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James P. Brady, Saint Paul Alberta, 1927

James Brady fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Scanned Document Diaries. - 1944-1965
Series 2 Scanned Document Personal. - 1905-1966
Series 3 Correspondence. - 1933-1967
Series 4 Scanned Document Metis Association of Alberta (originally known as L'Association des Metis d'Alberta et des Territoires du Nord Ouest ). - 1895-1954
Series 5 Native and Metis files. - 1925-1967
Series 6 Political. - 1931-1965
Series 7Co-operatives and community development. - 1935-1963
Series 8 Mining development. - 1948-1960
Series 9 Miscellaneous files. - 1878-1960
Series 10 Scrapbooks. - 1934-1961
Series 11 Photographs. - [ca.1900]-1965


Series 1

Diaries. - 1944- 1965. - 12.5 cm of textual records. - Series consists of personal diaries pertaining to James Brady's Second World War service, personal endeavours and correspondence.

M-125-1 War diary. - 1944-1945. - 1 volume. - File consists of "Jottings from a Record of Service in the North West Europe Campaign July 9th, 1944 - May 8th, 1945". Also includes a list of Canadian VC's and USA army divisions with areas served.

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M-125-2Diaries. - 1955-1959. - 2 volumes. - File consists of entries regarding weather, work, visits, readings, and correspondence.
M-125-3Diaries. - 1958-1963. - 2 volumes. - File consists of draft of journal entries (1908-1958) (see file 6); war service records and list of engagements (1943-1946); and list of employers (1924-1963).
M-125-4Diaries. - 1960, 1962. - 2 volumes. - File consists of entries for both years regarding weather, work, visits, readings, and correspondence.
M-125-5Diaries. - 1963-1965. - 2 volumes. - File consists of entries regarding weather, work, visits, readings, and correspondence.
M-125-6Journal. - [ca. 1959-1967]. - File consists of Brady/Garneau family history, personal recollections, local and world events for the years 1908 through 1967.

Series 2

Personal. - 1905- 1966. - 13 cm of textual records. - Series consists of records pertaining to personal, family and community matters, legalities, medical services and political involvement, also Metis and Metis Association of Saskatchewan.

M-125-7Personal. - 1905-1951. - File consists of correspondence, income tax and financial papers, war records, and greeting cards. The material relates to family and personal matters, Metis, Second World War, and the Lac La Biche Independent Fish Pool.

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M-125-8Personal. - 1952-1962. - File consists of correspondence, notes and greeting cards relating to family, personal matters, friends, Metis and current events.
M-125-9Personal. - 1965-1966. - File consists of correspondence and greeting cards relating to personal matters, friends, Metis and Metis Association of Saskatchewan.
M-125-10Personal. - 1913-1966. - File consists of legal documents, Baptism certificate, membership cards and correspondence regarding family and financial matters, prospecting and organizations.
M-125-11Bird Family. - 1959-1965. - File consists of financial records regarding support to the Bird family.
M-125-12Co-operative. - 1959-1966. - File consists of application for shares, equity statements and other related material regarding La Ronge Co- operative Association.
M-125-13Cumberland House. - 1951-1966. - File consists of financial support to the Dorion family, and lists of surnames of Cumberland House, Saskatchewan area.
M-125-14Hospital cards. - 1947-1967. - File consists of Saskatchewan hospital services and medical cards.
M-125-15Mining. - 1951-1967. - File consists of miner's licenses, La Ronge Prospectors' Association membership cards and an assay report.
M-125-16Political. - 1952-1964. - File consists of receipts from political organizations, CCF membership card and CCF 25th Annual Convention delegate's ribbon.
M-125-17Receipts and financial papers. - 1946-1966. - File consists of miscellaneous receipts and financial papers.
M-125-18Village of La Ronge. - 1957-1966. - File consists of notices and receipts regarding lease and taxation.

Series 3

Correspondence. - 1933-1967. - 7 cm of textual records. - Series consists of various letters and agreements between James Brady and co-operatives, including business ventures, politics and the Metis Association of Alberta.


