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Winifred, Russell and baby Joan Boyes, [ca. 1938]

Russell and Winifred Boyes fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1Personal correspondence. - 1919-1987 and n.d.
Series 2Salvation Army Records. - 1907-1945
Series 3Other papers. - 1930-1983
Series 4Scanned Document Photographs. - 1919-[ca. 1980s]
Series 5Unprocessed material. -- [ca. 1920s-1940s]


Series 1

Personal correspondence. - 1919-1987 and n.d.

M-8520-1Correspondence to Russell from his mother and sister. - 1919
M-8520-2Correspondence to Winifred from her brother, Norman. - 1927-1928
M-8520-3Correspondence to Russell from his family. - 1921-1929
M-8520-4Correspondence to Russell from his family and friends. - 1930-1936
M-8520-5Correspondence between Russell and Winifred. - 1936-1938. - Russell and Winifred married on October 13, 1936.
M-8520-6Correspondence to Russell and Winifred from others. - 1930-1939
M-8520-7Correspondence between Russell and Winifred. - 1940-1946
M-8520-8Correspondence to Russell and Winifred from others. - 1940-1948
M-8520-9Correspondence to Russell from Winifred. - 1950-1959. - Includes a few letters from others.
M-8520-10Correspondence to Russell from Winifred. - 1961-1969. - Includes a few letters from others.
M-8520-11Correspondence to Russell from Winifred. - 1970-1979
M-8520-12Correspondence to Russell from Winifred. - 1980-1987. - Includes a few letters from others.
M-8520-13Correspondence to Russell and Winifred from Bea and Wally Boyes. - 1941-1968, 1971
M-8520-14Correspondence. - nd
M-8520-15Greeting cards. - [ca. 1920s-1940s]. - Most were sent to Russell.
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Series 2

Salvation Army Records. - 1907-1945

M-8520-16Russell's Salvation Army correspondence. - 1922-1931
M-8520-17Russell's Salvation Army correspondence. - 1934-1941. - Includes correspondence about his marriage in 1936.
M-8520-18Russell's Salvation Army correspondence. - 1942-1945. - Includes a list of those who donated towards their losses by fire in 1942.
M-8520-19Russell's notebook as a cadet at the Salvation Army training college, Weyburn, Saskatchewan. - 1921
M-8520-20Russell's papers written for his correspondence Bible lessons. - 1924-1926
M-8520-21Russell's notebook, "Chorus General Index". - [ca. 1920s]
M-8520-22Russell's cashbook, Peace River. - [ca. 1930s]
M-8520-23Russell's "Salvation Army Officer's Diary". - 1937
M-8520-24Russell's "Salvation Army War Corps Boom Book". - 1941-1942. - Includes lists of names, and records their attendance, Manitoba, Peace River and Parrish School.
M-8520-25Winifred's Salvation Army correspondence. - 1921, 1925-1938, 1945. - Includes correspondence regarding her marriage, and a program of the wedding service, October 14, 1936.
M-8520-26Winifred's "Cadet's Bible". - 1926-1927. - Consists of her Bible lessons book, with her extensive annotations and notes.
M-8520-27Winifred's "Salvation Army Officer's Diary". - 1935
M-8520-28Schedules of events for Salvation Army annual congresses. - 1922-1925, 1937
M-8520-29Programs for the "Commissioning of Cadets". - 1921-1929, 1931, 1934/35, 1940/41, 1942/43, 1943/44
M-8520-30Programs for Salvation Army events. - 1925-1987
M-8520-31Salvation Army newspaper, "War Cry". - 1932-1940. - Consists of issues for May 7, 1932; October 31, 1936 (which includes a notice of their marriage); November 21, 1936 (which includes their wedding picture); and June 29, 1940.
M-8520-32Miscellaneous Salvation Army papers. - 1907-1943. - Includes manual for "Refresher Course for Salvation Army Officers" (1943); Self-Denial Week campaign envelope (1931); measurement chart for ordering men's Salvation Army uniforms; "Disposition of Forces" booklet (1917); "The Salvation Army Articles of War"; and "The Salvation Army Memorandum of Guidance to Commanding and Local Officers (Men Only)" (1907).
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Series 3

Other papers. - 1930-1983

M-8520-33Winifred's notebook, "Books I have Read". - 1930-1934, 1943. - Includes her personal comments about the books.
M-8520-34Nazarene Church records, Calgary. - 1946-1983
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Series 4

Photographs. - 1919-[ca. 1980s]

Many of the photographs have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

NA-5577-(1-11) Views of Russell, Winifred and Joan Boyes. - [ca. 1938]-1964. - 11 photographs
M-8520-35Portrait of Richard Charles Russell Boyes. - [ca. 1920s]
M-8520-36Photographs of Winifred Rayner Boyes. - [ca. mid-1920s-1940s]. - 3 photographs.
M-8520-37Salvation Army views. - 1930, [ca. 1936], 1977. - Consists of a photograph of Victoria Corps Cadets, including Ensign R. Boyes (1930); photograph of the "Overcomers" on their 50th anniversary (1977); photo cut out of magazine of annual congress members in West Coast First Nations outfits (1936?) and a slide of the same view.
M-8520-38Family photographs. - 1919-[ca. 1980s]. - 49 photographs.
PE-168-1Panoramic photograph of western officers at the Salvation Army Annual Congress, Winnipeg. - 1923
PE-168-2Panoramic photograph of officers at the Western Territorial Salvation Army Annual Congress, Winnipeg. - 1924
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Series 5

Unprocessed material. - [ca. 1920s-1940s]. - This material has not been catalogued. Please consult with an archivist before requesting.

M-9865Unprocessed records. - [ca. 1920s-1940s]. - 5 cm of textual records. -- Consists of records of work for Salvation Army in the Canadian north. [accession 2017.086]

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