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Dr. R.G. Brett of Banff, Alberta
Dr. R.G. Brett of Banff, Alberta

Robert George Brett fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Brett Hospital. -- 1883-1890
Series 2 Memorabilia. -- 1896-1928
Series 3 Scrapbooks. -- 1890-1925
Series 4 Brett's Speeches from the Throne. -- 1917-1924
Series 5 Illuminated addresses, appointments and certificates. -- 1890-1925
Series 6 Photographs. -- 1868-1920s


Series 1

Brett Hospital records. -- 1883-1890 and n.d. -- The series consists of an account book and an inventory.

M-131-1 Brett Hospital inventory. -- n.d.
M-131-2 Brett Hospital account book. -- 1883-1890. -- Includes correspondence and invoices from Banff and Calgary businesses; and costs of a court action involving Brett.

Series 2

Memorabilia. -- 1896-1928. -- The series consists primarily of invitations and programs for events attended by Brett in his official capacity.

M-131-3 Biographical material about Honorable Robert George Brett. --n.d.
M-131-4 Letters of appointment as Lieutenant-Governor of Alberta. -- 1920 and 1925
M-131-5 Pioneers' and Old Timers' Association memberhip. -- 1921

Political Invitations. -- 1898-1927. -- Includes the following:

Opening of new legislative buildings in Victoria
Opening of Parliament (1916)
Opening of Institute of Technology and the Calgary Normal School (1923)


Military invitations. -- 1916-1927. -- Includes the following:

Civic reception in honour of the 49th Edmonton Regiment (1919)
Banquet for Viscount Jellicoe of Scapa, held in Calgary (1919)
Annual banquet of the Royal North-West Mounted Police Veterans' Association (1920)

M-131-8 Medical Association invitations. -- 1917-1925

Miscellaneous invitations and programs. -- 1917-1923. -- Includes the following:

Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) historical pageant (1920)
Opening of the Banff-Windermere highway (1923)
Diamond Jubilee of Confederation school program (1927)

M-131-10 Social invitations. -- 1907-1924. -- Includes of invitations to University of Alberta convocations (1918, 1919, 1920), and to a Cowboy and Old Timers ball (1924).
M-131-11 Letters of invitation. -- 1919 and n.d.
M-131-12 Tickets to state funeral of Sir Wilfrid Laurier. -- 1919
M-131-13 Christmas cards from W.L. Mackenzie King. -- 1927-1928 and n.d.
M-131-14 Christmas cards from Princess Patricia. -- n.d.
M-131-15 Correspondence re Prince of Wales visit. -- 1919
M-131-16 Programs and invitations for events held during Prince of Wales visit. -- 1919
M-131-17 Charles against Attorney-General's office and the railway. -- 1916
M-131-18 Post war speeches. -- 1920
M-131-19 Facsimile of Duke of Connaught's bronze medal. -- n.d.
M-131-20 Proposed sub-division of Lots 3, 4, 5, Block 2, Villa Lot Section, Banff, Alberta. -- n.d.
M-131-21 Railway passes for Manitoba and Northwestern Railway and for Canadian Pacific Railway. -- 1896-1897 and 1916
M-131-22 Advertisement for "The Rebel". -- n.d.
M-131-23 Scroll - Presentation at Edmonton Horse Show. -- August 4, 1916
M-131-24 Two posters of Western Canadian Colonization Association. -- n.d.
M-131-25 Whiskey labels
M-131-(26-27) Newspaper clippings. -- 1908, 1915-1917. -- Primarily re the First World War.
M-131-28 Sketch book by John Kemmis. --[ca. 1911-1918]. -- Kemmis was a Conservative MLA for Pincher Creek in the Alberta Legislature. -- Includes sketches of J.R. Boyle, Charles Stewart, J. Weir, Louise McKinney, Daniel J. Morkeberg, C.S. Pingle, W.A. Rae, C.R. Mitchell [?], and L. Boudreau. Note: The original sketch book was transferred to the Glenbow Art Department in 1966. The Archives has photocopies for reference purposes.

