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Sheet music for "Northern Harvest", composed by A. G. Broder, n.d.

Annie Glen Broder fonds

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Series 1

Biographies. - [ca. 1932] and n.d.

M-6258-1Autobiographical sketch, "Memoirs of a Musical Pioneer". - [ca. 1932]
M-6258-2Biographical sketch, "Annie Glen Broder - Pioneer Musician of Calgary" by Dorothy J. Currie. - n.d.

Series 2

Diaries. - 1891-1897

M-6258-3Diary. - 1891-1892
M-6258-4Diary. - 1897

Series 3

Correspondence. - 1904- 1937

M-6258-5Correspondence. - 1904-1937

Series 4

Writings by A. G. Broder. - [ca. 1895], n.d. and 1905-1937

M-6258-6Published book, How to Accompany. - [ca. 1895]. - Note for scrapbook of reviews of this book see file M-6258-25.
M-6258-7Articles typewritten. - n.d. - Includes "Music as an aid to Youthful Endeavor"; "A Wrong that Should be Remedied"; "Music: Professional and Amateur";"Music Made and Ready-Made"; and the Forward to a book on scouts.
M-6258-8Articles handwritten. - n.d. - Includes "Peter's Lucky Find" and "Beethoven - A Musical Titan".
M-6258-9Newspaper articles. - 1905-1937 and n.d. - Primarily regarding musical events in Calgary. A. G. Broder was the Calgary Herald music critic.
M-6258-10Poetry. - 1912-1927 and n.d. - Includes "The Lost Patrol"(regarding RNWMP)(1912); "The Unsilenced Song"(1917); The Unsilenced Song: Sonnets of the War and After(1918); "The Passing of the Bells"(1918); "Calgary: City of the Foothills"(1927); "Strathcona"(n.d.); and "The Vanguard"(n.d.).

Series 5

Musical Compositions. - 1913 and n.d.

M-6258-11Sheet music. - 1913 and n.d. - Includes Song of the Chinook(1913); Fancy's Fount(1913); and "Northern Harvest"(n.d.).
M-6258-27Sheet music, The Ride of the RNWMP. - n.d.
M-6258-12News clippings regarding The Ride of the RNWMP and Luceat Lumen(motto song of Western Canada College). - n.d.

Series 6

Programmes. - 1895-1935

M-6258-13Programmes. - 1895-1935. - Includes programmes for various musical events and recitals, and for the 1903 Western Canada College convocation.

Series 7

Scrapbooks and news clippings. - 1895- 1937

M-6258-25Scrapbook. - 1895-1898. - Consists of reviews of How to Accompany and of A. G. Broder's public lectures.
M-6258-14Scrapbook regarding coronation of King Edward VII. - 1902
M-6258-15Scrapbook, "Arrival in Calgary". - 1903- 1905
M-6258-26Scrapbook regarding career and Calgary musical events. - 1905
M-6258-16News clippings regarding A. G. Broder and her career. - 1907-1937
M-6258-17News clippings regarding music and musicians in Calgary. - 1907-1935

Series 8

Music books. - 1912 and n.d.

M-6258-18Tchaikowsky's Concerto for Piano in B flat minor. - 1912. - Autographed to A. G. Broder by J. K. Bauer (Calgary violinist).
M-6258-19Songs of Robert Shumann, bound with Broder's initials on cover. - n.d.

Series 9

Records and relatives and students. - [ca. 1880s]-1949

M-6258-20Dorothy J. Currie's scrapbook. - 1923-1949. - Regarding her musical career.
M-6258-21Broder family scrapbook. - [ca. 1880s]. - Consists of Victorian cards, stickers and poetry. Includes a poem by Richard Broder to his first wife, Emily.
M-6258-22Diary of A. G. Broder's mother, written in England. - 1897

Series 10

Syllabus, notebooks and programmes. - 1910-1911 and n.d.

M-6258-23Calgary conservatory of Music syllabus. - 1910- 1911
M-6258-24Miscellaneous notebooks, programmes and postcards. - n.d.

Series 11

Photographs. - 1907-1970

Many of these photographs have been scanned. Scanned Document View now.

NA-1467-(1-9) Views of orchestras, musicians and Annie Glen Broder. - 1907-1970. - 9 photographs
NA-5432-(1-2) Portraits of Annie Glen Broder. - [ca. 1910 and 1930]. - 2 photographs. - Copies of the original prints in PA-3246 below.
PA-3246-(1-2) Portraits of Annie Glen Broder. - [ca. 1910 and 1930]. - 2 photographs
PC-195 Portrait of Annie Glen Broder. - 1 photograph

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