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Women curling on slough near boat house, Banff, 1903
Women curling on slough near boat house, Banff, 1903

Mabel Brinkley fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Correspondence. -- 1956-1959 and n.d.
Series 2 Biographical notes re Banff residents. -- [ca. 1950s]
Series 3 Manuscripts by Brinkley and others. -- 1926-1950s
Series 4 Photographs. -- [1880s]-1931


Series 1 Correspondence. -- 1956-1959 and n.d. -- Consists of material chiefly related to her work with the David Thompson Foundation, and to her own research.
M-134-1 Correspondence - Incomplete letters
M-134-2 Correspondence - Undated
M-134-3 Correspondence. -- 1956-1959
M-134-4 Correspondence - David Thompson Memorial Fund Scholarship. -- 1958
Series 2 Biographical notes re Banff residents. -- [ca. 1950s]
M-134-5a Biographical notes, A-B. -- [ca. 1950s]. -- Re the following Banffites:

Mr. and Mrs. A.G. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. John Joseph Armstrong
Arthur C. "Scott" Ashley [possibly Ashely]
Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Ashley [possibly Ashely]
Charles D'Oyley Astley
William Aubin

Mr. and Mrs. John Barnett
George William Barnes
Francis and Mary Beattie
Charles Bell
Mrs. M.M. Bowker
Brewster family
M-134-5b Biographical notes, C-D. -- [ca. 1950s]. -- Re the following Banffites:

Donald Cameron
Jack Campbell
Pete Campbell
Alfred Capel
Mrs. and Mrs. A.W. Chadwick
Walter Childs
James Christie
Ty Cobb
Mrs. Ethel Cooper
William Craig
Louis S. Crosby

Frederick Day Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Dignall
Rube Douglas

M-134-5c Biographical notes, E-F. -- [ca. 1950s]. -- Re the following Banffites:

Ethel M. Edwards
Elliott family

Jessie Finley
Arthur Foulds
Mrs. Catherine Fox
Ray Forrest
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Frayne
Annie MacIver Fullbrook
Charles Fullbrook
Cyril Cornwell Fuller
Harold Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fullmer
M-134-5d Biographical notes, G-J. -- [ca. 1950s]. -- Re the following Banffites:

Sydney Frank Gaffney
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore George
James Glennon
Joshua Glennon
David Grant
Mrs. Henry Greenham [Margaret Greenham]

Jame D. Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. George Harrison
G.A. Hawkes
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hayes
Ernie Hoggard
Edward Hume
James Hutchins

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Jack
Mr. and Mrs. Sydney James
Robert Henry Jones
M-134-6a Biographical notes, K-M. -- [ca. 1950s]. -- Re the following Banffites:

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Keefe
Archibald William Keith
Thomas C. Kelly
Dr. Ernest Kennedy

James Lamb
Mrs. Mary Lamb
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Layer [possibly Layor]
Robert Atkihead Liggat
Mr. and Mrs. Lou Luxton
Mrs. Norman Luxton

William H. McCardell
Mr. William McCowan
Alex McDonald
Mrs. John McDougall [Annie McDougall]
Herbert manley
William Mather
W.L. Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Mitchell
Warpi Moorhouse
George Waters Murray
M-134-6b Biographical notes, N-R. -- [ca. 1950s]. -- Re the following Banffites:

Mrs. William Neish
George Noble
Nellie Noble

Tom Parkin
William Peyto
Mrs. Ann Pickering [noted missing in 2014]
Jack Powell

James Raby
Jim Reed
Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Renwick
John Walter Richmond
W.J. Robertson
Henry Robinson
Carl Rungius
M-134-6c Biographical notes, S-W. -- [ca. 1950s]. -- Re the following Banffites:

Evans and Morgan Scott
John Short
James Simpson
D.M. Soole
Beni Steven
Mrs. Zaidee Mahood Stewart
George Bain Sutherland

Mrs. Edgar Tabuteau
Jack Thomas
Mrs. Theresa Trono and Mrs. Eva Trono Bearzi

Arhtur K. Unwin
Ethel Unwin

Thomas James Watts
Jack Watters [re Bankhead]
James Weatherby
Mrs. M.C. West
Frank Wheatley Sr.
M-134-7 Miscellaneous biographical notes. -- [ca. 1950s]. -- Note: Brinkley's handwriting is very difficult to read.
M-134-8 Notes on Banff businesses and institutions. -- [ca. 1950s]. -- Includes the Banff School of Fine Arts, The House of Jenny, and the Noble Camera Shop.
M-134-13 Miscellany. -- Consists of parts of manuscripts; pamphlets on Jimmy Simpson's Num-Ti-Jah Lodge; souvenir program of the unveiling of the Anthony Henday monument; Banff Carnival program (1919); David Thompson placemat and stamps; David Thompson Memorial Foundatoin circular; declaration of witness at Brinkley wedding; and newspaper clipping re Margaret Greenham.
Series 3 Manuscripts by Brinkley and others. -- 1926-[1950s]
M-134-9 "In the Shadow of the Peaks". -- Includes Brinkley's poems re Moraine Lake, and Lake Louise, Emerald Lake; and information about remittance men.
M-134-10 "On Navigation in British Columbia"
M-134-11 Early story of Jasper and vicinity by F. W. Howay. -- April 19, 1926
M-134-12 Typescript of Samuel Prescott Fay's diary of a trip from Jasper to Hudson's Hope in 1914.
Series 4 Photographs. -- [1880s]-1931. -- 114 photographs

Some of these photographs have been scanned. View now.
PA-668 Views of Banff area scenery and personalities, and construction of the Big Bend Highway through the Selkirks of British Columbia. -- [1880s]-1931. -- 87 photographs
NA-937 Views of Banff area scenery. -- [ca. 1880s-1933]. -- 13 photographs. -- Includes portrait of Andrew Sibbald, and the 1924 Chateau Lake Louise fire.
NA-1438 Views of Banff pioneers, personalities and sports, 1890s-1905; and the construction of the Big Bend Highway, 1930-1931. -- 15 photographs
NA-2943 Views of H.B. Sanson, Bill Peyto, and a group of Banff residents. -- [late 1890s-early 1900s]. -- 3 photographs. -- These are copy negatives of original prints in PA-668 above.

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