Davis, [Arthur K.]. - 1959-1966. - File consists of letters and agreement from Davis regarding Brady's autobiography, co-operatives, politics, personal matters, Brady's interviews for the "Centre for Community Studies, University of Saskatchewan", and an article written by Brady entitled "The Wisdom of Papasschayo a Cree Medicine Man". The latter was based on family traditions passed down from his maternal uncles and grandfather. The story is about the Cree medicine man Papasschayo (often spelled Passpasschase), and how he aided the Garneau family in the Edmonton area during the Riel Rebellion.

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M-125-20La Ronge Uranium Mines Ltd. - 1961-1964. - File consists of correspondence, agreements, and inventories regarding salvage and sale of mining equipment and buildings.

Norris, [Malcolm F.]. - 1933-1939. - File consists of letters, telegrams, memoranda and lists from Norris regarding personal matters, the Metis movement, L'Association des Metis d'Alberta et des Territoires du Nord Ouest / Metis Association of Alberta, co-operatives and colonies. - The letters are numbered N-1 to N- 56.

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M-125-22Norris, [Malcolm F.]. - 1945-1967. - File consists of correspondence, greeting cards, reports and notes from Norris relating to personal matters, Metis, "Prospector School, La Ronge, Saskatchewan", Native Prospectors Assistance Programme, Indian Metis Service Council and some of Brady's replies.

Tomkins, [Peter C. Jr.]. - File consists of personal and business letters from Tomkins with some copies of replies regarding Metis, Metis Association of Alberta, politics and Metis colonies. Also includes letters regarding James P. Brady Sr. lease of property from Tomkins and copies of letters addressed to Tomkins. - The letters dated February 2, 1934 to July 15, 1940 are numbered T-1 to T-51.

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Tomkins, [Peter C. Jr.]. - 1951-1966. - File consists of personal letters from Tomkins regarding Metis, Metis Association of Alberta and mining. Includes information on mutual friends such as Malcolm Morris and Joe Dion.

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Series 4

Metis Association of Alberta (originally known as L'Association des Metis d'Alberta et des Territoires du Nord Ouest). - 1895-1954. - 10.5 cm of textual records. - Series consists of correspondence between James Brady, other prominent figures in the Metis Association of Alberta and government officials. Also contains minutes and proposals for Metis settlement and reports on Metis economic and social matters. - The series originally consisted of photocopies, many of which were difficult to read. Fortunately, the original documents were donated by the estate in 2005, and many have since been scanned, making the material much more accessible.

M-125-25 Alberta Government. - 1933-1940. - File consists of correspondence with MLAs and provincial government officials while Brady was Secretary of the Metis Association of Alberta regarding the Half-Breed Commission, medical and economic conditions and the Metis Settlement programme. - The letters are numbered AG-1 to AG- 32. View now.

Callihoo, William J. - 1940-1954. - File consists of letters from Bill Callihoo regarding Metis, Metis Association of Alberta, conditions of Metis colonies, personal matters and current events.