Series 3

Scrapbooks. -- 1890-1925. -- The series consists of nine scrapbooks of newspaper clippings about the history of Alberta and western Canada, the North-West Assembly, Alberta old timers, Brett's time as Lieutenant-Governor for Alberta, politics, and the Alberta Legislative Assembly.


Scrapbook, volume 1. -- 1923-1924 and n.d. -- Consists of newspaper articles about the following:

[Fort] Macleod Jubilee (pp. 1-11)
Coming of the North-West Mounted Police (pp. 13-17)
Colonel J.F. Macleod, the officer and the man (p. 19)
Jack Allen - Remembrances (p. 21)
Reverend Doctor John McLean - Tells of early days (p. 23)
1874 NWMP officers (p. 29)
The Original NWMP Force (pp. 31-33)
Indian Lore and Progress by Reverend S.H. Middleton (pp. 35-37)
Jerry Potts - Friend and Guide (p. 41)
Pioneer Women (p. 43)
Dave Grier, Pioneer Rancher (p. 47)
Custer's Slayer Never Revealed (p. 51)
Story of Louis Watson, Old Timer (p. 55)
John Herron and the Tour of General Smythe in 1875 (p. 57)
Fort Whoop Up (p. 63)
John Higinbotham, Pioneer Druggist (p. 67)
What I Saw of the North-West Rebellion, by William Laurie (pp. 73 & 75)
Law and Order (pp. 77-81)
Historical Sketch of the NWMP since 1873 (pp. 85-109)
Reminiscences of Calgary (p. 113)
Old Cariboo Road in British Columbia (pp. 119-121)
Adams Bruce and C.J. Stewart - Reminiscences (p. 125)
Experiences of Constable Latimer (p. 131)
A Day in Battleford (p. 141)


Scrapbook, volume 2. -- 1910-1925 and n.d. -- Consists of newspaper articles primarily about Brett's time as Lieutenant Governor:

Dismissal of the Premier, 1910 (cover)
"To the Boys of Alberta" by Brett (cover)
Boy Scouts - War efforts (p.1)
Golden wedding of veteran clerk Cowell (p. 2)
Women's Institute convention (p. 3)
R.B. Bennett Launches Red Cross Campaign (p. 5)
A Square Deal for the Settler - Western Canada Colonization Association (p.5)
Governor General Visits Jasper Park (p. 7)
Red Cross Message by Lieutenant Governor (p. 8)
Gvoernment House Reception (p. 8)
Brett and Premier Stewart open Irrigation Project - Lethbridge (p. 9)
The Murder of Czar Nicholas (p. 10)
Death of M.R. Jennings, Edmonton Journal editor (p. 10)
Calgary Civic Elections, 1920 (p. 12)
Provincial Treasurer showed Surplus of Half Million (p. 12)
Conditions in Europe Described by R.B. Bennett (p. 14)
The 22nd Empire Day, May 1921 (p. 15)
Calgary Citizen's Gather in Commemoration of the Signing of the Armistice (p. 16)
Lt. Governor Made Premier Stewart New Member of the Board of Trade (p. 16)
Pioneer Life in Strathroy (pp.16-17)
William Taft speaks at University of Alberta (p. 17)
Ten Edmonton Veterans Invested with War Medals by the Duke of Devon shire (p. 18)
Governor General - Reception at Wetaskiwin (p. 18)
Old Capital of West, Regina, now Business Center (p. 19)
Good Roads for the West (p. 20)
Garden Party for Prince Attended by Calgary Old Timers (p. 21)
Ontario's New Lt. Governor - Cockshutt, 1921 (p. 22)
Citizens and Comrades pay homage to War Heroes, Calgary (p. 23)
Duke of Devonshire opens new High Prairie Memorial Hall, 1920 (p. 24)
Premier's Position on Liquor Measures (p. 25)
Canada's new Governor General Lord Byng (p. 26)
Edmonton's Faclities for Recreation (p. 27)
Alberta's Resources - Oil (p. 27)
Imperial Press Delegates (p. 29)
Province Should Control Liquor, 1921 (p. 31)
Sir Phillip Gibbs to Visit Edmonton (p. 31)
Pictureof Calgary Herald Office, 1883 and 1922 (p. 32)
The Early Days of Calgary - First Merchants (p. 32)
No Defeat of Government Except with Direct Vote of Want of Confidence (p. 33)
Archdeacon Tims tells of experience (p. 34)
Robert "Bob" Edwards death, 1922 (p. 36)
Mrs. H. Douglas, First White Woman in Calgary (p. 41)
Standing in the Last House - Ottawa (p. 41)
Provincial Liberal Opposition Leader Boyle Declares H. Wise Wood Dominated Government and Controls Policy (p. 42)
Calgary's Early Days (p. 44)
Government is not "Bound to" Accept Defeat on the Floor of Legislatuer as an Occasion for its Regination (p. 46)
Athabaska Iron Field (p. 47)
Frank Oliver election pamphlet (p. 48)
Brett 0 Address to Red Cross annual meeting, 1924 (p. 54)
Lacombe Memorial Statue Unveiled by Brett (p. 65)
Citizens honour Calgary's Bishop McNally, 1924 (p. 56)
Government House Reception for Red Cross (p. 61)
Sylvan Lake Regatta of 1922 - Visit by Brett (p. 65)
Prince Leaves Ranch; Visit to Calgary (p. 67)
Land Plan Adopted by Canada Colonization Association (p. 68)
Historic Pageant of the Town of [Fort] Macleod (p. 69)
Alberta Coal Plans Dropped (p. 71)
French Canadians for Western Canada (p. 75)
West is Still Looked on as a Chile (p. 79)
Southern Alberta Old Timers Presentation (p. 83)
Edmonton Now and Then (p. 84)
Alberta as a Source of Fuel (p. 85)
CNR Branch Lines - Griesbach vs Mackenzie King (p. 86)
Provincial Resources Must Await Ottawa's Action (p. 94)
Dr. Egbert New Lt. Governor, 1925 (p. 99)
The Boy's Own Herald paper, 1923 (p. 101)
Anniversary of Duck Lake Battle, 1925 (p. 103)
Rapid Increase in Motor Traffic a Menace to Railway, 1925 (p. 105)
Alberta Leads Canada in Cost for Administering Justice (p. 107)
Eaton's New Edmonton Store (p. 109)


Scrapbook, volume 3. -- 1916-1920 and n.d. -- Consists of newspaper articles about Brett's activities as Lieutenant-Governor, politics, and First World War:

Rural Municipalities Convention (p. 1)
Duke of Connaught Becomes and Indian Chief (p. 9)
Victorian Order of Nurses Holds its Annual Meeting, 1917 (p. 10)
Colonel A.H. Griesbach Buried (p. 12)
Salvation Army Chief Speaks in City (p. 13)
Bennett's Attack Upon Organized Labor (p. 14)
Voluntary Appeal by Premier Borden and R.B. Bennett, 1916 (p. 15)
Two Audiences in Calgary Listen to Prime Minister Borden (p. 16)
Mr. Bennett's Speech (p. 17)
Dr. Clark's Speech (p. 17)
National Service Speeches, January 1917 (p. 19)
Dr. R.G. Brett to Succeed Bulyea as Lt. Governor (p. 19)
Reverend John McDougall's Death (p. 20)
Dr. T.H. Whitelaw Addresses Alberta Medical Men (p. 23)
Brett's letter to The Gateway, University of Alberta, 1917 (p. 24)
Chief Justice Harvey's letter to The Gateway (p. 24)
Lt. Governor of Prairie Provinces who Presided at Meetings (p. 25)
Chief Justice and Bishop Make Appeals (p. 27)
Lt Governor Brett opens 5th Session of 3rd Legislative Assembley (p. 28)
Lt. Governor Opens New Home for Children (p. 30)
Lt. Governor Signs Food Service Pledge, 1917 (p. 31)
Governor General Pays Tribute to Veterans of teh Great War (p. 32)
Victory Loan Parade in Edmonton, 1917 (p. 37)
Women's Institute Conference (p. 40)
Veterans of First Canadian Contingent (p. 41)
Legislature Prorogued, April 15, 1918 (p. 42)
Lt. Governor Brett Presents Medals, 1918 (p. 43)
Edmonton Welcomes General Griesbach, 1919 (p. 45)
Maintenance of Armed Force urged by Brig. Gen. Griesbach, 1919 (p. 47)
Presentation of Military Cross to Mrs. J. Meade (p. 48)
Welcome Home for Corporal Kerr, Victoria Cross (p. 49)
Proclamation of Thanksgiving Day, 1918 (p. 50)
Edmonton Welcomes Home Veterans (p. 60)
Social Function marks Investiture of New Lt. Governor Brett (p. 62)
Legislature Prorogues - 2nd Session of the 4th Legislature (p. 67)
National Editorial Association Convention, 1919 (p. 71)
Peace Service at Armories at Calgary, 1919 (p. 75)
Laurier's Passing, 1919 (pp. 90-94)
Prince of Wales Visit, 1919 (pp. 95-135)
Industries Congress at Calgary (p. 97)
Home Rule in Civic Government Advocated by Union of Provincial Municipalities (p. 137)
Dr. Whitelow Urges Better Hospital Use (p. 141)
[Henry Wise] Wood re-elected President of UFA (p. 143)
National Marketing Plan Scrutinized (p. 145)
Wood Puts Political Action up to District Bodies (p. 147)
Farm Women Back [Henry Wise] Wood (p. 148)
James Weir Addresses UFA Convention, 1920 (p. 155)
The Office Dog (p. 155)
J.S. McCallam Moves Resoltuion in Reply to Speech from the Throne (back cover)


Scrapbook, volume 4. -- 1922-1925 and n.d. -- Consists of newspaper articles about Brett's activities as Lieutenant-Governor, and medical matters:

Brett's 1922 New Year's message (cover)
Lt. Governor Introducing Emmeline Pankhurst (p. 1)
Annual Convention of Alberta Medical Association (p. 1)
Lt. Governor Laid Cornerstone of Medical Building at University (p. 2)
Dr. Galbraith Named President, Alberta Medical Convention (p. 3)
Medical Council of Canada - Brett chosen President (p. 5)
Health Education Need in Province - Brett - R.B. Bennett (p. 7)
Montana Development Increase (p. 9)
Brett Tells of Development in Alberta (p. 10)
Christ Church (Edmonton) Hall opened by Brett (p. 12)
Reception Marks Eve of Expiry Lt. Governor Tenure (p. 13)
Lt. Governor Chats with Montana, Colorado and Arizona (p. 14)
Lt. Governor Brett Appeals to All Albertans for Red Cross (p. 15)


Scrapbook, volume 5. -- 1920-1922 and n.d. -- Consists primarily of newspaper articles about the election of the United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) and their formation of the Alberta government in 1921):

