John Henderson vs Omer Mearon; value of lands near Innisfail; mortgage, G. Pahl to Bessie Corey; certificate of naturalization, Nelson Varnosdalen; mortgage, D. J. McNamara, Lawrence Adamson, C. W. Cross; collection, George Albuschies and Emma Kruger; mortgage, Charles G. Bright.
M-1923-429Client file. -- 1905-1906. -- Re claim, Annie Bell and Rose Hill School District; homestead patent and mortgage, Lewis B. Ellingson.
M-1923-430Client file. -- 1903-1906. -- Re homestead patent and mortgage, Delfice Gouchee; caveat, Robert Henry Calvert vs M. Brakenridge; loans, Edwin A. Bellamy and J. Hostyn; insurance, B. Horspool.
M-1923-431Client file. -- 1905-1906. -- Re claim, Charlotte Prince vs Daniel Lambrecht; land transfer, Gustav Pempeit and Canadian Northern Railway; claim, Bertha Hetu vs John Aitken; claim, G. J. Welborn vs Frank Boyd; mortgage, A. J. Macdonald and A. K. Bouchier.
M-1923-432Client file. -- 1905. -- Re collision of ship Tordenskjold; mortgage, Godfried Pahl to Bessie Corey, A. K. Bourchier; loan, Albert Watts, Edward Bayfield; estate of Sarah Fortin; claim, Josephy Teyssot vs Canadian Pacific Railway.
M-1923-433Client file. -- 1905-1906. -- Re advice about land purchase, Thomas Robinson; claim, Ambrose E. Voyer vs Alberta Mutual Fire Insurance Company; mortgage, Thomas H. Jones and Nettie T. Broadwater; claim, Ethel Williams vs Nettie T. Broadwater; land transfer, Charles Sally and Ethel Sally to Thomas Broadwater; claim, Albert Dunnell and Nettie T. Broadwater.
M-1923-434Client file. -- 1905-1906. -- Re claim, Z. Martin vs St. Albert Milling; advice about settlement; claim, Edmonton, Yukon and Pacific Railway vs Malcolm Groat, W. G. Trethewey, Henry Barrington Round and James Emberley Wallbridge; claim, N. K. Walters vs George Gressel, includes circular from the Cristall Palace Clothing Emporium; claim, Sporle vs A. J. Selwood; claim, J. W. Tipton vs Frances Macleod; mortgage, John Peterson; will, Sarah O. Flaten; estate of Magnus Anderson.
M-1923-435Client file. -- 1906. -- Re claim, Jakob Getzinger vs Henry Meyer.
M-1923-436Client file. -- 1905-1907. -- Re claims, Charles Whelan vs Deering Harvester Company; Rose Brothers Ltd. and Charles Kinniburgh.
M-1923-437Client file. -- 1905-1906. -- Re land transaction, Alexander Patterson, S. W. Thayer; claim, R. J. Knox vs Alberta Mutual Fire Insurance Company; loan to Arthur Ellingson, Peter O. Saunders; application for homestead, Ludwig Heuchel; claim, Arthur Carruthers vs George Gilmer.
M-1923-438Client file. -- 1905-1906. -- Re claim, Alexander Galbraith and son vs Louis Legasse, W. A. Dubuc, E. Rivest, Paul Ouve, Telesphore L'Abbe, Napoleon Dumas, Frank Smith, A. Coupal and D. Matheson; claim, Federal Life Assurance Company vs J. Bond.
M-1923-439Client file. -- 1898. -- Re claim, E. A. Harris, William J. Austin, L. C. Rolt, T. F. Truman vs Thomas Eyre Clatworthy, A. C. Hervey, Clayton Freeling, Frank H. Bennett, H. Stephens, Albert C. Moloney, John Francis.
M-1923-440Client file. -- 1904-1910. -- Re miscellaneous cases; inquiry about Alberta and Great Waterways Railway; information on the whereabouts of John J. McLeod; contract, John Granmann and Canadian Pacific Railway; homestead patent, Mike Hornak; collection, George Gilmer and Nestor Noel; land agreement, Reverend Abraham Hager and Henry Brain, Gustave Hein; claim, Arthur R. Creagh vs Taylor; loans by Manitoba Assurance Company; commission, Robertson and MacDonald; mortgage, contract, Charles Potter; loan, Herman Alm, letter paper; claim, William Duke vs Reliance Company; William Duke vs Great West Life Assurance Company; loan, Leon Hooper; law books; loan, C. A. Palmer; collection, Dr. C. W. Ruttan vs F. C. Simmons; land of Adolph Adam.
M-1923-441Client file. -- 1894-1907. -- Re miscellenous cases; claim, Atlantic Refining Company vs M. Steffer; collection, J. H. Tanter and John Henkleman; lands, Edward R. Wellsman; collection, John E. Powell and Great West Saddlery Company; payment of note, Bank of Nova Scotia; mortgage, J. Launhardt; loan, Margaret H. Gehmann; mortgage, John Giles; loan, V. Matejka; loan, Mr. Casady; guitar of George Duncan; claim, York vs City of Edmonton; partnership, George Wilkins, William A. Olwer, George Purel, Emanuel Rayner, James McDonald, E. A. Braithwaite; hearing before Edmonton City Council about assessment of Bertha Hetu; solicitorship for Merchants and Molson's Banks.
M-1923-442Client file. -- 1895-1906. -- Re mortgage, John Whitford to McDougall and Secord; trusteeship for Sons of England Benefit Society; Zucht Canadian Pacific Railway contract; claim, Edward Nagle vs Joseph H. Picard, Isaac Cowie and James McDonald; defence points re claim, McDougall vs Cairns; re decision of case, Armour vs Dinner; real estate, J. Crawford; loan, W. T. Henry and R. Matz to Sarah Ann Ross; transfer of land, Fred W. Battrick to Sarah Ann Ross; lawyer's account re case, Thomas Ryan vs John R. Donovan; claim, Joseph J. Kelly vs S. H. McKitrick; draft form for infant guardianship; legalities of case, Graham vs Roy; list of legal accounts.