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M-125-27 Dion, Joseph F. - 1932-1952. - File consists of letters from Joe Dion and some replies, copies of Dion's incoming correspondence while he was President and Secretary of the Metis Association of Alberta regarding Metis, Half-Breed Commission, letters from Dion dated 1941 to 1952, conditions in settlements, and personal matters. - The letters from 1932 until Dion's retirement in 1940 are numbered D-1 to D- 36. View now.
M-125-28 Joussard [Convention]. - August 2, 1942. - File consists of lists of voters with tally of votes, agenda, notes, addresses by President Bill Callihoo, and Secretaries' report regarding the Metis Association of Alberta's sixth general convention, August 2, Joussard, Alberta. View now.
M-125-29 Norwest, Henry C. - 1945-1952. - File consists of letters from Charlie Norwest relating to Metis, Metis Association of Alberta, personal matters and conditions among the Metis in southern Alberta. View now.
M-125-30 Tomkins, Peter, Sr. - 1932-1936. - File consists of two copies of letters from Brady to Peter Tomkins regarding proposed Metis reserves and Metis organization, letters from Tomkins regarding Metis, Metis Association of Alberta, politics and provincial election 1935, conditions in Grouard area and personal matters. Also includes letters from Tomkins to James P. Brady Sr. relating to personal matters. View now.
M-125-31 Brady, James P., Sr. - 1895-1896, 1908-1911. - File consists of correspondence of James P. Brady Sr. as Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands at St. Paul des Metis, regarding traffic in unpatented Dominion lands in the district. Includes federal government reports related to halfbreeds (Metis) and land in western Canada (1895-1896), and reports of Half-Breed Claims Commissioner Samuel Maber about lands at St. Paul de Metis (1908-1909). View now.
M-125-32 L'Association des Metis d'Alberta. - 1931-1933. - File consists of the handwritten constitution of the newly-formed L'Association des Metis d'Alberta (December 18, 1932), for which Brady served as secretary-treasurer, and a letter he wrote to Pete Tomkins describing the aims and hopes of the new organization. Also consists of correspondence with J.M. Dechene (MLA for St. Paul), P.G. Davies (MP for Athabasca), and various provincial government officials about Metis land issues, trapping, living conditions, individuals in need, lack of medical services, and the prevalence of venereal disease. View now.

L'Association des Metis d'Alberta / Metis Association of Alberta. - 1934. - File consists of correspondence of Brady as secretary-treasurer, with members of the association and politicians (especially P.G. Davies). Includes correspondence about hunting and trapping rights, medical attention, relief for the destitute (with Alberta Relief Commisser D.M. Duggan and the Red Cross), the John Ferguson murder case, and the establishment of the Halfbreed Commission.

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M-125-34 L'Association des Metis d'Alberta / Metis Association of Alberta. - 1935. - File consists of correspondence of Brady as secretary-treasurer with members of the association and politicians (especially MP P.G. Davies). Includes correspondence with A Victor Mercredi of Fort Chipewyan and Henry T. Thompson, and correspondence about relief for the destitute, and the Halfbreed Commission (with Commissioner T.C. Rankine). View now.
M-125-35 L'Association des Metis d'Alberta / Metis Association of Alberta. - 1936-1939. - File consists correspondence of Brady as secretary-treasurer with members of the association and various politicians. Includes minutes of the Cold Lake Metis Association; correspondence with A. Victor Mercredi, Henry T. Thompson, and Marie Gaudry; and correspondence about land and membership issues. View now.
M-125-36 Metis Association of Alberta. - 1940. - File consists of correspondence, minutes, reports and legal papers regarding Metis Settlements, locals of the Metis Association of Alberta, and cooperatives. Includes the report "Brief Synopsis of the Orgination and Development of the Present Metis Association of Alberta, formerly L'Association des Metis d"Alberta et des Teratories du Nord Ouest" [sic], and minutes of the fifth annual convention of the organization. View now.

Metis Settlements. - 1941-1946. - File consists of correspondence of Brady as Supervisor of the Wolf Lake Metis Area, especially with F.J. Buck, Supervisor of Metis Colonies. Includes lists of assets and nominal rolls for various Metis Settlements, and some correspondence with Saskatchewan Metis.

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M-125-37b Wolf Lake Metis Settlement. - 1941-1943. - File consists of Brady's daily reports of activities as Supervisor of the Wolf Lake Metis Settlement.

Series 5

First Nations and Metis files. - 1925-1967. - 21.5 cm of textual records. - Series consists of records pertaining to the health, education and welfare of the Native and Metis people. Also concerns the Metis Association of Saskatchewan and Metis Association of Alberta.


Alberta Metis Commission Evidence. - 1935. - File consists of "Evidence and Proceedings: Half-Breed Commission, Edmonton, Alberta" appointed to investigate the health, education and living conditions of Metis in Alberta. Includes evidence given by Joe Dion, Bishop Guy, Reverend Day, Malcolm Norris, Felix Calihoo, Pete Tomkins, James Brady, Dr. E.L. McIntyre, Dr. Harold Orr, Joseph Deschene (MLA), Don Macleod (MLA), Frank Falkner (MLA), Bishop Breynat, Father Coudert, Mindy Christianson (Department of Indian Affairs) and J.J. Soper.

