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Sinclair Budd's YMCA card, 1918
Sinclair Budd's YMCA card, 1918

W. Sinclair Budd fonds

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Table of Contents

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Series 1 Personal correspondence. --1914-1923 and n.d.
Series 2 Business correspondence. -- 1920-1923
Series 3 Financial records. -- 1919-1922
Series 4 Miscellaneous papers. -- 1905-1923 and n.d.
Series 5 Earl D. Campbell papers. -- 1937-1945 and n.d.


Series 1

Personal correspondence. -- 1914-1923 and n.d.

M-155-1Personal correspondence. -- n.d. -- Consists of letters to Sinclair from family and friends.
M-155-2Personal correspondence. -- 1914-1919. -- Consists of letters to Sinclair from family and friends while at the University of Alberta. Includes mentions of the Spanish Flu [influenza pandemic] and closing of University.
M-155-3Personal correspondence. -- 1917-1918. -- Consists of correspondence of Sinclair and Cecil Budd while at training camp, Exhibition Grounds, Toronto. Includes several First World War letters from friends stationed in France.
M-155-4Personal correspondence. -- 1917-1919. -- Consists of correspondence of William J. Budd, Lizzie Budd, and Gertrude Budd.
M-155-5Personal correspondence. -- 1920-1923. -- Consists of letters to Sinclair while at the University of Alberta in law school.
M-155-6Personal correspondence. -- 1920-1923. -- Consists of correspondence with the University of Alberta and Law Society of Alberta. Includes Statement of Record (1923) and newspaper clippings about examination results.
M-155-25Personal correspondence. -- 1921. -- Consists of correspondence with family and friends and concerning teaching career and law studies.

Series 2

Business correspondence. -- 1920-1923

M-155-7Business correspondence. -- 1920-1922. -- Mainly re business venture of Sinclair Budd with Northern Aluminum Company.
M-155-8Business correspondence. -- 1920-1923. -- Re business activities of W.J. Budd and Company; Mrs. W.J. Budd, etc.

Series 3

Financial records. -- 1919-1922

M-155-9Financial material of Sinclair Budd. -- 1919-1922
M-155-10Financial material of Cecil Budd. -- 1922

Series 4

Miscellaneous papers. -- 1905-1923 and n.d.

M-155-11Name index. -- n.d. -- Consists of list of towns and individuals, possibly clients or agents connected with W.J. Budd and Company.
M-155-12Envelopes. -- n.d. -- From W.J. Budd and Company financial brokers, Calgary and Mount Royal Manufacturing Company, Calgary.
M-155-13Postcards. -- 1905-1924. -- Consists of Christmas, Easter and greeting card postcards.

Some of the postcards have been scanned. View now.

M-155-14Programs, invitations, etc. -- 1913-1924. -- Re Central High School commencement exercises, Alberta Military Institute dinner, University of Alberta activities, Victoria Athletic Club, etc. Also includes dance cards, admittance cards for the Legislative Assembly, Chautauqua tickets, brochure for motor launch trip on Bow River in Banff, calling card of James O. Campbell (Calgary lawyer), and banquet ticket for Edmonton Law Students Association.
M-4785Programs, invitations, etc. -- [ca. 1919-1924]. -- Consists of programs and invitations for University of Alberta events.
M-155-15Stock certificates. -- 1914. -- Consists of shares of Sinclair Budd in Western Petroleum Company.
M-155-16Class notes, exams, etc. -- 1915-1922. -- Consists of student material used by Sinclair Budd while in high school and at law school at the University of Alberta. Includes departmental exams report for grade 11.
M-155-17List of students. -- 1917-1918. -- Consists of names, addresses and faculties of University of Alberta students.
M-155-18Miscellaneous. -- 1918 and n.d. -- Consists of sketch map indicating Imperial Oil well and holdings of the Budd, Bannister, O'Brien and Whyte Syndicate; and letterheads of Hotel Provost in Provost, Alberta and The Kitchener Hotel in Regina, Saskatchewan.
M-155-19First World War miscellany. -- 1918, 1921. -- Consists of Military Service Act exemption certificate and certificate of protection issued to Sinclair Budd (1918), and returned soldiers insurance policy held by W.S. Budd (1921).
M-155-20Greeting cards. -- 1920-1922. -- Consists of Christmas cards and one valentine.
M-155-21Wager. -- February 12, 1923. -- Consists of handwritten details of a bet made between Clara Ward and James Davidson, judged by Sinclair Budd and witnessed by Pansy Pue and Cathrine Williams.

Series 5

Earl D. Campbell papers. -- 1937-1845 and n.d. -- Campbell was a science teacher at Crescent Heights High School. These papers were found in the same house as the Budd papers, but relate to a later tenant.

M-155-22General Science looseleaf textbook from Technical High School in Calgary. -- n.d.
M-155-23General Science I looseleaf textbook from Alberta Teachers' Association Tutorial Correspondence Department. -- n.d.
M-155-24Notes, exams, etc. -- 1937-1945 and n.d. -- Consists of geography exam from Crescent Heights High School (1937); issues of "The Science Classroom" (1944-1945); and miscellaneous science notes.

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