M-1923-443Client file. -- 1890-1907. -- Re employment, Herbert C. Boyd; land sale, Percy Belcher to William Langworthy; claim, estate of Joseph Potvin vs Julian L. Hyrondelle; writ between Joseph A. Merrick and J. H. Trimble, W. N. Trimble and W. N. Trimble and Company; claim, Kenneth A. McLeod vs George Wishard Gairdner; certificate of land title, Henry Davison; encumbrance, Northern Hotel Company Limited to City of Edmonton; assignment of halfbreed land title, Joe Sawey to Edward Looby; claim, Amede Roy vs W. S. Robertson; affidavit, James Francis Fetherstonaugh; list of property, A. Roderick Chisholm; claim, Union Bank of Canada vs O. Bush; reply, Amede Roy vs W. S. Robertson; treasurer's certificate, Andrew Whitford, Whitford School District; depositions, King vs Gileck re Wostock school fire at Beaver Creek; claim, the Journal vs Richard Secord; list of real estate, estate of Donald McLeod.
M-1923-444Client file. -- 1893-1910. -- Re notice of motion, Edward Nunnely and Joseph D. Cowan vs J. W. Clarke; loan, Omer Gouin to Reverend Andrew B. Baird; writ, Charles de Wolf MacDonald and John S. Fraser, Howard H. Crawford, John Delong, Joseph Tuck, John H. Sollett and James Geoffrey's summons, W. A. Thomson vs Edward Newmarch; claim, indenture between Harry H. Robertson and Donald Currie; clipping re amalgamation of Edmonton and Strathcona; land sale, Heinrich Moller to Daniel Brox; summons to Edward Cummings, Patrick Flynn and Ronald McDonald, account, J. R. Boyle to Canadian Fire Insurance Company; mortgage, Peter Anderson to James Ross; land agreement, Donald Ross and James Ross.
M-1923-445Client file. -- 1898-1910. -- Includes statement, Mariaggi and Coy; claim, Angus MacLeod vs estate of Donald McLeod; journal of accounts; mortgage, Henry de Roux to Helene Chevrier Reggio; claim, Joseph Brunelle Jr vs P. J. Robitaille; claim, G. Lacerte vs Thomas Risdale; claim, Bown and Prince vs Medore Henri Boulais; claim, Joseph Bellisle vs Andrew Coghlan; claim, Edmond Brosseau vs R. W. McKenney; statement of defence, Potter and Leach vs A. E. King and John Ring; declarations, Thomas M. Grindley and Rudolph Lindow vs McCleary Manufacturing Company; agreement, Joseph Hebert and Joseph Perras; execution of estate of Ebenezer Davidson; claim, W. J. G. Dickson vs E. N. Raymond; claim, Bown and Prince vs Lamoureux Brothers; claim, Joseph Brunelle, Jr. vs. P. J. Robitaille; statement of accounts; sworn statements re St. Albert Hotel; execution of estate of Elisa David; claim, H. Y. Baldwin vs William Plumley; claim, W. J. Sharples vs Reginald R. Jarvis; claim, G. Lacerte vs Thom Ridsdale; claim, Alexis F. Degagnet, Edouard Cassan vs Jules Chave and Henri Hetu; claim, J. H. Ashdown vs Lindow and Grindley; unlawful sale of liquor, David Chevigny; claim, H. Y. Baldwin vs Eugene Lavery; claim, Edmond Brosseau vs H. W. McKenny; indenture, George Anthony Watson, Fernand de Journel and John Campbell Ferrie Bown; mortgage, Catherine McDermott to John Sylvester McDermott; transfer of estate, Leander Fulton to Daniel Snyde Fulton; claim, Harry Bell vs James C. Squarebrigs.
M-1923-446Harry H. Robertson. -- 1896. -- Canadian Mutual Loan and Investment Company re loans and mortgages, includes letter re legal practice in southern British Columbia.
M-1923-447Harry H. Robertson. -- 1897. -- Includes invoices and receipts, letters from Canadian Mutual Loan and Investment Company re mortgages, loans and insurance, letters from clients re cases, land titles certificates.
M-1923-448Harry H. Robertson. -- 1898. -- Legal cases.
M-1923-449Harry H. Robertson. -- 1904-1907. -- Re legal cases, payment of accounts, land patent, includes statements and receipts.
M-1923-450Client file. -- 1899-1901. -- Re legal cases, Delia Anderson and Driard Hotel, Wetaskiwin, includes agreement, Delia Anderson and Joseph Philip Alside Dumont; claim, Robert McCartney vs Delia Anderson.
M-1923-451Client file. -- 1898-1902. -- Re Delia Anderson and Frank M. Hamilton; dispute note, Sandren and Braselin vs Delia Anderson.
M-1923-452Client file. -- 1899-1912. -- Re Bertha and Henri Hetu and the Queen's Hotel, Edmonton; includes claim, Bertha Hetu vs Thomas W. Chalmers; indenture, Bertha Hetu and Spyridon Gorgolis and Van Serbinoff; land transfer, Louis Renault to Bertha Hetu; claim, Bertha Hetu vs J. H. Raymond; appeal to the City of Edmonton; claim, William F. Brown vs Bertha Hetu.
M-1923-453Client file. -- 1896-1910. -- Re claim, Clarence Edward vs Henri Hetu and Bertha Hetu.
M-1923-454Client file. -- 1896-1910. -- Includes lease, Bertha Hetu to Henry Frye McDonagh; last will and testament of Bertha Hetu; lease; Bertha Hetu to Frank E. Goode; share instalment book.
M-1923-455Client file. -- 1910-1911. -- Re claim, Addie Barber vs the Sisters of Misericorde of Alberta, Edmonton, includes transcript excerpts of trial and rules of the Misericordia Hospital.
M-1923-456Client file. -- 1898. -- Re expedition to blast Grand Rapids, includes agreement between Duncan McCallum and J. H. Picard, Isaac Cowie and James McDonald; claim, James Goodridge vs Ed Bagle; diary of expedition.
M-1923-457Client file. - 1893-1906. -- Re financial and legal affairs of Dr. Andrew B. Baird of Manitoba College; mortgage, F. Juneau to Andrew B. Baird; agreement, Andrew B. Baird and James Henson; claim, Fraser and Company vs James Martin, Christina Martin and Andrew B. Baird; mortgage application, Frank Juneau; lease, Andrew B. Baird to Hugh McPhee; mortgage application, Philomene Cowan.
M-1923-458Client file. -- 1904-1909. -- Re collection of judgment, Richard M. C. Toothe vs William F. Fawcett.