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M-125-39Historical notes. - 1932-1959. - File consists of notes, histories and drafts by Brady, minutes. Lists, transcripts and correspondence regarding Metis and First Nations in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Metis history, Metis Association of Alberta, St Paul Half- Breed Reserve, Louis Riel, Northwest Rebellion, co-operatives, land tenure and property rights.
M-125-40Indian Affairs. - 1940-1960. - File consists of minutes, report, bulletin and letterheads relating to First Nations and Metis rehabilitation, Indian Association of Alberta, League of Nations of North American Indians, Indian Association of Canada and the Saskatchewan Provincial Committee on Minority Groups.
M-125-41Metis. - 1946-1966. - File consists of articles, copies of articles, offprints, reports, papers, circulars and notes regarding First Nations and Metis affairs, organizations, friendship and service centres and councils, fish and fur marketing, community and agricultural development and principally in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
M-125-42Metis Association of Saskatchewan. - File consists of address by Premier Ross Thatcher to provincial convention of Indian and Metis, organizational papers, by-laws, minutes, agendas, reports and circulars of Metis Association of Saskatchewan with document list. Also contains Green lake Local # 2 Newsletters and papers regarding resignation of Malcolm F. Norris.
M-125-43Metis Association of Saskatchewan. - File consists of notebook containing "Saskatchewan metis Association Lac La Ronge Local-minutes and proceedings" recorded by J. P. Brady who was the initiator and secretary.
M-125-44Metis Association of Saskatchewan. - 1965-1967. - File consists of membership and financial papers for La Ronge local.
M-125-45Metis Association of Saskatchewan. - 1964-1967. - File consists of minutes, correspondence, notices and attendance records of La Ronge local.
M-125-46Miscellaneous-Minutes and other documents. - 1942- 1965. - File consists of lists, programmes, speeches by Malcolm F. Norris regarding First Nations and Metis affairs and history, community development, Metis Association of Saskatchewan, commemorations of Batoche, Saskatchewan Provincial election 1960 and road to Uranium City, Saskatchewan. Also includes "Field report on a survey of Metis and Indian households in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, 1960-1961 with some general observations" by J. P. Brady, with supporting documentation.
M-125-47Miscellaneous-Articles and minutes. - 1947-1965. - File consists of articles and minutes relating to First Nations and Metis affairs and Metis settlements in Saskatchewan, Jim Brady, northern Saskatchewan development, social sciences, Saskatchewan's 10th annual trappers' convention, resources and development and Louis Riel.
M-125-48Miscellaneous-Notes. - 1925-1940. - File consists of notes and fragments, mainly Brady's writings, regarding Metis affairs, history, rehabilitation, politics, Lac La Ronge District and the Metis Associations of Alberta. Also includes chapter 1 of an autobiography and dictionary of the origin of some Metis families of Alberta.
M-125-49National Indian Council of Canada. - 1960-1963. - File consists of minutes, agenda and letters regarding National Indian Council of Canada conferences from 1962-1963. Also includes circular letter from Premier T. C. Douglas, press release Communist Party of Canada and resolutions of Indian-Eskimo Association.
M-125-50Pending. - 1961,1963. - File consists of annual conference of Indian and Metis, Winnipeg, 1963; notes on Deschambeault Lake, Stony Rapids and testimony of woman from Uranium City, report on housing in Northern Saskatchewan and alphabetical list of surnames. Also includes circulars on Communist Party and CCF from 1937- 1938 and uranium mines financial records from 1955-1956.
M-125-51Prince Albert Indian and Metis Service Council. - 1960-1966. - File consists of "The Moose Call" newsletter of the Prince Albert Indian and Metis Service Council, minutes, letters and reports.
M-125-52Proceedings. - 1946. - File consists of Conference of the Metis Saskatchewan, July 30th, 1946, Regina, regarding meeting called by T. C. Douglas to discuss Metis affairs with the Saskatchewan Metis Society (also known as the Metis Association of Saskatchewan).
M-125-53Saskatchewan Metis. - 1947-1952. - File consists of minutes, letters and notes relating to Indian affairs, Saskatchewan Metis Society and co- operatives. Also includes letter from Malcolm F. Norris to William Bryce, MP. Regarding the Indian Act; Saskatchewan Fish Board cast landing synoptic.
M-125-54Translations. - n.d. - File consists of "Translations Le Metis Canadien by Marcel Giraud-Pending" and list of chapter outlines.