Alderman East Found Disloyal by GWVA, 1920 (p. 1)
Plans for Organizationof Calgary Rural Hospital District, 1920 (p. 2)
Meighen's Tariff Policy Declaration Cheered (p. 6)
Centralized Marketing - Henry Wise Wood (p. 10)
Brett's Christmas and New Year's messages, 1920-1921 (p. 11)
United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) Convention (p, 13)
Membership in the UFA (p. 16)
Railroad Question and Wheat Pool Plan, 1921 (p. 17)
United Farm Women of Alberta (UFWA) Activities (p. 18)
E.L. Richardson to Remain in Calgary (p. 20)
Victorian Order of Nurses Elect Officers at Government House (p. 20)
Death of A.L. Sifton (pp. 21 & 26)
M.R. Jennings, editor of the Edmonton Journal, Dies (p. 24)
Governor to Pay Farewell to Edmonton (p. 24)
Child Welfare - Dr. Helen McMurchy (p. 25)
Premier Greenfield Chooses Cabinet Ministers (p. 32)
Review of Liberal Government Actions up to 1921 (p. 34)
Farmers Await Summons from Lt. Governor (p. 35)
Premier Stewart's Parting Words (p. 36)
Services for Edmonton's War Dead (p. 38)
Lt. Governor L.H. Clarke of Ontario Dies (p. 38)
Alberta's Medical Schook, 1921 (p. 39)
Edmonton to Raise $10,000 for Wood's Christian Home, Olds (p. 39)
Dr. Clark has Split with UFA, 1921 (p. 43)
Premier Greenfield to Back Housing Loans (p. 44)
Personal of the New Alberta Bench (p. 45)
Clark Replies to Crerar, 1921 (p. 46)
Tariff is Canada's - R.B. Bennett, 1921 (p. 47)
The Herald Radio Broadcasting Station is Opened (p. 49)
Southern Alberta Pioneer Women Hold Reunion (p. 50)
Review of the Battle of Batoche, 1922 (p. 52)
Development of Edmonton (p. 53)

M-131-vol.6 Scrapbook, volume 6. -- [ca. 1915-1925]. -- Consists of samples of Christmas and New Year's greeting cards. [Possibly for Lieutenant-Governor to select for offical use?]

Scrapbook, volume A. -- Consists of newspaper articles about the following:

Manitoba School Question (pp. 3-4)
Independence of Alberta, 1895 (pp. 5, 16, 18 & 19)
Haultain's Candidature (p. 7)
Political Situation in Alberta (p. 9)
C.H. Mackintosh, Lieutenant-Governor of North-West Territories (pp. 11-13)
Wants of the West (p. 21)


Scrapbook, volume B. -- Consists of newspaper articles about the following:

First Legislative Assembly of the North-West Territories (pp. 1-35)
Speech of Hon. Joseph Royal, Lieutenant-Governor, Regina, October 29, 1890 (pp. 37-39)
Reply to the above (pp. 40-42)
Message of Lieutenant-Governor, November 14, 1890 (pp. 43-44)
Editorial from The Leader, Regina re the Legislative Assembly, November 14, 1890 (p. 55)
Newspaper comments on the Assembly, 1890 (pp. 73-86)
Calgary General Hospital, 1890 (p. 87)
Election circular of N.J. Lindsay, candidate in Calgary East, October 5, 1894 (p. 96)
Articles about Dr. Brett (pp. 99-100)
Thomas Cochrane, candidate for Parliament from Alberta, May 30, 1896 (p. 100)


Scrapbook, volume C. -- Consists of newspaper articles about the following:

Nurses and Hospitals Association Convention, 1920 (p. 2)
Beverly Veterans (p. 3)
Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire (IODE) (p. 4)
General Arthur Currie visits Edmonton (p. 5)
New Year's Message, 1920 (p. 8)
Calgary Old Timers meeting (pp. 10-12)
Red Cross message by Brett (p. 15)
Brett's 70th birthday (p. 20)
Opening of the Alberta Legislature (p. 21)
Funeral of Mrs. Greenfield (p. 27)
Salvation Army, 1922 (p. 29)
Royal North-West Mounted Police dinner (p. 33)
Women Old Timers of Alberta (pp. 38-41)
Old Timers of Alberta (pp. 42-55)
Banff Winter Carnival (p. 68)
Medicine Hat Hospital (p. 71)
Provincial Autonomy (pp. 72-73)

Series 4

Speeches from the Throne. -- 1917-1924 -- As Lieutenant-Governor, R.G. Brett read the Speech from the Throne at the opening of each session of the Alberta Legislature. -- The series consists of large, ceremonial copies of the speeches, handwritten on vellum and decorated with purple ribbon.