M-1923-459Client file. -- 1907-1909. -- Re claim and appeal, McNicol vs Richard Shillets.
M-1923-460Client file. -- 1906-1911. -- Re agency for McGuire, Bradburn and Earle law firm of North Battleford, Saskatchewan.
M-1923-461Client file. -- 1906-1907. -- Re claim, William Wallace Curtis vs Thomas M. Ryan.
M-1923-462Client file. -- 1906-1908. -- Re agreement, Josiah Collins Haggart and George R. Cross.
M-1923-463Client file.- 1907. -- Re claim, Lamontagne Limted vs Ira A. Fetterly.
M-1923-464Client file. -- 1906-1907. -- Re claim, Dominion Bank vs J. S. Hulett.
M-1923-465Client file. -- 1907-1908. -- Re claim, R. T. Purvis vs R. Brown.
M-1923-466Client file. -- 1906. -- Re claim, Vining Palmer vs Mahoney Hotel Company Limited.
M-1923-467Client file. -- 1907-1909. -- Correspondence with Haultain and Cross, Regina.
M-1923-468Client file. -- 1909-1911. -- Re claim, Massey-Harris Company Limited vs Napoleon Dumas.
M-1923-469Client file. -- 1906-1907. -- Re claim, Mrs. E. L. Kelley vs John C. Eno.
M-1923-470Client file. -- 1906. -- Re claim, T. R. Ridgeway vs Charles H. Barbour.
M-1923-471Client file. -- 1908-1910. -- Re claim, Lamontagne Limited vs Robert Higgins and Ben A. Higgins.
M-1923-472Client file. -- 1901-1911. -- Re claim, Foley Ros., Larson and Company vs French and Halterman.
M-1923-473Client file. -- 1910. -- Re claim, Emil Johnson vs Johnson Brothers.
M-1923-474Client file. -- 1906-1909. -- Re claim, F. E. Campskin vs C. O. Simon.
M-1923-475Earle and Keith, Battleford. -- 1907-1908. -- Agency work for law firm.
M-1923-476Client file. -- 1910-1911. -- Re claim, William D. Matheson vs John Doolan, C. N. York, A. B. Lewis and David Walks; claim, William D. Matheson vs John H. Cameron.
M-1923-477Client file. -- 1904-1909. -- Re claim, Daniel Brox vs R. E. Pattereson, includes excerpt of courtroom transcript.
M-1923-478Client file. -- 1905-1908. -- Re claim, Merriam Park Bank vs Joseph Perras and others, includes excerpt of courtroom transcript.
M-1923-479Client file. -- 1907-1908. -- Kavanagh, Lajoie and Lacoste, Advocates, Montreal, re lien agreements and conditional sales.
M-1923-480Client file. -- 1907. -- Wilson vs John May.
M-1923-481Client file. -- 1907-1908. -- Re claim, Thomas Graden, Walter Elliott and Thomas B. Smith vs City of Edmonton.
M-1923-482Client file. -- 1907. -- Re claim, Robert C. Grant vs Henry Fidler; claim, Archibald Noyes vs Joseph Hostyn and William B. Stephenson.
M-1923-483Client file. -- 1907-1908. -- Re land agreement and mortgage, John T. Doolan to William Wallace Ryan; claim, John T. Doolan vs Joseph Bourjeois; patent agreement, Robert Orr and John T. Doolan and Fred R. Oakes.
M-1923-484Client file. -- 1907-1910. -- Re claim, Clarence Slye vs W. L. Gillespie; claim, Mrs. Reaks vs The Douglas Company Limited.
M-1923-485Client file. -- 1907-1908. -- Re claim, W. A. Silverwood vs Dukelow and Sons.
M-1923-486Client file. -- 1907-1908. -- Re claim, Robert Bauer vs Phillip Letzenberger.
M-1923-487Client file. -- 1907-1908. -- Re assignment, Henry Willie to Samuel H. Smith; will of Lacy Gully; claim, Great West Saddlery vs Lacy Gully.
M-1923-488Client file. -- 1908. -- Re claim, Peter Anderson and James Ross vs John Copp, Samuel H. Smith, Arthur Archibald and Heber Archibald.
M-1923-489Client file. -- 1907-1914. -- Re cases involving Oswald W. Kealy, barrister, Medicine Hat; includes claim, Mrs. A. Calkins vs Ludwig Bodenstab; garnishee summons, Great West Lie vs Bell; records search of H. C. Cooper Livery and Cartage Company Limited; lien note, Louis Lagesse vs R. Vandeloupe; divorce, Dakin vs Dakin.
M-1923-490Client file. -- 1907-1909. -- Re assessment appeal, Edward Nunnelly vs J. W. Hay.
M-1923-491Client file. -- 1907-1908. -- Re claim, Fancy Goods Company of Canada Limited vs Alfred Dechene and J. T. Duhamel.
M-1923-492Client file. -- 1908. -- Re claim, A. E. Suckliing vs Robert B. Cronn; claim, Ralph Morris and Ella Limited vs Robert B. Cronn.
M-1923-493Client file. -- 1907-1908. -- Re claim, Canadian Pacific Railway Company vs James Fletcher.
M-1923-494Client file. -- 1908. -- Re dispute, Archibald York vs E. H. Morphy.
M-1923-495Client file. -- 1908-1909. -- Re claim, Walter Wagar vs May-Sharpe Construction Company Limited.
M-1923-496Client file. -- 1908-1910. -- Re claim, Julius G. Valpy vs David William Leclair.
M-1923-497Client file. -- 1907-1909. -- Re claim, George E. Hanley vs George Roy; claim, Kemp Manufacturing Company vs Dechene and Duhamel.
M-1923-498Client file. -- Re claim, Lanvard Publishing Company vs P. Anderson and Company; claim, D. R. Fraser and Company vs P. Anderson and Company; King vs McInnis and others; claim, John Spry vs Peter Anderson.
M-1923-499Client file. -- 1903-1904. -- Re claim, P. Anderson and Company vs McLaughlin and Lambert.
M-1923-500Client file. -- 1906-1909. -- Re claim, Robertson and Company vs Acme Company Limited.
M-1923-501Client file. -- 1908-1910. - Re dispute, Philipina Schram vs Philip Schram.
M-1923-502Client file. -- 1907-1908. -- Re lien, McKay and Brehaut vs George Carey, Samuel H. Coward and H. M. E. Evans and between Charles M. Freeze, Thomas R. Freeze and Theodore Shephard vs William Carey, Samuel Herbert Coward and M. E. Evans.
M-1923-503Client file. -- 1908-1909. -- Re claim, Prokop Magera vs Lymberg School District.