Series 6

Political. - 1931- 1965. - 11.5 cm of textual records. - Series consists of records pertaining to political organizations, political involvement, trade and labour unions. Also contains memberships.

M-125-55CCF [and Labour Progressive Party]. - 1949-1964. - File consists of letters from Bill Berezowski and LPP officials, correspondence between Brady and MP's regarding German re-armament and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Also includes letters regarding Toronto Writers' Group.
M-125-56Lac La Ronge. - 1954-1961. - File consists of reports and proceedings, correspondence, resolutions, campaign literature, social welfare and voters lists regarding Lac La Ronge CCF Club, provincial elections and Athabasca constituency, T. C. Douglas and dispute between doctor and matron in Lac La Ronge.
M-125-57Political. - 1931-1951. - File consists of reports, circulars, hand bills, speeches, manifestos, newsletters and other textual records regarding the Farmers Unity League, Communist Party of Canada, Labour Progressive Party, Co-operative Commonwealth Federation and various other political organizations. Also consists of World War II related material and contemporary issues of the time.
M-125-58Political. - 1933-1964. - File consists of newsletters, circulars, telegrams and poems related to Brady's political activity. Also includes records of political parties, fishing co-operative, trade unions, economic conditions, disarmament, nuclear arms and Indian and Metis in Alberta and Saskatchewan.
M-125-59aPolitical memberships. - 1935-1965. - File consists of letter of certification as a Communist Party organizer, initiation pledge, membership cards, constitution and receipts regarding political organizations of Canada.
M-125-59b Political newspaper clippings. - [ca. 1960-1967]. - File consists of loose newspaper clippings labelled by Brady: "Political, Provincial, National, International - Scrapbook".

Series 7

Co-operatives and community development. - 1935-1963. - 14.5 cm of textual records. - Series consists of records pertaining to economic development of rural communities through co-operative organizations, including fishing and trapping. Also contains correspondence from Metis dignitaries from other provinces.

M-125-60Co-operatives-Pending. - 1950-1962. - File consists of reports, financial statements, news release and sample by-laws regarding fur co-operatives, Saskatchewan Government Trading Organization, the transition of Saskatchewan Crown Corporations to co-operatives, Saskatchewan Department of Co-operation school, Northern Co- operative Trading Services Ltd., La Ronge, Saskatchewan and a list of Brady's filing categories for his personal papers.
M-125-61Co-operatives and community development. - 1963. - File consists of notes on community development and a training programmes for co-operatives in Manitoba.
M-125-62aCo-operative agriculture. - 1848-1958. - File consists of reports regarding farm development in Saskatchewan.
M-125-62b Community development, co-ops, credit unions. - [ca. 1938-1959]. - File consists of loose newspaper clippings.
M-125-63Cumberland House Co-operative. - 1948-1960. - File consists of letters, minutes, notes, and other textual records regarding community development, Cumberland House Co-operative Association, co-op farm, fish co-ops, trapping co-op, wood products co-op, A-28 Cumberland Fur Conservation Block and news articles on Cumberland House. Also includes a copy of "Cumberland House Messenger".
M-125-64Cumberland S-4's. - 1946. - File consists of Government of Saskatchewan weekly statement of travelling expenses and work table from S-4 for Brady, while he was employed as Field Officer, Department of Natural Resources, Cumberland House , Saskatchewan, with details of services rendered.
M-125-65a Fisheries. - 1936-1940. - File consists of reports, proposals, and resolutions regarding the establishment and operation of various fishing cooperatives, including Lac La Biche Fisherman Association, Independent Fish Pool, Lake Wabamum fisheries, Interlake Fish Pool, and Faust Fish Company,
M-125-65b Fisheries. - 1950-1966. - File consists of reports, proposals, statements and articles regarding Grayling, La Ronge region, Cooperative Fisheries Ltd., fisheries and fisheries policies.
M-125-66La Ronge co-operative fisheries. - 1959-1962. - File consists of textual records regarding Lac La Ronge Fisheries Co-operative and various other associated fishermen's co-ops/ also includes study of post and rail cutting operations and proceedings regarding credit union, La Ronge, Saskatchewan.
M-125-67Metis community development. - 1935-1962. - File consists of letters to Brady and other Metis Association of Alberta officers from Metis in other provinces regarding association and colonies (1935-1942), minutes, reorganization of Metis Association of Alberta, and appeals to Brady to return to Alberta and MAA (1950-1952). Also includes objects and by-laws of reorganized Metis Association of Alberta and correspondence regarding the background of MAA.
M-125-68Saskatchewan Government. - 1946-1949. - File consists of records pertaining to Brady's appointment and activities as a fisheries officer and field officer, Department of Natural Resources, Cumberland House, Saskatchewan and post manager, Deschambeault Lake, Saskatchewan, regarding furs, trapping, animal control and fish and games acts.
M-125-69Statistics. - 1947. - File consists of records pertaining to fur and fur price statistics in the northern districts of Saskatchewan compared to Saskatchewan Fur Marketing Service.