Speeches from the Throne. -- 1917-1924. -- Consists of the following:

5th Session of the 3rd Legislative Assembly (February 6, 1917)
1st Session of the 4th Legislative Assembly (February 7, 1918)
2nd Session of the 4th Legislative Assembly (February 4, 1919)
3rd Session of the 4th Legislative Assembly (February 17, 1920)
1st Session of the 5th Legislative Assembly (February 2, 1922)
3rd Session of the 5th Legislative Assembly (January 23, 1923)
4th Session of the 5th Legislative Assembly (January 28, 1924)

Series 5

Illuminated addresses, appointments and certificates. -- 1890-1925. -- The series consists of Brettt's certificates of membership in various medical associations, appointment as Lieutenant Governor, and messages of congratulation on his successes. Includes medical certificates of his son Reginald Henry Brett, and others.


Illuminated addresses and appointments. -- 1915-1925. -- Consists of the following:

Appointment as Lieutenant-Governor (1915)
Instructions to new Lieutenant-Governor (1915)
Illuminated address to Brett by Banff Citizens on appointment as Lieutenant-Governor (1915)
Appointment as Honorary Colonel (1916)
Members of the Edmonton Academy of Medicine Regret Losing Brett as Lieutenant Governor (1925)


Medical degrees and certificates. -- 1890-1916. -- Consists of certificates of R.G. Brett, his son Reginald Henry Brett, and others:

Robert George Brett:
Membership in the Pharmaceutical Association of the NWT (1905)
Membership in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (1906)
Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (1913)

Reginald Henry Brett:
University of Manitoba BA (1899)
Membership in College of Physicians and Surgeons of the NWT (1904)
Membership in College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (1906)
Degree from Vienna (1906)
University of Manitoba Doctor of Medicine (1911)
Membership in the Pharmaceutical Association of Alberta (1916)

Helena Fleming - Nursing certificate (1911)
Charles I. Stewart - Certificate as masseur (1925)
Certificate [name torn off] for College of Physicians and Surgeons of the NWT (1890)

Series 6

Photographs. -- 1868-1920s. -- 139 photographs. -- The series consists of views of Banff, members of the North-West Assembly, and portraits of R.G. Brett.

Some of these photographs have been scanned. View now.

PA-296 Brett Sanitarium. -- 1 photograph
PA-370 Views of Banff buildings and events, and Calgary. -- 14 photographs
PA-776 Dr. Brett, Banff, Indians [First Nations}, etc. -- 1868-1920s. -- 52 photographs
PB-86 Portrait of Lieutenant-Governor R.G. Brett. -- 1 photograph
PB-104 Group portraits of members of the North-West Assembly and of Dr. Brett. -- 7 photographs
PB-223 College, sports and personalities. -- 1878-1922. -- 23 photographs
PC-25 Group portraits of North-West Assembly, provincial premiers, and MLA. -- 3 photographs.
PC-61 Government House, Edmonton. -- 1 album (30 photographs)
NA-428 Locomotive at Field, British Columbia. -- [ca. 1900]. -- 1 photograph
NA-433 Members of the North-West Assembly. -- 1891-1899. -- 28 photographs
NA-660 Stephen Avenue and railway station platform, Calgary. -- [ca. 1884-1885]. -- 2 photographs
NA-791 Alberta Medical Council. -- [ca. 1900]. -- 1 photograph
NA-1134 North-West Mounted Police (NWMP), Dr. Brett's hospital, and Dr. Brett. -- [ca. 1893]-1917 and n.d. -- 6 photographs
NA-1144 Portrait of H.S. Cayley, Calgary (member of the North-West Assembly). -- 1891. -- 1 photograph
NA-1163 Prisoner of war camp at Castle Mountain. -- 1917. -- 1 photograph
NA-1599 Kathleen Parlow, violinist. -- [ca. 1916]. -- 1 photograph

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