M-1923-504Client file. -- 1907-1908. -- Re claim, Mrs. Govereau vs Mr. Hall; claim, Arthur Demers vs Andrew Forster.
M-1923-505Client file. -- 1909-1911. - Re settlement claim, Alexander Esson May on behalf of the deceased Burchard Henry Windels vs Peter Anderson; claim Waterous Engine Works vs P. Anderson; claim, Fredericks vs P. Anderson Company; P. Anderson and Company vs Daniel Kallis.
M-1923-506Client file. -- 1907-1908. -- Re claim, Andrew Balmer vs P. Anderson Brick Company Limited.
M-1923-507Client file. -- 1906-1908. -- Re claim, Clark vs Frederick Saegert; wage claim, William Rochon vs City of Edmonton.
M-1923-508Client file. -- 1902-1909. -- Re claim, Louis Schafer vs John Byers and John Charles MacKay; includes duplicate certificate of title re lot in Wetaskiwin.
M-1923-509Client file. -- 1910. -- Re account of claim, City of Edmonton vs Howard Stutchbury.
M-1923-510Client file. -- 1901. -- Re Chave and Hetu estate accounts.
M-1923-511Mah Sam. -- 1907. -- Keeping of gaming house.
M-1923-512Client file. -- 1910. -- Re action against Stony Plain Advertiser by R. P. Shaw.
M-1923-513Client file. -- 1908. -- Re payment for poisoning horses, Andreas Zippie to Peter Baron.
M-1923-514Client file. -- 1910-1911. -- Re embezzlement of Union Bank funds by Denzil Mount; misappropriation of Traders Bank of Canada funds by T. S. Jackson.
M-1923-515Client file. -- 1907. -- Re Carl Miller and Daniel Brox.
M-1923-516Client file. -- 1908-1909. -- Correspondence with J. A. M. Aikins, solicitor for Canadian Pacific Railway re Workmen's Compensation Act and railway legislation.
M-1923-517Client file. -- 1906. -- With C. E. A. Simonds, Leduc, re legal cases and incorporation of Leduc; lawsuit, Hagman vs City of Edmonton.
M-1923-518City of Edmonton charter. -- n.d. -- Table of contents, includes draft for provision for plan of city.
M-1923-519Town of Leduc. -- 1910. -- Weigh scale bylaw.
M-1923-520City of Edmonton charter. -- 1906-1909. -- Amendments, includes act respecting the Edmonton Radial Tramway.
M-1923-521City of Edmonton bylaws. -- 1907-1908. -- Amendments, re pawn shops, dairies, fire regulations, vacant council seat, early closing of shops, licensing of intelligence offices and other businesses, municipal elections, agreement between American Canadian oil company and city of Edmonton, includes report re market square.
M-1923-522A. H. Liversidge. -- 1906. -- Editor of Leduc Enterprise newspaper.
M-1923-523Client file. -- 1906. -- W. D. Hyndman and H. D. Swarbrick re compensation for burnt stable.
M-1923-524Client file. -- 1907. -- Re Fred Schneider, trespassing on neighbour's property.
M-1923-525Client file. -- 1907. -- Re Jeanie Reaks re stolen money and luggage.
M-1923-526Client file. -- 1907-1908. -- With Mathias Lambert re petition against license for the Richelieu Hotel, Brosseauville.
M-1923-527Client file. -- 1907. -- Re complaint by Mr. Allen against George Creswell and taking of mail.
M-1923-528Client file. -- 1906. -- Re claim, Plunkett and Savage vs Sang Lung [Chinese].
M-1923-529Client file. -- 1910. -- Re collection of account, Capper Publications vs Worth and Holden.
M-1923-530Client file. -- 1906. -- Re claim, George Thompson vs Thomas Page.
M-1923-531Client file. -- 1906. -- Re brand application, Alice Olsen; transfer of land, Knud Olsen to Fina Young.
M-1923-532Client file. -- 1906. -- Re coal contract, Mays Coal Company and City of Edmonton.
M-1923-533Client file. -- 1906. -- Re claim, E. A. Thomas vs C. A. Estell.
M-1923-534Client file. -- 1906. -- Re claim, Alberta Music Company vs estate of E. Lyons; claim, Alberta Music Company vs. F. J. White.
M-1923-535Client file. -- 1906. -- Re wage claims, Alexander Speck, John Dachuk, Nicolia Polinulek vs Canadian Northern Railway.
M-1923-536Client file. -- 1907. -- Re claim, Western Cigar Factory vs W. H. and Joseph McFarlin.
M-1923-537Client file. -- 1907-1911. -- Correspondence with Canadian Legal Publishing Company re information for the Canadian Law List, includes synopsis of the Laws of the Province of Alberta.
M-1923-538Client file. -- 1910. -- Re claim, C. H. Westwood Manufacturing Company vs Bertha Lister and Isabella Allison; agreement between Bertha Lister and Isabella Allison.
M-1923-539Client file. -- 1907. -- Letter to Cris Schooltz re compensation for attack by his dog on Vining Palmer.
M-1923-540Client file. -- 1910. -- Correspondence with W. J. Loggie, Barrister, re judgment of an appeal.
M-1923-541Client file. -- 1907. -- Re claim, Edwin I. Clarke vs Frederick Seagert.
M-1923-542Client file. -- 1910. -- Re mortgage, George Hennig to Harry Madill, includes land transfer.
M-1923-543Client file. -- 1908. -- Re wage claim, Nick Sawyzuk vs Canadian Northern Railway.
M-1923-544Client file. -- 1910-1911. -- Correspondence with F. A. Morrison, Barrister, re Vegreville Railway crossing.
M-1923-545Client file. -- 1910-1912. -- Correspondence with John W. Debord re army pension and borrowing of money.
M-1923-546Client file. -- 1907-1908. -- Re claim, P. Anderson and Company vs Pressed Bricks Limited; claim, S. F. Mayer vs Samuel and Lucy Convert; claim, J. A. McLim vs M. Sieger.
M-1923-547Client file. -- 1908. -- Correspondence to C. B. Cameron re buildoings on Canadian Northern Railway lots.
M-1923-548Client file. -- 1908. -- Correspondence from the legal firm Short, Cross and Biggar re mortgages.