Series 8

Mining Development. - 1948-1965. - 10.5 cm of textual records. - Series consists of records pertaining to James Brady's prospecting ventures and the development of the mining industry.

M-125-70Mineral claims. - 1964. - File consists of applications for mineral claims, sketch plans and other records pertaining to claims. Also includes claims staked by Brady.
M-125-71Mining. - 1958-1959. - File consists of reports by Malcolm F. Norris regarding assistance to Native Prospectors Assistance Plan, Native prospectors and power of attorney. Also includes submission of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Mines regarding stimulating mineral development in Saskatchewan and a circular on Prospectors' Assistance Plan.
M-125-72Notes. - 1955-1956. - File consists of drill records, financial records and maps pertaining to uranium mining.
M-125-73Notes and articles. - 1952-1965. - File consists of geology notebook, articles, prospectuses, instructions, application forms regarding staking rush at La Ronge, Saskatchewan, Jahala Uranium Mines Ltd., Contact Gold Mines Ltd., mineral claims and geological surveys.
M-125-74Saskatchewan prospector's course lectures. - 1948- 1953. - File consists of Brady's notes and transcripts of lectures for Department of Natural Resources and Mineral Resources Branch Prospectors Course.
M-125-75Yukon-Annett. - 1952-1965. - Files consists of memoranda of agreement between Brady and others relating to prospecting, staking, partnerships and arrangements. Also includes maps and mining act regarding Yukon territory.

Series 9

Miscellaneous files. - 1878-1960. - 29.5 cm of textual records. - Series consists of miscellaneous newsletters, publications, news clippings, list of surnames, certificates, greeting cards, biographical notes and correspondence.