M-1923-549Client file. -- 1908. -- Re collection of account, James A. McIntyre vs Archie H. Cameron.
M-1923-550Client file. -- 1908. -- Correspondence to Wallace McDonald, Barrister, from Chartered Accountants Association of Manitoba re supervision of examinations.
M-1923-551Client file. -- 1911. -- Re claim, Wells Light Manufacturing Company vs May Sharpe Construction Company Limited.
M-1923-552Client file. -- 1908-1909. -- Correspondence with National Collection Company re claim, Wilbur Stock Food Company vs Peter Labrie.
M-1923-553Client file. -- 1908-1909. -- Re dissolution of partnership between Peter Anderson and James Ross; indenture between James Ross and Peter Anderson; mortgage, Peter Anderson to James Ross.
M-1923-554Ludwig Schuster. -- 1907-1908. -- Estate.
M-1923-555Alexander Cameron. -- 1904-1915. -- Estate, includes agreement between Cameron and Charlotte Prince.
M-1923-556Client file. -- 1907. -- Re mining agreement between Andrew Coghlan and Daniel E. Noyes and Robert Tegler, John Morris, Fredercik J. Fields, William D. Ferris, Cornelius Gallagher, O. Dwyer and Frederick Maroney.
M-1923-557W. B. and Barbara Stennett. -- 1907-1910. -- Legal affairs.
M-1923-558Edmonton Exhibition Association. -- 1908-1911. -- Re legal affairs, includes memorandum of association of the Edmonton Industrial Exhibition Association.
M-1923-559Edmonton Street Railway. -- 1905-1910. -- Includes memorandum of agreement; bylaws; agreement between City of Edmonton, Raymond Brutinel and the Strathcona Radial Tramway Company.
M-1923-560P. Anderson and Company. -- 1909-1910. -- Re incorporation, includes statement of assets and liabilities, notes re development of the brick company.
M-1923-561Ferdinand and Gustav Pempeit. -- 1909-1910. -- Re collection on land transactions.
M-1923-562J. T. Gould. -- 1906-1909. -- Mortgages.
M-1923-563Client file. -- 1906-1907. -- Re transfer of license of Victoria Hotel, Michael J. Crough to Robert A. Jelly and George W. Waggott, includes hotel lease, Elizabeth Larue to Robert A. Jelly and George W. Waggett.
M-1923-564Philip Kornberger. -- 1906-1907. -- Re land transfer and mortgage.
M-1923-565Client file. -- 1906. -- Re mortgage, John S. Lowther and M. Bolseng and J. Eidsvig.
M-1923-566Client file. -- 1905-1906. -- Re mortgage, Donald Ross to Samuel McCardie; legal affairs of James L. Miller.
M-1923-567Client file. -- 1906-1907. -- Re claim, Alfred Brown vs City of Edmonton.
M-1923-568Bertha Hetu. -- 1907-1912. -- Legal affairs.
M-1923-569Client file. -- 1906-1907. -- Re land dispute, Walter Oswald Esnouf vs H. A. Arneson; land dispute, Celene Smith vs L. L. Pierce.
M-1923-570Client file. -- 1905-1906. -- Re land sale agreement, William Storie to Gustave Koerman, includes receipt.
M-1923-571Client file. -- 1904-1907. -- Mortgages, Frederick Schroeder to Carl Nourney; Frederick Schroeder to Agnes Schroeder; caveat, Joseph Neff against land of Frederick Schroeder.
M-1923-572Client file. -- 1901-1907. -- Re Maksym Kindrat, includes declaration and receipt re homestead, naturalization papers.
M-1923-573Peter M. Barker. -- 1907. -- Taxation inquiry.
M-1923-574Client file. -- 1910-1911. -- Re land transfer, Napoleon and Olivine Dumas to Cardiff Coal Company.
M-1923-575Client file. -- 1907-1908. -- Re hotel license transfer, Roland W. Lines and Reinhold Matz to Willliam H. Connor.
M-1923-576Client file. -- 1907. -- Re mortgage, R. H. B. Cronn to Frederick Buscombe and Company Limited; tariff fees, E. P. Davis, barrister.
M-1923-577Samuel F. Meyer. -- 1905-1906. -- Re legal affairs.
M-1923-578Client file. -- 1908. -- Re land transfer, Crispin E. Smith to John Cameron.
M-1923-579Client file. -- 1910. -- Correspondence with A. B. Carscallen re land transfer of C. S. Miller.
M-1923-580Client file. -- 1908. -- Re lawsuit, Canadian Pacific Railway vs Henry Wayne Jeffers.
M-1923-581Reverend Andrew B. Baird. -- 1902-1911. -- Re land transactions at Manitoba College.
M-1923-582Notes. -- 1895 and n.d. -- Re legal cases handled by John C. F. Bown and legal precendents, includes letter re dissolution of partnership of Bown and Prince.
M-1923-583Client file. -- 1897-1914. -- Re miscellaneous legal cases handled by John C. F. Bown, includes bylaw to revise and amend certain bylaws of the City of Edmonton.
M-1923-584Client file. -- 1915-1919. -- Re miscellaneous legal cases handled by John C. F. Bown.
M-1923-585Client file. -- 1920-1930. -- Re miscellaneous legal cases handled by John C. F. Bown; includes Canadian Law Digest, bylaw re construction, sanitation, maintenance and use of buildings in Edmonton and factum on behalf of the City of Edmonton re chargeable rates by Northwestern Utilities Limited.
M-1923-586City of Edmonton bylaws. -- 1903-1912.
M-1923-587Legal correspondence, A to D. -- 1889-1901.
M-1923-588Legal correspondence, E to L. -- 1900-1901.
M-1923-589Legal correspondence, M to P. -- 1898-1900.
M-1923-590Legal correspondence, Q to Z. -- 1899-1904.
M-1923-591Legal correspondence, A to B. -- 1901.
M-1923-592Legal correspondence, C to D. -- 1901.
M-1923-593Legal correspondence, E to K. -- 1900-1901.
M-1923-594Legal correspondence, L to P. -1899-1901.
M-1923-595Legal correspondence, Q to Z. -- 1900-1901.
M-1923-596Legal correspondence, A to B. -- 1902-1904.
M-1923-597Legal correspondence, C to L. -- 1902.
M-1923-598Legal correspondence, M to Z. -- 1902.

Series 2

Appeal books. -- 1893-1932

M-1923-599Appeal books. -- 1893-1898. -- Re land dispute, Town of Edmonton vs John Brown and Duncan Steel Carry; land dispute, St. George Jellett and Walter S. Robertson vs Daniel R. Wilkie, James J. Foy, Margaret Morris, Christina Morris, and William Morris, St. George Jellett and Walter S. Robertson and Scottish, Ontario and Manitoba Land Company Limited; St. George Jellett and Walter S. Robertson vs R. W. Powell and St. George privileges, James Dinner, M. Maloney, A. E. Jackson, E. D. Grierson, Frank Mariaggi, Joseph Kelly, P. Daly, John Kelly, A. D. Osborne, E. A. Braithwaite, Donald McLeod, W. Scott Robertson, James Kelly, Harry Goodridge, James Dale, W. H. Stephens, Thomas Cairns, Alex Adamson, John S. McDermott, W. F. Studebaker, and D. Collins vs William Humberstone; land dispute, P. Heiminck vs Town of Edmonton; claim, Armour, Mickle and Williams vs James Dinner, A. E. Jackson, E. D. Grierson, Frank Mariaggi, Joseph Kelly, E. A. Braithwaite, W. S. Robertson, James Kelly, Harry Goodridge, D. Collins, Alexander Adamson, W. F. Studebaker, John Kelly, Thomas Cairns and John C. F. Bown.
M-1923-600Appeal books. - 1905-1908. -- Re claim, Frederick S. Stimson vs Fran Hamilton; land dispute, M. McNicol vs Richard Shilleto; claim, Fowler and Breen vs Alfred H. Barnard and Edward C. Roper; licence dispute, Archibald York vs City of Edmonton.
M-1923-601Appeal books. -- 1910-1912. -- Re negligence dispute, Daniel Balke vs City of Edmonton; negligence dispute, Donald Kennedy vs City of Edmonton; track crossing, Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company vs City of Edmonton.
M-1923-602Appeal books. -- 1913-1915. -- Re land dispute, Alexander Rowland vs City of Edmonton, W. D. McPhail, W. J. Magrath, Bidwell A. Holgate and Edmonton Real Estate Company; land dispute, Richard Secord vs City of Edmonton; claim, Walter Sporle Jr. vs Edmonton Exhibition Association; highway construction, City of Edmonton vs Calgary and Edmonton Railway Company.
M-1923-603Appeal books. -- 1914-1916. -- Re negligence dispute, Charles M. Jamieson vs City of Edmonton; highway construction, City of Edmonton vs Calgary and Edmonton Railway Company; gas well dispute, Alexander Livingstone vs Edmonton Industrial Association Drilling Company Limited and City of Edmonton; land dispute, Edward De Leserte Grierson vs City of Edmonton; land dispute, Richard Secord vs City of Edmonton.
M-1923-604Appeal books. -- 1916-1918. -- Re negligence dispute, Charles M. Jamieson vs City of Edmonton; land dispute, Edward De Leserte Grierson vs City of Edmonton; claim re Deasland district, Flore M. Hubbard vs City of Edmonton; negligence dispute, E. C. May Company Limited vs City of Edmonton.
M-1923-605Appeal books. -- 1918-1926. -- Re land dispute, Malcolm Forbes Groat and Walter S. Groat vs City of Edmonton; gas rates dispute, Northwestern Utilities Limited vs City of Edmonton and Board of Public Utility Commissioners; negligence dispute, Catherine J. Meadows vs City of Edmonton; negligence dispute, Helen Mahat vs City of Edmonton; negligence dispute, Adolphis Mills vs City of Edmonton; negligence dispute, Kathleen Fenton vs City of Edmonton; land dispute, Malcolm Forbes Groat and Walter S. Groat vs City of Edmonton; land dispute, Edwin I. Clarke vs City of Edmonton.
M-1923-606Appeal books. -- 1927. -- Re land dispute, Malcolm Forbes Groat and Walter S. Groat vs City of Edmonton; negligence dispute, Edmonton; negligence dispute, Olive Tanner vs City of Edmonton and Right Honourable Thomas Charles Viscount Clifden; power franchise, Northwestern Utilities Limited vs City of Edmonton and Board of Public Utility Commissioners.
M-1923-607Appeal books. -- 1927. -- Re negligence dispute, Olive Tanner vs City of Edmonton and Right Honourable Thomas Charles Vincent Clifden; land dispute, Malcolm Forbes Groat vs City of Edmonton.
M-1923-608Appeal books. -- 1927-1929. -- Re dispute over refuse grounds, Edwin I. Clarke vs City of Edmonton.
M-1923-609Appeal books. -- 1928-1932. -- Re negligence dispute, Gertrude Mountain vs City of Edmonton; negligence dispute, Olive Tanner vs City of Edmonton and Right Honourable Thomas Charles Vincent Clifden; negligence dispute, Albert Wolfe vs City of Edmonton; negligence dispute, Nellie Stinson vs City of Edmonton.
M-1923-610Hugh McKay. -- 1896-1900. -- Invoices and statements for milk delivery.
M-1923-611P. M. McCarthy. -- 1901. -- Re drilling of water well.
M-1923-612Edmonton City Council. -- 1907. -- Extract from minutes re election of John C. F. Bown as city solicitor.