M-125-76aArmy service. - 1943-1946. - File consists of Brady's soldier's service book, soldier's pay books, certificates, diary with partial translation, autograph book, letter in German with translation and USA Army formation badge.
M-125-76b Army service - 4th Medium Regiment, RCA. - 1947 and nd. - File consists of memorabilia including lists of members of the regiment, newspaper clippings, and maps of France.
M-125-76c Army service - letters from Harry "Tiny" Davis. -- 1944-1945
M-125-77 Book lists. - n.d. - File consists of list of books, periodicals, journals subscribed to, recordings and subject categories. Also includes manifest for building, list of debts owing, list of candidates 1930-1965 and a list of surnames with numerical equivalents.
M-125-78Business cards. - [ca 1950's - 1960's]. - File consists of business reply cards, clippings and order forms regarding organizations, publishers and periodicals.
M-125-79Chess. - [ca 1950's]. - File contains chess clippings.
M-125-80Crosswords. - [ca 1950's]. - File contains crossword puzzle clippings.
M-125-81Game puzzles. - [ca 1950's]. - File contains game puzzle clippings.
M-125-82Photograph clippings. - n.d. - File contains clippings of magazine photographs of women.
M-125-83Miscellaneous-Lists and articles. - n.d. - File consists of lists of surnames, Christian names, soldiers, regiments, classical music works, shorthand symbols, and articles regarding CCF delegate from Athabasca 1960 convention, jokes, poetry and geology.
M-125-84Miscellaneous-Building plans. - n.d. - File consists of plans and specifications for cabin, shed and privy.
M-125-85Miscellaneous-Lists. - [ca 1930's]. - File consists of lists of publications, birth dates, and motions and resolutions of Lac la Biche community League regarding tax sale of land, tax arrears consolidation, and Memorial Hall.
M-125-86Poems. - 1878, 1960. - File consists of transcripts of poems compiled by Brady regarding war, labour, revolution and humour.
M-125-87Predictions. - n.d. - File consists of notes and lists of names and birth dates relating to astrology.
M-125-88Recipes. - [ca 1960's]. - File consists of "Household Hints" clippings.
M-125-89Miscellaneous-List of articles. - n.d. - File consists of partial list of Brady's bound magazine articles, volumes 2-68.
M-125-90Calendars. - 1934-1936, 1938. - File consists of Communist Party calendars published by Workers Publishing Association, The Worker and the Clarion publishing Association.
M-125-91Census of Canada. - 1951, 1961. - File consists of annotated copies of population/electoral districts bulletins.
M-125-92Christmas cards. - [ca 1960's]. - File contains numbered greeting cards.
M-125-93Engines. - 1964. - File consists of correspondence, instructions and diagrams regarding Crossley four cycle diesel engine previously owned by La Ronge Uranium Mines Ltd.
M-125-94Arts. - n.d. - File consists of sketch of "How the west was won" by M. Goulet of Cumberland House and an oil sketch by D. Corney.
M-125-95Fire suppression. - 1948-1961. - File consists of Forest Fire Danger Tables, Fire Plan for Northern Region and statistical survey of La Ronge district.
M-125-96Newspaper clippings. - 1963-1965. - File consists of clippings from "Shannon County News" of Pine Ridge, South Dakota, "Canadian Tribune", and "Prince Albert Herald" regarding natives, politics, population and labour.
M-125-97Notebooks. - n.d., 1949. - File consists of alphabetical lists of surnames, Brady's acquaintances, Metis personalities with birth dates, parents names and biological notes regarding Metis history and co-operative employees. Also includes "Walking Stenographers" note book regarding Fur Advisory Committee and fur bearing animals.
M-125-98Miscellaneous-Newsletters and other documents. - 1951-1967. - File consists of various published material, newsletters and bulletins relating to war.

Series 10


Scrapbooks. - 2.7 m of textual records. - 1932-1961. - Series consists 204 scrapbooks of news clippings of various nature. The scrapbooks have not been individually described.

Series 11

Photographs. - [ca 1900]-1965. - 1069 photographs. - Series consists of pictures of various personalities including Metis, Brady family members and relatives. Also includes photographs of transportation, prospecting, lifestyles and northern landscapes.

James Brady portraits. - [ca. 1909-1960s]. - 7 photographs. - Consists of views of Brady from childhood through adulthood.  View now.
Photographs. - [ca. 1900]-1965, predominant 1930-1965. - 1062 photographs. - Consists of photographs primarily of Metis communities in northern Alberta and Saskatchewan. Includes views of James Brady, Brady family, Metis friends and acquaintances, Malcolm Norris, hunting, Garneau family, Bird family, airplanes, boats, Lac La Biche (Alberta), Poitras family, La Ronge (Saskatchewan), fishing, Tomkins family, Metis Association of Alberta, prospectors, mining, Ballantyne family, logging, Olsen family, McKenzie family, Goulet family, Carriere family, Allan family and many others.

Over 800 of these photographs have been scanned. To view all of them now, in date order,  View now.


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