Series 3

Personal and legal. -- 1880-1946

M-1923-613Draft agreement. -- 1929.
M-1923-614J. G. Wray. -- 1929. -- Report re Alberta Government Telephones and City of Edmonton telephone system.
M-1923-615Personal. -- 1893-1931. -- Includes appointment as notary public, letter from E. P. Davis re legal openings in British Columbia; partnership agreement beween John C. F. Bown, H. J. Dawson, J. K. Kennedy and J. D. Hyndman; letters to Bown re possible employment in Edmonton, poetry booklet re World War I, letters by Bown re position of District Court Judge.
M-1923-616Peter McGill Barker. -- 1897-1901. -- Includes correspondence re removal from office as Inspector of Land Titles Offices, employment for himself and son Quentin, claim, Barker vs Town of Edmonton.
M-1923-617Isaac Cowie. -- 1897-1908. -- Includes statement of receipts and expenditures re improvement of Grand Rapids of the Athabasca River; claim, Nesome and Gilbert vs Isaac Cowie; letter to editor of Winnipeg Free Press; claim, Dr. J. D. Harrison vs Isaac Cowie, John Henry Helpman and Anthony Raymond; claim, Isaac Cowie vs Andrew McNicol re fire insurance agency; letter and article re "Black Sands"; correspondence and clipping, Hudson's Bay colonists of Assiniboia; brochure, Canadian-West Company; correspondence for Alberta Gold Dredging Syndicate; agreement for adoption of a child, Roderick McCaulay, between Angelique Milton and Isaac and Margaret Jane Cowie.
M-1923-618John Giles. -- 1904-1906. -- Includes claim, John Giles vs H. J. Marchand; chattel mortgage, Thomas M. Ryan to John Giles; mortgage, Edward William Protheral to John Giles; mortgage, Jakob Sonheim to John Giles.
M-1923-619Client file. -- 1903-1909. -- Re garnishee, John Byron Merger vs A. J. McCulloch; building contract, John Dunlop and City of Edmonton.
M-1923-620Client file. -- 1885-1946. -- Includes homestead receipt and patent, Louis Calliou; naturalization certificate, Peter Anderson; receipt of Edmonton Bar Association petition for a resident judge; homestead patent, Evariste Courchene; letter to E. P. Davis re apology of Bob Edwards of the Calgary Eye Opener; admission card to the opening session of the Alberta Legislative Assembly; Edmonton bylaw re water dealers; royal grant of land, James Andrew Kinney, Manitoba; letter of inquiry re route to the Klondike; poem, "When we play Ten Nights in a Bar Room in the Town of Medicine Hat"; draft agreement, Oliver Association re mining and prospecting; correspondence and clipping re public electric bus system; rules and report form re North-West government well-boring machines; homestead receipt, Norman Vandal; bank book of Bown and Prince with La Banque Jacques Cartier; graphophone advertisement; notice re South African land warrants; schedule, inter-urban street railway; envelope with information on Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta; petition, Edmonton District Board of Trade vs Glenora-Lake Teslin railway scheme; pamphlet Dr. MacKay's Specific for Alcoholism, letter and badge re Edmonton-Strathcona amalgamation celebration; assessment form, Town of Edmonton; membership card, Edmonton Cricket Club; pamphlet re cure for gonorrhea and gleet; Land Titles' tariffs of fees; liquor permit; invoice, N. B. champagne, scavenger; letter re delivery of goods, Charles G. Ross to Stone and Wellington; personal correspondence, John N. Graham to Mary Louisa; "girlie pictures".
M-1923-621W. P. Graham. -- 1904. -- Business correspondence re homestead land advertisement.
M-1923-622Edmonton Lodge of Perfection (Masonic lodge). -- 1898-1930. -- Includes bylaws and regulations, rough draft of Bill of Incorporation, explanation of Masonic lodge, scripts of ceremonies, correspondence re incorporation of the Grand Lodge of Alberta, Masonic Life Association agents' manual; proceedings of the North West Grand Lodge of Alberta.
M-1923-623Independent Order of Oddfellows. -- 1895-1908. -- Certificate, dues notice, constitution.
M-1923-624Knights of Pythias. -- 1898-1906. -- Correspondence, certificates, The Pythian Review, reports of meeting proceedings.
M-1923-625Legal. -- 1895-1904. -- Re law societies, Canadian Legal Publishing Company; judgeship appointments, includes list of barristers and solicitors in the North West Territories.
M-1923-626Law Society of Alberta and Canadian Bar Association. -- 1909-1922. -- Correspondence, minutes, reports.
M-1923-627Legal. -- 1929-1933. -- Re Law Society of Alberta, Canadian Bar Association, appointment to Privy Council of Honourable Chief Justic Horace Harvey, honourary doctorate of laws degree received by Bown, letters of recommendation, includes minutes of conferences of the Governing Bodies of the Legal Profession in Canada.
M-1923-628Edmonton Liberal-Conservative Association. -- 1892-1910. -- Re proposed newspaper, includes prospectus of the Edmonton Times Printing and Publishing Company; bridge crossing the North Saskatchewan River to Edmonton, resolutions, formation of judicial and electoral districts, appointment of judge, conventions, constitution of Edmonton Municipal Reform Association, convention minutes, list of political persuasions of district men.
M-1923-629Edmonton Liberal-Conservative Association. -- n.d. -- Voters lists.
M-1923-630Edmonton Liberal-Conservative Association. -- 1893-1895. -- Minutes and resolutions; includes resolution re wagon road from Edmonton to Lesser Slave Lake.
M-1923-631Edmonton Liberal-Convervative Association. -- 1896. -- Invoice.
M-1923-632Liberal-Conservative Association. -- 1893-1923. -- Political pamphlets and posters; re elections, candidates and meetings.
M-1923-633Personal. -- 1898-1909. -- Re political candidates, includes claim, the Journal Company vs Richard Secord; appointment, Nicholas Dominic Beck as agent for Richard Secord; correspondence re S. S. Taylor.
M-1923-634Personal. -- 1887-1923. -- Re legal affairs, includes notice of auction sale by virture of chattel mortgages by Frank Hamilton to Delia Anderson, correspondence re land sales, legal cases as City of Edmonton solicitor.
M-1923-635Banks, insurance and surety companies. -- 1906-1910.
M-1923-636J. C. F. Bown and H. J. Dawson. -- 1903. -- Partnership agreement.
M-1923-637Programmes, and menus. -- 1880-1930. -- For details see below.
M-1923-638Business cards. -- n.d.
M-1923-639Letterheads. -- 1894-1911.
M-1923-640Stationery. -- n.d. -- Of Land Registration District, North West Territories; City of Edmonton Law Department; Supreme Court of Canada; Harry H. Robertson; Town of Edmonton; Union Bank of Canada; Windsor Livery.
M-1923-641Invoices. -- 1891-1909.
M-1923-642Invoices. -- 1887-1901.
M-1923-643Invoices. -- 1899-1904. -- Household and grocery expenses.
M-1923-644Invoices. -- 1897-1898. -- Re liquor for Queen's Hotel.
M-1923-645Invoices and receipts. -- 1893-1912. -- Re office and clients' accounts.
M-1923-646Invoices and receipts. -- 1892-1906. -- Re office and clients' accounts; includes Town of Edmonton tax statement.
M-1923-647Invoice letterheads, Edmonton. -- 1894-1910.
M-1923-648Cheques and promissory notes. -- 1890-1908. -- Samples, includes receipts.

Series 4

Letterbooks, etc. -- 1886-1916

M-1923-vol. 1 Letterbook. -- 1887-1891, 1897. -- Re Calgary legal practice; includes letter re financial status of Sage Bannerman, Red Deer crossing; letters re development and future prospects of Calgary and North West Territories; letter re loans and investments in Calgary area; letters re land titles transaction procedures and railway charters; sketched map of land owners and assessed land values immediately south of Calgary; financial statements.
M-1923-vol. 2Letterbook. -- 1891-1892. -- Re Edmonton legal practice; includes letters re development and future prospects of the Edmonton area; statement for services as election clerk in the first municipal election; letters re loans and investments; letters re acquisition of company solicitorships; letter requesting land settlement for Riel Rebellion veterans; letters by Antonio Prince as Member of Legislative Assembly for St. Albert; financial statements.
M-1923-vol. 3Letterbook. -- 1893-1895. -- As above; includes correspondence by articling student Fernand de Journel.
M-1923-vol. 4Letterbook. -- 1895. -- As above.
M-1923-vol. 5Letterbook. -- 1895-1897. -- As above [Note: this volume has sustained substantial water damage and much of the material is unreadable]
M-1923-vol. 6Letterbook. -- 1896-1897. -- Legal practice of Harry Robertson.
M-1923-vol. 7Letterbook. -- 1898-1900. -- Legal practice of Bown and Robertson.
M-1923-vol. 8Letterbook. -- 1901-1902. -- As above.
M-1923-vol. 9Letterbook. -- 1901-1903. -- As above.
M-1923-vol. 10Letterbook. -- 1903-1904. -- Re legal practice of Bown and Bown and H. J. Dawson; includes correspondence to Honourable Frederick Haultin re possible law partnership, dissolution of partnership with Robertson and formation of partnership with Dawson; investment and real estate situation in Edmonton, amalgamation with law firm of Kennedy and Hyndman.
M-1923-vol. 11Letterbook. -- 1906. -- Re legal practice of Bown, Dawson, McDonald and Hyndman; includes correspondence re Edmonton real estate, district coal mines and development.
M-1923-vol. 12Letterbook. -- 1906-1907. -- Re legal practice of Bown and McDonald; includes letters re dissolution of Bown, Dawson, McDonald and Hyndman partnership; mortgages and land sales.
M-1923-vol. 13Letterbook. -- 1907. -- Re legal practice of Bown and McDonald; includes letters re investment climate in Edmonton and area.
M-1923-vol. 14Letterbook. -- 1907-1908. -- As above.
M-1923-vol. 15Letterbook. -- 1908. -- As above.
M-1923-vol. 16Letterbook. -- 1908. -- As above.
M-1923-vol. 17Letterbook. -- 1908-1909. -- As above.
M-1923-vol. 18Letterbook. -- 1909-1910. -- As above; includes letter re prospective development of Tofield.
M-1923-vol. 19Letterbook. -- 1910-1912. -- Re legal practice of John Bown.
M-1923-vol. 20Letterbook. -- 1907-1910. -- Re John Bown as City Solicitor for Edmonton
M-1923-vol. 21Letterbook. -- 1915-1916. -- As above.
M-1923-vol. 22Blotter. -- 1891-1892. -- Re client accounts.
M-1923-vol. 23Blotter. -- 1895-1897. -- As above, includes entries for legal advice on the street.
M-1923-vol. 24Notebook. -- 1895-1905. -- Re memoranda and instructions.
M-1923-vol. 25Letterbook. -- 1890-1895. -- Business correspondence of Thomas W. Robertson and Fernand de Journel; merchants and feed suppliers; includes correspondence re possible Calgary brickyard utilizing Castle Mountain clay; and legal correspondence of de Journel.
M-1923-vol. 26Letterbook. -- 1886-1893. -- Business correspondence of Phil Daly and Company, Edmonton drugstore merchant; includes information re opening of a private bank in the store, order lists, correspondence re sale of drugstore business, real estate transactions.
M-1923-vol. 27Account book. � 1891-1893. -- Re Joseph Kelly, livery stables coal and water hauling business, Edmonton.
M-1923-vol. 28Account book. -- 1893-1894. -- As above.
M-1923-vol. 29Account book. -- 1894-1895. -- Re Alberta Hotel, Edmonton.
M-1923-vol. 30Account book. -- 1895-1896. -- Re Queen's Hotel, Edmonton.
M-1923-vol. 31Diary. -- 1892. -- Jackson Brothers, Burnt Lake.
M-1923-vol. 32Memoranda book. -- 1898-1900. -- Recorded in Canadian Pacific Railway annotated timetable.
M-1923-vol. 33S. H. and A. S. Ewing, Montreal. -- 1901-1902. -- Canadian Pacific Railway Express receipt book.
M-119Cards and programs. -- 1914-1927. -- Program for the National Livestock Association (1927) and card re unveiling of South African War Memorial (1914).

Series 5

Oversize. -- 1880-1918

M-1923-OversizeConsists of the following:

Land transfer, estate of J. A. R. de Journel to Fernand de Journel, North West Territories, 1895.
Notary public appointment, Alexander A. McGillivray, Stettler, 1909.
Notices re extension of boundaries, City of Edmonton, 1908 (2 copies)
Indenture, Colin Fraser to George P. Sanderson and Edward Looby, Edmonton, 1881.
Notice re ratepayers' meeting, Leduc, 1906.
Auction sale poster, Leduc, 1904.
Membership certificate, John C. F. Bown in Jasper Lodge, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, 1902.
Ownership certificate, James and Frederick Ross, Edmonton, 1892.
Auction sale notice, Edmonton, 1899.
Electors' meeting notice, St. Albert, 1904.
Supreme Court of Canada justices poster, 1898.
Piano recital invitation, Alberta College, Edmonton, 1907.
Province of Saskatchewan inauguration program, 1905.
University Rifles poster, Toronto, 1880.
Memorial dinner program, C. F. Colter, Petrolea, Ontario, 1901.
Toronto Methodist Cyclists Union, list of outings, 1900.
Singer Manufacturing Company, price list, n.d.
Walker Theatre Program, Winnipeg, 1908.
Canadian Club menu, New York, 1910.
Rink Theatre song recital program, n.d.
Canadian Club membership card, 1907.
Potter and MacDougall baggage transfer, Edmonton, n.d.
Hudson's Bay Company liquor price list, 1918.
Hepburn's Limited order forms, Edmonton, n.d.

Series 6

Photographs. -- 1870-[ca. 1910s]

Some of the photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-21Execution of Scott by Riel. -- 1870. -- 1 photograph.
PA-41Klondike views, etc. -- [ca. 1890s]. -- 30 photographs.
PA-58 & PB-19Sarcee, Blackfoot, Cree and other First Nations; farming; trip to North West Territories; Calgary & Calgary military; Edmonton; hunting; buffalo; transportation; forts; mountains; Klondike; portraits; Selkirk settlers; and art. -- [ca.1880s-1910s]. -- ca. 522 photographs. -- Most of the images taken by Boorne & May, Mathers, and Ernest Brown. [Note: most of the negatives for these images held by the Provincial Archives of Alberta].
PA-153Portraits of judges. -- n.d. -- 6 photographs.
NA-55Edmonton streetcards. -- n.d. -- 3 photographs.
NA-876Klondike gold rush. -- [ca. 1890s]. -- 4 photographs.
NA-898Fort Garry; native girl in costume. -- n.d. -- 2 photographs.
NA-989Sarcee Military camp; Edmonton streetcar. -- [ca. 1910s]. -- 2 photographs.
NA-1296Benchers of the Bar Association; members of the Legislature; residence of Chief Factor Hardisty; beaver skin curing; Charles Russell sketch "The Last Buffalo"; Piapot, Cree man and Stoney Man. -- [ca. 1880s-1910s]. -- 7 photographs.
NA-1912McCarty-Pelkey boxing match, Calgary. -- 1913. -- 1 photograph.
NA-2651Carcasses of dressed hogs containing liquor at Tete Jaune Cache; street sprinkler. -- [ca. 1910-1911]. -- 2 photographs.
NA-3439Dance hall girls. -- [ca. 1900]. -- 3 photographs.

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